Who's the best and worst U.S. president from each party and why?

Drac Smith

Drac Smith

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The Best president from the Republican party and I feel ever was Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy was the last real Progressive. He championed huge reforms that battled corruption, improved safety and sanitation but did so while not bloating the budget. Teddy promoted free enterprise and even championed it. It was under Teddy that the US first became a world power both industrially and militarily. Teddy created the national parks and wildlife system and was a prominent conservationist. Teddy was also a hunter and strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment. Uncorruptable despite repeated efforts by the corrupt boss system to corrupt or derail him, Teddy did what he thought was right and did it well. Teddy lifted the American people. Made us all the greater for the inspiration he gave us. His anti-trust work opened up the American dream again to so many trapped in desperate poverty as well as wage and work reforms passed during his administration. Honorable mention to Reagan.

The best Democrat president was I feel JFK. JFK initiated essential reforms in civil rights. LBJ who’d been blocking those reforms finally had to relent to JFK’s relentless push for civil rights reforms. JFK may have botched the bay of pigs but I blame Eisenhower for that really. JFK’s handling of the Cuban missile crisis was inspiring. JFK was the last Democrat Populist elected and the first since Polk. In fact the only Democrat Populist elected in over 100 years. JFK rearranged the Democrat party, gave it a reason to exist and purpose. His passion for helping people big or small was evident. JFK was also a strong supporter of Free Enterprise and his economic models and policies inspired Reagan’s. Like Reagan, JFK inspired the people.

The best not either Democrat or Republican in my opinion was Thomas Jefferson. His work at slowing the growth and power of the Federal government was critical in keeping the ideals of the Constitution alive. Jefferson also made the US the mouse that roared. Despite our very tiny impoverished nation’s lack of resources and population, while Jefferson was president nobody dared harm Americans. Jefferson took down the Barbary pirates, averted a major war with Native tribes and kept us out of European wars. The Louisiana purchase was an act of genius and so too was the increased exploration such as the Lewis and Clarke expedition.

While there have been a lot of really bad presidents the last few years have brought about most of the worst.

The worst Republican goes to GW Bush. A Conservative in name, Bush was a globalist and corporatist. His only interest was promoting large supporting companies and the American people were not even an after thought. The Patriot act attempted to erase the entire bill of rights and even areas one should have been able to count on Bush like opposing gun control, Bush was at best luke warm. Bush had no understanding of economics. He parroted words from Reagan but then showed he had absolutely not understanding of them by doing things that destroyed all value in those actions. Take trickle down for example. Trickle down worked quite well for JFK and Reagan because things were made in the USA. Bush accelerated the outsourcing trend and his failure to combat Illegal immigration and his support for amnesty led to millions of Americans losing their jobs directly or indirectly to Illegals as well as massive strain on the infrastructure. Bush was quite willing to sell of sensitive national security assets to hostile nations such as ports, telcom links or allow the outsourcing of top secret or national defense projects to hostile nations or companies which employed large numbers of guest workers from hostile nations. Bush delayed retaliations for 9–11 to the point where the American people were starting to organize to do something themselves since they felt Bush was never going to get around too it. Then when he does, Iraq was a great target but instead of leaving as was agreed too by all, the Bush administration shocks everyone including it’s own field commanders in the theater by disbanding the Iraqi army. This was a betrayal to the UK and converted US troops from heroes to occupiers. Thousands of Americans died for no reason as Iraq is not a stable construct. It is the forced conglomeration of 3 distinct nations all of which hate each other.

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The worst Democrat was tough. LBJ, FDR and Clinton were neck and neck for this title. The Clinton administration however managed to outdo both of these horrendous presidencies. The Clinton administration managed to destroy what was becoming a vibrant economy through over taxation, regulation and almost seemingly intentional efforts to stop and break down companies. It’s failure like with other recent presidencies to enforce antitrust laws (the Microsoft case was a simple matter of extortion) further harmed the nation. It was under Clinton that outsourcing really took off, especially in technology. So much so that by Clinton’s last year the economy was already failing. What Obama inherited was really Clinton’s handiwork more than Bush. GW Bush just carried out the same policies as Clinton for the most part with equally disastrous results. The dot com boom was converted to a bubble through constant attacks on technology by the Clinton administration. This included jailing the author of PGP for failure to write a back door for the government, driving entire companies out of business with bogus raids and the extensive targeting of rogue technology companies for FBI stings. The Deloran sting was just one of thousands such operations, mostly targeted at wealthy start ups which posed a threat to established large corporations.

