Would you rename yourself given the chance? What name would you pick? Why?

Kanchan Singla (कंचन सिंगला)

Kanchan Singla (कंचन सिंगला), B.Tech Civil Engineering from Kurukshetra University (2017)

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Réponse d'origine: If you could change your name, what would you change it to, and why?

I am well satisfied with my name, it was the first thing that was given by our parents and also our first identity. Some people said my name is old, it came from Ramayan.

Name- Kanchan

Meaning- gold

But I love my name and it is just perfect for me and unique also. I never want to change it.

If I have to change my name then I want it would be Kanchan Shashi Singla (KSS).

My mother name - Shashi Singla

First name - Kanchan

Middle name - Shashi

Last name - Singla

If I would change my name, then I want to add my mother name with mine.

Why people add there father name with there name ?

Why mother’s name doesn’t added with our name ?

Even today, why we don’t consider mother’s name as a part of her child’s ?

From my point of view mother also have equal value and rights in her child. Before father or other family members, a child is connected to her mother for 9 months.

Would you rename yourself given the chance? What name would you pick? Why?

Image source-https://www.google.co.in/search?q=mother+baby+pics

My name is Kanchan, but I love to hear Kanchan Shashi Singla.

Passez une bonne journée.

Keep smilling.

Lara l Lord

Lara l Lord, The First of Her Name, the Unsunburnt, Etc.

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Réponse d'origine: Do you like your first name? What first name would you prefer instead if you had to name yourself?

Honestly, I’m good with my name and can’t figure out what other name I’d want.

Probably because I spent a long time with my name and have come to embrace it over the years. Hell, I have had to fight for my name in a way since before I entered school.

When I was younger, like before school through middle school, I seriously considered changing my name. I even talked to a lawyer my mother knew about it when I was in second grade. But even then, it wasn’t because I hated my name, I just really hated dealing with people that had problems with my name.

Yeah, apparently, that simple short name was an issue for many of the teachers, administration, etc. to deal with. I was getting tired of correcting the pronunciation daily or several times a day. I was tired of being disciplined with visits to the principal’s office, threats of detention, etc. for asking teachers, etc. to pronounce my name properly and having to fight “special education testing” because they didn’t believe I knew how to spell my own name. I was also tired of having to make my single mother leave work, to come to school, to back me up and keep me from being punished. Yeah, it was that bad for beaucoup années.

And it wasn’t just one teacher, school or district, I had issues with this until I graduated college. Though in college they finally eased up on the disciplinary threats.

So yeah, in about second or third grade, I talked to a lawyer my mother worked for about what would be required to change my name to something more average and ordinary. Not because I hated the name “Lara” but because I was already 10,000% done with the ignorant bullshit I was putting up with. And yes, it was ignorant. But the lawyer gave me another option. “Contact my lawyer, his name is ********* and his number is XXX-XXXX”. Yep, I’m serious. I only had to do so a few times after that. Usually when I was being told I must be retarded (ah, the politically incorrect 80’s) because I insisted my name was spelled “L-A-R-A” or when I was getting threatened with disciplinary action because of my “bad attitude, authority and anger issues” when I would correct the same teacher several times a day about how to pronounce my name (”It’s Lair-rah!”) or not answer to the various wrong names they called me.

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Now though, I’m so used to it being mispronounced, mispelled, etc. I just roll with it. Now I realize it says more about a place or person when they fuck up my name than it does about me, that I know who I am and that is what matters. Yay, maturity!

Now I like it, it suits me. Different, surprisingly difficult and complicated, a surprising number of meanings worldwide some of which are contradictory, and memorable. Yeah, like that.

Kat Marsden

Kat Marsden, Tausendsassa

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Yes, I think I would.

My given name is Katrina. It was cool for a while, but eventually I got sick of it- I don’t think I ever really liked it, I just felt neutral about it for most of my childhood. Now, after hearing it used too many times, I genuinely dislike it.

I was never really into the “-ina” thing, it feels too much like I’m a Russian princess. I’m really nothing like a Russian princess.

Some people mishear it, calling me “Sabrina”, “Carina”, or just “Trina”. This is, obviously, pretty annoying.

Furthermore, the word “Katrina” has pretty negative connotations for a lot of Americans, due to a big hurricane several years ago that ruined a bunch of stuff. It’s not like they treat me differently, but they already think of Katrina as a negative thing. Look at this screenshot from a baby name website:

Would you rename yourself given the chance? What name would you pick? Why?

la source

In eighth grade I started going by Kat, and now nearly everyone I know calls me this. Occasionally one of my teachers or parents will call me Katrina, and it always bothers me.

There are a few problems with Kat though- It sounds like the name of an edgy teenage girl who draws Sonic fan characters on DeviantArt and says things like “lol i’m so random XD”. Also, the vast and increasingly bothersome amount of cat puns that people throw at me is annoying. You think your feline-related wordplay is funny? I promise I’ve heard it at least ten times before.

Nearly all the uses of the name Kat that I’ve seen are as the protagonist of a bad fanfiction: probably half-demon/angel, carries a giant crystal sword, has cat ears, and is married to a vampire. I can’t stick with this name as I get older. Sharing a name with an animal is pretty immature, and I can’t imagine a 40-year-old woman introducing herself as “Kat”.

What would I change it to, though? I could go by my middle name, which is Pearl. It would take me a long time to get used to, and it’s an unusual name. It’s also the name of a cartoon character, which might seem a little immature as well. In the fields I plan to go into, I wouldn’t be surprised if more of my friends spelled it as “Perl”, either.

