What is the best way to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur?

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One of the most memorable phrases from my time at sea was “brace for impact!” It was the last thing announced on the ship’s intercom during General Quarters drills before a simulated missile hit.

What is the best way to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur?

Source: US Navy via Foter

Years later, I would jokingly use it, whenever another leader had no SA (situational awareness) and basically moved around like a drunken sailor on the dance floor. (more on what should a Argentine Tango leader focus on to let the follower enjoy the dance?)

Why Sometimes Our First Reaction Makes Things Worse

What I find funny about this expression is the idea that you can really prepare yourself for something so jarring to your system. In reality aikido taught me that tensing up is probably the worse thing that we can do.

When we tense up, a number of bad things happen, and physiologically / psychologically we’re less able to see options, plus have a slower response time. Here’s a related Quora discussion on whether it’s better to tense up or relax at the point of impact in a car crash?

Alors, why do we still do it? Because in spite of how far we’ve come technologically, we’re not much different from our ancestors who had to fight off sabre tooth tigers and woolly mammoths.

A lot of those automatic “combat ou de fuite” response like blood vessels constricting were designed to protect us in the likely event where our foe gave us a big, nasty gash starting a gusher. Of course, the chance of something like that happening is a lot less, but our bodies don’t know that and our lizard core brains don’t know the difference.

Instead, when we learn to embrace and harness our fear, being relaxed is how we can move in almost any direction - aka “the pivot” idea that’s become so popular in Démarrage Lean cercles

TL: DR - So, relaxation et don’t brace for impact!

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Follow your Passion

For mentally preparing yourself to become an entrepreneur you must follow your passion

  • Is there something that you can work on over and over again, without getting bored?
  • Is there something that keeps you awake because you have not finished it yet?
  • Is there something that you have built and want to continue to improve upon, again and again?
  • Is there something that you enjoy the most and want to continue doing for the rest of your life?

Your demonstration of passion and motivation will determine your success in any entrepreneurial venture. From building and implementing a prototype, to pitching your idea to venture capitalists, success is a function of passion and determination.

Self-belief, Hard work & Disciplined Dedication

Entrepreneurs enjoy what they do. They believe in themselves and are confident and dedicated to their project. Occasionally, they may show stubbornness in their intense focus on and faith in their idea. But the flip side is their demonstrated discipline and dedication.

Adaptability & Flexibility

It’s good to be passionate or even stubborn about what you do. But being inflexible about client or market needs will lead to failure. Remember, an entrepreneurial venture is not simply about doing what you believe is good, but also making successful business out of it. Market needs are dynamic: changes are a recurring phenomenon. Successful entrepreneurs welcome all suggestions for optimization or customization that enhances their offering and satisfies client and market needs. A product you develop for yourself alone may qualify as a hobby, but a product for the market should satisfy market needs.

Planning (But not Over-planning)

Entrepreneurship is about building a business from scratch while managing limited resources (including time, money and personal relationships). It is a long-term commitment, and attempting to plan as much as possible at the beginning is a noble impulse. In reality, however, planning for everything and having a ready solution for all possible risks may prevent you from even taking the first step. Successful entrepreneurs do keep some dry powder in reserve, but more importantly they maintain a mindset and temperament to capable of dealing with unforeseen possibilities.

Being Prepared to Take the Exit

Not every attempt will result in success. The failure rate of entrepreneurial ventures is very high. At times, it is absolutely fine to take the “practical” exit route and try something new, instead of continuing to make sunk cost investments in the same venture. Many famous entrepreneurs weren't successful the first time around. But they had the serenity and foresight to know when to cut their losses.

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I hope it will help you out to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur if you think any addition please do share that in the comment .

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Let’s face the truth. Not everybody is born with the traits required to become a successful entrepreneur. It’s not an easy road and you need a certain set of skills to navigate this rocky path. But the good news is that this skills can be trained and built up over time if you put in the hard work and dedication.