Clinton managed to get the assault weapon ban passed as well as several antigun pieces of legislature. Then sent out the Feds in great numbers to arrest people whom owned too many guns or MIGHT own an illegally modified weapon. Armed masked men carrying assault rifles would kick in the doors of hundreds of American families and sometimes the confrontations caused major loss of life. The two most famous raids were Waco and Ruby ridge. There were dozens of others like this, some with no survivors on the raided side. Some lasted a year or more but just didn’t get any publicity since no Feds were killed in the process. These raids culminated in the OKC bombing. Tensions between Left and Right had been building hard and fast through out the entire administration.

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Hillary with her constant “vast right wing conspiracy” paranoia and Bill with his habitual lies made a laughing stock out of the US presidency. Not only did Bill have affairs, everyone knew it. He’d never been shy about it before. He chose ugly women and then denied it under oath. Was actually convicted and impeached for perjury, just not removed from office. The biggest insults was Bill made world leaders wait while he played with interns and then actually tried to get the American public to believe that he did not believe oral sex was a sexual act. This gross insult to the intelligence of the American public and the contempt it showed for the people alone would earn Bill the title as worst president ever.

The system the NSA uses to spy on every email, text and phone call made in the US was put into place by the Clinton administration. The Clinton administration actually jailed people for having T-Shirts that had parts of encryption algorythms printed on them if they went to an airport. The clipper chip fiasco and the attempt to force government sponsored monopolies on IT were two more examples. The Clinton backed plan would force all computers to run Microsoft Windows, be built by IBM and serviced by various companies. You would never own a computer, instead you would rent it and what you did with it would be strictly regulated under the plan. The CDA however was an attempt to repeal the entire first amendment. Not only did it make having porn on the net a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison, one could not cuss, describe body parts even in a private email. No exception even for doctors discussing a patient.

The biggest issue was the constant scandals. From the day Clinton entered the White house to even after they left when Hillary stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of Federal property and initially refused to return any of it and still managed to keep some of it, the Clinton administration was one scandal after another. Which of their cabinet officials or top aids was going to prison this week became a sort of running office pool in many places. It rarely took a month before some Clinton official was indicted. Hillary narrowly escaped prison multiple times and both were implicated in several illegal fund raising schemes. National secrets were sold to the Chinese via Clinton orders. They used middle men and spread the bribe money away so the investigation was quickly quashed but it was a huge blow to national security. Just to add insult to injury the bribes the Clintons got for the treason were given as illegal campaign contributions that had to be given back initially.

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As such I consider the Clinton administration the worse in US history.

*Corrected incorrect assertion that Obama and Bush had record setting volumes of executive actions.

Peter Flom

Peter Flom, I live here

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There have been a few parties to get people in office since the nation started: 18 Republicans, 15 Democrats, 4 Democratic Republicans, 4 Whigs and 1 Federalist, 1 Independent.

Of the 18 Republicans, the best was surely Lincoln. Lincoln led us through our greatest crisis since the founding of the republic and did so with humility and power. The worst was GW Bush. When Bush entered office we had peace, prosperity and a surplus. When he left, we had war, recession and a deficit. Warren G. Harding was also awful.

Of the Democrats the best was FDR. Again, a leader through two great crises, a defender of the free world. The worst was James Buchanan. His efforts to compromise between the north and south alienated both sides and did nothing to prevent the Civil War; they also split the Democratic party which had the excellent side effect of making it easier for Lincoln to win.

The 4 Democratic Republicans were Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Monroe and Madison. Of these, Jefferson is generally regarded as the best and Madison the worst, but all four were pretty good. JQ Adams had one of the best post-presidencies ever.

The 4 Whigs were Taylor, Tyler, Fillmore and Harrison. To put it mildly, this is not a quartet that has gone down well in history, Harrison distinguished himself by dying after a month in office. The other three left even less to remember. Hard to rank these guys.

The only Federalist was John (no Q) Adams. He is, perforce, the best and worst of his party, but he was pretty good.

The only president with no party was Washington - clearly one of the greats.

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