What makes you hate Quora?

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson

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Susan Bertolino, I like it here. TW 2017, 2018 Top Question Writer 2018 · Author has 552 answers and 909.1k answer views

#1. Mass Reporting.

I believe that it was this that contributed to the permanent banning of my previous account. I made the wrong person angry, and for the rest of the day and night, my answers were reported, collapsed, I was getting constant messages for “violating BNBR” or “violating an image policy”. It got to the point that I had to mute my phone.

I don’t appreciate the fact that users can create their own reporting blocs to crush anyone who they disagree with, and I don’t like the facelessness of it all; I would like to confront my accusers and make a stand if need be, not just wake up one day to see my whole profile completely banned for no real reason and no way at all to defend myself to the faceless masses.

#2. Unclear Policies.

Whenever I get a message from Quora Mods, it’s always something vague like “You violated BNBR/Image Policy”. So I click on the given link in my email, and lo and behold, it’s just the list of policies. No dedicated link sending you straight towards “THIS is the thing you specifically violated”. No, none of that. Instead, I get a “figure it out for yourself because we can’t be arsed”.

#3. Quora Mods.

They’re the attack dogs of a needlessly broken system. For everything else, see comments on #1–2.

#4. Ignoring the users themselves.

My biggest issue with this site, and something that really shines like a pile of sun-bleached feces, is the fact that the ability to post question details has been completely abolished. When I first started on the site (on my other account), you could essentially write your question, and an entire essay to clarify your position if you wanted to. In this way, people understood what you were getting at a lot better.

Many people are against this option, but much like YouTube, Quora doesn’t give a damn what its USERS want.

#5. Intellectual and Political Narcissism.

This has died down somewhat (though that may just be because I don’t write on Quora as much as I used to, and I’ve blocked a few of the main culprits as it is), but I get really sick of seeing a legitimate question, and only seeing answers filled to the brim with intellectual/political narcissism and condescension. I realize Quora was supposed to be the place where “smart people” hang out, but that doesn’t mean people have to be so slimy in the way that they treat other people, or that they have to refuse to speak in plain English. No one cares how many “Fallacies” you can name, or how much Latin or French terminology you can pepper into your sentences. If you can’t say it in plain, everyday, working class English, then don’t say it at all.

#6. The entirely subjective nature of BNBR.

I fully understand and agree that if you were to disagree with someone by saying “In a room full of drooling, mute, deaf, and dumb brain-dead kids, you would still be the biggest retard in the bunch”, then yeah, that would violate BNBR.

But my problem with BNBR comes from its subjective nature. If I were to disagree with you by saying “I disagree that Feminism acts in the best interests of both genders”, and then followed that up with well thought-out points and links to back up my claims, then I can STILL be seen as violating BNBR simply because you see my disagreement as being “rude” or “unreasonable” or as some form of cyberbullying.

In essence, every piece of writing on Quora can then be seen to violate BNBR. If I don’t like what you have to say, then you’re “mean” for saying things that I don’t like or agree with. That’s a bunch of crap.

My opinions are not bullying. Bullying is bullying.

#7. No Memes Allowed?!

Seriously, no memes? Why? I’ve always used humorous images and video clips to illustrate my points, to bring some lightheartedness to serious answers, or just to have fun in general, so that people reading my answers could have a smile on their faces. With the way technology has been going, memes are actually becoming a form of communication (just look at emojis; they’re basically memes distilled into single textable images).

By not allowing memes on Quora, they’re actually cutting out a large and growing portion of modern communication.

#8. I assure you, my question is quite sincere.

I really hate having a burning question, sitting there for a whole 15 minutes wracking my brain to find the perfect way to write it (since I have to put EVERYTHING about a complicated subject solely into the question itself, without even being able to utilize the already limited question details to clarify SOMETHING of what I’m really trying to ask, since even THAT has been taken away), and then finally, after asking what I believe to be at least PASSABLE, getting a message that “this question is insincere”.

“INSINCERE”?! Who the hell are YOU to tell ME when I’m being sincere or not?!


When I write a question, I will alter it as I see fit. When I select the subjects for the question, I will edit them as I see fit. I write things the way I write them because that is how I CHOOSE to write them. If you can just come in and start editing my titles and my subjects, or merging my questions when I didn’t ask you to, then why don’t you just run the whole site yourself? Just take over everyone’s accounts and just ghostwrite all of the perfect questions and answers. Just go ahead and do that, then, because CLEARLY us plebs aren’t good enough on our own.


