What is the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?

Marco Rodriguez

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AliExpress is a retail site. Even though people think its wholesale, you are paying end consumer prices. This is why AliExpress is refered to as a “dropshipping” site, because technically they just send products to end consumers. Its not meant to be a reseller platform itself.

Alibaba is more wholesale oriented. People there do dropshipping regularly, but all of them prefer selling in bulk. Plus, if you want to get mass discounts, products customizations etc. you are way better with Alibaba.

Nathan Resnick

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From the Alibaba website:

Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Most of the members on o alibaba.com are manufacturers, trading companies or resellers who trade in large order quantities.

AliExpress is a global retail marketplace offering quality products at factory prices in small quantity. Your order amount can be as low as 1 item and you can pay safely using Buyer Protection service.

If you want to have a more streamlined sourcing and manufacturing process, use Sourcifier. It’s the fastest growing sourcing platform in the world, helping thousands of companies bring new products to life or cut manufacturing costs.

They also have a free tool called Factory Confirm that analyzes manufacturers on Alibaba to see if they are legit.

Don’t fall victim to manufacturing fraud!

What is the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?

^Sourcify at a big venture capital event ��

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Ryan Speier

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The main thing you need to know is that:

  • Alibaba is largely business to business (B2B)
  • Aliexpress is largely business to consumer (B2C)

That being said, if you’re in the market for 1,000 (of something) using Alibaba may be a better choice than Aliexpress - even if you’re “technically” a consumer.

There are places online with better prices than both of these options, though, and I’ll be covering that in future answers (If I see a question asking for that).

Ye Henry Tian

Ye Henry Tian, Staff Engineer at Alibaba (2017-present)

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Réponse d'origine: What is the difference between AliExpress and Alibaba.com?

In simple, AliExpress is a B2C/C2C website, (kind of like eBay), where individual customers buy things from sellers all around the world. While Alibaba is the company’s original B2B website. Where company find partners, suppliers on the site from all around the world.

Ecommerce Strategy China

Ecommerce Strategy China, E-commerce marketing

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In a broad sense, Alibaba is an online B2B trading platform for manufacturers or trading companies while AliExpress is an online retail platform offering products to international small buyers.

To be specific, the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress can be divided into the following aspects.

  • First, target users. Most of the suppliers at Alibaba are enterprises or factories, and buyers are generally overseas purchasers. AliExpress connects Chinese businesses, both individuals and companies, with international buyers.
  • Second, profit model. Alibaba charges a certain amount of membership fee; AliExpress offers free registration but demands commission in proportion of the volume of transactions.
  • Third, types of products. AliExpress mainly sells small-sized and high value-added products, such as jewelry, 3C products, clothes and cosmetics. Alibaba has much more kinds of products.
  • Fourth, transportation. At Alibaba, it is sellers and buyers that decide together on the mode of transportation. Due to the large quantity of goods, shipping is commonly used. AliExpress usually delivers by air freight.
  • Fifth, payment. AliExpress users can pay by Alipay; Alibaba users prefer to traditional payment methods such as telegraphic transfer and letter of credit as the transactions involve large sum of money.
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Kai Huang

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Merci pour A2A.

Alibaba est B2B factory directory et online sourcing platform that helps to connect between Chinese suppliers and international companies who are interested in approvisionnement en produits de Chine or outsourcing manufacturing to China. It’s a business to business platform. They are dealing with bulk wholesale or mass production. The international companies purchase the products in bulk and distribute to the wholesalers or distributors. They are not selling directly to the end customers.

Aliexpress est B2C commerce électronique online shopping platform. The vendors are selling directly to end-customers. You can purchase even 1 item on Aliexpress and also you can purchase more in bulk with wholesale price.

That’s the main difference between these two. However, there are increasing scams and frauds in alibaba especially and therefore there are debates on is alibaba safe and legit. The main reason behind this is due to lots of traders and resellers are registering fake profile with fake credentials to conduct dishonest business on it. You need to be extra careful now with who you are dealing with. Comment utiliser alibaba pour trouver des fournisseurs en Chine is the guide to distinguish the traders from the real factories.

J'espère que cela vous aide.




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