What impacts should be expected on EthereumXCHARXs value due to the Bitcoin forks (1st August)?

Mathijs van der Nap

Mathijs van der Nap

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1st August impact? Consider the 1st of August as a non-event. The signaling period of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) is over. More then 90 percent of the miners intend to Activate SegWit2x. This is a positive step in the direction of a soft fork . The soft fork wil contain an updated version of the protocol and is designed partly to avoid a split in the network. The split is a situation where the Blockchain will divide into BTC and BTU.

Is it certain that BTC will not split? The answer is: no! Fortunately we passed the first phase towards the upgrade of the Bitcoin Protocol. However, now we are heading towards the second phase (late October to Mid-November). Where the blocks should be doubled in block size (2MB hard fork). If opponents refuse to use this SegWit2x update then it could still result in two different versions of the Blockchain. So the risk remains.

What can we expect within the market? In my opinion the uncertainty is not gone at all. For the coming weeks I expect an horizontal trend-line of the Bitcoin price. After huge volatility investors will await market reactions towards the second event. Then when the event approaches, I expect another dip because of uncertainty.

What should I do with my BTC? Keep them offline in a wallet. Some exchanges and other parties will suspend the transactions for periods of times. Besides they can dictate in what direction your BTC will fork to (BTC or BTU) when it splits.

What about Ethereum? Altcoins seem to be correlated with the BTC price if we analyse the last month. So, it is dependent from BTC movements if you ask me (if we do not consider possible significant news events).

Note: keep in mind that the important dates in news articles could differ from reality. The signaling period for BIP 91 was planned to start at 21 July. However it started around 17 July. Please also keep in mind that I am not an expert. Do your own research.

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Alex Strunz

Alex Strunz, former Electrical Engeneer, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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What impacts should be expected on EthereumXCHARXs value due to the Bitcoin forks (1st August)?

I wrote this in another post:

According to Lanmar from Trading View, Ethereum will fall further to the 50 - 100$ range. Then the price will recover.

Personally, I agree with it, we are now in a bear market. The speculators and inexperienced traders are panic selling. The whales (big investors) are waiting for a good (low) price to enter for Ethereum is still promising.

There is no bad news in form of hacks, hard fork ...

I will pay attention to the August 1 because of the uncertain Bitcoin situation. Maybe some investors will trade Bitcoin for Ethereum.

The second reason is the start of the Silicon Valley Fintech week. New enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors will introduce to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Last time they did it, the Ethereum price rose significantly.

Ozkan Gul

Ozkan Gul, Lazy Student Who Tries to Make Money (2012-present)

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Hmm lets see, right now on the market there are 2 big coin Technologies. Bitcoin and ethereum and a lot of altcoins are based on those two. And a third type of coin wich has a lot of potential is a not bitcoin and ethereum based coin, it has it's own technology.

So a few things can happen at August 1. Everyone is scared for bitcoin and will switch over to ethereum and the price will grow. Everyone is scared of bitcoin and they will switch to a independent coin like litecoin and the price will grow. Or people will play it safe and go to usd or usdt and all the coins will drop. If had to think like others in the market and consider that I have money in it wich i can not afford to lose, i would say that everyone would go to usd and the prices will drop. But consider that no one can predict the exact way the market will go.

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DISCLAIMER: i read that there is actually no fork at August 1, the miners are simply going to vote if the fork should happen and if it happens, it will probably take place around november so people can realize that their fear of a fork is unnessecary and just put their money back in it.

I hope that my information could be helpfull,


A lazy student who tries to make money.

Narayanan Venkitaramanan

Narayanan Venkitaramanan, Solution Designer chez IBM (2011-present)

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The much awaited event on 1/8 2017 is the decision of a hard fork that could divide the Bitcoin community. As of today it seems like the divide is not going to happen. There will be scaling issues that continue to linger, cause insight among the Bitcoin community. Obviously Bitcoin will gain from reduction in uncertainty and fear in the mind of users and traders.

Bitcoin however is the leader of the pack currently and sets trend for entire community. Most investors who were watching the event unfold should he back with their original portfolio if not more. Also new investors seem to be joining with mainstream media attention including 4000$ price target from Goldman Sachs. Positive news flow should help even Ethereum and other solid altcoins trace back to their all time highs. Only litecoin, BTC lite (that gain from fall off Bitcoin) and some fundamentally weak recent ICOs might not see the same enthusiastic run back.

Vivek R

Vivek R, Co-Founder / Partner (2016-present)

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BTC is hard forking on August 1 As such, the value of BTC will be split and the number of coins will go from 21 million to 42 million. The value of ethereum may go up if all the BTC guys decide to cashout and put money into Ethereum making it the topmost currency or if we see what we usually see, everything is gonna TANK

Bitcoin Cash: What You Need to Know – Jimmy Song – Medium

Matt Sloan

Matt Sloan, studied at Chaffey College

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No answer will ever be correct until it happens thus is the nature of the markets unless you have inside knowledge. I’m betting up.

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