What's the worst thing about PayPal?

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan, PDG de Faisal Khan & Company (2011-présent)

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Paypal's Achilles heel has always been customer service and how they handle such requests. There are literally 10,000s of dissatisfied, angry, disgruntled Paypal clients. Whilst there are many reasons of this continual summer of discontent, most can be categorized as follows:

  • Customer Service over the Phone (wasn't available before, now available with limited coverage)
  • Poor Staff manning the Customer Services Desk - there is so much vanilla response you can send, however, when it comes to PayPal, it seems, there isn't enough vanilla responses to send across.
  • Not enough manpower to deal with the scores of customer service requests and complaints.
  • Accounts being blocked or frozen. Too many generic emails and too much hassle to have the accounts enabled. There were guesses in the industry as to how much block account money PayPal is sitting on - numbers vary (as no one knows for sure), but both pundits inside and outside of PayPal agree its in the 10s of Millions of Dollars.
  • Reversals and Frauds - this is perhaps one of the most frustrating things about PayPal. Especially reversals committed by fraudsters. I will not be too harsh on PayPal for this, as this continues to be an industry wide problem.

One could argue that with 100+ Million active users, this is inevitable, but there are 100s of other companies that have 100+ Million users and yet they seem to understand how to deal with a large swath of disgruntled users (think Apple, Nike, Automotive industry, Banks, Cellphone Industry, etc.)

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Until and unless PayPal massively adopts a strategy to have 1000s of Community Assistants who will source forums and other users groups to attend to, propagate brand loyalty, and work on customer retention, these problems will remain.

Antonia Townsend

Antonia Townsend, Founder & Chief Knicker Officer, Enclosed, Luxe Lingerie Club

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I would add that from the vendor's POV, you are never given the benefit of the doubt. PayPal is 100% on the side of the consumer and effectively does nothing to defend/ help the vendors.

Jake Holloway

Jake Holloway, Spécialiste en gestion de projet et numérique

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I cannot believe that no-one has mentioned cost! Paypal have done an amazing job of making everyone believe that they are cheap, but they're not! You and your recipient will pay as much as 16% for a foreign transaction. This is worse even than Western Union! For goodness sake use Xendpay for overseas payments. Or someone as good/cheap!

Steve Murch

Steve Murch, Harvard MBA '91, Stanford MS Comp Sci '87, Carnegie Mellon Comp Sci/Business '86

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I'd be happy to answer that in a detailed look at the site, but I'm still waiting for PayPal's login page to finish loading. I've been a reluctant long-time user, and every single page on the site is painfully slow.

SPEED. Performance is a feature, and PayPal simply doesn't have that feature.

Looking over at my other browser, I'm still waiting for login. Oh well, another day.

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Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin, Curieux de tout.

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That you can lose VAST sums of money with no recourse!

That someone can pay for an item, I wait 3 days for the payment to be recieved and "in my account" , I post my item to them, and they reverse the traction and "my money", in "my account" is immediately returned back to them.

It's happened to me and I had no recourse!

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