What if the U.S. decided to liberate China tomorrow?

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I think it’s the other way around. The Chinese probably would be well-received if they came to liberate USA from Trumpism! Why?

Popularity of the current ruling party in China: the MAJORITY.

Popularity of Trump at his inauguration: a whopping 40%, the lowest of any recent president and 44 points below that of President Barack Obama!

Why? Because the Chinese understand how much the country has progressed in a century under their leadership. Sure, they aren’t dumb- the Cultural Revolution was a bad mistake but they understand that the limits imposed by the government have enabled a stable political cycle that ensures its policies are carried out long term. At least they don’t have a new president effectively sweeping away all the efforts of the previous one!

What if the U.S. decided to liberate China tomorrow?

Cheering for the arrival of President Xi Jinping

What if the U.S. decided to liberate China tomorrow?

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On a side note, the communism you’re thinking off isn’t really so hated in China. So get ready for this mindblowing fact: the Chinese don’t need to be liberated!

Je ne te merde pas.

PS: 5 Myths About the Chinese Communist Party tells you how many reforms it has taken in order to suit the modern era. So China isn’t that big looming red sea in the East anymore.

Von Phillips

Von Phillips, Self Employed at VPCS (2008-present)

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If we ignore facts like China isn’t communist, it’s citizens have not asked anyone to liberate them from anything, and the international response to an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation would be devastating to say the least; let’s look at the situation:

Population of China: 1,357,000,000
Population of U.S.: 316,500,000

US active military: 1,200,000
China active military: 2,300,000

The U.S. would be completely outnumbered, trying to attack a country bordered by 14 nations that are unlikely to allow the U.S. to land troops, weapons or supplies to mount an assault, especially without any reason at all.
It would be dumber than waltzing into a middle east country against a U.N ruling with almost no allies, under the unverified claim of weapons of mass destruction, killing over 100,000 people thus inadvertently creating organizations that lack superior or equivalent firepower who resort to guerrilla and terrorist actions. Boy would THAT ever be stupid.


Nana, a vécu en Chine

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Hello! I would like to express my thoughts about it. I guess you want to listen the opinion from a local Chinese.

1. We don’t need any country or govment to liberate us, because we have the liberity we want. And most of the Chinese think we have the democracy we want.

You may say, Chinese media are controlled by govement. No! We can read news from the world. For some foreign websites, we need to pay moeny to visit them, which is not convinient to people obviously. As for those nonsense reports from western countries or Japan which is trying to tarnish China (China thread theory, Chinese territory problem and so on), we don’t want to read. Because it makes Chinese feel boring , nonsense and unhappy and because it is not true. Actually, you are fooled by your media which is controlled or influenced by your govement(president speech, authority medias). Because China is communist country that is different from western countries, and becuase of states interests, western politians and medias they need to tranish China and show your people how bad China is, even they need to lie, or else how can your govement get the support from you when the govenmet wants to do something bad to China. In this way, your government is telling you that the communist is bad, your capitalist is good, so your people will trust in your government more and more. This is one of the most cruel thing—-politics, with full of lies, unscrupulous…only states interests are eternal.

You may say, Chinese don’t have the right to select their president. In my personal opinion, I reject it. Because China is a developing country, there are lots of poor people who are not educated well. For those people, they will vote for money. Policians can buy their vote by giving them money. This is terrible. It’s 1.3 billion people, can you image how many people actually it is? Do you know there are at least 1.3 billion thoughts? Which opinion is right? Who should we liten to? If we can select our president by voting, maybe we will have 100 parties, they will fight with each other, with quarrells, lies, ugly faces and contemptible actions. The result is no result forever, and we will waste our time. Even we select the president by voting, we may be just some fools who are swindled by the president speach which is a lie. Everyone knows how to act, people know how to pretend, ofcourse also the future president knows. If in this way, Chinese won’t happy, the worse thing is Chinese won’t have developed China by doing really solid work instead of quarrels. The worsest thing is maybe China will break up into serveral small countries. Chinese people don’t want it.

