What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Ethan Rowswell

Ethan Rowswell, Official Cptn. Wolfe, Student and Writer living in Australia

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(This might not count since it was yesterday, but anyway…)

Every Wednesday I go to a course that is something that is a cross between School and College called TAFE. There are about 20 or so other students in it doing the same course, which is in Cooking and Hospitality.
Also at the ‘campus’ was a couple of cafeterias and even a Patisserie not far from the classroom, where some of the students get coffee and lunch.

Anyways, back to the story.

In the room there was a coffee cup that has been left there for three weeks (according to the teacher). The teacher was to take the cup to the bin. As the teacher was out of the classroom, another student got the cup and put the cup on the teacher’s keyboard. The teacher came back in, saw the cup and wondered who put it there.

That was only the beginning.

At some point, the same kid put the cup back on the keyboard. Even I didn’t notice him do it.
The third time wasn’t as successful as he was caught doing it and was told to put it in the bin at the end of class.

When class finished, he went out of the classroom to presumably put the cup in the bin. When I left class and went down the stairs…

The cup was on the handrail.

Ashwani Sharma

Ashwani Sharma, Watched almost every movie since I came to know about cinema

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Merci pour A2A.

Look what's trending on Twitter and Instagram today

1.Amir Khan

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Amir Khan:- Hello…Amir Khan Speaking.

Yogi ji :- From today your name is Amar Khanna.

2. Jacqueline Fernandez

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Jacqueline Fernandez:- Hello.. Jacqueline Fernandez speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Jaanki Devi.

3. Lionel Messi

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Lionel Messi:- This is Lionel Messi speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Leela Mausi.

4. Harry Potter

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Harry Potter:- Hello.. Harry Potter speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Hari Puttar.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Arnold Schwarzenegger:- Hello Yogi ji Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Arvind Shivajinagar.

6. Michael Jackson

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Michael Jackson:- Hello,I am Michael Jackson.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Madanlal Jaikishan.

7. Homme araignée

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Spiderman:- Hello, Spiderman speaking..

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Butru..

8. Justin Bieber

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Justin Bieber:- Hello Yogi ji, Justin Bieber speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Jatin Birbal.

9. Thanos

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Yogi ji:- Hello Thanos… From today your name is Thakur.

Thanos:- Jai Shree Ram

10. Samsung

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Samsung:- Hello Sir, we are from Samsung service.

Yogi ji:- From today you will speak from Shyam Singh service.

11. Chris Gayle

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Chris Gayle:- Hello Yogi ji Chris Gayle speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Krishna Goyal

12. Selena Gomez

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Selena Gomez:- Hello Selena Gomez Speaking..

Yogi Ji:- From today your name is Sneha Goshwami.

13. Kim Jong

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Kim Jong:- Hello, Kim Jong Speaking.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Kishan Jaydev.

Kim Jong:- Jai Shree Ram.

14. Steven Smith

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Steven Smith:- Hello I'm Steve Smith.

Yogi ji:- From today your name is Santosh Sumit.

15. Manmohan Singh

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Manmohan Singh:- -------

Yogi ji:- Speak up brother,Then I keep the name.

This was hilarious

16. Taimur Ali Khan

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?


Nikhil Dadhich

Nikhil Dadhich, Between a comic and a clown

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It's something I said…

Friend:- “So you are from Rajasthan(An Indian State, famous for Thar Desert)?”

Me:- “Yes.”

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Pic- Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, India.

“Wow! It's a very colorful place with so much heritage value.”

Me sheepishly- “Indeed. Visit sometime, you'll love it. Come with me sometime, I will show you around.”

“Great. But isn't there sand all around. Do you guys have roads? Is there water available? Is there any river? How do you guys live in such harsh conditions”

It took me a few seconds to process what he said.

" Yeah man it's very hard. You see, we have no roads and use only camels to travel from one place to another. Everyday the desert sand comes in our living rooms and we just spend the entire day shoveling it out.

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The water scarcity is so acute that we get no water but have to make do with watermelons.

Sometimes we have to force camels to drink large quantities of water else it would evaporate and then we make them gargle it out when we have to drink it. The dead camel is not buried until we scoop out the water from its stomach.

No there are no fresh water rivers. What flows is the streams of sweat coming out of people. And then we dry it to make salt- which then the whole Country consumes. Remember Sambhar Lake? It's the reservoir of same sweat. People actually get paid to deposit their sweat in it so that we don't run out of production.”

"Yuck! Really?"

