What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?


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If you are looking to build a marketplace from scratch you might end up spending lots of time and resources on getting it in place. Also, the final product needs to tested thoroughly to cope with the complex scenarios of a multi vendor marketplace. This would take additional time and resources in finding and fixing the bugs.

A multi seller ecommerce marketplace should have the following essential features:

  • Performance and Flexibility so your site retains customers and can be scaled up to millions of users.
  • Support for Vendor Management so you can manage multiple vendors and their accounts easily.
  • Pricing, Display and Search to offer competitive pricing to your customers.
  • Easy Accounting to manage your ledger, payouts and commissions.
  • Options to go Global to extend the reach of your marketplace to global markets.
  • Mobile First Approach to create mobile version of your marketplace and benefit from MCommerce.
  • Support for SEO and Marketing to get better ranking and explore multiple marketing channels for your business

What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?

Achieving all this can be a very tedious job if you start doing it right from scratch. I would rather suggest you go for the StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce solution for B2B businesses. It is a comprehensive and full fledged multi vendor solution which allows you to set up horizontal( like Amazon, Alibaba) or vertical(like LimeRoad) or hybrid marketplace (like OLX) in no time.

Plan and Setup

StoreHippo works on monthly subscription plan which is ideal for new businesses looking to experiment with the multi vendor marketplace http://model.It has various subscription plans which are pocket friendly and reduce your go to market time to just a few days.

You can start by creating a webstore using one of their plans and exploring all the features available. Then just drop a mail to their support to convert your online store into a marketplace. They will confirm your requirement and would request you to make payment for the plan chosen by you. That is it! As soon as you make payment your multi- vendor marketplace would be activated and you can started onboarding sellers to your very own marketplace.

Also, the subscription based plan is very good opportunity for new businesses that need funds for other critical resources like promotions and marketing. StoreHippo multi vendor platform can be used to set up any of the following types of businesses;

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba like Multi seller Marketplace

Vous pouvez créer et personnaliser votre marché multi-fournisseurs pour le modèle B2B ou B2C. Vous disposez également de solutions 360 telles que la logistique pré-intégrée, les passerelles de paiement et divers outils permettant de gérer le réseau de fournisseurs répertoriés sur votre marché.

Marketplace pour une marque donnée

Créez une place de marché dédiée à une marque unique et répertoriez vos détaillants en tant que fournisseurs afin de leur offrir un canal de vente supplémentaire. Cela aide à cibler les villes 2 et 3 de niveau qui sont normalement inaccessibles.

Configuration multi-magasins

Créez plusieurs vitrines au sein d'un magasin unique en ciblant le trafic depuis des emplacements spécifiques. Cela vous permet d'offrir un inventaire et des offres basés sur la localisation pour vos clients.

Configuration du magasin d'affiliation

Cela aide à créer un réseau d’affiliés sur une plate-forme unique. Vous pouvez proposer de créer des magasins affiliés où ils pourront vendre vos produits.

Some of the key features of StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce are;

Pour admin

  • Ajouter plusieurs vendeurs facilement.
  • Panneau d'administration distinct pour chaque vendeur.
  • Fractionnement automatique des commandes pour différents vendeurs.
  • Gardez un contrôle sur les produits vendus par les vendeurs.
  • Approuver ou rejeter les vendeurs et leurs produits à partir du panneau d'administration.
  • L'administrateur peut contrôler les vendeurs et les produits à approuver.
  • Définissez des règles de commission (règles du grand livre du vendeur) pour différentes actions, par exemple lorsqu'un produit est vendu ou ajouté.
  • Gérez les transactions du vendeur (registre des vendeurs) pour les vendeurs et générez des factures aux vendeurs.
  • Approuvez ou rejetez facilement les produits téléchargés par les vendeurs.
  • Interdit aux vendeurs de mettre à jour ou de modifier les données de profil ou de produit.
  • Reçois des messages quand un vendeur est ajouté.
  • Définissez un vendeur par défaut pour les produits téléchargés par l'administrateur.
  • L'administrateur peut ajouter un utilisateur existant en tant que vendeur.

The Vendors get following benefits;

  • Transparence complète et tableau de bord séparé.
  • Inscrivez-vous et commencez à vendre en un rien de temps.
  • Gérer les produits, les commandes et les expéditions.
  • Affectation automatique de la commande multi-produits à différents fournisseurs.
  • Get notifications for full or partial orders for a given vendor.

