Which is the best payment gateway with API: Braintree, Paymill or Paymentwall?

Adam Wesolowski

Adam Wesolowski, CMO @SecurionPay, passerelle de paiement

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Which is the best payment gateway with API: Braintree, Paymill or Paymentwall?

Probably there’s no the best payment API out there, so you should rather choose an ideal one for your business needs. What I can suggest you to do though is to have a look at the API we’ve developed at SecurionPay. We did our best to create a flexible, robust and clean API that would suit all payments related needs a merchant and a developer can have. We support various business scenarios, so check out the Documentation et notre GitHub.

Why you should choose SecurionPay?

  • Vous pouvez accepter des paiements internationaux en devises 160 et en devises de règlement 24, y compris les principales devises européennes.
  • Sécurité maximale avec technologie de jeton, conformité PCI et 3d secure
  • Passer votre commande (paiement dans une fenêtre contextuelle) ou formulaire personnalisé (formulaire de paiement intégré de manière transparente dans l'apparence de votre site Web) pour maximiser l'expérience de vos clients et augmenter la conversion de paiements. Les paiements sont toujours sur votre site sans aucune redirection. Voici à quoi ressemble la caisse:

Which is the best payment gateway with API: Braintree, Paymill or Paymentwall?

  • Checkout est traduit dans les langues 23. Offrez à vos utilisateurs une véritable expérience locale, même si vous vendez dans le monde entier.
  • Entièrement gérable paiements récurrents
  • Intégration via flexible, API robuste et facile à utiliser (which we know already �� or…
  • …une fonction de glisser-déposer unique, il ne faut donc que quelques clics pour implémenter les boutons de paiement (voir l'exemple vidéo avec Weebly):
  • Simple et tarification transparente: 2,95% et 0,25 Euro par transaction
  • Nous fournissons grand soutien et traiter chaque client individuellement
  • Le paiement mobile, indispensable pour les startups d'aujourd'hui

Which is the best payment gateway with API: Braintree, Paymill or Paymentwall?

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à sales (at)securionpay.com ou utilisez notre formulaire de contact. Vous pouvez également inscrivez-vous si vous voulez faire l'expérience du système par vous-même.

Lizzi Goldmeier

Lizzi Goldmeier, connaissance du commerce électronique et des paiements, travaillent chez Zooz

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First of all, it might be worthwhile to consider both payment gateways and third party payment solutions - a third party payment solution often sets you up with a gateway and a processor, and handles all backend payments concerns.

As Aleksandr suggested, there's a few things you need to consider before you decide between payment gateways, such as:

  • Are you running a B2B or B2C business?
  • What is your monthly/weekly transaction volume?
  • What is your average basket amount?
  • Do I need a solutions geared for small businesses or larger companies?

Different gateways and third party payment solutions have different focuses and emphases, and you want to choose a gateway or platform that best fits your most important needs. For example, the company I work for - Zooz - is a third party payment platform with an API, which focuses on meeting the needs of enterprise class retailers and larger merchants.

By figuring out exactly what your business needs are, you can narrow down the options between the payment gateways and third party systems and choose between relevant payment platforms, that offer you the most value.

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Honor Günday

Honor Günday, CEO, Paymentwall.com - all-in-one monetization solution

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I can tell you about Paymentwall and our services/features in order to explain how it differs from other companies you mention.

First of all, Paymentwall's API provides a full blown global payment solution that took us many years to develop. We don't only provide merchant accounts in the US and EU, but we support the whole world. So if your business is from the US, EU or any other part of the world we can provide you with a merchant account (the exception is the US embargo and sanction list countries/individuals) and you can process payments also from anywhere in the world.

Second, the two companies you mentioned provide credit card processing/merchant accounts but the reality is most of the world out there don't use credit cards or even bank accounts. For the past 4-5 years, we worked hard and added 100+ relevant payment options covering 12 different payment types. This means, when you use Paymentwall's PW Local product (and one API integration gives you all of our products), you can start taking cash payments from Russia, bank transfer and ewallet payments in China, Brazil and many other regions in the world. Nowadays when a product launches online, it can catch on anywhere in the world, so with Paymentwall you are ready and you are not only dependent on your local market for selling your products/services.

Third. We provide a mobile carrier billing product which others don't - Mobiamo -- Mobile billing opens up the doors to 3 billion cell phone users. Everybody has a cell phone, and they can use it to purchase your products - using the credit/topup/load the users have on their account-. Paymentwall gets paid by the mobile carrier and pays you out. The only challenge with this option is the fee structure, unfortunately because of VAT and carrier commissions, the payout is about 50-60% of what the users pay but this has the highest conversion rate among payment types since it's easy and since everybody of all ages has a cell phone.

