What are the best Indian Android apps?

Rakesh Bhatt

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Save Location GPS is very useful App.

Save Location GPS

Save Location GPS - Android Apps on Google Play

Save Location GPS on the App Store

What are the best Indian Android apps?

What are the best Indian Android apps?

What are the best Indian Android apps?

Save Location GPS - The app name says it all! This is your Personal Location Assistant.

Save your favorite places. Never forget where you parked the car. Share important locations with your friends or colleagues.

Features of Save Location GPS

Save & Share Location
Save your current location with just one click with accuracy.

Online/Offline Support
App will work with and without internet. You can save new location without internet. (GPS will take time to locate without internet)

Save Location Detail
Also saves important details like Latitude, Longitude, Title, Address, and Photos to mark any location.

• Edit Saved Locations
Easily edit your saved locations, or remove unwanted locations.

Group your Locations
Have some favorite restaurants or hiking spots? Group them together for future reference.

Different Map Types
You can see maps in Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain views.

Favorite Locations
Add locations to Favorites to always remember your favorite places. Access it quickly from favourite screen.

Navigate to Locations
Navigate with ease and find the quickest route to all your destinations with Save Location App.

Login and Sync Locations
Login and access your favorite locations on any device.

Export and Import Locations
Easily export all the location data into a CSV file so you can easily make use of that data. Want to map out a group of locations to share with a work team? This feature is perfect for you.

Support/Feedback/Feature request
We love to hear from you! In-app message us any issues or feedback. Have a new Feature idea? We would love to hear and we will for our best to serve you.

Here is some use cases :

• Visiting a new friend for the first time? The Save Location App will quickly show and save the location details with exact accuracy so you can reference it later for your next visit! The app even stores the date so you remember the last time you saw Grandma!

• Find the best restaurant in town and want to remember to bring your loved ones? Save the location in the app and even share it with your friends so they know where to find you.

• All location data can be saved in the app for reference from other devices, all with security to ensure only you and people you want to see your location data can access it.

This app is perfect for adventurers, business people, team leaders and those who socialise with family and friend Just imagine all the places you've been and thought how you would like to share with others. This is your chance.

Save Location GPS - Android Apps on Google Play

Save Location GPS on the App Store

Arpan Khosla

Arpan Khosla, Engineer | Poet | CEO of Rhymly.com

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Je pense que Rhymly is one such Indian app!

Try us out on Google PLay store: Rhymly- Anybody Can Rhyme - Apps on Google Play

Rhymly is a one-stop content tech platform that helps budding creative writers search rhymes & meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets while rhyming on the fly, discover & share talented writers & also get themselves featured on the app every day.

Nous aidons Poets, Shayars, Songwriters, Rappers, ad agencies, jingle writers, etc.save a lot of time on their art pieces, break their writer's block, create more & a better quality of content & concentrate only on creativity while leaving the Vocabulary part to us.

Our unique proposition is that we cover the entire process of short content rhyming, writing, storing, sharing & discovering on a single platform & a creative writer doesn’t need to go to multiple platforms for all these things.

Some of our product screenshots:

What are the best Indian Android apps?

What are the best Indian Android apps?

What are the best Indian Android apps?

Find & review us on Google PLay store: Rhymly- Anybody Can Rhyme - Apps on Google Play

Priyanga AR

Priyanga AR

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If you had asked the best android apps, there could be many to be listed. But since you are keen in knowing the apps made by INDIANS, i am writing this to you.

Take Care - an emergency contact app!! MUST NEEDED ONE !!

Take Care is an free ICE (In case of emergency) application, that could help you at your hard times.

With Take care, its more simpler for people around you to inform your emergency contacts in case of emergency.

Though its very less in terms of its size, it does a lot in case of emergency. When you are met with some accident, the people around you would have no idea about you. Even if they go through your mobile phone, it would be locked.

This app displays your emergency contacts on your lock screen so that people around you could inform your trusted contacts about your situation.

Get it on Google play --> Take Care - Emergency Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play


1. Get it from play store. Installation takes only few minutes as it is less than 2 MB.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

2. Select the emergency contacts and set them according to your priority.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

3. After setting it right, you have to toggle “Add Contacts On Lock Screen” button ON.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

4. You are done. From now on, the emergency contact list appears on your device’s lock screen.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

5. No matter whichever the screen lock is, Take Care works well with all.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

Then, a small rectangular field is allotted to display single contact (emergency contact 1). The forward arrow at the right corner of the box shows the next contact (emergency contact 2 and so on). The close symbol to the left of the box will hide the emergency contact list from the lock screen. The next time you turn your screen ON, the box appears again. You can also move the box to any desired location on your device’s screen.

Take Care. Be Safe !

