Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Prabhat Rayal

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BOOK : My answer would be - La recherche de sens de l'homme by Viktor Frankl. Nothing else comes even close.

I am not that guy who reads a lot of Self-help but this book changed me as a person. I learned to embrace everything life threw at me.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

The title of the book sounds self-indulgent and pretentious. But I would suggest you to read it. If you want to read it then let me tell you that it is very dark and there isn’t even the faintest clue of humour anywhere. The book is divided in two parts.

The first part is the survival story of Victor Frankl in the deathly Nazi camps. This book is a memoir of his horrifying experiences of World War II when the Jews were being killed and tortured. Each day, they were living under the haunting thought of being sent to Gas Chambers, where every last inch of their skin and bones would be turned into ashes.

In the book, he writes about how he lost everything he once held dear and was taken from one concentration camp to another (including Auschwitz and Dachau). He witnessed the cruelty of humans in those camps. He noticed how people suffered and were put to extreme torture by the Nazis and how the Nazis enjoyed doing that. He saw the dark side of humans and what they were capable of. We know what happened in German concentration camps (thanks to thousands of films and books dedicated to World War II) but Frankl’s recollection of the memories of the Holocaust is still able to send chills through your bones. If you want to know how deadly living in those camps was, here’s an excerpt from the book.

A little background first- Frankl writes that one night, one of his inmates was having a nightmare, Frankl wanted to wake him up but he didn’t. He thought:

“No dream, no matter how horrible, could be as bad as the reality of the camp which surrounded us, and to which I was about to recall him"

This is how terrifying the camps were. After spending some time in the camp, Frankl started noticing people around him. Some people gave up to the situation and died (they smoked the last of their cigarettes because they knew they were going to die anyway). Frankl writes that most of those poor souls did not die because of the pain they were going through. They died because the faint hope they were hiding somewhere in the depths of their hearts, had vanished. They didn’t feel like they had a reason to live and succumbed to the situation. However, there were some who took it as a challenge and rose above it. They decided to give their suffering a meaning and emerged victorious in the end. They knew their suffering was not in vain. They believed that they had a reason to live. Some of them hoped that one day they would meet their families and some thought about other things. Frankl noticed everything and the used the same approach to give some comfort to his inmates when they were having a really tough time.

Frankl himself often dreamed about his deceased Wife, he talked to her in his dreams and it was his escape from the reality. It gave his suffering a meaning. He found solace in the memories of his dead wife. He also thought about completing the manuscript he had lost. It gave him a Why to live for. Many a time in the book, he quotes Nietzsche:

"He, who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How”

This is the crux of the book. It is a reminder of how hope is the most powerful weapon humans possess. Frankl writes about the unbeatable human spirit which has the power to endure even the harshest of conditions. He believes that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose to live with it by giving it a meaning. Giving meaning to suffering can rejuvenate one’s hopes and spirits.

The second part of the book is about Logotherepy, a method Frankl used to cure his patients. I won’t go into the details of logo-therapy. You can read the book to know more about it. I didn’t fully understand it since I am not a Psychology student but I got the meaning anyway.

I would strongly suggest you to read this book if you are feeling down, depressed and lost. It can help you feel better and I am saying this from personal experience. I mean think about it. Are you going through the same pain that those Jews were going through? Is your suffering more painful than those poor souls whose daily food was a bowl of watery soup and hundreds of whips? The answer is NO. So whatever you are going through, remember that you will be fine if you cling onto hope amidst the suffering. The night is darkest before the dawn. So, a bright day shall come soon. Now I’d like to end this post by quoting Frankl.

“But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer".

MOVIE: I love movies and there are hundreds of films that I can add here but if I had to chose one, it would be Requiem pour un rêve by Darren Aronofsky.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Watching this film needs courage. It is like taking a hammer to the gut, willingly. Everyone must watch this film; it is absolutely necessary. It is a story of addiction and how it can destroy your life. No, not the addiction that was depicted in Trainspotting. It can be any kind of addiction. This movie haunted me for days. It still sends shivers down my spine every time I think about it. It features best performance from any actress I have ever seen in my life. The score can make you shit your pants. Cinematography is amazing and those hip hop montages will haunt me for the rest of my life. That is all I can say. Just watch it.

