What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

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What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

I can tell you from painful and expensive experience that this is simply not a good idea.

There are many other outlets and alternatives to selling your Amazon e-gift card and literally every single option is better than the one you are inquiring about.

For the sake of the question, I will provide you with the best option, however I stress that just because it is the la meilleure cure option does not mean that it is a nous option.

Here’s some steps to take in order to not get screwed out of your money and gift cards:

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

Most Important Advice To Remember:

DO NE RECEVRA PAS send the Amazon e-gift redemption code to anyone via email or instant message.

When I was first getting started into eBay selling several years ago, I made this mistake. It cost me several hundred dollars on several different occasions. Please do not make this same mistake. It’s never a good idea.

You will receive inquiries from prospective buyers giving assurances and pleading with you with some detailed and complex explanation or offer to pay you more money or a lengthy list of other bullshit based, social engineering attempts which are executed with the goal of manipulating you into revealing that code. Many times they will even pay you in advance so you then think, “hey I have the money so sure I’ll email you the code”, terrible idea and I guarantee that if you break this rule - even one time - you will ultimately lose your gift card and paypal will repossess the funds paid to you.

This is by far the most important rule of all in regards to selling gift cards on eBay.


Now that we have that covered, let’s talk about how you should transfer your gift card to the buyer.

Although you are selling an e-gift card, they must be handled and transferred and treated as if they physical gift cards. Pull up the original amazon email or original pdf which has the gift card redemption code displayed on it and print it onto paper using your home printer. Once that finishes printing - vóila - you now have your physical amazon gift card. The only difference is that it is composed of paper instead of plastic.

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What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

Following the auction, take your printed gift card and a video camera or video recorder and grab a friend to help.

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

Étape #1

With video evidence actively capturing your every move - film yourself holding up the amazon paper code and repeat it into the camera and then jump on your pc and navigate to Amazon’s website and enter the code onto amazon gift card redemption section of your account. Instead of redeeming it click the other option to simply check the code’s validity. The amount will pop up on the screen showing the code is still good and the amount.

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?


Étape #2

Once you’ve verified the code on video, and with the camera still running, take your paper code and insert it into your shipping envelope with any packing slip and and apply the shipping label and seal the package or envelope and apply tape over the openings to ensure that it cannot be tamper with. I also like to make a unique mark with a marker or pen somewhere on the envelop so that I’m the event of dispute if the buyer claims the package was opened or tampered with or problems with the code and uses photographic evidence of a damaged envelope - you can use your unique squiggly line or marking to validate that the package traveled from the time you video recorded it to your buyers residence.

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?


Étape #3

Now that you have protected yourself from the many various dangers that will make you vulnerable to scammers, you send an email to the buyer and inform them that you shipped the package and request that when they receive the package - you require a confirmation from them immediately upon them receiving the parcel.

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Étape #4

Wait for the package to be delivered.

Once you see tracking has confirmed delivery to the registered paypal shipping address, email your buyer and ask them to confirm receipt and inquire to ensure everything went smoothly.

If they say “great, code received and redeemed without problem” then you are basically finished.

No Problems! Great You’re Finished!


Buyer indicates Problem. Move to Step #5

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?


Étape #5

If they indicate there are problems and In my experience about 90% of buyers of this type of item will most likely say one of the following:

  • Code didn’t work when entered
  • Code was already used
  • Envelope was empty
  • Package never arrived


  • They will open a paypal/eBay dispute without ever addressing the problem with you first.

If they open a case, you must respond and defend your case promptly.

Assuming you have followed every step with strict adherence, you should be advantageously positioned to successfully defend any frivolous paypal or eBay claim that is opened against you.

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?


This is no guarantee however; As paypal and eBay are notoriously anti-seller and pro-buyer in their dispute resolutions process and the process varies wildly from case to case.

What is the best way to sell an Amazon e-gift card on eBay?

Well that’s one hell of a lengthy Quora response!! Believe it or not I actually have much more to say on this thread however I’ve already spent more time on this than I really could afford. In addition, my fingers are cramping up from typing this on my cell phone so I’ll have to abruptly end this response with a brief summary of better options to liquidate you Amazon E-Gift Cards.

Les meilleurs choix:

•Email [email protected]blockchayn.io for all of your gift card selling endeavors. We buy gift cards 24/7 and we pay via Paypal and Bitcoin payments direct to you. No commissions, Fastest pay on the web, reputable and Secured, no possibility of chargeback, get paid within minutes. BEST OPTION AVAILABLE!!

D'autres options:

•LetGo, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplaces - Trade your E-Gift for cash with a face to face meet-up. No commissions.

•Craigslist - plenty of gift card buyers on Craigslist, especially for high value codes like amazon. Quicker payment. Cash payment. No commission. No risk of chargeback.

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•Cardpool, Saveya, Raise, Cardcash.

•Paxful and Localbitcoins

If anything is unclear or if I made some mistakes in my explanations, I apologize and I am admittedly rushing through this. If you would like to discuss this further or for additional clarifications or questions please email me and I’ll personally and promptly respond to you.

If this response was helpful then I have succeeded. If thatt’s the case ALL I ask for in return is to click my Quora profile and Follow my Quora account by clicking the Follow button. AND THATS ALL!

Thanks for your question. Let me know in the comments section what you decide on and how it goes. Regards and best of luck to you.

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Best way is to not do it at all.

E-gift card is not covered by seller protection on eBay, and you will lose EVERY SINGLE DISPUTE filed by a buyer.

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