What's the best recurring payment processing service or platform for monthly billing in SaaS or websites charging subscriptions?

Jason Read

Jason Read, Founder CloudHarmony Inc.

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Réponse d'origine: What is the best checkout tool for recurring payments?

Here are a few you could consider:

  1. Jambool Social Gold: They were just acquired by Google... you can't use your own merchant account (which makes it really easy and quick to setup). They charge a 10% fee per transaction. Their administratie interface is the best I've seen and integration is super easy with iframe popups for checkout directly on your website: EDIT 2 Mar 11: Google is canning this service and replacing it with their own in-app checkout service: http://google.com/checkout/inapp
  2. PayPal has partnered with Aria Systems to provide subscription/recurring billing services (see PayPal Subscription+). You can use your own merchant account or PayPal
  3. Recurly: very nice subscription billing platform, but fairly expensive ($29/mo + $0.20/transaction on top of your merchant fees) - requires your own merchant account
  4. Chargify: good features and pricing (they bill by customer, not transaction) - requires your own merchant account
  5. Cheddar Getter: offers a free plan, bills by customer - requires your own merchant account
  6. Spreedly: $19/mo + $0.20/transaction - supports LOTS of different gateways including international
  7. Zuora: If you have lots of money to invest, they could be a good fit - seem to be catering more to enterprise payment processing not SMB

Sonja Ortiz

Sonja Ortiz

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Excellent question, before recommending my current platform I'll start you off with a simple list of questions that can work as a guide to, not only recurring payment services but also for a general wide array of payment managing web apps.

Question 1 – What do your payments look like?

Are you doing simple plan-based billing, or are you going to be charging for variable usage? If you’re building something complicated, then you probably want to look at a company that focuses on SaaS as their primary business instead of a “Hybrid” payment gateway. If you’re doing simple plan-based billing, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it can be to configure some of the Hybrid gateways to do just that.

Question 2 – Where are you?

Some providers are only available in a select few countries. For example, Stripe is only available in the USA and Canada, while others, such as Paymill, focus on the European market. Payment processing law is a complicated, region-dependent beast, so you want to make sure that you have the right mix of payment gateway and management layer to help you navigate the legal maze for where your company is headquartered.

Question 3 – How much can you spend?

Most hybrid gateways don’t charge extra for their subscription layer. That’s great news if you’re doing something simple, but if you need the power of the subscription-focused services, you’re going to have to pay extra. Most companies have a mix of the monthly fee plus transaction fee and don’t charge anything to get started. That said, there are some companies, like Zuora, that charge a five-figure price tag to get set up and don’t work with companies under $1M in yearly revenue.


If you still have multiple options after you answer these questions, then try my favourite web app Bonsai, which integrated a new recurring system just a while ago.

Jeremy Nusser

Jeremy Nusser, Startup Exec

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Réponse d'origine: What is the best checkout tool for recurring payments?

Be sure to separate the "checkout / shopping cart" from the billing solution. The payment systems you mentioned have a strong proprietary component - you are driven to sign up with the payment method rather than directly being able to enter your payment information. Also, these payment methods make it difficult or impossible to retry credit cards.

For checkout, you may need nothing more than a few landing pages with the correct offers (typically the case for digital goods & services). However, to offer subscriptions or a hybrid combination with a usage-based component, you'll need to be able to store and rebill payment methods. This involves compliance with PCI DSS (tokenization, hosted forms).

The primary consideration for both checkout and payments will be the impact on the customer experience and ability to retain customers. Anything that takes away from your website and confuses the customer will negatively impact your sign-up rates. Functionality to retain customers and retry payments upon failure is critical for a recurring business relationship with consumers.

What you're looking for is a billing system or a combination of billing system and gateway (Chargify & Recurly have been suggested already). My company, Vindicia (www.vindicia.com), falls into the former category.

Christine Speedy

Christine Speedy, Passerelle de paiement B2B et fournisseur de solutions SaaS compatibles PCI pour les cartes absentes, mobiles et le commerce électronique. 3D ...

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Réponse d'origine: Who are the best online payment service providers for B2B SaaS products?

Rule # 1- comply with authorization rules. See Visa stored credential framework. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/r...

It doesn’t matter how big the solutions provider is, assume nothing about them getting you compliant because it’s complicated.

In the USA, these are critical differentiating factors in choosing a payment solutions provider for SaaS B2B:

  1. Does the solution support level 3 processing?
  2. Does the solution lock a merchant into a specific merchant processor, or is it vendor neutral?
  3. Does the merchant also need to bill for one-off events (variable token billing)?
  4. How does the solution manage failed transactions retries?

Payment Service Providers:

  • PayTrace, 3Delta, Braintree and CenPOS support level 3 and are processor neutral.
  • CenPOS supports token billing across all channels, and supports installment, fixed recurring, variable installment, and variable billing. Not sure about the others.
  • Item 4 varies for each solution- ask questions

Common rules compliance problems:

  • No recaptcha or alternative to block card testing (merchant is liable for all authorization attempts)
  • Payment gateway leaves it up to merchant to maintain records of when customer stored card and agreed to terms of stored card policies (must produce on demand;)
  • Customer signed up for service online but cannot modify card on file online
  • $1 preauthorization and reversal for cardholder authentication. It’s prohibited and if in use, merchant is not compliant with a bunch of other rules related to storing and using stored cards.
  • Not sending two transactions on initial storage of card, including one to inform the issuer that payment credentials are now stored on file.