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I think China has its own features, Chinese know what is the situable way to China. Western countries should respect us. You can select your president, yes, you have the right to vote, and? Did your preseident do everything right? Did he listen to the people?He just listen to the interests which his govement group stands. I can’t see any advantage, no big difference. For example USA, I think Americans don’t want war, but why the govement still carried out the war all over the world? Because the government is controlled by some capitalists who want to sell their weapons to earn money. The same reason why USA government doesn’t want to carry out gun restriction even lots of people are died. By the way, I guess you know if you are not a millionair or billionair, you don’t have the chance to be selected as the president, right? So what is democracy?

I don’t want to live in a society full with quarrels and discussions but no real solid works, no progress; afraiding of personal safety(the basic democracy and basic human rights)when walking in the street; afariding of becoming addict to drugs because of drug abuse in society…

I know Chinese government has problems, but at least they has made some huge difference in China. I know corruption is serious in China, but government is correcting and we have seen something they’ve done.

I have a rich uncle, his business is bigger and bigger. My aunt told him, the corruption in his company is very serious, especially those leaders. My uncle told aunt that he has known it since long time ago, but he doesn’t mind the corruption in his company, because what he wants is more and more successful company. He needs the talents of these leaders, only if those leaders can achive more and more success, the money loss is worthy. Otherwise, those leaders won’t work so hard for the company without enough money they want, how can they stay in the company with their ture heart. It’s the same principle as our government corruption. Our government is changing and correcting this serious corruption. Chinese government is bringing hope to all the Chinese even some people in the Africa. Chinese government is improving everyday. Their performance is world wide famous. China is a young country, only 68 years old, the government is growing up, exploring and improving. Chinese should be patient, I have confidence that our government will become better and better.

In my personal opinion, I don’t need the right to vote the president, I need better life under the powerful leadship of government. I don’t need the right to judge the government or speak ill of government or have the chance to know how western medias talk about our government, I just need a better life. If the government can’t lead China better and better, Chinese people will librate themselves. Chinese people are not idiots, OK?



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Liberate China? No. Thank you. We are as liberated as you are. Chinese, by and large, are happy with our government, at least at this moment.

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Get rid of communism? Come on! You guys have free press and free media, don’t you? So get yourself a book or two and learn what is “communism”, and find out whether China fits into the concept. I mean, if you really care and believe it is the right thing to remove communism, one or two books and a few research is not a big deal, is it? You don’t target at the wrong target, do you?

Wait! Let me take a second guess: you just don’t like Chinese government. It has nothing to do whether it is communism or capitalism. You just don’t like it, and you want it to disappear completely. Chinese like it? Fuck them! They are just miserable brainwashed devils. You want to remove it even at the expense of ordinary Chinese. Well, if this is the case, I can offer advise.

The U.S. can do a LOT. However, I’d like to start with the last thing she wants to do, declaring wars, or going to war without declaring it. I am not saying she cannot do it. She totally can. The U.S is totally capable of removing any country from this planet, even as large or as populous as China. However, she may not want to pay the price. You may know that China is nuked country, and the nuclear weapons are controlled by the government. I don’t think they will hesitate to use the nukes when they feel threatened. More than 200 nukes in China plus more than 600 in the U.S., we will disappear all together. No communism. No capitalism.

I am sure this is not what you want. It can’t be destroyed by foreign force doesn’t mean it can’t be destroyed. You have to plan it long-term. You have to let it happen from within, i.e., let Chinese do it for you.

I assume you are educated. Then, you must know Maslow’s demand theory. We all know Chinese government is flawed. Chinese are happy with the government anyway merely because the latter promised them a better life, and it is doing fine in realizing its promises. However, when most Chinese become as wealthy as you guys, or even better, they will want more than material stuff. This is human nature. No one can avoid it. They will start to care about “freedom” or whatsoever. They will topple the government themselves if it remains as it is. You achieve your goal and keep your hand clean. Best deal ever, isn’t it?

The problem now is how to make Chinese wealthy. It is easy. You don’t have to give us money. Just do business with us, and stop asking silly questions like “what if the U.S. place economic sanction on China”. These hypothetical questions make you feel good, but do not help to achieve what you want.

