What was your biggest WTF! moment?

Aditya Bhat

Aditya Bhat, Motorsport data doctor.

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As you exit the multi level car park structure at my workplace, there are 3 exits.

The one on the left is for cars of parking pass holders, the one on the right is for visitors who buy tickets to park, and the third exit on the side is for pedestrians to exit the parking structure safely without getting run over by cars.

So yesterday, I got into work at 10 am, parked my car on the fourth floor like I usually do, walk down like I usually do, and approach this exit.

As I approach the exit, I see a middle aged man having a full on argument with the security guard.

What was it about, you ask?

The security guard is telling the man to walk out of the parking structure using the pedestrian exit.

And the man is insisting that since he is a visitor who has just bought a parking ticket, he should walk out using the visitor exit.

He doesn't understand what the word “Pedestrian” means even though it's just clearly walking steps right in front of mine.

“Sir I understand you bought a car parking ticket and you have a visitor badge”, the security guard says with the biggest WTF look on his face. “But now you're walking out, so use the pedestrian exit.”

And he still did not seem to get this basic point. This guy had a proper suit on and everything. He looked important as well.

Meanwhile I'm just standing there like..

What was your biggest WTF! moment?

Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha, Recruitment Consultant (2017-present)

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We went to collect the report card of my brother in his 6th standard. The teacher greeted us nicely and asked us to be seated. She was telling my mother about my brother, how cute and innocent he is.

"ooh Mrs. Sinha, your son is suchh a good student. Verr..rry respecting and sooooo obedient, I tell you. You can ask anybody. They will say only good things about him".

His teacher was so loud and dramatic. I felt like laughing. I looked at my brother in shock.

He!! Obedient????

Where does his respect and obedience go when he is with me…??!!

Anyways, suddenly there was something wrong with the teacher’s face. She exclaimed, “Ohh My!! Your son didn’t pass."

My mother and my brother were shocked. My mother was giving my brother an angry look and my brother looked as if he would burst into tears. In a matter of 10 minutes, everything went silent.

And then, I came to my dear brother’s rescue.

I checked the name on top of all the answer sheets. My brother’s name is “Aniket.” His teacher showed us the papers of “Animesh."

I was his hero that day!!!

May be it was not such a big WTF! moment for me, but it definitely was for my brother and my mother.


Tiasa Sen

Tiasa Sen, Just another Indian girl in her 20s

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What was your biggest WTF! moment?

I visited a very well-known eatery with two of my friends recently, one of them being a guy. So, we were two girls and a guy.

For obvious reasons, the bill was to be split amongst the three of us. Once we decided upon what to eat, I was the one who went to place the order, because let's face it, my friends were too lazy to walk up to the counter.

The eatery was relatively small, and happened to be almost empty when we were present. So the guy at the counter could clearly see us and definitely hear us speak, even from a distance.

As I placed the order, he saw that adding a few more items would make it a combo according to their rules.

But you know what he did? He didn't say that to me directly.

Instead, he looked beyond me, and asked my male friend who was sitting at quite a distance, “Sir, do I add soft drinks to this and make it a combo? It will help you save your few bucks.”

Excuse me? What do you exactly mean by votre few bucks? And why ask him when I'm the one placing the order?

The guy at the counter turned out to be extremely, unexpectedly and shamelessly sexist. He believed that my male friend was the one to pay the bill. Probably he thought my friend was giving us a treat, so I give him the benefit of doubt. But wait, I was standing right in front of you! What made him think I have no say in deciding what to order?

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C'était une the biggest WTF! moments I've experienced​ till date.

Good day! ��

Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh, studies Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2022)

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So when I was in 6th grade, we used to have kinda seminars on menstruation and related stuff to educate girls. Those seminars were held by a popular sanitary napkin company and they used to distribute small packets for free.

Boys used to be really curious as to what on earth was going on which concerned only girls! xD. So once we girls were returning from this ‘enlightening’ seminar to our class. Halfway down the corridor I saw my crush sitting with legs crossed à l'extérieur the class. “He must be punished yet again” I guessed, “but why is he sitting like that?” Yeah he avait to do everything abnormally. So with butterflies in my stomach I just walked past him, trying to control my ‘mad in first love’ heart. Suddenly my best friend who was about 2 meters behind me ,screamed, “Shivangi!!”