Apart from these the multi seller ecommerce platform of StoreHippo also offers added advantages by providing,

  • An extremely customizable and high performance marketplace.
  • Complete vendor management tools that give Admin all controls.
  • Pricing, display and search to engage and convert customers faster.
  • Simplified accounting with comprehensive vendor ledger.
  • Multilingual and IP based pricing that let your business go global.
  • Mobile first approach for store front as well as dashboard.
  • Pre Integrated logistics at ZERO additional cost.
  • Marketing and SEO friendly for better results from various digital channels.

Essayez le StoreHippo demo for multi vendor setup and start your own online marketplace in no time.

Disclaimer: I work for Store Hippo Digital Marketing team.

Ankit Macwan

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If you are planning to set up your own marketplace, then there are some essential features that you ought to have.

  • The seller should have a seperate management system along with a simplified interface to handle their purchases and track their orders and shipment.
  • The information regarding the seller can only be added or deleted by the admin.
  • The management should be such that the owner of the store can set commission on the global level, across the world.
  • The dashboard of the vendor side or the seller side must be powerful and robust in order to view recent purchases, orders, sales reports and also allowing them to filter the reports.
  • Seller can manage their orders easily with status, estimated delivery times and so on.
  • The seller reports must allow the sellers to see their shopping activities in chronological order or even recent first system.
  • Along with the seller, the store admin must also have the rights to view and track orders and manage further seller and vendor information.
  • The marketplace must have an option of online payment collection along with cash on delivery. It should support multiple secure payment gateways, especially the famous ones, like CCAvenue, PayPal, BillDesk and many more.
  • It should be SEO friendly and have great snippets.
  • A good marketplace always gives their customer a reason to prefer buying from them rather than any other marketplace. So, give detailed customer reviews and testimonials.
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You can build your marketplace on BuildaBazaar.

BuildaBazaar, an online store website builder, serves above sixty thousand online stores at present. It is platform that gives you utmost freedom to expand and flourish your business. It is by far the most affordable best online store builder among its other competitors.

What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?

You can sell effortlessly

It is a very robust and powerful platform. Also, you can say it is a very affordable store builder in India. BuildaBazaar is a Software as a Service, SaaS platform that makes up for a complete eCommerce solution. This platform is designed to give you ultra high performance with no hassles whatsoever. You practically do not have to worry about any software upgrades and hardware maintenance. BuildaBazaar is the best online store builder in terms of features given to its customers.

Managing Products

Once you create a store at BuildaBazaar, you get access to the most comprehensive catalog content management system, CMS. You can manage your products very easily using this system. Also, you can add new products, edit features and descriptions and sell them without any hassles. The user interface of the CMS is very friendly and easy to use, it allows you to add multiple products using bulk upload and even modify the product information.

Thème du site

What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?

ThemeJungle is a conglomeration of beautiful, elegant and professionally designed website themes that are ready to be used. You can choose over a hundred premium themes to create your website on BuildaBazaar. All these themes are fully responsive and SEO friendly. You also get other free services as free logo, free adword banner, free SSL certificate and free domain name once you create your store with BuildaBazaar. All these features let you create your website and go live within 24 hours.

Go Social With Your Online Store

BuildaBazaar expands your horizon without any limits. You can sell across the globe with multi currency feature. Also, you can allow your customers to connect and login to your store using social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Also, your customers and you can share your website contents directly on social media platforms.

Integrate Secure Payment Gateway

BuildaBazaar allows its clients and stores to collect payment online via credit and debit cards and net banking. It supports integration with various payment gateways like CCAvenue, HDFC, Axis, PayPal and many more.

So, this is just a teaser of what BuildaBazaar could do for your online business. If you want to know more, just register and get the 15 day trial and create your own store.

Kathleen Taylor

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An eCommerce marketplace should have certain features & functionalities by default so that the workflow is smooth & flawless.

Tableau de bord administrateur

The admin dashboard at the backend would have all the functionalities that can be used to manage the marketplace business, such as user management, seller management, dispute management, store design, business analytics, and much more.

Seller dashboard

The seller dashboard given to every seller in the marketplace allows them to run their business from their end like managing products and deliveries.

Uploading any product type and unlimited products

Any number of products can be uploaded on the marketplace website, the products can be anything from shoes, clothing, electronics, e-books, gift certificates, etc, based on which you can design the delivery setup.

