What SaaS products should a growing SaaS company use? We want to: close sales and send drip emails; know which trials are unsuccessful, and mark as unsuccessful; identify people unlikely to renew, email, and/or call; and view analytics.

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I’m gonna join the herd here in recommending Interphone for tracking frequency of use and behaviour inside your app, other than the in-prompt personal messaging. It provides a hands-on, low-threshold solution to get and stay on top of your users.

Sounds like you could benefit a great deal from an automated sales CRM as well. One that fills out itself (data entry automation) and thinks for you, in that it can tell you which leads/trial users are hot and which are not.

Salesflare can help you with this. It automatically collects everything on your leads (from sources like social media, email signatures, company databases etc.) and keeps track of all their interactions (from phone, email, calendar) with and towards you. From that data it will then tell and remind you what to do about them. It will help you to prevent leads from falling between the cracks with you having to spend least time and energy possible.

The pipeline-interface provides you insights on leads in one quick glance. There’s the possibility to create multiple pipelines en customize the stages.

What SaaS products should a growing SaaS company use? We want to: close sales and send drip emails; know which trials are unsuccessful, and mark as unsuccessful; identify people unlikely to renew, email, and/or call; and view analytics.

You can use Salesflare on desktop, mobile and tablet. Or straight from your Gmail where you’ll have all the insights you need from a sidebar. Salesflare can work together with about any other app out there via Zapier (like Quickbooks) and has a friendly API to build on. You can get a free trial from the website http://salesflare.com

While I’m at it: Zapier is nothing short of a holy grail when it comes to workflow automation. While integrated suites like Hubspot may have been a nice go-to in the before, Zapier will allow you to create your own customized toolset fine-tuned to your business’ unique needs and resources.

Other tools worth looking into:

  • Mou - indispensable for team communication and workflow
  • Trello - streamline your project management
  • Mixmax - turbocharge your Gmail; better fit for automated personal emails than MailChimp
  • Wistia - video hosting with downright amazing viewer analytics and integrated marketing tools. Perfect for tutorial and how-to videos.
  • Rayure - to manage online payments and subscriptions

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  • Trello (a Kanban Board tool) is a flexible, easy, and a powerful way to manage almost anything in your life. It’s one of the most flexible tools because you can add as many columns as you want and you can create as many cards (tasks) as you want.
  • Prédictif Simple et efficace analyses prédictives pour votre SaaS application. Predictual can give you an answer for these and many other questions.
    • Who are the customers that are going to leave your app?
    • Who are the most unsatisfied clients?
    • Moreover, who are your most loyal customers that are ready for upsell?
  • L'Optimiseur de Site visuel (VWO) allows you to test and improve our pages over time.
  • Baremetrics is the dashboard that you can use for your metrics, but it’s also a lot more than that. Baremetrics includes a real time dashboard for payment failures, upgrades and new customers, so it provides a pulse for what’s going on with the business.
  • As alternative for Baremetrics you can try ChartMogul for example, you can analyze all the key SaaS metrics including Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR), Cash Flow, CMRR Pipeline (CPipe), Churn rate, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Life Time Value (CLTV).
  • Interphone is badass software for SaaS products… Intercom helps you:
    • Message all of your customers
    • See exactly when each of your customers logs in
    • Trigger event-based messages to people based on actions they perform in your application
    • Run your entire support system through it
    • Send in-app messages that they will receive when they login to your application
    • Tag certain users
    • Set up complex filters to find very specific groups of users
    • Bien plus encore ...
  • Instead of wasting time and energy on mindless tasks that could be done by a robot, use an app like Zapier, Onlizer. It makes life simpler by automating routine tasks.
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To find more about useful tools, read here

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Here are some great SaaS tools that every growing SaaS company can use and benefit immensely.

1. Klenty - Pour prospecting and for email automation. With Klenty you can easily find the prospects and export them to your CRM. You can also easily build a list of prospects. Then run a series of outbound campaigns via emails/ calls etc. Klenty also has a nice Gmail plugin which improves productivity of your sales reps.

Pour la construction de liste, you can also look at using other tools such as Datanyze, Navigateur de ventes LinkedIn, Etc.

Pour email automation, there are also other tools such as MailChimp, AutopilotHQ, Etc.

2. Freshsales - This is a solid CRM with some very good features. We can easily track our sales pipeline and the deal stages.

You can also look at other CRM's such as pipedrive, Salesforce, Etc.

3. Leedfeeder pour tracking anonymous website visitors

4. Calendly - This is a good tool for scheduling meetings and appointments.

You can also look at other tools such as Assistant.to, Etc.

5. zoom - You use a combination of Zoom/ Skype/ Hangouts for démos. You can look at other tools such as rejoins moi, webex, Etc.

6. Interphone - Simple and powerful tool for InApp conversations and live chat with website visitors. Other tools you can consider are Drift, Discussion en temps réel, Etc.

7. Chargebee - For billing and recurring payments. Other tools you can consider are Recurly etc

8. Zapier to move data between various applications and integrate it all together

9. de yoga - A great platform to host your blogs

10. SEMRush - It is good tool for SEO, site audit and backlink analysis. There are other options like MoZ, Serpstat, etc

11. Google Analytis - To measure the and analyse the sources of your trafic de site Web

12. Mailchimp - Pour marketing par courriel To the send weekly newsletter to all our subscriber

13. tampon - A great tool for marketing des médias sociaux

14. Amplitude - An awesome tool to measure Succès client

Hope this helps!

