What is the easiest method to transfer money from Fiverr to a bank account in a non-supporting PayPal country?

Akramul Hasan

Akramul Hasan, Web Developer at Fiverr

Répondu il y a 43w


You can’t directly transfer money from fiverr balance. You have to do it via Payoneer (https://www.payoneer.com)

Create an account(Free) and claim a debit card (Free).Add your bank account with Payoneer. Also add the same bank with Fiverr.

Step is:

  1. First you have to send money to the Payoneer account from Fiverr
  2. Second, you have to send money from your Payoneer to local bank account.

If still confused you can contact with me for more help.


Md Jahidul Islam

Md Jahidul Islam, travaille chez Fiverr

Répondu il y a 41w

Payoneer/bank is the easy method to tdansfer money form fiverr

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