What's the best payment system to use for international transactions?

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Yet accepting payments online is still far more difficult than accepting cash payments at a weekend market. You can't just send your customers' credit card numbers to your bank and go back to running your business—you need a service that can process payments, keep track of who paid what when, and let you settle the issues and disagreements that are bound to occur with something as sensitive as financial transactions.

Accepting payments don't have to be as tough as that sounds. Today, there are a wide range of services that can manage payments, charge subscriptions, and let you focus on making the best products possible while still getting paid for them. All you need is to figure out which one fits your business the best.1

What's the best payment system to use for international transactions?

What's the best payment system to use for international transactions?

made a name for itself through its innovative time-tracking and invoicing tools, which are especially useful for freelancers and small business owners. More recently, Due has allowed users to start accepting secure online payments for just a 2.7 percent transaction rate.

Moneta International

What's the best payment system to use for international transactions?

Moneta International est la solution de paiement et de gestion de trésorerie conçue pour le siècle 21. Conçu pour répondre à vos besoins, Moneta est facile à utiliser, fiable et sûr. Il s'agit d'une plate-forme de banque en ligne qui offre un compte bancaire réel auprès des banques traditionnelles. Ils travaillent principalement en Europe, à Singapour et en Pologne.

  • Rembourser les fournisseurs et les affiliés de manière ponctuelle ou régulière.
  • Transact virements rapides et simples dans les pays européens 34
  • Procéder en toute confiance à tous les transferts internationaux
  • Choisissez entre USD, EUR, GBP ou accédez à une devise supplémentaire
    fonctionnalité sur demande


What's the best payment system to use for international transactions?

Vericents a été fondée pour effectuer les paiements en ligne de la bonne manière. L'équipe de Vericents réunit des experts en développement, en sécurité de l'information, en conformité réglementaire et financière, en atténuation des risques et en innovation dans les applications financières. Plus que tout, ils possèdent une riche expérience, ainsi que des connaissances et le désir de bien faire les choses.

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1 Les meilleurs services de traitement des paiements en ligne par carte de crédit pour votre entreprise

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Bonjour - je travaille pour BlueSnap

Notre passerelle de paiement platform helps merchant sell across country borders through our global payment offerings.

Voici quelques faits saillants:

  • Customizable API’s and hosted checkout options.
  • Support for local and international credit cards
  • Alipay, SOFORT, WebMoney, and plus encore!

Pour plus d'informations:

J'espère que cela aide!

Le meilleur,


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The answer depends on whether you need to handle transaction settelement in the currencies of foreign countries.

If you only have customers in the listed countries, but they are al going to pay in one and the same currency, any payment gateway that is willing to partner with you is good.

If you have a payment platform and you are going to work with merchants (not with cardhoders themselves or not with cardholders only) in the listed countries, then you will need a payment gateway allowing you to process transactions for them.

In this second case if your needs are relatively simple, you can use the services of such companies as Payvision PAY.ON, Paysafe. If your needs are more complicated and you require a customizable solution, you can partner with some payment gateway software provider, such as UniPay - Logiciel de passerelle de paiement. This software can, potentially, be integrated and certified with an acquiring bank in the geography you need.

Here is an article on the subject, that should be helpful: Accepter des paiements par carte de crédit dans différentes devises - Paylosophy.

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Actually, there are many possibilities to consider if you want to sell worldwide. One of them is a cost-effective payment processor, Cardinity, which is able to open a compte marchand au niveau 2 days. It provides you with a range of features for a relatively small price:

  • 0.25€ flat fee + 1.7% processing fee for EU/EEA countries and + 1.2% cross border fee
  • Global payments
    Your customers all around the world will be able to pay you in any currency.
  • Sécurité
    Cardinity payment gateway s'applique 3D Secure and other security measures in order to prevent any fraudulent transaction that may happen on an international market.
  • Simplicité
    Cardinity is easy to integrate and use. All the modules for the most popular shopping carts like PrestaShop, Opencart, Magento, and others as well as PHP/Java/Symfony bibliothèques are free and available to install.
  • Soutien à la clientèle
    The customer support is very friendly and responsive. They provide assistance free of charge.
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(Divulgation: je travaille pour Adyen.)

“Best” is a little bit of a tricky word - the right solution for you will depend on multiple factors, including your size, vertical, number of and which markets you wish to reach, and so on.

Having said, that, Adyen may be a provider worth considering. As a global payments system started in a relatively small domestic market (the Netherlands) 10 years ago, it was aimed at large-enterprise size international merchants with complex setups and requirements, from day one (you can read a little about the history here: Notre histoire).

For international online merchants, it has two key advantages (as well as numerous other advantages):

  1. Support for all key payment methods globally, in a single system with unified reporting and one backoffice. That means that whether you want to target Chinese shoppers with Alipay or WeChat Pay, or Brazilian shoppers with Boletos, Adyen has you covered. You can read about key payment methods here and see an overview of all payment methods here.
  2. Direct connections (acquiring licenses) with the card networks in all key global markets. Unlike many payment gateways, Adyen is a genuine full stack solution that was built in-house to span everything from gateway to risk management to acquiring in a single system. Ultimately this means higher authorization rates, and revenue, for its merchants.

You can read more about how one global merchant - Spotify - works with Adyen.

Also worth nothing - while Adyen was originally built for large international merchants, it has a significant and expanding mid-market customer base.

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Although various payment systems will process oversea card payments, one the best experience I have had in this regard is 2CheckOut (www.2checkout.com). The only downside it that they are expensive. This, I am assuming you want to "receive" payments via credit cards.

Paypal has a large coverage map, however, it still has a very restricted market, outside of the US, of users who can pay out (versus receiving money).

Depending where you are, China's Unionpay is also a great option to look at.

If you transaction volume hold weight, you might want to check with the merchant services offered by HSBC.

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