What time does direct deposit get there?

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The time depends upon two factors - the process of completing payments at your bank and the agreements made by the sender’s bank. For the sake of convenience, I’ll assume that the sender in your case is your employer. Your employer instructs its bank to debit their business account for the amount of your salary and then to transfer it over to your account. Normally, your employer should have done that in advance of payday. If your work period ended on the previous Friday, then it is possible that your employer sent the instruction as recently as Monday. Many businesses complete their payroll instructions on Wednesday. This gives their bank plenty of time to move the money. Your bank, likely having received the funds on Wednesday night, should be able to make your money available to you at 10 am on payday. Federal ACH transfers are completed by that time so they will have “good funds.”

In some cases, if there is enough trust on the part of your employer’s bank that their payment is going to clear, then the bank might agree to make the money available earlier in the week. Alternatively, some receiving banks (your bank) have policies that to send pay as much as two days prior to payday. They do this on the good faith that the paycheck you’ve received for the last months or years is going to come in again. This service is most common with certain prepaid debit card banks, because they have recognized that their lower-wealth customers desire early access to their funds. For those banks, early access to pay is a method for retaining customers.

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So - short answer is: you should be able to draw on the proceeds of your paycheck by 10 am on payday, and if you have the right bank, you might be able to draw on it even earlier.

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Réponse d'origine: What time will my direct deposit post?

It should post on your scheduled payday, sometimes earlier if payday is on a holiday or weekend. Check with your employer's payroll personnel.

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