Canaux de revenus multiples

You need to generate revenue consistently from your marketplace business, for which you have to integrate number of ways to make it. Subscription basis for sellers to sell on your marketplace and features listing of their products on the eCommerce website can get you better revenue.

Prise en charge de plusieurs devises

Take your marketplace business global that can accept any type of currency, for this your platform should be able to support it.

Direct user/seller chat window

Users should be able to chat with the sellers directly when enquiring about the product to the delivery.

Chatbot for customer service

The chatbots can answer any customer queries when the seller isn’t available, so that customer support can be found round the clock, which also eliminates the setting up an expensive outsourced customer service.

API driven platform

Any third-party application and plugins can be installed into the eCommerce platform to maximize the usage for business purposes.

As per my experience in the field of eCommerce, I found that 1 Genstore provides all the above features along with any other customization that the marketplace business owner needs.

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What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?

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1 Best Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Software

Blysse Grace

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Fantacy has the features that would best suit the business model for an online marketplace application. The features of an E-commerce marketplace application should be friendly for buyers and sellers. Based on that only buyers and sellers will get attracted towards the application.

  • Providing multiple options to buy from increases the sales on the site.
  • Multi-vendor system: Multiple vendors can sell their products on the site.
  • Product details: Wide range of details about the products.
  • Advanced filter options: Search for exactly what they need.
  • Multiple payment options: Make payments for purchase in different ways( COD, credit card, Braintree, PAYPAL) they prefer.
  • Follow seller: Follow particular seller and his products.
  • Group gifts and gift cards: Share among friends to pay for gifts and send gift cards.
  • Invites and credits: Invite friends to use this app and earn credits upon successful invites.
  • Merchant dashboard: Every vendor is provided with his own dashboard to manage the sales, to add products and to manage his inventory.

And also Fantacy is an open source Ecommerce script, so it is easily customizable to fulfill your every need.

For More Details.,

Fancy Clone Script | Multi Vendor Ecommerce Script | Online Marketplace Script | AppKodes

Kowsika Madeshwaran

Kowsika Madeshwaran, Ecommerce Analyst at Pofitec (2017-present)

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Here’s the essential features to look for in an ecommerce marketplace platform

Coût de développement

Development cost except for additional customizations is almost fixed like MRP’s (maximum retail price) because these are sold as products rather than services/solutions. So, you’ll have the anchor over your development principle right from the start.

What essential features should an eCommerce marketplace have?

Readily Available

Judge your multi-vendor e-commerce platform based on how quick it can get your business into the market as one of the main reason you choose it apart from saving money and time. Software with an easy download, quick configurations, and simple setup can save time and effort a great deal.

Hosting Solution

Web hosting announces your entry into the online arena. So choose a script that provides an instant hosting solution that can get your website live in minutes. Be cautious while choosing the hosting environment.

Unbeatable Design & Themes

Your multi-vendor eCommerce store design should be appealing enough to take its onlookers by astonishment and inviting them to go for a try. Many scripts offer mobile responsive themes which can right away give you the standard look and feel. Above all, you need to check whether your multi-vendor e-commerce theme is customizable.

Sur Mesure

Your multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace script should be flexible to lock up in any kind of changes right from functional to UI/UX.

Options de paiement

A best multi-vendor e-commerce platform will render ready-made support towards multiple secured payment gateways. It will be convenient for customers across the globe to choose a channel which they are comfortable with and it improves your website’s customer acquisition.

Tableau de bord du marchand

Being a marketplace owner, you must satisfy both the Vendors and Buyers. In that, Merchants are your first customers and so it is essential that your multi-vendor e-commerce software has enough controls for merchants to perform their product management.

Maksim Komonov

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I am writing an article about this right now and can share my draft list of features we think is a must have.

A perfect marketplace for the owner. As a platform (software):

