What are the alternatives to PayPal SDK or stripe for accepting payments on iOS or Android?

Yev Petrov

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To accept payments on Android you can consider using Paymentwall Android SDK for online payments.

You will be able to accept credit cards, mobile payments and over 200 local payment options in 196+ countries under a single API integration.

Aaron Raizen

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There are many good options in the market today but I would add to the list BlueSnap’s mobile payment SDKs. They’re both easy to use and easy to integrate. Check out this recent article about their mobile SDKs for Android and iOS for more detailed info.

What are the alternatives to PayPal SDK or stripe for accepting payments on iOS or Android?

Points forts:

  • Giving developers a fast and easy way to start accepting payments without compromising quality or flexibility
  • A payment platform that includes over 20 banks across the globe and built-in world class fraud prevention
  • A customizable checkout screen that collects the shopper’s public and sensitive data
  • A currency conversion API, which allows converting between any 2 currencies, while using the most updated rate

Hussein Shtia

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Check up this SaaS mobile payment gateway
or Signup Saas platform, Saas model, application development
they The perfect solution accept payment from app or to buy your app in SaaS model price


Bryan Keltner

Bryan Keltner

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Vous devriez regarder dans Paiements Synapse. Their ACH structure may be beneficial for you It has instant bank logins to help users quickly link payment sources in addition to providing key compliance and anti-fraud utility.

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The white label API and 25c per transaction fee seem like it would make a good fit with accepting your mobile payments.

Full Disclosure I do work with Paiements Synapse

Steve Blentlinger

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I usually don't like to be too self fullfilling and sell myself here but our iOS SDK is pretty good and we have all the goodies like in app purchase via Apple Pay. Check us out at www.paylinedata.com. You can find more info on our gateway APIs and code samples at www.paylinedata.com/integration

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