Fourth: Fraud, Optimization, Customer Service and other services Paymentwall provides. That's a long list, but most payment companies don't provide these services included in their fee structure or their product offering. You often need to contract other companies or scramble with finding your own solution for these. At Paymentwall, we realized early on that we were getting a lot of phone calls, emails from users who had failed payments or who had their credit cards blocked etc.. So we have a 24/7 customer support center assisting your end-users about payment related problems. We have pledged to not become like those bad customer service companies, we do our best to make each customer calling in or emailing us happy. We also have a great fraud engine that our risk analysts engineered themselves, so we have a great way to prevent fraud from all over the world. Our optimization team also monitors your application and gives you tips on what you should do to make more money from your existing traffic. We realize we are the experts in payments, so it's our job to assist you. We have many success stories where we doubled, tripled merchants' revenues with a long list of tricks we have up our sleeves to improve monetization.

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Fifth: Customization, Localization, Flexibility to do whatever: You can do whatever you want with Paymentwall. We don't force you into a long term contract. We believe that this is a relationship and you can break up anytime you want. We want you to use us if you really love us. You can use us along side other payment providers as well or have us handle your entire payments page. We believe you will give us more business if you're happy and we always do our best to win your business. You can customize the look and feel of the widgets and skin them. Or we can do it for you. Our iframe based widgets are geotargeted and localized. You can also use our pure API credit card APIs, Mobiamo APIs etc etc.. Overall there's a limitless way to integrate Paymentwall and our Integration team can help you along the way.

We believe we built the most comprehensive and global payment solution out there and we have grown tremendously. We're based out of San Francisco but we now also have a secondary office in Las Vegas; then we also have international offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Kiev, Istanbul and Manila. We will soon have 2 more offices in Sao Paolo and Beijing. Most payment companies list a PO BOX or a virtual office, but you can also come in and meet us or participate in events that we organize for our community of merchants and get to meet our team. We won't sell you anything we promise but we will do our best to help you solve your monetization problems. We also travel quite a bit around the world so if we're in your city, we can also arrange a meeting to answer any questions you may have or just to meet each other.

One downside we have is we are focused on digital goods and services. We are not really into physical products yet.

I hope that helps with at least the Paymentwall perspective. If you need any assistance you can email our business development team at [email protected]

Sholly Inglis

Sholly Inglis, Conseiller en solutions commerciales pour Fidelity Payment Services

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I would reconsider the above and have a look at an exceptional web developer friendly gateway called Home - Cardknox EMV & Apple Pay gateway - Smarter Payment Routing which has API and runs circles around others by intelligently analyzing and routeing each transaction based on payment type, time of day, risk factor and a dozen other checks, ensuring more transactions are approved and processed efficiently thus saving the customer on their processing fees.

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API Toolkit
Nimble, powerful and library-free, cardknox API is second to none. With a few lines of code, you can connect systems of any type to the Cardknox gateway, and take full advantage of all the fonctionnalités Cardknox offers. Best of all, there are no libraries to install. Simply grab our sample code and see how easy it really is.

Other great solutions Cardknox cover are listed here
Solutions - Cardknox EMV & Apple Pay gateway - Smarter Payment Routing

Mariah K. Young

Mariah K. Young, Paiements ACH @ Dwolla

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If you're looking to facilitate transaction using the Réseau ACH, I'd take a look at Dwolla. There is no credit card functionality, but depending on your use-case, bank account to bank account transfers might make more sense.

For instance, if you're looking to deliver payouts to hundreds, Dwolla's API allows you to programmatically send funds directly to recipients bank accounts with minimal information.

Check out the documentation here.



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Je suis titulaire du compte marchand de Cartpay Solutions depuis plus d'un an. Cependant, ils ont maintenu mon compte suspendu pendant plus de trois mois, alors j’ai pris les services d’autres passerelles, mais plus tard, ils m’ont contacté pour reprendre les services alors que j’avais lu beaucoup de choses négatives au sujet de ces personnes, j’avais donc des doutes sur la réactivation de mon marchand. compte, mais je leur ai finalement demandé de faire vivre mon compte, car ils avaient de nombreux défauts, mais leur politique en faveur des commerçants me poussait à les suivre. Ils doivent travailler sur leur réputation et surtout sur leurs irrégularités de paiement.

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