"Clearly, understanding sarcasm is not your thing."

"But you guys add 'sa' after every person's name- Ram Sa, Bhai Sa(Brother), Ma sa(Mother)"

“Yes, it's a salutation, a mark of respect- like we add ‘Ji' after names in Hindi, ‘Thiru' before the name of revered people in Tamil.”

"But why also after non living things. Like plate sa, bowl sa, stone sa?"

“Dude! We don't do that. Whom did you hear saying such?”

"I saw it in TV on a popular daily soap"

A few seconds later.

“Of course you did! Dude that's the best place to get knowledge. Even Wikipedia steals articles from them.”

"Vous plaisantez, non?"

“Congratulations buddy! You are improving on understanding sarcasm.”

"But do you all speak Rajasthani like this? "

“Bro, it's Marwari you are referring to which is spoken near Jodhpur, Nagaur and other districts, but after every 10/20 miles the dialect changes.”


"Hey I love Dal-Bati-Choorma".

“Awesome bro. I will invite you when my mother prepares it the next time.”

"Don't you eat it every day?"

“On special occasions. It's a lot of work to prepare. Maybe back in the country side and village they prepare it more regularly.”

"Mais Pourquoi you add sugar in your food like Gujarati food? Why add the sweet 'churma' in 'dal-bati' while eating it? "

“Do you add cake in the pasta while eating?

Do you add Gulab Jamun in biryani?”

"Have you gone nuts? Cake and Gulab Jamun are desserts. Who adds dessert in the main course?"

“Exactly!! 'churma' is the dessert while 'daal-baati' is the main course.”

"But why some 'restaurants' insist on eating them all together in every bite? "

“They don't know how to eat it.”

"But you must educate these so called restaurants of 'Rajasthani Food'. It's your duty".

What the .. Trying to keep my resolve.

“Can you argue with someone who adds coffee in their porridge!!”

Hell No.


“But One thing brother!”

“Yeah man!”

“Do you guys use LPG stove to cook your food by or leave them out in the open under immense heat of the Sun?”

“No man. You see Rajasthan is so hot that heat from ‘Moon’ is enough”




Merci https://www.quora.com/profile/Am... for the edits.

Cooking food under the Sun suggested by Shivam Shrivastava ..



Nikhil Dadhich.

Pic source:- Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur: A Testimony of India's Splendid Past

Sarah Wahid Khan

Sarah Wahid Khan, MBBS at King George's Medical University

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Scene: My classroom

Surgery lecture was going on and suddenly teacher asked a guy sitting next to me to explain how does a patient of breast cancer usually present to the OPD.

He stood up slowly. His hands were shaking and he remained silent for few seconds while other students were murmuring and giggling.

“Silence! Stop murmuring”

“C’mon speak up” teacher said again

He remained stand still for few more seconds and started to explain the case getting nervous and in broken English with poor accent.


What? Didn’t you find it funny? Strange! Because my whole class burst into laughter after listening him. I think that was the funniest thing anyone has ever heard.

While everyone was busy in enjoying the scene, he stood there silently. I saw his legs shaking and ears flushed. He wiped drops of sweat from his forhead and kept staring the desk untill our teacher asked him to sit down and warned everyone to keep silence.

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*still I could hear giggling continued from the back*

Yeah! How funny it is that a person whose mother tongue is HINDI can’t speak English properly.

Nobody bothered to know that the guy completed his High School and Intermediate from “HINDI MEDIUM” and is still doing much better in a medical professional college where everything is being taught in English. We just jumped on taking our scale to judge his intelligence and knowledge on the basis of his English speaking skill.

It’s true that laughter increases your life expectancy but don’t hurt anyone with your laughter just because you want to live more.

Sarang Dondal

Sarang Dondal, B.tech Electronics and Communication Engineering & Robotics, Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineer...

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When I was just searching random things on Google, I found the one funny thing as I searched about this:

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Yup!! It was about TAJ MAHAL.

when I scrolled down the page, I found news article like this:

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?


Tu aurais dû Shaha Jahan's signature to claim the ownership on Taj Mahal!!!

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

I was just laughing by making my own imagination on this.

I was in my college's computer lab at that time and girl beside me was looking like I became MAD.

When I read further in News article,it was about one group called ‘Wakf Board' which claimed it's ownership on Taj Mahal to the Indian Government.

On this controversy Supreme Court trolled it by saying that “Bring Shaha jahan's signature for the proof.”

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

May time machine helps them!!!

This made me laugh a lot for a day.