When you are an entrepreneur, there will not be anyone to look over your shoulder and give you assignments to complete. If you want to take a day off, you don’t need to send an email or go to HR. You simply just go. It sounds great, but it means that you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. You are in charge of everything. That means that if there is something that needs to be done, you have to go do it. As you may have surmised, such responsibility will require a great deal of initiative.

If you are the type who starts organisation in schools and volunteer for charities, an entrepreneur’s life may be suited for you. If you find yourself to be somebody who sits around and wait for things to happen, then you may find that being an entrepreneur will be immensely challenging. You have to get into the mindset of taking initiatives if you desire to embark on the path of being an entrepreneur. It’s in all of us. You know what is better for you. Researching on market data, or watching that latest TV show on Netflix? Only you can make the choice.

Compétences interpersonnelles

When you run your business, you may find that you have to go out and hustle to get people to buy your products. Thus, interpersonal skills are very important. If you can talk well, and portray yourself in a decent manner, chances are that you will be more persuasive and the person will be more inclined to buy your product. Good interpersonal skills are also needed to network effectively. Nobody wants to partner up with somebody who cannot even speak up without stuttering.

This is not to say that being a loner will automatically disqualify you from entrepreneurial success. You can train your interpersonal skills by going out more and talking to people. Slowly but surely, you will learn to be more confident and be a better salesperson. Practice makes perfect.

La créativité

Why do businesses exist? To serve people’s needs and solve problems. That is why people pay for them. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to find newer and better ways to solve problems. This is to differentiate you from your competition. This is where creativity comes into play. Creative people can look at a problem and think out of the box. They can innovate and come up with better mousetraps. You will encounter problems everyday when you are an entrepreneur. Creativity will be immensely helpful.


When you are running your business, you will face competition. It’s a fact. It will happen. The sad thing is that your competitors would dearly love to see you go out of business. It’s a dog eat dog world and you require that degree of competitiveness to stay ahead of the curve and fend off competition. If you are not a competitive person, you have to learn to be one in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Strategise constantly and think about how to be better than others. A competitive nature will force you to not just be better but also be the best.

Hardworking and Disciplined

This is by far the most important traits when being an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, it is the most diligent people that reap the rewards, provided that they produce the results. Going by this logic, the majority of successful entrepreneurs are highly disciplined and extremely hardworking. They are willing to put in the hours, and work when everyone else is asleep.

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If you are the type of person who procrastinates a lot and skims by life by doing the bare minimum, your business will suffer. The good news is that you can train these traits. It’s not going to be easy, but it is very possible. Work out a schedule. Try your best to stick to it. Perhaps you only get 50% the first time. Aim for 55% the next time. Slowly but surely, you will become a more disciplined person who can organist your time effectively. Discipline is a muscle. Train it!

Taken from my site ici .

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Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of mental shifts.

What is the best way to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur?

If you want to become a successful one, then you most certainly need to get your mind in the right place first.

Being mentally prepared is just une pièce of the whole puzzle. Having a mental fortitude is crucial.

Along the way, you will be having to force yourself to become comfortable with the discomfort of many things such as constantly risking, receiving criticism and getting let down.

Nevertheless, your ability to roll with the punches you are about to face is what is going to keep pushing you forwards. It is the ultimate determination of your level of greatness as an entrepreneur.

When starting as an entrepreneur I would say you immediately to start investing in your relationships. Make it stuck in your brain that success is in fact, defined by how many people you can measurably help within your lifetime. The sincere and genuine relationships you build with people are a crucial element of your journey and will ultimately récompenser you in the future years.

Mentally prepare yourself for failures – One of the best advice ever. You are going to fail. It is inevitable. Everyone has faced it. For some it was lethal, some failed at certain points.

Being mentally prepared for failures will save you from a lot of troubles. Nobody likes unreliable and insecure leaders. Expect failures to come your way. Convince your mind que l' ‘’Storm will pass’’ and everything will be okay. Don’t worry about failure before the time comes. You will have a chance of improving yourself further along the line.