At this point, I’m convinced that Quora, its mods, etc, are not real people, but rather an experimental algorithm whose mission is to PASS for human. How else could you possibly explain Quora’s appeal system?

Every time I’ve ever used it, I’ve never felt like I was contacting an actual human being, but rather, putting a message in an electronic bottle, launching it into cyberspace, and hoping that somewhere, somehow, the situation would be resolved.

Aside from its actual userbase, Quora, as a site, feels very cold and sterile to me. Even with a site as screwed up as YouTube, you still have a sense that the thing is being run by people, that the site actually has a FACE.

But not with Quora.

#11. Blogging plugs and Upvote Oscars.

“Thanks for reading my answer! Go to my blog for more!”,


“Wow, it’s a great honor to have 200 upvotes. I’d like to thank God, my mom, who always believed in me, my dad, who always taught me to never give up …..”

It’s not really a major issue or anything. I’m just like, “Why …. ?”

#12. A lack of legitimate defense.

This goes all the way back to #1. I can’t stress enough how totally wrong it is that a person can be banned and have absolutely NO way of defending themselves. It’s just, “You’re banned, better luck next time”. And then if you manage to make an “appeal”, even the tiny little text box they give you to make the appeal in the first place has a character limit on it, so you can’t even adequately make any real case on your own behalf. And even if you could, there’s no guarantee that HUMANS will even see your appeal to begin with, let alone be willing to work through the problem with you, or be fair and unbiased in their approach to new “cases”.

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Tapesh Jain

Tapesh Jain, former Chief Editor of Lifeline at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College

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…..The self proclaimed Elitist Quorans…..

There’s one particular question on Quora that has been doing the rounds lately with many famous Quorans answering it.

What makes you hate Quora?

What are some of the most cliched Quora answers?

I thought over the question in an attempt to answer it and the first and only thing that came to my mind was…


My answers; I will have to say are one of the most cliched answers out there. The topics I write about mostly include Personal experiences, Creative writing, Humor, Sarcasm, Family and Dating and Relationships.

To my surprise, I'm the 2nd most viewed writer in ‘Fathers’ category, 5th most in ‘Dating and Relationships’, in top 15s in ‘Personal Experience’ and ‘Creative writing’. As you can see, none of these answers are in true sense as some of the quorans say… “Knowledge imparting”

What makes you hate Quora?

Look at my stats for example. 3m views with nearly 6k followers and 235k upvotes. An upvote % of 7.25. On a site where even 2–3 %for a knowledgable and research backed answer is a big thing, more than 7 is very very good.

  • Qu'apprenons-nous de cela?

The thing is, what they call cliched, what they make fun of, what they lambast and what they condescend is exactly what they like to read and end up upvoting.

Barring Balaji Viswanathan , I don't think majority of you would be able to point out one famous quoran who writes only ‘Knowledgeable answers’.

Even the Quorans who write ‘Knowledgeable answers’ like Dave Consiglio et Matthew Bates receive more views and upvotes on their answers pertaining to entertaintment than knowledge.

Think of any famous Indian Quoran from the top of your head. How many ‘knowledgeable answers’ of them do you remember, if at all they have written such stuff.

  • What we fail to understand is…

Quora is not “JUST” a knowledge sharing platform. It is more of a writer’s hub. The common person opens Quora not because he wants to know the complexities of General Relativity or the basics of Lucus Theorem, but because he wants to read something refreshing, enlightening, brain storming and pleasuring.

  • So coming to what I hate about Quora?

People who say that answers on Love, Dating, Humor and Personal Experiences are destroying the essence of Quora. Why do you guys read it. Go ahead. Mute me. Block me if you like.

Stop commenting as if you are a person with 8 PhDs who came to Quora to get his 9th.

Also they apparently think that such answers are turning Quora into Facebook and Tinder, in short a dating site. Dude seriously?

Do you seriosuly think that you can get a girl just by writing stuff. If that had been the case, Shakespeare and Dan Brown would have been the biggest playboys on Earth. See, that's why you need to read such dating advice answers. That too, is knowledge!

Voici Robert Frost speaking about this in one of his answer.