I have a good alternative, though. What about Katherine? It’s almost the same as my given name, just a version from a different country. It holds the same meaning, and I could still go as Kat whenever I want. There are other versions I could pick from- Kathleen, Kaitlyn, Katie, or just Kate. I called myself Katya online for a few years, if only to sound cooler. “Kat” was too overused, and Katya had all the Russian flair of Katrina without the stressed “ee” sound.

If I didn’t have to bother with keeping a nickname or meaning, though, I’d choose my favorite name: Callista. It’s a feminine version of Callisto, which is a gorgeous moon of Jupiter. I already go as Kal on some websites where I don’t want my gender to be obvious or where I don’t want people to think I’m a Hot Topic-obsessed fan artist. And if you’ve read any of my other writing, you must already know how much I love space.

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Would you rename yourself given the chance? What name would you pick? Why?

Wouldn’t you love to be named after this beautiful rock? I know I would.

Caroline Plough

Caroline Plough, I have a brain, I hypothesize

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Réponse d'origine: If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

My taste in names changes with my mood, and considering my hormonal teenager-y-ness, that change happens pretty quickly.

Sometimes, I want to be named something eccentric like Lexandria, a spin-off of my favorite character Lexa and her namesake Alexandria.

I've always liked the name Cassia or Cassandra, or even Aveline, after my favorite video game character. Eliza is nice, too, paired with something simple like May. Anything that can have a lot of nicknames or options.

Most of the time, however, I just wish everyone would call me Caroline, rather than my nickname.

I like names a little too much. I'm too indecisive to ever re-name myself. That's why I create so many characters with my name of the hour.

Written as part of Caroline Plowe’s session on “Anything (Summer Boredom Special).”

Barrie Levine

Barrie Levine, J.D. from Boston College Law School (1971)

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My Grandmother insisted to my mother that she would surely give birth to a boy.

No one dared to question her authority, the revered elder of our family.

My parents settled on the name Barry for their soon to arrive son, in memory of a deceased relative from Eastern Europe (a Jewish tradition).

Here I am! unmistakably a girl with a delicate pink face and dark hair just long enough to twist into a curl on the top of my head.

Quick thinking under pressure by my parents resulted in changing the spelling of the chosen name from Barry to Barrie, thereby avoiding the stress of dreaming up a completely new name on the spot.

I was the young recipient of an androgynous name in 1944.

When I entered elementary school, the teachers did that cruel thing that discriminated against many throughout their young years—they sat us in alphabetical order by surname.

Pretty little Arlene A. always sat in front; the serenely smiling Lydia Z. sat in the last row, in the far corner; and I—the brown-haired, serious “Miss Barrie Weiner”—always sat in the middle of the very last row (squinting at the blackboard until I got glasses in fifth grade).

Having an unusual name meant for a boy—instead of a really pretty name suitable for a girl, like Danielle or Elizabeth Anne or Rosemary—made me feel different from all of my laughing, high-spirited classmates and their normal looks—and names.

But if someone calls me “Barbie,” a frequent occurrence because the second “r” is easily changed in the mind’s eye to “b,” I promptly correct them, “je suis NE RECEVRA PAS a Barbie!”

I intentionally gave my daughter an unmistakably feminine name. This satisfies me immensely. She has grown into a young woman as beautiful and gracious as the sonorous sound of her names flowing one into the other.

At this time in my life, when I am experiencing a surge of creative energy moving me on to new interests and endeavors, I am proud to be "Barrie" in name and in person.

My first name has been the one unchanging fact of my identity, accompanying me through all of the years of my life unfolding— unlike Nile’s disembodied wife Maris on the TV show Frasier, the name and the person disconnected.

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I am filled with gratitude for my dear parents who, in the 1940s, confidently agreed upon this slightly edgy, distinctive name for me, retaining it for their first child regardless of gender.

And then, they lovingly supported me in growing into it and hopefully living up to it.

To mangle Shakespeare a bit, “A rose by any other name would ne pas smell as sweet.”

Gopalkrishna Vishwanath

Gopalkrishna Vishwanath, No formal qualifications. I simply use the Dictionary.

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Réponse d'origine: If you could change your name, what would you change it to, and why?

I would simply interchange it to Vishwanath Gopalkrishna.

I am satisfied with the name my parents gave me.

This is one thing we don’t get to choose.

We get our turn, and we name our children.

Let this system continue.

The reason for interchanging is simply because my real name (given name, first name, or whatever it is called) is Vishwanath.

Gopalkrishna is my father’s name, which was attached to serve as a surname.

For some reason my father put the surname first and my name second while admitting me to school, and that name (Gopalkrishna Vishwanath) appeared in my school leaving certificate, and it had to be carried forward throughout my life, in all my degrees, career, job, government records, passport, Aadhaar Card, driving license etc.

Because of writing my name as Gopalkrishna Vishwanath, except for those who knew my first name, everyone would call me Gopalkrishna, or Gopal.

While subscribing to Quora, I was informed about the real name policy of Quora and therefore chose the same name as in my passport so that I could back up my name with documentary evidence if needed. I understand this real name is very important to Quora ,and you could be punished if Quora found out that you were not using your real name on Quora. (Ask Jedidiah Benhur Margoschis Wisely, et Alcatraz Dey and they may have interesting stories to tell.)

If my name had been Vishwanath Gopalkrishna, I would have been known as Vishwanath, my real and correct name.

But it is too late now. It will be a real hassle changing it, and besides, after all these years of living with the name, I see no advantage in changing it now through legal procedures.

My friends called me GV and all my juniors and subordinates would call me GV Sir.

Thanks for this opportunity to inform everyone about my real name.


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