What is something you've been doing secretly?

Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma, Post Graduation from National PG College, Lucknow (2019)

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May be secretly.

I have been investing in mutual funds , bitcoins and shares without telling my parents.

Last year ( after demonization ) my mother deposited around ₹2lac in my bank account from that day I became rich ( hahahah ) .

I received little ( 5–6%) interest on regular basis.

But in July 2017

  1. I invested ₹5k in SBI Bluechip mutual funds

What is something you've been doing secretly?

2. Invested ₹10k in L&T mutual funds ( infra & business )

What is something you've been doing secretly?

3. And this was my best investment till now , investment of ₹5k in bitcoins.

What is something you've been doing secretly?

Best investment because I got profit of ₹18269*, few weeks ago I withdrew ₹9500 from bitcoins. Now current value of bitcoins I am having is ₹13,769.

4. Last month , I bought few shares of diff companies ( as I am new to share market .. still learning )

What is something you've been doing secretly?

Total investment ( from July 17 ) = ₹ 20k

Current value ( as on 19 dec 17 ) = ₹41,445

Profit I earned in last 6 months = ₹ 21, 445

*Excluding shares

sometimes I regret , I should've invested whole amount in bitcoins ( ₹2lac , which my mother had deposited in my bank account ) *cries

But then I told myself “ don't be greedy … still you are learning new things meanwhile getting profit ) .

Now planning to invest in etherum , litecoin and IOTA soon.

Small investor ( hahaha )



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I write poems secretly. Well there is nothing like very awkward in it that I need to do secretly but before that let me introduce you to my family. My father is an manager at a very big and reputed industry of India. My sister is a dentist(in the final year of her studies). My mother is a history honours(bachelor degree). In this well educated and we'll earning family I was destined to take science and now I am pursuing b.tech at a well-known college of the country.

Well there is no doubt in the point that I don't like it however my grades are going good but I don't like engineering. I love writing poems. I feel them. I connect to them. Till std 10 my parents knew about my love for writing poems but with the next year I was dissuaded to do so.

Dad- “ tell me the scope of the profession you want by poems”

Mom- “poems won't bring food and money to you.”

Sister- “at least change the language of your writing. The language you want to write in has no audience at all in our country or any country.”

The other two members of my family agreed to her point and even I did( was forced to).”

By the way I write in Hindi and this is the language my parents feel won't bring me audience. My works are with me. I read them, rewrite them, cherish them and one day will publish them. Untill then I am my own audience and if I like it then I believe there will be many idiots like me who will also like it.

Yaksha Sharma (यक्ष  शर्मा)

Yaksha Sharma (यक्ष शर्मा), Director at Yaksha Sharma Incorporation (2016-present)

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There are two things:-


I quit my job, now working as a freelance SEO Expert (nobody knows). Most of the people think that I lost my job and wasting my time. But only I know that during the office I invested 9–10 hours of my time and earn 30K/month. However, now investing the same time I am earning 40–50k/month. I also don't have any kind of headache regarding work. I can do my work anytime I also enjoy weekend and don't do any work. That is actually which I call freedom.

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I use to wake up early and go for exercise over the top of Galta mountain in Jaipur, where I serve some food and water to squirrels & birds. That gives me real happiness.

Then I came to my room and come out again at 9′ o clock. Most of the people think that I am a lazy ass and wake up at 9′ o clock.

Shivansh Dixit

Shivansh Dixit, B.com Bachelor of Commerce, University of Delhi

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I've been doing a lot of secretive things my parents don't know about.

  • I’m preparing for Intelligence bureau (ACIO Officer)
  • Working on raspberry-Pi & re-programming the Linux(Red hat to be precise)
  • After 2 a.m. I roam on the secret roads of Meerut (Uttar Pradesh).
  • I am saving money for DSLR camera because I love photography
  • I am associated with foreigners via facebook(Real foreigners not the fake ID. Do you really think I’m that much stupid? pff!-,-)
  • 2 months back I visited The Ammu-nation.The owners of Ammu-Nation don't seem to care if you have a gun-license or not.) *I’m an asshole ik :3*
  • Whenever I have time, I go to the dog adoption center as a volunteer.*Pretty relaxing experience*

Mind the grammatical mistakes. ��

So, yeuopp.. this is it…

Harshita Vaswani

Harshita Vaswani, A human bean.