Nathan Lau

Nathan Lau, studies Biomedicine at Lancaster University (2020)

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That is an exceptionally specific word that implies whomever or whatever needs liberating is in a situation deemed unworthy of the liberators and require their… oh so bountiful and rewarding and enlightening ways.

Let’s put China aside for a second here. The U.S. has always been on the forefront and poster boy of the “World Police”, thinking that just because they can, they must.

‘Liberating Vietnam’

What if the U.S. decided to liberate China tomorrow?

‘Liberating’ Iraq.

What if the U.S. decided to liberate China tomorrow?

This image haunts me as it was during “the illegal invasion of Iraq and overthrow of the Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein, Fallujah was the scene of one of the first widely reported crimes by American troops against Iraqi civilians. Two hundred youth demanding the reopening of their school were fired on by troops of the US 82nd Airborne Division. Seventeen were murdered and over 70 wounded.».

This ‘Liberation’ was done in the name of freedom, yet why are the children of Iraq suffering?

There are hundreds of examples of deliberate and orchestrated crimes committed by the United States in the name of ‘Liberty’, and in the name of ‘Freedom’.

I understand that whoever wrote this question is obviously ignorant and most certainly lives in a world where western media dominates and manipulates his/her mind.

However, to whomever this may concern, hear me.

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The Chinese people are legitimately content with their government whether people in the West believes it so or not. I see these questions everyday and it shows how horrifyingly effective western propaganda against China is. Seriously, please, there is NOTHING to ‘Liberate’ the Chinese people from!

If the U.S. invades China I can guarantee that no sides will win as it will ultimately resort to the uses of nuclear weapons.

Let me reiterate.


Damon Lam

Damon Lam, 9 years of unsuccessful assimilation from Hong Konger to Chinese.

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Hi, be careful there, those plasma bolts coming off your time machine at random intervals might just electrocute you to death. That’ll ruin all the fun!

Let me give you a proper, warm welcome to the futuristic year of 2017!

Since you last stepped into this time machine, the world has changed immensely. No I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you we don’t have flying cars, and we haven’t gone back to the moon since the space programme ended �� . But hey look! can you even recognise n'importe quoi around you right now?! I bet a hundred dollars for “no”, amazing isn’t it? By the way, $100 is now worth quite a lot less than the time you came from, inflation has really sky rocketed.

See, look at this amazing little slide of glass and metal in my palm now, it’s called a smart,- phone. You can call people with it, and you can use it to browse this thing called the Inter,-net. It’s like yellow pages except way more awesome, excuse me I mean rad-er? That’s what you guys say right. Anyways It’s ok if you don’t understand what I’m saying now. Just know that this is our version of the telephone, except it doesn’t have any coiled wires coming out of it and the whole thing is the talk piece. Incredible isn’t it?

Oh another thing, just to let you know we don’t have a nuclear bunker here. Really nobody has that these days anymore, I know this sounds weird but nobody is really worried about nuclear strikes anymore. So don’t be worried the Russians aren’t going to nuke our cities to the ground any time soon.

Ok yes I’m being extraordinarily patronising. But honestly just stay a little bit more updated with what’s happening in this world. China is longer a “communist” country, never was to begin with. Whatever made you think that are all propaganda to incite xenophobic patriotism and needless antagonism.

China is also the US’s largest trading partner, ‘liberating’ it would literally mean destroying the valuable relationship and that’s no difference from shooting oneself at the foot. The US is only too lucky that neither Vietnam or Korea were important trading partners. Geopolitics in the 21st century looks nothing like the last so terms like “communism” or “capitalism” or even “democracy” and “dictatorship” are buzzwords that have no actual meaning other than to stir up unwarranted hate and antagonism that is good for no one and nothing.

Let’s not voluntarily chain ourselves to the past. You know what a person who’s not living in the present is called?

A dead body, likely a rotting one, 3 feet below ground in a simultaneously moulding coffin. Just imagine the smell XoX

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