Deep Kakkad

Deep Kakkad, Founder, Rakht Save Lives

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I had seen many people dying in India, due to unavailability of blood in emergency situations. We came up with a solution which might decrease deaths due to unavailability of blood by 44.7%. We made this application specially considering efficient and immediate purposes.

Comment fonctionne l'application?

Assumes a situation where you or someone around you needs blood of blood group B+ve. There's an emergency button in the app. Pressing the button, you'll be asked the blood group, B+ve in this case. As soon as you press B+ve, everyone around you having blood group B+ve will be notified. The person who can donate blood, will click on the notification. The person who clicked the notification will be asked if he is ready to donate. Then after he/she will be given your/needy's contact information and needy will be given the donators information(we don't share everyone information with public).

We've played our role, now it's your turn .

Please do download and share.

Rakht: Save Lives - Android Apps on Google Play

Siraj T

Siraj T, CEO at SSTech System (2011-present)

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The best Indian Android apps are:-

Quick Chat :mobile chat Application have become extremely popular all over the world in today’s arena. Quick Chat is basically designed, developed to help people connect with their friends, near and dear ones in a very friendly, easy and hassle free manner. This app is built for any android phone.

The chat application provides a feature for multiple users to post and share messages, videos, associate user names with these messages, display and update the last several messages so that chat visitors can follow the ongoing discussion. This application allow for multiple user as well as one-on-one sessions.

The application is reliable and scalable. It shows presence live online/offline status of connected users, stores and retrieve messages, push notifications. Messaging for multi user group chat.

Administrator will be able to create, edit and delete a chat room. He will be able to delete all messages from a chat room, add and remove moderators for a given room. He would be able to grant and revoke group privilege to a chat room. He can active and deactivate a particular chat room.

Vêtements d'intérieur : Australia’s first online shopping store is incorporated in the year 2017 by the enthusiastic entrepreneur. It is one stop destination which would caters to every women’s need. We believe that innerwear is always the first layer of clothing’s and should be of the highest quality.

We are consumer centric, modifies the innerwear product and design as per consumer’s needs and wants. Our core competencies lies in understanding prevailing trends for women’s inner wear in the market and their buying preferences.

Our Endeavour is always to provide pleasant and comfortable experiences to the customer for online shopping worldwide. We also provide free and fast delivery services right at your door step.

Our continued efforts is to provide free shipping, free returns, mobile shopping to serve more customers in many ways with fresh and relevant shopping experience which inspires style. Our relentless drive is to exceed customer’s expectation.

The global customers can enjoy high quality of various innerwear products with excellent customer service at Ladies Innerwear & lingerie Store in Australia | Buy Women’s Underwear.

DTS : is an online transport booking application, where the customers can book vehicle on daily and monthly basis. Online calculation of distance and estimated fare.

  • Daily Entry on basis of truck, company, location and department with data validation system.
  • Different User Role.
  • Different Report generation like Freight Invoice, Summary Invoice, Statement Invoice, Memo Invoice.
  • SMS alert to client on delivery base time and date.

Afifa : AFIFA.COM.AU is an online shop for Women’s Indian clothing in Australia and New Zealand. AFIFA.COM.AU is an online store where you can find wide range of Indian dresses like anarkali dresses & anarkali suits, churidar dresses & churidar suits, different types of kurties, attractive leggings, henna services & tattoos and also provide the alteration & stitching services. We provide free shipping up to $199 anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

For more details, you can Contact us Here

Email : [email protected]

Skype ID : sstechsystem

Linkedin : SStech System

Facebook : SSTech System

Twitter : SSTech System

Tijin E Thilakan

Tijin E Thilakan, worked at Android Application Development

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This App really deserves few of your attention because it really enhance world's No:1 Instant messaging App WhatsApp's features moreover this App made by four Indian youngsters. With WhatsTools you can send any files Up to 1 GB via WhatsApp. WhatsTools makes your WhatsApp beyond the restriction.

"Atleast we are indian's have to give them big support"

Features of WhatsTools.

The app is really seems to be integrated with WhatsApp Interface. Once you have been installed WhatsTools, then you have to go WhatsApp and click file selection menu you can see a additional file picker menu that generated by WhatsTools. From WhatsTools file selection menu you can select additional sending options which is WhatsApp not allowed to their customers eg : APK sending option, Archive, Document, Ebook, Video up to 1GB, Files.

What are the best Indian Android apps?


Via any instant message apps.

WhatsTools is not only depend via WhatsApp. With WhatsTools you can send any files up to 1 GB through any of your Instant Messaging App.

Pause, Auto Resume upload and download options.

The WhatsTools user can pause files while the time of its downloading and uploading.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

Share Option.

You can share uploading file to any one.

Auto download option.

Once the uploader has been not completed his uploading the user have the option for auto downloading.

