What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

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You can enhance WooCommerce functionalities by integrating it with LiveChat.

Discussion en temps réel is a combination of robust chat & help desk software that allows online businesses to handle multiple chats simultaneously and build a better relationship with clients.

The software’s significant advantage is its installation; the process takes only a couple of minutes, plus it’s dead easy. To get a LiveChat widget on your site, you need to place the code before the

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

GTranslate Your license is inactive or expired, please subscribe again! tag on your website. Moreover, you can also place LiveChat on multiple sites without additional charges.

Thanks to the software, you will be able to turn your customer service around. LiveChat helps to increase satisfaction rates thanks to chat tools:

  • réponses en conserve,
  • Message sneak-peeks,
  • Visitor banning,
  • Information about visitors,
  • File sharing,

Proactive engagement

The use of LiveChat surely will help you improve visitors’ engagement on your website. The app lets you send personalized chat greetings that are based on visitors activity on your site. It means that you can send a different invitation to a person who visits you for the first time and a person who is your regular client. You can also write a different message to a client who spent a lot of time on your site or who is having a problem with finalizing a purchase.

Basically, LiveChat lets you strike when the iron is hot and make use of every sale opportunity.

Our clients claim that visitors who receive well-tailored chat greetings are 6.3 times more likely to buy a product. I think it’s worth using this opportunity.

Try LiveChat out during a 30-day, free trial to see that LiveChat and WooCommerce are a perfect match!

Disclaimer - I work for LiveChat

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Brush Your Ideas is also a WooCommerce base advance product designer that can be smoothly integrated into your website and enables your online users to create customized products easily. It is suitable for all types of products like t-shirt, shoe, skin & cover, sign & poster, card. It can generate outputs in SVG, PNG, PDF and JPEG formats.

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

WooCommerce Product Designer comes Features with following features.

  • Text Features
  • Image Features
  • Conception Feature
  • Template Designs
  • Object Management
  • Print Color Management
  • Configurable Attributes
  • Theme Configurations
  • Product Design Preview
  • Social Partage des fichiers multimédias

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It really depends on your needs!

There are plenty of WordPress extensions that are build to solve, or power various verticals of WooCommerce, like product management, shipping, payment gateways, appearance, website optimization and so on.

Here I list some of the most useful WooCommerce extensions:

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Carreau my other answer for complete list of best WooCommerce extensions.

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What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Let’s start the list! 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins that Increase Sales for Free

  1. Beeketing for WooCommerce
  2. Booster for WooCommerce
  3. Meilleur coupon Box
  4. Yith WooCommerce Wishlist
  5. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Booster for WooCommerce

The most striking feature is its capability to localize your website depending on the shopper’s country. This plugin supports website localization to translate your website profile, product descriptions, contents, and graphic images to match the language of your target audience with cultural sensitivity and accuracy.

Aside from language, it is capable of automatically changing your product prices at local currency. You will be able to add 159 additional currencies not originally included in WooCommerce and display the matching currency symbol.

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

How a product page will display when a shopper from Lithuania visits your site. The language, price, and currency symbol have all been altered to adapt to the user’s country.

Points forts:

  • Local Currency Settings: manage your prices in various currencies and display the subsequent currency symbol to adapt to your user’s current location.
  • Product Visibility by Country: hide specific products in certain countries. When shoppers from selected countries enter your store, specific products will be removed from their category, archive and search views.
  • Product Availability by Time: set the availability of your products in a certain timetable.

Beeketing for WooCommerce

One of the best WooCommerce plugins for marketing. It includes different tools designed to optimize conversion rates, increase average order value and nurture loyal customers.

With Boost Sales tool, you can create Upsell & Cross-sell offer popup that combines well with WooCommerce related products feature to increase average order value of the store:

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

With Checkout Boost tool, you can set up different types of promotional offers to incentivise customers to complete checkout

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What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Points forts:

  • Advanced Automation: big data algorithms are built-in the plugin, powering up the capability to do marketing automation for each store by analyzing and learning from store’s historical data.
  • Easy setup for non-coders: designed for non-technical store owners, the plugin is very easy to implement and configure without coding skills needed.
  • Tableau de bord Google Analytics: each tool has a separate analytics board to help you track results from your campaigns and optimize accordingly for higher conversion.