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A lot of excellent answers in this thread! I’ve enjoyed reading through and finding tools I haven’t heard about. But it’s in some way a problem in of itself, I suppose: too many tools.

I came here to recommend HelpCrunch, which is basically an in-app messenger for customer support, and while reading this thread I understood an important part of our mission as a customer success platform: unifying as many tools as possible under one cohesive interface.

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That’s why we have a lot of combined functionality that will be helpful for various aspects of a growing SaaS business (and HelpCrunch is available for a fraction of the price you’re probably expecting, which is really important for companies on a budget).

1. Live chat

That little chat bubble in the right bottom corner of many website’s is the main tool of our app. It’s your window to understanding your customers and helping them solve their problems. We invested a lot of time making sure that the simple process of chatting with a customer support operator is as enjoyable as possible.

2. Helpdesk

What we offer is a simple place where operators are able to quickly get the essential user data they need: source, device operated or geographical location of the user.

That’s exactly where you as a SaaS company can see users’ recent activity, identify their possible problems.

  • HelpCrunch collects a lot os useful data by default: recent activity (which pages your users visit and when), user’s location and current time, etc.
  • You can upload your own custom data into HelpCrunch dashboard, be it types of subscription, trial expiration data, etc.

Based on this data you can not only track all the necessary information, but also set up a chain of automated emails and engage website visitors through proactive chats.

3. Automated emails

HelpCrunch has dedicated tools for launching one-off emails or creating a regular automated email campaigns. It can personalize the emails with data specific for each of your customers, meaning that each user receives the most up-to-date and relevant information.

For example, HelpCrunch will be able to send out emails to your inactive users, asking them what’s up and offering to renew their subscription. This approach is great to drive retention and increase engagement.

4. Analytique

HelpCrunch in-app messenger gathers a lot of customer data that will help you operate and grow your business on a day-to-day basis. You’ll be able to see how people are using your services, where they experience problems, how often they’re using your product, etc.

Once gathered, the data is easy to sort through and sort appropriately. Customer support operators, obviously, have a direct access to it, which means answering people’s questions proactively, before they’ll even have them. If somebody isn’t renewing their subscription, you’ll be able to analyze their data with HelpCrunch and gain an in-depth perspective on exactly why people are leaving.

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  1. SaaS Manager - a holy grail for SaaS, IoT, Fin Tech and other startups. It provides common features in from of APIs & simple web application, that are required to build cloud applications, but are not core of the business. Thanks to that, they are able to make their apps 3–6 months faster.
  2. Appointly - a tool for streamline appointment scheduling, which makes scheduling calls, meetings, demos or any other appointments super easy. With all the calendar integrations, time-zone sync and other features it’s inevitable to any business people.
  3. Rocket chat - great way to communicate with your team.
  4. Trello - nice and free tool to keep your work progress clear. As long as you don’t need any more advanced tool, it will help you keep on the track.
  5. Google Analytics - an obvious must have. The sooner you implement it on your landing page, the sooner you start learning about your customers, where they come from and how they interact with your website.
  6. Hotjar - heatmaps of your website. Helps you learn how your visitors interact with your website, and optimize it.
  7. Hubspot - CRM - and Hubspot Marketing to implement on your website and get information about people who contact you (traffic source, on-site behavior)
  8. For sales and marketing people:
    1. Brand24 - awesome tool for social media monitoring. Helps you learn what are people saying about your brand and also reach your potential customers whenever they speak about the problem that can be solve with your app.
    2. gramaticalmente - grammar checker for the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
    3. HemmingwayApp - style checker to make sure your posts or emails are not too complex.
    4. Avoir une réponse - to setup and monitor your email campaigns.
    5. canva - a simple tool to make really nice graphics for your blog and social media. I like the set templates for various channels (eg. Twitter, Facebook).
    6. tampon - social media scheduler that drives traffic, increases fan engagement, and saves time scheduling social media content.
    7. Tweetdeck - good tool to keep up with multiple twitter accounts.
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For sales a SaaS company should be using Fileboard (Home - Fileboard), a sales enablement tool especially designed for sales professionals and very helpful when selling SaaS products.

When you are reaching out to prospects, you usually send out emails and marketing or sales collateral. But when you have hit the sent button you do not know what is happening with your email and the content you shared. Fileboard brings insights into this digital body language of your prospects by informing you:

  • when your prospect opened your email and your presentation
  • which slides your prospect viewed
  • how much time your prospect spent on each slide
  • from which location your prospect viewed your presentation

Next to this Fileboard also allows you to do live presentations and your your screen with prospects. During the live presentations and screen share Fileboard also shows you whether your prospect is paying attention or not.

All these insights help you to qualify whether your prospect is ready to buy (or not). These insights help you to decide if it makes sense to spend a lot of time to try to close the prospect or if it is better to nurture this prospects at this stage.

To try Fileboard, sign up for the 14 day free trial: Home - Fileboard

Disclaimer: I am part of the Fileboard team.

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