Failure to comply can result in penalty fees and risks ISSUER chargeback for all transactions on the stored card within chargeback period

SaaS payment gateways for recurring billing:

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Which are compliant with the latest rules? You’ll have to check since this is a moving target. Size and prior history have nothing to do with current compliance. CenPOS (disclaimer I sell this product) is compliant with the required transaction rules, B2B Saas needs; CenPOS automates some elements with Visa Stored Credential framework that other solutions leave up to merchant.

Mariah K. Young

Mariah K. Young, Permettant aux partenaires de Dwolla d'accéder au réseau ACH

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For billing via ACH, check out Dwolla.

Dwolla has an API that allows for seamless payments for a wide variety of use-cases—create customers, initiate bank account-to-account transfers, and verify bank accounts. Better yet, it all looks and feels like your brand.

For recurring billing, use their on-demand transfers option. Basically, as a user connects their bank account to pay for your service, here they also opt to allow for future payments to be debited to their account for varying amounts. En savoir plus ici.

Autres bénéfices:

  • No fee per transaction, flat monthly cost
  • Open API and sandbox to start testing in now
  • Here is a case study to en savoir plus
  • Consultez la Tableau de bord Dwolla, useful for your entire team to manage and track your ACH payments integration

Full disclosure: I work for Dwolla. Reach out here.

Atithi Murali

Atithi Murali, works at Bhumi

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There are a lot of awesome softwares for recurring billing systems out there, such as Recurly, Chargebee, Chargify etc. But, I am going to highlight some great features of Chargebee. (okay I admit it. I work here!)

A recurring billing system needs first of all a neat and simple app that is easy to integrate with and is minimal in cost. And Chargebee has it. We focus on'Subscription Lifecycle Management'.

Some of our best Features - Chargebee comprendre:

  • Automated Invoicing: Every time a charge is made, an invoice that’s prim, proper and branded is sent out straight to your customer’s inbox.
  • Email Notifications: Transactional emails are 8 times more likely to get opened than promotional ones. Send automated transactional emails to deliver value throughout your customer lifecycle.
  • Offline Billing: All customers might not prefer to make payments with cards. Collect and reconcile payments made via cash, checks, ACH and other modes of payment.
  • Dunning Management: Tackle unintentional cancellations. Handle failed payments with smart retries and promptly notify customers before their cards are about to expire.
  • Customer Portal: Time is scarce, isn’t it? What if your customers could manage their subscriptions on their own? Customer portal lets you do just that.
  • Role based access: What if your sales team has to issue a discount? Support team needs subscriber history? Make it easy for your team members to access customers’ information using role based access
  • Hosted Payment Pages: Start accepting subscribers without a single line of code. Let us take care of everything with secured and customizable hosted payment pages.
  • Passerelles de paiement: Work with multiple payment gateways and alternative payment methods to optimize your payment processing based on different customer segments. Payment gateways such as Braintree, Stripe, Authorize. Net, Paypal etc.
  • API & Webhooks: Build amazing experiences with flexible APIs that are a breeze to learn, simple to use, and backed with solid documentation. Stay in sync with events notifications using webhooks.
  • Reporting: Prompt reports of MRR, CMRR, ARPU, CHURN on the app's dashboard. This can be filtered as well to save for later according to your requirements.
  • Intégrations: MailChimp, Shipstation, Refersion, Salesforce, Zapier, Shopify Plugin.
  • Soutien à la clientèle: You've got a query that you need to be answered? We're there 24*5 !! We pride in our response time for the tickets we receive.
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Do take a look at our site to see what suits your needs! ��
Chargebee: Subscription and Recurring Billing Software

Logan Volkers

Logan Volkers, Chief Operating Officer at Referral SaaSquatch

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Réponse d'origine: Who are the best online payment service providers for B2B SaaS products?

Who is "best" is a very hard thing to understand. A few factors include:

  • Dans quel pays es-tu?
  • What pricing model are you using?
  • How big are you? (in terms of $M rev)

The country question is probably the most important and will drastically reduce your options (like Nina Blasberg et Brian MacDowall have mentioned in their answers).

If you're just getting started, I would recommend something simple, like Stripe, Paymill or (Recurly with Braintree). You can worry about upgrading to an enterprise-centric system like Zuora, Aria or Vindicia when you need the power features they provide (and can afford their price tag).

I also wrote an article about this: Comment choisir des fournisseurs de facturation et de paiement récurrents

David Henderson

David Henderson, Lead Developer at Triggered Messaging

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Réponse d'origine: What is the best payment system for SaaS and why?

We use ChargeBee, in conjunction with BrainTree (UK - which routes the payments through AdYen)

ChargeBee handles all of the recurring billing logic for us (Subscription plans, Addons, Setup Fees, one-time charges etc), the storage of credit card details and the generation of invoices.

Our customers that are billed by card are billed automatically using the Braintree gateway - at the time we were scoping the solution, they were the main option that didn't involve having our own merchant account. If we were looking to move now, we would probably use one of Paymill or Stripe gateways.

Some customers opt to pay by invoice + bank transfer - ChargeBee allows you to set the billing mode to offline for a subscription, where only the invoice is generated.

Other recurring billing providers we evaluated at the time (Autumn '12) were recurly, chargify, spreedly, Braintree's builtin capabilities.

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