Better Coupon Box | Coupon popup with Exit-intent

Every WordPress website needs a aWordPress popup plugin to grow their email list. An eCommerce website needs more than that: popups for online stores need to incorporate the ability to grant coupon codes, collect social followers, appear at exit-intent to prevent cart abandonment. Better Coupon Box, l'un des best WordPress popup plugins, is built specifically for WooCommerce websites to create beautiful coupon popups with multi functions.

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Points forts:

  • 100% Customizable popups: design a popup that matches your store’s look & feels with pre-designed templates or full CSS/HTML custom
  • Auto-sync email list with external email service providers: sync collected subscribers to MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mailbot... to send follow-up email
  • Target specific groups of customers or pages: show coupon popups to specific groups of customers only or on defined pages

>> You can find out other useful plugins on this blog post: 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins that Increase Sales for Free


We’re giving away 4 WooCommerce extensions in this campaign: Beeketing Ecommerce Giveaway Worth $17,000+. Enter to win!

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Joe Shestak

Joe Shestak

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms across the world. And WooCommerce powers 22% ecommerce sites across the internet. So yes, they are popular. AppJetty is a host of some of the best WordPress Plugins.

WooCommerce Show All Reviews

You can now display all the reviews of your WooCommerce store (with filter) on a single page using WooCommerce Show All Reviews plugin. As there is a single page review display, it will help the readers to have a quick glimpse through all the reviews and get a better idea about your products.

What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Why Use Show All Reviews?

Minimal Navigations

You can now display all reviews on a single page. This saves your customers from navigating to other pages to view reviews.

Review Filtration

Enable your customers to filter reviews based on different criteria. They can read reviews based on product, categories and prices.

Remove Unwanted Products

If any of your products have negative reviews and you don’t want to display it, you can choose to eliminate those products.

WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce AusPost Shipping Plugin helps WordPress ecommerce store owners based in Australia to eliminate the guesswork out their shipping processes. The Australia Post extension comes of great help when you want to create multiple delivery options, set shipment handling charges, offer multiple shipping methods and provide shipment tracking to customers. Once you integrate Australia Post WooCommerce Extension, you can also add live shipping rates for Australia Post to your store. Avoid losing your customers merely for a prolonged shipping process. Expand shipping options exponentially and enjoy effortless management of domestic and international parcels!

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What extension is the most useful WooCommerce extension?

Why Should You Use Australia Post Shipping?

Official ECommerce Partner of Australia Post

We have partnered with AusPost and continually strive to offer best services to Australian retailers. The unmatched quality of our WooCommerce plugin makes it one of the bestselling products for Australia Post Integration.

Real-Time Shipping Rates

Save the time and efforts of your customers spent behind visiting the official Australia Post Shipping website. You can display live shipping rates right from your store and change/disable default AusPost service name whenever you want.

Gestion des envois

WooCommerce Australia post parcel tracking plugin lets you generate shipments for customer orders. You can also track the shipment details of their parcels through tracking ID displayed on the order detail page with WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin.

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There are many but if you want to allow your customer to design their product as they want then Woocommerce Product Designer is best to choose. The best part about WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin is that it is compatible with all kinds of products having printable surfaces. So, whether you’re into selling t-shirts, business cards or gifts, our tool provides you with the best quality output. It can generate outputs in SVG, PNG, PDF and JPEG formats.When it comes to creating custom products, good designing features are of paramount importance. The makers of Brush Your Ideas understand this and have infused Woocommerce Product Customizer with functionalities that are a huge help at every step of designing. Being fully responsive, Woocommerce Web-to-Print tool works with all the devices and helps create designs on the move. Help your customers make the most out of it!

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