Image source: Google, my mobile's screenshort.

read more about news at:


Nelwin Jose

Nelwin Jose

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It was the final examination of IX standard…and my cousin knew nothing, except his Roll no.

This incident took place 15 years ago and in those days copying techniques were not as advanced as it is today. Now, he wanted to clear this exam and hence came up with a MINDBLOWING IDEA: TO PREPARE CHITS (answers are written on a piece of paper, folded nicely and kept……..now I’m not going to tell that, this is enough)

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

So my hardworking cousin spent his whole previous preparation day… preparing chits. He just wanted to clear his 9th class.

Well equipped, he went to give his paper. As soon as he got his questions…he started writing the answers one by one of all those questions he had with him.He completed more than half of his paper in just 2 hours(3 hours paper) and was very happy, that he would get above average marks for sure. He was very happy that he was not caught even once. Executed the challenging mission so successfully.

After 3 long and hard working hours(indeed) all the students were told to wait as the principal had some general information to share with all.

My restless cousin…because he was soo bored to sit idle…. Picked up his chits…. and started writing his name on it in different designs. With pencil, with pen blue.. black. Now what else he could do to kill time.

Now the whole formalities were over and students were free to go. As soon as they were set free….

My cousin… threw these chits with his well designed name written in different calligraphies, there and then, under his bench.… ran out of his class with joy. Yes because he had successfully cleared his last exam and that too implementing a smart plan.

He reached home, happily said to all that he had well written the exam.

Meanwhile, the peon who had walked in the class to check if students had left anything there unattended, found this well written tiny version of textbook on the floor.

He handed it to teacher.

Well, parents were ashamed…not because that their son copied, but because they realised that he even didn't know how to copy.

My cousin had to reappear for the examination.

He is 29 now… living happily with his family, unless he reads this answer on Quora. Till date we cousins tease him saying this incident infront of his wife. This incident was told to me by my mom and every time I think about this, it tickles my tummy.

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Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma, a étudié à l'Université de Delhi

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I just came across this thing today. I hope many of you might be knowing this.

So there is a trending video on you tube which was posted on wednesday about a funny incidence which took place in parliament .

What happened and why everybody laughed?

A parliamentary session was going on. The Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury laughed loudly after the Prime Minister claimed that Aadhaar was conceptualised during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said to Mrs. Renuka for laughing loudly during the Prime Minister speech. ‘What happened to you? if you have some problem, see a doctor’.

PM Modi interjected by saying: 'Meri aapse vinti hai Renuka ji ko kuch mat kahiye. Ramayan serial k bad aesi hasi sunne ka saubhagya aaj jake mila hai’ (I request you to let Renuka ji continue. After the Ramayana serial, we got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter only today).

He was addressing the evil laugh of Surpanakha (sister of demon king Ravana, from a Ramayana episode).

The house burst into the laughter along with Mrs. Renuka Chowdhury and BJP lawmakers thumped their desk.

I laughed hard watching that video.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

PM Modi's Ramayan Joke On Renuka Chowdhury's Laughter Has Rajya Sabha LOL

Here is the link of the video. Mr Modi gets his sarcasm right

Saranya Saraswathi

Saranya Saraswathi

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This Conversation Between “A Twitter User And célèbre E-commerce “Delivery Will Make You Burst Into Laughter.

We all had that one incident where we were unhappy with a service and have complained about it to their help desk.

Now with the arrival of social media, these customer support platforms have become more accessible and even more transparent.

In a similar incident, a customer named X (says he ) contacted Commerce électronique delivery service via the microblogging site Twitter.

He had complained regarding a delivery where he had ordered a bottle Kissan Jam and was sent a wrong delivery.He claimed the bottle he received was half eaten.

He thus decided to contact E-commerce via Twitter, but instead of expressing anger he decided to share his complaint with a tinge of humor.

Here’s what he tweeted-

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

They soon apologised for the inconvenience and replied with their standard “email here” tweet so as to end the matter then in there.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

But he was in no mood to end the conversation and replied in a teasing way:

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

E-commerce though amused replied in a humble way.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

But he had just started having fun and continued with another set of questions while still teasing them about the half-consumed jam bottle.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

With he not stopping , E-commerce too joined along the fun and replied with a witty answer of their own.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

But he had already proved that he was the king of comebacks and had a witty answer of his own.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

E-COMMERCE now sensing that they were outwitted thus tried to end all on a humble note.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Having a good laugh, he too decided to end the conversation, but not without a parting blow.

What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Source - TopYaps .


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