I turned back and saw her horrified face. She could not say anything. I followed her sight and got shocked+amused. My crush was fiddling with that napkin trying to figure out what it was!! (I was like “will they teach about mâle menstruation in the next seminar??). I suddenly realised that my pocket being small must have gave upon the packet and it directly fell into my crush’s lap while I passed him. Yes, it was le mien, not his! Lol

Now here it goes:

Me: “umm please can I have it back?”

He: “what is this thing? It smells nice!!”

Had it been anyone else; I would have snatched it and given him a nice smell of a slap! (I was really short-tempered back then). But this was him… I used to go paralysed when he ever talked to me. And this time I was even more paralysed to see my SANSKRIT TEACHER regarder at me angrily from the door!! My crush was unaware of her presence. He was too busy.

He: “did you get it from those mysterious seminars? What do you girls do over there? Is it something about learning to handle babies??”

Everybody including teacher hooked their wild eyes on me.

Me: “ah umm…no actually they uhh.. they tell us…they guide us how to do makeup gracefully according to the seriousness of event!” (phew! Horrible idea I know)

I was not sure if he had heard because his eyes and fingers were glued to the napkin pack. “it smells soo nice! Is this some kinda sandwich which we usually get after other seminars?”, he asked thoughtfully while thrusting it in his nose. Whole corridor burst in laughter including the teacher.

I had to reply quelque chose : “ haha no actually this is a wet wipe, you know they suggested us in seminar to clean our face with this before going on a date!!”

Last 5 words were just not required (maybe it was the-crush-effect!) It was at this moment when he looked up for the first time. “so can I use this? This thing seems interesting!” he said. “yeah” I replied, looking in his mesmerising eyes… still under the-crush-effect. Actually I had replied to the 2nd part of his statement, but he thought the other way and said “thanks!”.

“huh?” I realised the situation and just snatched the pack.

He: “heyyy!”

Me: “sorry I need it today. Besides, it's mine.”

He: “are you going on a date?”

Me: “yesss”


He: “okay tell me which saveur is it? I will buy one”

I just wanted to get away now, so just screeched loud enough for the whole corridor “italian vanilla!!" and rushed inside the class with my belonging, while the corridor echoed again with laughter.*sigh*

The next day onwards I realised I had become really popular among the girls of my corridor �� . Yup that was not enough a compensation for my loss… (silent cries)

Prashant Modgill

Prashant Modgill, Bcom.(h) Bachelor of Commerce with Honours, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (2018)

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Connaught place (CP), Delhi, 11:30 pm.

I was coming along with my friends I was coming along with my friends back to my home after spending some leisure time there. Now they wanted to smoke some cigarettes and have a paan made for themselves, I abstain from both, so I went and stood at some distance from them.

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Suddenly, a girl came from nowhere from nowhere and grabbed my crotch area & my private parts. As a first timer to any such incident, of which I have only heard till now but never came across any such, I was shocked that taken aback at that moment.

"Mast hai gora chitta hai… sun..chalega kya”(he's awesome & fair too … see …wanna come).

And then I realise that was not a girl & a crosdreseer boy and that became my WTF moment. Dont know what came to me & I hit that crosdreseer. He fell & got up again.

"Rajaa … kya mara hai …. Sab Itni jor se marega to maja a jayega jannat ka sach me”( Darling …. How hard you've hit … if you'll strike everything with such intensity that it will be a heavenly pleasure)

I hurled highly improvised & updated version of latest unpleasantries at him/her. ( I am from UP, that's helps in that a lot).

Hearing some sounds and noticing the gathering around me of some special people, my friends came to my rescue and took me away from that place and of course told me not to indulge in any such quarrel again.

  • I have no problem in accepting & respecting their gender orientation or there crossdressing habits but they too must know the limit and shall accessresources with which they can meet people like them.
  • Maybe, the translation of what he / she said is not very exact, I apologize for that.

Tarun Samantha

Tarun Samantha

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So after 10th board I joined myself in cooperate dummy college JEE coaching, there was this physics teacher whose lecture can make anyone sleep and put into depression.



After his every lecture my brain goes numb. Even if the topics are interesting I could not able to understand how come I can sleep. it was a big mystery.



After that academic year I decided to join myself in private dummy college as the schedules were hectic.



One month after joining the new college, one day I was waiting for physics class..the teacher who used to teach me physics entered to the class in 11th, I was sitting on the first bench. We both were surprised to look each other, I was like WTF is he doing here ?.



He gave lecture for nearly two hours those and those 2 hours and those 2 hours were like mental torture for me.

