What is preventing you from coming to the May 30th TW Open House at Quora HQ, and how can we help?

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

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For the people who are concerned about cost: lodging can be reduced if people want to split rooms on Airbnb.

Perhaps someone interested could start a spreadsheet with:
- Nom
- Sexe
- Age
- Which nights (thursday, friday, saturday)
- Preference for SF/Silicon Valley
- Requirements (no cats, no stairs/handicapped accessible, etc)

People could then share places, or some top writers might be willing to host.

Ben Fraser

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It's the money for me as well. I'm a grad student in Urban Planning so, as much as I want to, I'm not sure that I will be able to attend.


I could make it if the (1) AirBnB option or (2) floor space option were to coalesce.


I'm also wondering about any carpools along I-70.

Carpool Qualifications
I am about an hour south of Indianapolis so I could meet the car at the Indianapolis Airport or at some exit along I-465. I would have money for fuel/foodstuffs, I can talk or be quiet at will (I love all types of music), and I smell nice.

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Vrana says I should go. I guess losing 60 points in my Ethnic Studies class and having my grade drop from an A- to a C is no big deal. It's community college after all.

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But from my experience going to New York, I suck at travel. My friends all say I suck at travel. I just don't know how to do it, then backed with a BlackBerry that doesn't know how to GPS stuff in an area I've never been to before probably isn't the best thing in the world, so if someone wants to help me figure this stuff out, then maybe it'll be easier. Maybe.

The only thing I know how to do for certain is get to LAX and hop on a plane. Once I land, I'm clueless.

I'm supposed to fly to SFO, right?

Alex K. Chen

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I'm still debating with myself. But the primary concerns are (1) that there's a possibility I might feel left out at the Open House, and (2) that I might disappoint people.

I have felt left out at a couple of Quora meetups before, but I'm more than 50-50 sure that this will be different.

As for cost, I don't care much. Knowing my developmental trajectory, I think I could have benefited a lot more from meetups in general if I went to more of them when I was younger (and I'm still young, so I better take advantage of it). There's even some possibility that this could change my life, although I'm not sure if I would bet on this.

That said, there are certainly a number of people in the Bay Area who I could meet individually, and if I come, I intend to do that as well (there's a good chance that those could have more impact on me).

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Surprisingly though, the greatest impact I've had from meetups in the past wasn't the meetups themselves. Rather, it's becoming Facebook friends with those who I meet up with (or mutually following them), and the further interactions that those allow.

Also, when you meet up with people for one time, they remember those conversations well. That can be a good thing, though in some cases it could also be a curse.

Ann Litz

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My company runs on a July to June fiscal calendar, and between wrapping up the old year and getting ready for the new, nothing short of my own demise is an acceptable excuse for me not to be at work every weekday from May 1 until July 31.

Oh, and to add my voice to just about everyone else's: Pennsylvania paychecks to cover California costs are a problem too.



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To celebrate the $80 million in new funding that Quora has received, why not have Quora do a drawing or competition for a few all inclusive travel packages that Top Writers can win in order to attend this event?

The travel package could include airfare, hotel, and transportation from and to Quora offices (if needed), etc.

And yes, I'm answering this Anon in case this would actually happen and I'd be eligible.

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