Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

Akshit Jain

Akshit Jain, studied at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

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Réponse d'origine: Who is the biggest liar in Indian politics and why?

It’s not right to ask who is the biggest liar in Indian politics as in politics everybody have to be a liar.

What I mean is that Politics is a game where every one wants to be in power and the ladder to power is via public vote mostly.Once you are in power then it’s altogether a different game.

Now to reach that level you have to gain support of people. Politicians follow this fact by heart : “Truth is hard to digest, and pisses most people off”.

You can read answers to this question : Why do people believe in others who lie rather than those who speak truth/frankly?

Actually even if a politician doesn’t want to lie ,he has to say it there is no other option as he has to to defeat others. It is very easy to lie to someone and win his/her support. By lying you can show unimagined dreams to anyone especially poor even educated and middle class starts realising that might be if this menteur comes to power this might happen.

For the first time they have to lie.When they are in power what speaks is their work in government rather than what they said. The politician knows that his lies will fade off with time if he do some really good work in power for the betterment of society. If the government is corruption free and do good work then it will continue the next time as well.

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Ishwar Chandra Gupta

Ishwar Chandra Gupta, former Retired from SAIL at Rourkela Steel Plant (1967-2003)

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Réponse d'origine: Who is the biggest liar in Indian politics and why?

It is clear that PM Narendra Modi is the biggesr liar in Indian#DoYouKnow

Top Ten Biggest Liars in Politics. No?? &
Narendra Modi is one of them.
Read Here..

Top Ten Biggest Liars In Politics

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?


Pradeep Dev

Pradeep Dev, travaille chez Students

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after the anti corruption movement every body thought the newly created party will save india , make corruption free india but the truth is it became worst political p**rty

the founder is biggest liar



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Narendra Modi…Yes he is one of the best.

Just remember the promises he had made to win the elections.

One of his best lie is given as footnote…


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1 PM Modi says, Hang me if I am unable to bring back black money

Sumithra Ashokan

Sumithra Ashokan, Lives in India, More Gandhian than communist.

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Arvind Kejriwal.
He lied about his nationality when he ran for election , only when Modi ji told us in 2014 we knew he was a Pakistani agent

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

On 8 November 2016, when our Modi ji announced demonetisation , Aravind Kejriwal said it was a scam. Liar !!!
Even after the government seized all the black money and convicted all the tax evaders he refused to apologize.

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

When he said “Give befitting reply to Pakistan’s false propaganda regarding surgical strike”, he was lying , Only our Republic TV could actually translate it. He actually meant to insult army , and He didn’t believe Army , so he was asking proof for surgical strike after taking money from Pakistan.

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Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

When he said he will develop Delhi , he was lying .

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

Can anyone show me any statue in Delhi? Even states like UP where children die due to lack of oxygen cylinder, they have managed to allocate several hundred crores for statue.
I don’t understand why Arvind Kejriwal wastes tax payers money on 8000 new classrooms, 200 schools, mohalla clinics, polyclinics, and government hospitals instead of using it for more productive things like unity statue(2989 crore) , Shivaji statue (3,600 crore) , modi temple (30 crore) etc .

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

Here is a screen-shot of their pathetic achievements , go to their website AAP Tracker , to see how many election promises they have failed .

Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

And by the way, don’t ever read this answer.

Smit Prakash

Smit Prakash, Ingénieur logiciel associé chez IBM (2016-present)

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Arvind Kejriwal.


Who is the best liar in Indian politics?

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