The last advice I have is to discover your true strengths and to never stop building them. Just because you will often fail and you will get disappointed, you need to se concentrer on your strong sides and rely on them. Make sure the strengths outnumber your weaknesses. It is the core formula of success.

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Let me illustrate this with a little story… Imagine, you’re standing on the back of a large rented moving van. You’ve been helping move some items, and you are nearly done for the day. You’re all alone, it’s late at night, and it’s raining.

The next thing you know, you’re wet, laying face down on the pavement, bleeding from your hands and head. You can’t move the fingers on your right hand. Everything hurts. You see pieces of your glasses a few feet away but can’t seem to figure out what to do with them.

Le faites vous

a) keep laying there, hoping either someone finds you and helps you or drives over you and puts you out of your misery

b) find your phone and call 911 for emergency services

c) find your phone and call your spouse/partner/bff/someone-anyone to come help you

d) get up, collect yourself, put on a glove so as not to bleed on the stuff you’re unloading, finish unloading the truck and drive it to the return depot before going home to clean yourself up and see how bad things really are

So, what do TOI faire?

This isn’t hypothetical; this is exactly where I was Wednesday night. Minor concussion, two sprained wrists (one really bad, one so-so), various other cuts, abrasions and contusions. I got up, did what I needed to do, then worried about myself. Because that’s what I needed to do. It was a “whatever it takes” moment.

If you answered anything other than “D”, you’re not ready to be an entrepreneur, because that’s what life is like every minute of every day. You can’t wait and hope things get better, you can’t call the authorities for help, you can’t even call on those closest to you, because they can’t do what needs to be done. It’s up to you. And only you.

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Even on the really good days, there’s the lurking promise of immediate disaster should things go wrong. Even after you’ve “made it” in the eyes of others, you know that at any moment, you may be required to literally do “whatever it takes” to face another day as a going concern - that unexpected second mortgage to cover payroll because something unexpectedly froze your bank account, missing a special family occasion to talk a key customer off the ledge, taking zero salary - again - because you really, really need that dough to hire a rock star demand gen guru. It’s just a day in the life.

I do not know what creates that. I’ve pondered this with various entrepreneur friends (one of whom tried to make a go of a business teaching this stuff) and the consensus is the same: we don’t know where it comes from, but we can spot it a mile away. Or the lack thereof.

I don’t think this is something that can be learned, late in life, despite what Tony Robbins and his peers might tell you. I honestly believe it comes from something in your childhood, a time in which you learned that you have resources and capabilities that others never seem to notice nor call upon.

There are many paths to this realization, some tragic, some incredibly uplifting, but the net result is the same: you realize that you can do tout ce qu'il faut, when you need to do so. And then, one day, you have some burning thing that you “need to do”, some calling that won’t let you rest until you’re doing it, and the fire causes you to engage others and set them ablaze and the next thing you know you’ve started something...

Because that was what you had to do.

Bon chance.

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Special Forces operators are some of the most mentally strong people in the world. They can march for days, at a 16 min pace with a 70 lb rucksack. They can swim several miles through frigid waters to reach their objective, destroy it and swim back.

Their selection is meant to separate the mentally weak from the mentally strong and then build the mental strength of those they select.

You want to know one of their fundamental principles?

Frame everything positively and keep your morale up. When everything is shitty, your morale is what will pull you through. You must have an unwavering belief in yourself, your team and you must savoir that you will succeed.

This is what you need to foster. You need to learn how to reframe setbacks into learning opportunities and failure as temporary losses.

If you were given the ability to see the future and you saw that you were more successful than you had ever dreamed, would that change your life? Any time something bad happened, you would savoir that it was only temporary because you had already seen the future and you were killing it.

You need to act like this has happened to you because it will build a solid belief system which will get you through those really tough times.

What is the best way to mentally prepare to become an entrepreneur?

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