My original goal was just to answer questions about the International Space Station (ISS), but even today there are only 9430 followers for that topic. Even the much broader topic NASA only has 14935 followers. It was probably half as many back in 2011. And yet topics like Dating and Relationships have 870641 followers. I realized Quora wasn't quite what that article had made it out to be. It was more about experience than expertise and more about social than intellectual.

Robert Frost's answer to Top Quorans, can you describe your rise to fame (within the Quora community)?

Quorans who think of themselves as elite and look down upon those who use this site as an entertainment source, are what I hate about Quora!

Edit 1- Here’s a comment on this answer.

What makes you hate Quora?

So I open up that profile and look what I found.

What makes you hate Quora?

The person follows me!

Thanks for proving my point mate!


Tapesh Jain

David Frigault

David Frigault

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What makes you hate Quora?

  1. Quora will collapse (ghost) any answer they disagree with — often times before it is even uploaded through use of the Quora bot.
  2. Quora claims to be an open site that is tolerant of all views, but anyone who has been on the site long enough knows that only certain views are actually tolerated. All other views will either be ghosted, sent to the bottom of the page where they are rarely seen, and likely not show up in a feed.
  3. Quora will promote “top writers” and give them place at the top of a page, simply because they have more all-time views and upvotes, and not because the particular answer they have written is any good. Meanwhile, those with genuinely good answers are sent to the bottom and ignored because the user is either new or has simply not gotten the type of notice other users may have. This in turn makes Quora more of a popularity contest rather than a genuine questions and answer site.
  4. Quora will merge questions and often times change the entire context of the question at hand. I have had several of my questions changed and merged without my permission and given an entirely new meaning, because Quora staff/moderators think they know better than their own users and will take it upon themselves to reword the answer and then still have your name attached to it.
  5. Quora will collapse an answer because it has downvotes, and not because the answer was genuine spam. This once again turns the site into a popularity contest, where answers that support the majority opinion are sent to the top and placed in recommended feeds while answers that are not popular — despite being genuine and possibly even better written than the “popular” ones — are either sent to the bottom of the page or collapsed altogether. The irony is that this also turns Quora into more of a feel-good website as opposed to one that legitimately promotes intellectual discussion.
  6. To add insult to injury: answers you have written and were collapsed either from downvotes, Quora moderators or by a bot will not even show up in your profile, and it will be as though YOU the writer, have never even written it; further wasting your time for a company that will pester its users to write more answers and then in turn literally spit on them by denying them the right for their content to even be shown to others who might appreciate it.
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All these policies I find are themselves a Be Nice; Be Respectful violation, and a complete insult to those who spend countless hours of their time giving the website the traffic it clearly craves for.

What makes you hate Quora?

Pushkar Singh

Pushkar Singh, Lawyer in Making.

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Three small things.

First. The users before bombarding questions and requests for answers do not care to check the answers that the writer has written before on the same issue. It is slightly annoying to be pestered with same questions (and variations of them) again, and again, and again, when it would be pretty clear that an answer has been given by me in the earlier ones. Don’t just bombard them, at least have the decency to check it once whether the writer has answered the same earlier.

Second. People often mistake Quora for Google. If your query can yield answers on Google, with a simple search, please stop flooding Quora with the same questions again. Use Google, and use it as much as you can (unless you hate Google, in which case, yeah you can use Bing or DuckDuckGo or whatever you like).

Third. Understand where the writer is from before bombarding questions. A writer would have a certain specifics that he has experienced, and a certain part which he can share based on what his peers have experienced. But he/she cannot advise you on how good is a ‘XYZ’ college situated in tiny forests of a particular state. So the thumb rule from hereon for asking me about colleges is when you want to know about Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, and what I would probably know as a student, not as an administrator. I can help you out with a few other NLUs and Symbiosis as well, but not anything else apart from that.



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I used to love quora.

I wasn't much of a writer. I usually only scrolled through the quota digest on some days. It used to be fun. My quota digest used to be full of interesting stories about college life and culture shocks.

I didn't use quora everyday. It was just a once in a while thing. The quality of my feed was great and I didn't know the existence of popular quorans or ‘small writers'. I just knew good answers and bad answers.

I started using quora more and more. I had just moved cities and didn't have many friends. I had free time in the evening so quora became a daily thing. A 15 minute entertainment.