Navie Naidu

Navie Naidu, Have watched over 5000 movies. LOVE Movies!

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I'm gonna keep the list short (just 4 movies), but explain why it is important. Before I do, I want the readers to understand I am from a conservative South-Indian family filled with religious dogma, mediocrity in thought process, and barely-surviving. If it isn't for the movies, I can't imagine what my life would've been. I would've been one of those who barely survives around the rules of people around them and I'd have called it a living, with all my ignorance. But now it changed me, it set me free, it gave me a pair of glasses through which the world is much clearer, and filled it with wander, also with misery that needs absolution/action.


  1. V pour Vendetta

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

The dystopian world shown in this movie is almost the world I was living in except the rules aren't forced by a government, but are insinuated by family and society. Only when a certain thought is amplified beyond proportion, would we realize the importance/ill-effects of it. This movie's fictional world sets stage beautifully. It tells us the importance of speaking our mind, significance of what words can do to our minds & in turn our lives, power of an idea (& how that makes you immortal) and at last ill effects of censoring (and how it suppresses the soul of a nation). You won't just be watching a movie, if you get the movie right, it would change your perceptions for life.

2. Cemetery Junction

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

From one of my favourite screen-writers, Ricky Gervais. You might think that this movie is hugely contrasting to my previous movie, but it isn't, it only has a bit of reality attached to it. Life of 3 best friends in an average little town where nothing happens (just like mine). This movie tells you what kind of illusions the society smoothly forces you in to believing and how that is so wrong. I'm afraid I can't reveal anything more (although I am dying to) without ruining the movie for you. But every small town guy/girl needs to watch this movie. It is so energetic, fun, and witty (Gervais duh). Anybody can watch this movie, it is dumbed-down, yet very enlightening.

3. Horton hears a who!

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

It is an animated movie which gives us a glimpse of how huge our world is and also how impossibly tiny our world could be, at the same time. It teaches perseverance, even when no one believes you, you should keep doing what you are doing for the reasons only you know.

4. Oui mec

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Saved the best for last. This movie made me experience life more than what I usually would. What if you say "yes" to everything for a day? how different would your life be? if you want to find out the answers, watch this movie!

Vivek Khanduri

Vivek Khanduri, A Proud Member of Nirmala Sitharaman's Ministry at Defence Accounts Department (2018-present)

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Not saying that this movie completely changed my life but this movie motivated me towards life.

This movie taught me a better way to see life.

The movie released in 1971, more than 2 decades before I was born. The movie starring 1st superstar of bollywood Rajesh khanna and The Mahanayak Amitabh bacchan.

The movie- ANAND.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

In this movie the main character Anand (Rajesh khanna) has a disease which can't be cured. He will live only 2 or 3 more months and he knows about it . Inspite of knowing, how he lives his life with full joy(anand) is the theme of the movie.

This movie thought me a way to live the life,

Live it as these are the last days of life, live life at fullest ( not saying to avoid your passion or goals in life, they have their own importance but living life with joy is neccessity if you don't want to repent at the end).

Here are some best dialogs that changed my vision towards life.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Babumushoi, zindagi badi honi chahiye ... lambi nahin

My friend, life should be big ... not long.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Babumushoi, zindagi aur maut upar waale ke haath hai ... usse na toh aap badal sakte hai na main ... hum sab to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hai jinki dor upar waale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai

My friend, life and death is in the hands of God ... you can't change it and neither can I ... we all are puppets of the theater whose string is tied in the fingers of God.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Maut toh ek pal hai

Death is just a moment.

And the best is coming now.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Hum aane waale gham ko kheench taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hai ... aur us khushi mein zehar ghol dete hai

We stretch and pull the sadness of the future and bring it onto today's happiness ... and we mix poison in that happiness

In this era full with stress , jeolasy, competition, tension, betrayal ,hate etc etc, where we forget how to live , how to love , this movie shows us a way to live , to love ….. and To make this world a better place to live.

