What is the best payment portal to receive online cash payments of $3-4 without giving $0.50-$1 to the credit card companies Visa and Mastercard?

Usman Gul

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I think Dwolla is a really good solution for low value transactions. Dwolla's APIs allow for customizable checkout processes tailored to your needs. Details below:

When checking out w/ Dwolla, the customer doesn't need to enter any information thats not already in her head. With credit cards, you need to enter the card number, the expiration, the security code, etc. that the customer doesn't know by memory. This kills conversion rates. With Dwolla Direct, you can checkout just by providing your name, address and online bank account credentials.

Dwolla charges a flat rate of 25 cents for transactions of over $10. Transactions of $10 or less are free. You get a better checkout for a lower price.

You'll have to do some integration / implementation, depending on how much control you want to have in your checkout process. But thats a one-time effort.

The float time with Dwolla is slight higher than with credit cards. With credit cards, funds are available in your bank account about two days after the customer makes a purchase. With Dwolla, funds are available in your Dwolla account within 2-4 days after the purchase.

Yev Petrov

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If you are looking for the lowest fees for the credit cards processing, you can consider using Brick by Paymentwall.

Fees for merchants registered in:
- United States: 2.7% +0.3$
- Europe: 2.7% + 0.25€
- other countries: 3.9% + 0.3$

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You will be able to accept credit card payments from 180+ countries all over the world.

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If you have the technical chop, Paiements Synapse it is an api that you would need to program, but the advantage is that the transaction fee is only 25 cents.

If you don't have the technical chops look into Square Cash Tags. It is 1.5% for businesses.

Both are US only though.

Michael Shvartsman

Michael Shvartsman

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Depending on volume of transactions Salt would be happy to offer you a flat fee of anywhere between $.25-$.35 per transaction all in with next day deposits to your bank account for transactions under $4.00. Salt has a very simple API that a good developer should be able to implement in a few hours. reach out to [email protected] and copy and past this message from me

Steven Rogalsky

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Well online cash payment and visa mc are two different things.
If you want to keep the fees low. Use direct debit cards only or ach.
Those are basically free.

Only problem is no one in the states really used those. Even if they want to use an ewallet they still have to
Pay to load it up.

On a side note. No one should be taking that much per transaction unless your selling porn.

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