More and more issues have been popping up on quora and it's getting too much for me. I don't want to be associated with the negativity of this website anymore.

Here's the issues I face with this site:

  • Indians. Don't get me wrong, I am an Indian as well. But can Indians stop seeking validation from other countries? This is something I see on YouTube as well. ‘What does xyz country think about India/Indians' or ‘Would ABC popular quoran like to visit India?’ Curiosity is one thing. This is another. In our minds, we still think of ourselves as inferior and this needs to stop.
  • Reservation in India, Education system of India. I get so many questions about the reservation system and ‘What's wrong with the Indian education system’. Yes, we know coaching sucks. Reservation isnt implemented well. Crying about it on quora won't help. People have done it already, talk about something new already. ‘What are Indian parents collectively doing wrong?’ Raising children that complain about them in front of thousands of people, that's what. Everyone's talking about how they wanted to be a dancer or a photographer and taking science killed their dream. Just how many photographers do you think we need in our country? They aren't killing your dream, they are trying to get you jobs. This country has a high population so things suck. You can't always follow your dreams. Maybe they did wrong to you, talk to them, not bash them online.
  • Hating on feminism. This is such a popular thing. Say that feminism sucks, add a story and get thousands of upvotes. I have been travelling by the bus everyday, Monday to Sunday, for the last 4 years and I never saw a lady force a man to give his seat to her, unlike the high number of cases in quora answers. Also, the number of dowry cases filed is much lower than the number of rape cases. There's also the fact that some dowry cases are legit while many rape cases go unfiled. You can't tell me feminism isnt important. First of all, feminism is equality and not women power. The term was formed because women don't have equal rights and uplifting them was the first cause of feminism. One answer where a man got slapped by a woman in public, got sweared at by onlookers gets so many upvotes. Should I start my tale of the number of times I was indecently touched, almost physically stalked and told that I should quit education and prepare for ‘married life' ? Because let me tell you, that answer would be long. I know men have to face a lot of shit. So do women. It's not just you. Stop bashing on feminism.
  • Popular Quorans. I got no issue against them. I got an issue with questions like ‘What's Sean Kernan's favourite pair of socks?' popping up in my quora digest. I. Don't. Care.
  • Bashing on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Personally, I don't use Facebook a lot. I have my own reasons for that. I also believe that the popularity of Facebook has been going down for a while now. However, i don't see why everyone here has to hate those sites. Instagram serves its own purpose. It keeps me in touch with my friends. Real ‘in touch' and not the ‘helloe, how are you?’ type. They post photos of the major events of their lives. They caption it, giving some explanation. Sometimes there is no event. It's just them and some friends, enjoying a lunch together. That's fine too. I get to know that they are still friends. I get to know when people aren't as close as before. I am still up to date with my friends to a certain degree. I can't have that on quora so y'all, can you stop hating unnecessarily?
  • Goody two shoes. The ones that start all their answers with ‘I don't smoke, I don't drink and I never had a girlfriend’. So? That doesn't define you. A person that smokes isn't necessarily a bad person. A person that drinks isn't always in parties or an alcoholic. A person eih a girlfriend isn't a bad person. You not doing any of it doesn't make you a good person. You showing off that you are a good person makes you a bad person. I don't want to read your answer anymore.
  • What's your favourite food? The answer will have at least 30 items and each has a picture attached. ‘What's your number 1 song?’ The answer has links to 10 youtube videos. My good man, do you not know the meaning of un? Why do you have to list ALL? If you can't choose one, don't answer. Simple as that. Don't be annoying. Don't insert a whole lot of pictures unnecessarily and make the answer long. I don't want to read it. You are making it harder to scroll down.
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Basically, I have an issue with my quora digest. The quality detoriated drastically. The same question keeps coming up. When I haven't shown any interest in a topic, it is still present everyday. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I will be leaving quora shortly. It was fun. It is not anymore.

Swapnil Singh

Swapnil Singh, B-tech Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (2021)

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Being a regular reader and an amateur writer here, there are some things that I find really annoying.

1. Questions that make absolutely no sense.

What if I score 10 marks in a written exam paper of 70 marks?

Dude, you fail. That's it.

Will I pass even if I fail in 2 subjects in class 9?

