Will Apple eventually get into online payments, competing more directly with Visa, PayPal, et al.?

Brian Roemmele

Brian Roemmele, Alchimiste et métaphysicien

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Not anytime soon. There is the ugly side of payments that most fear to enter: the collection of consumer debt. This is a hard and thankless business that requires huge call centers and debt collectors. Of course over time the prediction and collection of debt will be revolutionized like the way User-10406423438134497550 amazing new company has innovated. However it may not be enough for a company like Apple.

In the case of payments Apple took a page out of the same book as working with record companies, movie companies, tv companies, book companies (with some big errors) and cellular companies. In all cases Apple could have just "disrupted" these companies and replaced them. They chose a path to work with and not against them and all prospered by this.

Thus I think it will likely not be soon or ever to see Apple replace Visa and MasterCard. However they will do big things with digital currency like Bitcoin very soon.

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