What is the best thing to write and sell on Amazon that will only take me a few days to write?

Joseph Reinemann

Joseph Reinemann, Author, Shadows of Time series of novels.

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Yeah... I hate to be the one to tell you this, but for what you're describing, you're pretty much going to have to exclusively write porn. And I'm not talking normal erotica either, you're going to need to find an extremely specific niche to appeal to. EXTREMELY specific. As in stuff you probably have never heard of.

Unless you're a really big name, you're not going to be able to demand that kind of price for an essay you wrote in a few days, and the market is so flooded with people putting out short stories at cheaper prices than that, I'm fairly certain you're not going to have much better luck with short stories churned out in a couple days either. Especially since most short stories are priced at 1/3 of what you're suggesting you start at.

Writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a skill that takes years to master, and if you haven't put in the time it will show in the quality of your work.

Jody Lebel

Jody Lebel, I teach an on-line class about writing legal/law/courtroom scenes.

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Oh, if only that were true. ((sigh)) I'd be a gazillionaire. There's a knack to writing short stories that people want to read. It takes time and talent. There's a bit of a formula and all sorts of details that need to be on point; such as plot, compelling characters, point of view, theme, pacing, and story arc. There's also the market to consider. I'm thinking you have no experience in any of this. This does not bode well for any kind of sales, never mind great sales.

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If' you're thinking of writing essays for sale to students, you better know your subject and exactly how these things are supposed to look and the information better be perfect. After all, these students want an A. Is it ethical? Not sure. I know it's not ethical from the student's side of things.

Cyndy Aleo

Cyndy Aleo, ancien critique de livre professionnel

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The previous answer is correct. Also, no one is paying $2.99 for a short story, not even by NYT bestselling authors. $0.99 is the max, but most of them are free as a loss leader for other works.

The only people who are getting rich quickly are those who hit on something the public will buy after it goes viral -- like the Donald Trump erotica that recently went crazy.

In general, nothing that takes "a few days to write" is going to sell that well, and certainly not at $2.99, which is the sweet spot for pricing self-published and small-publisher digital novels (yes, full-length novels).

Jo Roderick

Jo Roderick, I read & write books. I design Unique Covers & Format books for publishing.

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You already have some great answers so I don't have too much to add. What you need to do next is research. If you are still 'thinking' of writing then don't waste your time until you check to see if there is a need for your brand of essays. Amazon is absolutely bursting at the seams with content no one reads. I don't want to dissuade you from writing, but I do believe you need to do research.

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Unless you are a fairly well-established person in your field, it is unlikely that people will pay $2.99 for an essay. Your best bet is to bundle them into a more sizeable volume.

Eric Zar

Eric Zar, Author and Publisher of Zbooks.co

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You should write a cheat sheet for a larger book.

Make the cheat sheet free, put links in the front of it to pre-sales of your upcoming book.

The advantage of this technique is that you VALIDATE your book/topic this way.

If people don't download your FREE cheat sheet and then sign-up for your upcoming book, you know it's not worth the time to make the big version.



Amazon.com: How To Convert PDF to Kindle Formats: Publish Your Lead Magnet on Amazon

Publish your lead magnet on Amazon

Jon Haws -dominates- Amazon with this technique; notice he is making high value information products: 36 Nursing Cheat Sheets for Students

Zbooks Ebook Cheat Sheet and Guide: A Beginner's Guide to Publishing an Ebook (Zbooks Ebook Tutorials

I'm actually going to do a 7 day challenge with this topic and the winner will get the top spot on my website. More info to come...

Maryann Kempher

Maryann Kempher, Author of four mystery novels.

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If I ever figure that out, you'll be the first to know. ��

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