Video preview Option.

WhatsTools user who is going to download or upload a large file he can preview the video content before its downloading.

For downloading :- search WhatsTools in Play Store or visit WhatsTools.com

Tutorial Video :-

Send Documents,Files on WhatsApp Using WhatsTools App

Also I am ready to give you any instant support via my WhatsApp number ±91 9895791823

Je vous remercie ..

Dis:- I am the one of the Co-developer of WhatsTools
If u really like this App ...Share..upvote..follow..feedback...
And support us...

Vidhi Khatri

Vidhi Khatri, studied at Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

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Hello, friends...

Every one of us has secrets that we would not wish to be disclosed to others.

A phone is no more a little thing that is used to make and receive calls. We get our emails on our phones, store our important documents, passwords, personal data, photos, videos, apps, messages and so on. In most cases, if someone near and dear to us see them, but many of us store such data as we would not like other to see

Do you worry about the visibility of your private data or secrets on your smartphone? The privacy in Mobile is very essential.

Coffre-fort is your Solution. It's not an only App, it's more than that. Now every user can easily hide their private data and lock unlimited applications on the smartphone.

Coffre-fort is 100% FREE for Premium Features:

  1. Hide unlimited confidential document, voice conversation - audio files, contacts.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

  1. Hide unlimited photos: Hide your private moment images/ photos from the world. Only accessible from your Safe Box. Make it more private with Safe Box.
  2. Hide Unlimited Videos : Now you can easily hide your secrete videos from your gallery with safe box.
  3. Lock unlimited application you have installed. Like Facebook, Facebook messenger, whatsapp, Hike, Email, Gmail, etc...

What are the best Indian Android apps?

  1. Send Feedback through Email
  2. Safe Box give you three types of security options for better security of your secret apps: PIN, Password and Pattern Lock

What are the best Indian Android apps?

  1. Protect your confidential data like Bank Statement, Business proposal docs, and many other important documents, Make it more Safe with Safe Box.
  2. If you will forgot your password then Safe Box will send password to your email id.

Je vous remercie.

Mayank Shivhare

Mayank Shivhare, Tester, Wipro Technologies

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According to me " Best Indian Android App is - Hike"

I will say it is far better than Whatsapp which is the most downloaded app on Google play store.

Hike is better than whatsapp because there are lot of new functionality that are provided by Hike and not by whatsapp

1. Hide your private chats - Yes, now you can hide your particular chat on hike. It .is very useful , there are some cases where we want to hide our chat and just to hide that chat thread we have to apply lock on that app

What are the best Indian Android apps?

2. No limit of data upload - Yes, you can upload any file of max time of 100 mb. Whereas in whatsapp you can upload files upto few mb. It is very useful when you have to share full HD videos and other big files

What are the best Indian Android apps?

3. Chat in different language- Now you do not have to download other keyboard app from play store to type in Hindi and other Indian regional languages.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

4. Filtre photo - Exactly, Photo Filter ! there is a inbuilt feature in Hike that enables you edit your picture before you send it to your loved ones. You dont have to download any third party app.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

5. Autocollant- Got bored of same old Emoticon ? Then you should try this , this is something new and very cool feature provided by Hike.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

6. Share Files Without Internet - Yes within this app only you can share your data with another user using hike.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

7. Appels de groupe - Cool Na ? I challenge, you will not find this feature in any other IM app.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

8. 500 Members in a Single Group.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

9. Send All Kinds Of Files. Even APKs- With whatsapp you can only share audio and video file.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

10. Post Photos & Get Loved On Your Brand New Timeline- Hike is like a social networking app . Whenever you change your photo or status , your friends will get notified.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

11. Exciting New Chat Themes- Got bored of watching same theme, with hike you can use different themes in different chats thread.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

12. News Updates Under 100 Words - Using this app you can also stay updated with whats happening around the world.

What are the best Indian Android apps?

13. Free SMS - This is the one of the excellent feature of this app. Imagine a situation when you are having mobile data activated on your phone and your friend does have , what will you do now . Using hike you can also send text messages to your family and friends.

I hope these with these many unique feature we can say that this is the best messaging app and best Indian App also .

And Few other apps are

  1. Bookmyshow
  2. Paytm
  3. Flipkart
  4. Snapdeal
  5. Oyo rooms
  6. Zomoto
  7. Mobikwik
  8. Grabon
  9. Couponduniya
  10. Healthifyme
  11. Saavan
  12. Gaana
  13. Ola
  14. Taxiforsure
  15. Jugnoo
  16. Grofers
  17. Grand panier
  18. Peppertap
  19. Mynta
  20. Charge libre
  21. Inshorts
  22. Redbus
  23. Hotstar
  24. Noyer
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