Asking such type of questions reveals your confidence on your preparation. I'm not sure whether you'll pass or not, but I'm sure you're going to fail in more than 2 subjects.

Why do you follow me if my answers are horrible?

Not only your answers, your questions are also horrible my friend.

If 2x=8 then what is the value of x?

That would involve some mind boggling mathematics and I'm afraid I won't be able to explain it here. I'm really sorry.

How do I get my first girlfriend at the age of 15?

Such questions must be banned for hurting the sentiments of 20–25 year old singles. 15 year old kid asking ways to find a girlfriend while 20 year olds are busy watching animes. (-_-)

2. Des liens

I personally don't like them at all. They keep irritating me all the time by appearing in my feed.

What makes you hate Quora?

What makes you hate Quora?

3. Writing a 5 line answer that manages to get 10 upvotes and then adding another 15 lines of thanksgiving speech for those upvotes.

4. Mentioning popular Quorans though it is least required for the answer.

An attempt to increase the number of zeroes in the upvotes we gained in our 5 line answer in the 3rd point.

5. Quora moderation

I don't hate these guys but since they collapsed one of my answers with more than 35k views and 1000 upvotes, they deserve an honourable mention here. ��


Didier Champion

Didier Champion, Développement personnel et coaching financier (2016-present)

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Quora moderation on plagiarism and attribution.

This is Quora’s statements on plagiarism and attribution and how to avoid it.

What makes you hate Quora?

Yesterday, I got my answer collapsed for the first time! I was very surprised and shocked to say the least. I have given 137 answers on Quora so far.

After my unpleasant interaction with their algorithms, I am seriously considering switching to medium. I love writing and sharing my knowledge with others. However, as far as Quora moderation goes, Quora is proving to follow a dictactorship model of “ you will do as I say”. No respect for their customers and writers at all.

Anyway, this is what happened.

I shared a personal story of how I worked my way out of dire poverty. This was my original story, so I did not need to cite anything.

What makes you hate Quora?

After 12 hours, my answer had 57.5K views and 2K upvotes. I thought to myself that this was going to be the best answer ever. I have never received this much response so fast before. Ever since I started writing, I always dream of getting Vues 100K on one of my answers. I use Quora to improve my writing.

Didier Champion's answer to What are the best ways of getting out of poverty?

This story is my life in a nutsell, how I went from living in dire poverty to earning about half a million dollars in scholarships and grants for college and graduate school. It feelt good to share the story and re-living those moments and looking back at how far I have come.

Anyway, I did not know that my nightmare was about to follow.

At the 13 hour, I received a notification that my answer was collapsed for violating Quora’s plagiarism policy. I was shocked first, surprised and thought this was a joke.

They gave me the link to read about my “ violations”.

What is Quora's policy on plagiarism and attribution?

I read this entire thing and I did not find any policy violations at all for my answer. I was very confused and surprised. As a writer, I take plagiarism very seriously. In a way, it is a sin in my ethical standards book.

So, I went one step further to check myself.

I ran my whole answer into a plagiarism software. I thought maybe somebody might have copied my answer and published on their blog without my permission.

This is a snapshot of the results.

What makes you hate Quora?

This software checked my whole answer line by line. From the entire article, one line was found to be a “duplicate”. However, this line was also found in my very own Quora answer. It was my statement, not someone else.

Didier Champion's answer to What one thing makes someone a very mature person?

I was talking about how once upon time in high school, I could not afford the annual tuition fee of $81. I described how I almost dropped out out of school, which would have been bad as I would not have been where I am today.

What makes you hate Quora?

Better be safe than sorry!

In my edits, I added the other article in my references ( footnotes). Paraphrased the sentence a bit and re-submitted my appealed answer. At this point, I thought to myelf: “they made a mistake and will retrieve my answer in no-time”. I was very wrong!

In my appeal, I explained that the one line was taken from my previous answer on an unrelated question. How can one plagiarism themselves? Demandai-je.

24 hours later, they rejected my appeal. Also, they made it clear that I cannot appeal again and their decision cannot be reversed. Damn, what kind bullsh*t is this?

What makes you hate Quora?

They send me a link to their policies again. By “ they”, I mean the algorithms. Like other fellow Quorans have said, there is no human being involved in this process whatsoever. If they were, they would need to check themselves.
What are the main policies and gu

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