This was how my class went for 2 hours

9: 10

(The teacher enters into the class room and introduces himself.)

These question were in my mind :

WTF is he doing here?

why did he come only to this college?

Can’t he join some other college?

This academic year is gonna be disastrous.

9: 25

But, Wait am I dreaming ?

(pinches myself)

No ,its not a dream.

9: 30

(He starts teaching)

10: 00

Why my head is paining ? I could not bear this lecture, someone please stop him !!

10: 15

Someone please make him stop, my head is gonna burst now!!

10: 30

Ohh please!! god help me !! please make him stop !!

10: 45

Okay fine, let me ask permission to go to toilet at least I will be free from this lecture.

10: 50

(He goes away from classroom)

I coming out of the classroom I was like WTF was that???

Those 2 hours I felt like I was being mentally tortured, It would have been the same effect if I would have listen to Dhinchak Pooja’s song for 2 hours.

Apurva Salvi

Apurva Salvi, Falling in love with myself all over again!

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Internet has no doubt brought the world together. And one of the most loved child of the internet is our favourite 'Social media'

And if you are even remotely active on social media, you might have already experienced many such WTF moments.

However, last year(2017) there was one particular viral video which I really wish to mention here.

Director Dheeraj Sharma made a documentary film in 2016 named ‘Nashebaaz: The dying people of Delhi'. It surveys the lives of homeless drug and substance abusers in Delhi.

What was your biggest WTF! moment?

The film was highlighted when a short clip from the film became a part of trolls and memes on social media. This clip shows a 13 year old boy named Kamlesh who is a drug addict. He refers to the substance as the ‘solution’ and considers it as the most important thing in his life, even more than his family or food. He has gotten addicted to the drug so heavily that if he does not consume it even for a day or two, he vomits blood and gets chronically ill. He has been inhaling it for 2–3 years and resorts to rag-picking as his source of income. Also, he spends 70% of his income on drugs.

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What was your biggest WTF! moment?

You can watch the entire clip ici

However, some people found it funny and trolled the clip and created memes out of it. Instead of sympathizing with the boy, some social media pages and YouTube videos made him the butt of their jokes!

One such meme:

What was your biggest WTF! moment?

Making fun of a 13 year old boy who has fallen prey to drug abuse due to some unfortunate circumstances and is homeless and leads a truly pitiful life, not only is this a ‘WTF’ moment for me, it is downright insensitive guys!



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Année - 2011

2011 was the year when the whole nation witnessed a familiar yet not so familiar face on the Indian television prime slot.

Any guesses…

Il était none other than Baby doll Sunny Leone.

What was your biggest WTF! moment?

She entered the Indian reality show Bigg boss season 5 as a contestant. The TRP of Bigg boss skyrocketed within days just because of her presence in the house. Her innocent looks, ​vague hindi and her infamous dance on “ye mera deewanapan hai (this is my passion)” made a deep impact on Indian youth. It was the first time in the history of Indian television that an adultstar was being featured on any show.

To stir up the situation, Indian media left no stone unturned in prioritising bigg boss news over national and international issues.

So here comes the WTF moment…

My father and I were watching a news channel and there were flashbacks of bigg boss with a voice in background (like we used to hear in ekta kapoor's serials),

Sunny ko pornstar keh lana nahi hai pasand, kaha main actress hu

Translation- “Sunny don't like people calling her a pornstar, said she's an actress”

Suddenly my mother who was busy preparing dinner for us came out of nowhere and asked me,

"beta ye pornstar kya hota hai?”

Translation- “son, what's the meaning of pornstar”

Suddenly there was absolute silence in the whole room.

Wait what???

Did i heard it right?

Should i tell her?

Should i kill myself?

Est-ce la vraie vie? Est-ce juste une fantaisie?

Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality…

Thoughts were coming at the speed of light.

I took a deep breath, smiled a little and replied,

“I don't know”

I left the room…

Sorry mom, I'm not going to explain what a pornstar is since my integrity is in danger too with the answer.

Merci pour votre temps.


Edit 1- Never expected such a good response. Thank you all.

To all those quorans commenting that I should've told her, i just want to clarify that I belong to that typical/conservative type of Indian family where father and mother change the channel as soon as their spidey sense notice any condom commercial. This is a harsh reality. Can't help.

Sorry to disappoint you but a decent chat on sex, porn is the last thing i want to have with my parents.

Last but not the least, a huge shout out to all the Queen's fans over here.

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