What is the best way to withdraw money from freelancer.com in indian currency?

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I was on working on Freelancer - Location & Offres d'emploi and later I stopped bidding on projects due to high level of scams done by Freelancer - Location & Offres d'emploi équipe.

Anyway, lets come to the point. If you’re having balance in USD or any other currencies, when you apply for withdrawal, Fraud Freelancer - Location & Offres d'emploi system will automatically convert currency from USD to INR. The main reason for doing this is because they keep almost 5+% currency conversion HIDDEN commission which they’ll never reveal to freelancers. They earn lot of fraud money in currency conversion HIDDEN charges.

If you need any further information, feel free to message me. Thanks

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How to withdraw money(payout) from Freelance websites, Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, Commission Junction and so on

Virements Bancaires
Virement bancaire international is the best method if you are transferring high amounts i.e $$800 or $1000+. Yes, it carries a $25 fee but it is better than the local currency transfer option on Elance , ODesk et Travailleur indépendant, because you are sending USD instead of local currency and the exchange rate you'll get from your local bank will be better than Freelancer's rate. Your local bank may also charge you additional fees. So for bulk withdrawal I would always use the International Wire Transfer.

Vous pouvez utiliser le Express Withdrawal service for amounts less than $700. It carries no fee and your money will be deposited in your local bank account. But the exchange rate will be lower because Freelancer's rate won't offer same rate as your Bank account. Your local bank may charge you some processing fee for the incoming transaction.

Skrill is also another low fee withdrawal method- in fact much cheaper than International Wires. But because you are withdrawing your freelance earnings and not personal funds, your personal Skrill account will likely be changed into a Merchant account and then it becomes very expensive.

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Payoneer is one of the most popular withdrawal methods used by Freelancers. One you sign up for Payoneer, you are also provided with a MasterCard where you can directly load your freelancer earnings and then quickly withdraw money via your local ATM. Payoneer also lets you add your local bank account for direct deposit. However, the Payoneer local bank transfer is not available in some countries. Recently Bangladesh and India were added to the list of supported countries.

To get your Payoneer account approved, all you need is a scanned image of your Government ID (Passport or Citizenship) and a valid (post office) mailing address where your card will be sent for free. It is recommended you get a PO BOX so that your Card doesn't get lost. It usually takes around three to four weeks for the card to arrive. You can also use third party shipping services to get the card faster but it will cost you fees.

There are two methods to add Payoneer Debit card to your Freelanccer financial accounts-

  • First method is to apply by signing up directly from Payoneer. The steps are straightforward . To earn a guaranteed $25 reward you can sign up via Payoneer referral link. You'll get the reward as soon as you've receive $100 in your account. This referral reward can save you huge chunk of your first year's account maintenance fee.
  • Second method involves adding Payoneer account via Travailleur indépendant, Upwork(Odesk) or Elance. Click "Withdraw Funds" from the Payments menu. Then click Freelancer Debit Card. Click on “Get your Freelancer Debit Card now!” link. Now you will be redirected to Payoneer’s webpage. On the Payoneer page select your preferred payment option and click “Sign Up” button. If you already have a Payoneer card you should see “Already have Payoneer Account?” On the top right of the page. Click on “Click Here” and follow instructions.

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Sorry this is not the answer for your question. But this answer will do good to a lot of people.

Ne jamais aller pour pigiste .com. Je suis un étudiant qui a fait de la conception Web sur freelancer .com pendant mes temps libres. Vous pouvez voir que c'est le plus grand marché et tout. Mais c'est la plus grande arnaque. S'il vous plaît google pour les escroqueries freelacer .com. Vous trouverez beaucoup d'arnaques sur freelancer .com. Ce ne sont ni les employeurs ni les pigistes qui font l’escroquerie. C'est la plateforme. J'écris ce post parce que j'ai également été trompé par freelancer .com aujourd'hui.

A propos de mon expérience:

Un client du Royaume-Uni m'a confié des projets 3 distincts. J'ai fait le travail et j'ai reçu le paiement pour tout le 3. C'était 20GBP + 60GBP + 100GBP = 180GBP. Après environ minutes 30, j'ai demandé un retrait en espèces sur mon compte bancaire. Lorsque j'ai consulté l'historique de mes transactions, le pigiste a repris tout cet argent. Lorsque j'ai contacté le support des pigistes, ils m'ont dit que le compte du client était fermé et qu'ils avaient pris mon argent durement gagné selon les termes et conditions que j'avais acceptés lors de mon inscription sur la plateforme.

Je suis une personne qui croit que nous ne devrions pas dire de telles choses sans preuves. Je joins mes détails de transaction et le chat avec le soutien des pigistes avec ce message. Cliquez sur l'image. Vous pouvez le lire facilement.

What is the best way to withdraw money from freelancer.com in indian currency?

What is the best way to withdraw money from freelancer.com in indian currency?

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HI - I am using Freelancer - Location & Offres d'emploi since last 5 years.

The best way to withdraw your payment - no matter in whatever currency, is Express Withdrawal. This mode is only available for few selected countries, and India is one of them.

You need to provide your direct bank account details, and then the first transaction may be delayed due to some verifications, but later on its very smooth.

Good thing is that, they provide withdrawals every business day - which takes around couple of days to reflect into your account.

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Hope my answer helps.

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I would suggest you to first transfer it to your paypal account.Then you transfer the paypal amount to your bank Account .In this way you can minimise the broker charges.There is also one thing we need to know,paypal offers better exchange rates than freelancer. So there's a fair chance that the withdrawn amount is more than the amount transferred from freelancer to paypal.


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Simply add your bank account there!


Click on withdraw request, choose EXPRESS Withdrawal. and then fill bank details. it will send you money in INR.

Link, open it after you login your account: (or simply do it yourself go to withdrawal)

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