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Solitary reaping

I was broken. I felt not enough. I was squealing out of my vein why do they always leave me? Parties were such a love. It turned to be choking afterwards. I could never think of a way to bear the fakeness behind red vines. The dances which were never practised how could they be performed and this thing I hated, it would only make it uncomforting for me to sway. And then the viscous feeling passed to normal public places. I couldn't bear their two faces. Nothing seemed genuine.

But still when you are in public places you need to pretend grace like friends even though you never know if the person who just hold you in arms turns out to be bitching as you turned back.

I was not feeling worthy.

I was giving up my self esteem to people who could not even handle their own.

Time comes for a change! Let's make a list.

Thinking of how I can be more smarter, kinder, friendlier, more compassionate.

I think I lacked much of them. In addition, I needed a skill to be proud of.

And then “we barely have time to react in the world let alone rehearse”.

I gradually started being solitary. Solitary was a glory. It was serene. Calm. Compost.

I realised the importance of learning.

I realised the importance of “making something of yourself”.

I realised the importance of personal branding.

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started living things this way I become fearless of working hard.

Now, I am presenting devotion, Dedication and determination towards my work with earnest desire.


Kavish, Software Engineer at Zensar Technologies (2016-present)

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I am a reserved type of girl. I never share anything to anyone. And trust me never ever share anything to anyone people will ruin it. There is a very nice quote A successful businessman is one who never reveals his/her future plannings.

So coming to my secrets. As far as I don't have any secrets which I am hiding. Actually I share everything with my mother and my boyfriend ( we broke up since last 3.5 months, but still I consider him as my boyfriend and I will keep waiting for him with a hope one day he will come back)

Since I share everything with my mother and my boyfriend, there is nothing call secret. But some secrets which even they don't know.

  1. I am going to start blogging already started investing and working for it. Me and one of my friend going to start it soon.
  2. My boyfriend always wanted to start blogging but he failed and I never helped him, but now once I start it again and if he comes back I will start it with him. It will be more fun.
  3. I cry daily,since I had a breakup with my boyfriend from that day (March 6th) I never slept more than 3 hours a day. Since that day, there were not a single day when I didn't cried. I stopped smiling, laughing I stopped hanging out with any of my friends. Even in my office I go to washroom in every half hour just to wipe my tears.
  4. Dear mom, dad and my boyfriend, now your shelja has been changed. She is no more a kid. She is mature enough to understand every problem. You never share your problem with me but I want to help you out in your problems.I never show my love to you but I love you a lot I go to temple and wish for all three of you.
  5. I am secretly preparing for MBA and Machine learning. This secret no one knows. Neither my parents nor my boyfriend or my colleagues.
  6. I started investing on mutual funds for my future and my family. No one knows about this secret of mine except my cousin who helped me in investment.

Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali Sharma, MBBS from Siddhartha Medical College Vijayawada (2021)

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This is a screenshot of my phone's calender:

What is something you've been doing secretly?

Ça dit quoi?

It actually has a reminder for every Sunday. It reminds me that on that Sunday, I have to spread a smile. And so, I obviously named it Spread a smile weekly event. This is what i do:

I go to the nearest food stall,and get a parcel of normal and quality breakfast, and give it to the first vagabond I spot. I've been doing this since 3 months now, and no one knows about it. I stay in hostel, and so it becomes easier for me to do this. The contentment on the vagabond’s face, makes me feel super good and this is why I keep repeating it every Sunday.

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Pulkit Khanna

Pulkit Khanna, 18 years of birth, 6570 days of experience.

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I have been doing this for about a year.

There was a boy in my class who despite studying hard couldn’t score much, he was having some family issues as well. He had lost all motivation. I decided to help him with something that have helped me always - Livres!

I took one of my favourite motivational novel (How to be a bawse) and put it in his bag with a note - ‘Dear Abhishek, read this book till the end and whatever bad is happening in your life will be alright! And once you read this pass this book to someone else who needs it more than you

What is something you've been doing secretly?


He didn’t know where the book came from, but I saw him reading it between breaks. I hope he is doing fine now.

From that day till yesterday, I have anonymously given more than Livres 35 and I have even received une( Although a diet plan book) . It feels so good when you realise than your one donation can make someone very happy.

Not one them know that I write here so they won’t know who their secret wisher was, so my secret is safe, but now when I received a book I realised that there are a lot of them.

What is something you've been doing secretly?


But it’s not about the book or anonymous donations, it’s about knowing that nothing can make you more satisfied and happy than giving. If you are reading this, please do this too. If a person you know is sad, gift him a comic book. If a person you know is lost, give him a motivational book. If a person you know has given up on life, gift him a biography. Books change lives.

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