Stay happy stay blessed.

Edward Kubi Brown

Edward Kubi Brown, Watched more than 600 movies before turning 20.

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Movies and Books are amazing source of love, emotions, happiness, personal

growth, art, life and learning.

Television might be incredibly popular these days, but nothing will ever

replace movies, especially these masterpieces that i am about to share.

I have read more than 1000 books while watching more than 500 movies, i hope you will enjoy this list ��

Here are some movies that can change your life with its profound insides into humanity and intellectuality.

2001: une odyssée spatiale

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

SO many amazing scenes and a story that makes you wonder and think, as much as you can.

Un autre:

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Apollo ?

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

La Mole

Un autre:

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Louis Malle

  1. Au revoir les enfants
  2. Elevator to the Gallows
  3. Lacombe, Lucien
  4. The Fire Within
  5. Atlantic City

Kenji Mizoguchi

  1. Ugetsu
  2. Sansho the Baliff
  3. The life of Oharu

Keisuke Kinoshita

(a)Ballad of Narayama

Masaki Kobayash

  1. Hara-kiri
  2. Kwaidan
  3. Samurai Rebellion

Frank Capra

  1. Its a Wonderful Life
  2. It Happened One night
  3. M. Smith Goes to Washington
  4. Meet John Doe

Woody Allen

  1. Annie Hall
  2. Manhattan
  3. Balle de match

Oscar Welles

  1. Touch of Evil
  2. Le procès
  3. Othello
  4. The Stranger
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Voici quelques livres que je recommanderais à la lecture pour les étudiants et les raisons

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Le plus grand spectacle sur terre de Richard Dawkins

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Demon Haunted World par Carl Sagan

Premièrement, notre vie est complexe, une énorme quantité d’informations circule

tous les jours, parfois exactes, parfois fausses, sans obtention

la compétence que j'ai apprise de ces livres et d'autres que je suis sur le point de partager, vous

peut commencer à croire des choses pour de mauvaises raisons et, malheureusement, pas pour de bonnes raisons.

Vous ne savez peut-être pas comment nous savons exactement ce qui est vrai ou ce qui ne l’est pas, ni comment la science

découvre en permanence des informations fiables sur notre univers.

Vous pouvez même commettre ces erreurs (partagées ci-dessous) qui peuvent transformer votre vie

le bon côté maintenant, tout cela est crucial raisons pour lesquelles ils sont l'un de mes préférés

livres et pourquoi je suggère à tout le monde de les lire

1) Erreur noire et blanche: soit l'univers est un produit du hasard ou univers est le produit d'un concepteur intelligent,

(2) Mémoire spécial: créer une exception à une règle sans justifier pourquoi ce cas mérite une exemption

(3) Ne comprenant pas l'erreur de fardeau de la preuve: déplacer le fardeau de la preuve, qui mène parfois, Argument de l'improbabilité.

(4) Argument de l'ignorance: "Nous ne savons pas comment la vie est sortie d'où Dieu"

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Avec certaines des raisons mentionnées ci-dessus, Penser vite et lentement par

Daniel Kahneman, cet aperçu des livres sur le fonctionnement de notre cerveau est aussi crucial que

quiconque apprend quelque chose sans conscience,

il n'y a rien, quand votre cerveau meurt, vous mourrez. C'est la plus grande pièce du puzzle

, sans vraiment comprendre comment elle fonctionne et fonctionne, la vie deviendra

beaucoup plus difficile à résoudre et les objectifs deviendront beaucoup plus difficiles à mettre en œuvre.

D'autres livres que je suis à recommander en ce moment sont extrêmement importants

en raison de sa perspicacité dans La pensée scientifique et son importance.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

La plus grande histoire racontée… Lawrance M. Krauss

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Oui, je suis un fan énorme

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

L'âge de raison de Thomas Payne

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Une brève histoire du temps de Stephen Hawking

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Exploration de la méthode scientifique par Steven Gimbel

Connaître la méthode scientifique et l’investigation scientifique, fonder ses croyances sur

la preuve, restant critique à tout prix,

méthodes inestimables pour surmonter toute épreuve et comprendre ce qui est vraiment

vrai et ce n'est pas.