  • saas or software? first thing you will bump into - different types of platforms. one is cloud, another - downloadable. saas needs no development and bla bla bla bla bla bla
  • affordable. Starting a business it always comes to the costs on the first place. There are plenty solutions on the net offering great prices starting from under $100. But you will have to decide for yourself, what kind of payments will work for you - monthly fees or one-time charge. Fees are always less, but paying once - you buy software forever, so your investments will return in a while. moreover, all settings and presets will stay with you if you decide to close a marketplace and start another - just change your domain.
  • it should be easy to use for admin and vendors. no matter how powerful or affordable your platform is, if you lose yourself in millions of settings in the admin panel - it is a waste of time. Yes, you will have to study in any way, but not a year. and think for vendors, they don’t want to explore the admin panel either. for both sides it is vital to start selling right away.
  • secure. marketplace is all about money processing and private information storage. if you can’t keep it safe - you will lose everything.
  • stable. means it stays up 99% of time. all systems work. and this is not only about your admin settings, it is about server and backup.
  • design. always working, has lots of useful features but looks ugly - problem. you don’t need a super stylish design, simple and laconic, helping customers see what they need to see and define what they see and where to push to buy.
  • automative. some work can be performed automatically by certain settings. as a marketplace grows, you need spend more time on more important things, rather than on routine.
  • payments friendly. what kind of vendors will you have? what kind of payments they will prefer? PayPal is not the best option for everyone.
  • taxes. does your platform count yours and your vendors taxes? it is not the most important thing to pay attention to on the start but it will return sooner or later. the regulation going more and more strict.
  • shipping. ok, your vendors can easily sell on your marketplace. but how are they going to ship a product? can you influence on it? if you don’t tell customers how and when their purchase will arrive, you don’t expect many of them.
  • freedom for vendors for design and layouts, promotion. all vendors are individuals with their taste and preferences. no matter they are people or companies. everyone wants to stand out with his own style. can they do it on your platform? as our practice shows, they don’t need much, just a few options to make their storefront different. logo, background, products layout. but what really makes vendors admired - their own promotion capabilities. they don’t need to ask marketplace admin to organise a season sale for their products, they just push several buttons and it is set and already on the storefront. easy, fast, independent.
  • seo. make friends with search engines. you can’t pay to attract customers all the time, you need to make it to the top of first page of search results. and your vendors can assist you with that by adding meta tags to their products. together as one.
  • customizable. what are your vendors going to sell? do they need all features to do it successful? collect feedback from them and from customers to develop new functionality and design to improve customers experience and usability to make your marketplace a perfect place for sellers and buyers.
  • api
  • growth potential. what if your marketplace grows super fast and the number of vendors and products is overwhelming? how many of them can your platform cope with?
  • CX features. become your own customer, think as one. would you buy anything from your marketplace?
  • instructions and documentation, support. everyone starting an ecommerce business was stuck with something in the admin panel. you also will be in these shoes.
  • analytics. it is everything for an ecommerce business. and the platform must be friendly to it. easy to install and get reports. is it enhanced or regular?
  • roi. how much are you going to invest in your marketplace and how much you will have in return. is it possible to start with no investments at all? what free features your platform offers. can you plan your investments on start without sales?
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A perfect marketplace for vendors and customers. As a storefront (business):

  • payment methods. PayPal, Authorize, 2Checkout, First Data, eWay, SagePay and many more.
  • Responsive themes. Google will mark your marketplace as mobile-friendly. It will rank it highly for customers browsing from smartphones and tablets.
  • SEO. SEO-friendly URLs, meta description, Google rich snippets, canonical URLs, and 301 redirects, automatic sitemap generation.
  • vendor payout system. Save 90% of your time. Automatically divide payouts.
  • Multiple levels of administrative access. Delegate duties to your employees with no risk.
  • Detailed statistics and reports. Along with GA there’s a built-in sales report system.
  • Built-in layout editor. Plusieurs fournisseurs includes a built-in layout editor. Arrange data blocks on every single page of your storefront. Simple drag & drop without hiring technical experts.
  • Promotion options. Discount on the order or some products, invitations to user groups, free shipping, additional free products, gift certificate and many more.
  • Bulk product editing. 45 product parameters can be edited in bulk for hundreds or thousands of products listed in your marketplace in a few mouse clicks.
  • Built-in database backup / restore tool. Back up the whole database of your marketplace and restore it from a backup copy.
  • Separate vendor panel. Provide each vendor with a separate admin panel. It will allow your vendors to manage their own settings and products.
  • Real-time and manual shipping calculations. 8 world’s biggest carriers. It means that your vendors will not have to specify shipping cost for each product manually. Besides, it is possible to set custom shipping methods.
  • Comments and reviews. Customers can rate and review vendors and their products.
  • Vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics. Vendors can view their account balance to track all payouts and commissions taken by the store administrator.
  • Multiple currencies, taxes. Vendors can choose local currencies and taxes pre-set by the marketplace administrator.
  • Advanced search. Search products, categories, orders, customers and vendors with 45 search parameters. Save search parameters for the future.
  • garantie

Remember, it is a draft. By the way you can try all these features in our free personal demo.

Bonne chance!

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