L’un des avantages les plus importants d’une telle compétence, la pensée scientifique, est

que cela vous aide à devenir plus sceptique.

La définition du scepticisme est, définie par le britannica.com, comme «l'attitude de

douter des connaissances énoncées dans divers domaines. Les sceptiques ont contesté

l'adéquation ou la fiabilité de ces revendications en demandant quels principes elles sont

sur la base de ce qu’ils établissent réellement.

La pensée scientifique vous aide également à comprendre les compétences et les concepts cruciaux suivants qui vous faciliteront la vie de manière plus objective et plus réaliste:

1. Les concepts qui traitent de la façon dont nous savons ce que nous savons

2. Introduction à la libre pensée

3. Introduction à la pensée critique

4. Les enseignements de l'importance de la science et de la compréhension factuelle

5.Introduction à l'épistémologie

6Ontologie d'introduction


1- cela aide à soulever des questions vitales et cruciales sur la véracité des choses, cela

vous aide également à formuler les questions de manière logique

2 - La pensée scientifique aide à rassembler et à évaluer les données scientifiques pertinentes et

informations, en utilisant des idées abstraites pour les interpréter efficacement.

3 - La réflexion scientifique aide à tirer des conclusions scientifiques bien argumentées et

solutions, en les testant par rapport aux critères et normes pertinents.

4-La pensée scientifique aide à penser de manière ouverte, en reconnaissant et en évaluant

hypothèses, implications et conséquences pratiques.

5 - La pensée scientifique aide à communiquer efficacement avec d’autres dans le

proposer des solutions à des problèmes complexes.

Bien que ces informations soient extrêmement importantes et puissent suffire à

certains, je peux recommander les sujets suivants pour choisir des livres de

  1. Evolution par sélection naturelle
  2. Cosmologie Big Bang
  3. Méthodologie scientifique
  4. Principes de la science
  5. Principes de logique

Même type de livres qui doivent être des non-fictions

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Je pense que vous trouverez que c'est un peu plus compliqué que ça par Ben Goldcare

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

Merci d'avoir lu ��

If anyone wants to read about business here are some of my favourites:

I read almost one book a day so have a lot to share by now ��

Livres are amazing source of information and it can enhance someone’s life in number of different ways, they have changed my life and definitely made me a better person. Also, Livres play a significant role in our life. ... For the majority of people, livres font partie d' leur de tous les jours Vie.

These books that I have read either recently or

the past months can be your best friend, but

bare in mind, knowing the goal, which means

why you read what you read, is as important as

en train de lire.

Otherwise, you may not be able to finish the

book and eventually just give it up, that’s why

always set goals and stick with it, knowing that

you have good reasons for it.

Merci d'avoir lu ��

These books are some of the ones that i have read recently (All- Non Fiction and Business) : They can change ones business life, can help them scale a better business ��

  1. Sam Walton: Made in America (livre)
  2. The Lean Startup (book)
  3. The innovator's dilemma (livre)
  4. Build to Last
  5. Good to Great (book)
  6. Génération de modèles commerciaux
  7. The Goal: A process of Ongoing Improvements
  8. The New Rules of Marketing
  9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Some other ( Non-Fiction) Book ı have read this month:

  1. The Small Business Start UP Workbook
  2. Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just few days
  3. Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success
  4. L'E-Myth revisité
  5. Uncontainable: How Passion, Commitment and Conscious Capitalism Built a Business Where Everyone Thrives
  6. Le pouvoir de l'habitude
  7. Fait pour coller
  8. Les cinq dysfonctionnements d'une équipe
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I have watched more than 600 movies and here are some of my best Hollywood moviespersonne

The list carries on:


Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

The holy Mountain

Un autre:

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Amazingly and beautifully crafted movie, a must.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

La matrice

The Matrix depicts a dystopian future in which reality is actually a simulated reality called “the Matrix” created by machines to subdue the human population.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Le Magicien d'Oz

Based on the novel by L. Frank Baum, this film contains more than you sometimes think at first. The film opens in black and white and, as the protagonist, Dorothy is transported to the fantastical world of Oz, transforms into glorious Technicolor.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

From one of the best directors we currently have RTA again shows his talent alongside with an amazing cast.

Lastly, some movies by director that i consider to be 10/10

Yasujirō Ozu

  1. Histoire de Tokyo
  2. Late Spring
  3. An Autumn Afternoon
  4. Early Sumer
  5. Mauvaises herbes flottantes
  6. Fin de l'automne
  7. I was Born, But

Hope you like the lists ��

Nikunj Laddha

Nikunj Laddha, You'll find me in the fine lines, reading between the pages.

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Well, it's not one from the list mentioned in the question, but this certainly is one book that has deeply influenced my thought process. Till date, I go back to this book, whenever I feel disillusioned or seek clarity of thought and direction.

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Timeless Leadership – 18 Leadership Sutras from The Bhagavad Gita

~ Debashish Chatterjee (IIM C, K and L fame)

Can change your life? May be. It changed mine.

Forever? Je ne sais pas.

But if you ask me: Has it changed my life substantially and principally? I would say a big OUI.

As a lover of Indian mythology (thanks to Shiva Trilogy), I had a natural affinity towards this leadership book. Since the time I remember to have gained some sense (read maturity), I had wanted to read the Bhagavad Gita. I was fascinated by the very idea of God Himself (albeit in his human Avatar) giving a message to a mortal being.

Though the rational part of me never rules out that the Gita could probably only be a compilation of collective wisdom of the Indian subcontinent over the ages, I would still like to believe it is the 'Song of God' itself. The concept of God infuses meaning in all the life's voids left by logic. Its wisdom, nevertheless, is no less than God's message for a normal human being.

I first took up this book while facing a personal crisis. I didn't really believe that another person's "motivational message(s)" could offer much resolution to my deep-rooted problems, other than some common sense superficial solutions that I already know, like the illustration below:

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

Motivational messages for me work somewhat like this: Calm down! ????

I had heard/read earlier that all the world’s wisdom lies in the Bhagavad Gita. And it didn't simply ask you to "calm down", but also at the same time explains the "how" and "why" part of calming down. While reading and comprehending the Gita is a gigantic task, I took this book up.

A statement in the book that made me buy it was:

Which movie or book can change your life forever?

“All wars are first fought in the mind. Therefore it is in the mind that all wars must first be won.”

This statement expresses the essence of the book. It's all about the mind.

The book is spread across 18 Chapters explaining each Sutra (Sanskrit equivalent for 'thread'), in line with the 18 chapters of the original saga it is based on. The most important lessons I learnt and some of my favourite statements from the book are:

  • Your mind is a different entity from you: Krishna would urge Arjuna to look at his own mind and know it. You can't look at something or know something unless you are separate from the phenomenon you are looking at - Thus it can control or be controlled depending what you choose for it.
  • Importance of 'detached engagement': Timeless leaders, even in the middle of an intense activity, remain unattached like a lotus flower that grows in the water and yet is not wet.
  • Embrace Discontinuity: The summer has no conflict with the winter. Only the mind that gets conditioned by the warmth of summer resists winter.
  • A Leader is the master of his mind: A mountaineer once said, "It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves."
  • The mind is a mob: While thinking "What will people think about me?" a person becomes a victim of self-doubt. His fragmented mind functions like the surface waves of a stormy ocean. Such a mind is unable to reflect the depths of the still ocean. It behaves like a mob - full of emotion, devoid of thought.
  • Do not believe in motivation: Because any form of motivation makes you dependent on whatever it is that motivates you.
  • You are merely an instrument of the whole: Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
  • The human condition comes with a boon and a curse of choice: We have the boon of choosing and the curse of the conflicts that we must face when we have many choices.

I can go on and on. I may have left many a lesson. And may be many more lessons are yet to be discovered by me. Neverthele

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