What are some must-do's and don'ts while sourcing from suppliers on http://Alibaba.com?

Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng

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How can you safeguard yourself among scams and low quality products on Alibaba?

Check Supplier’s Profile. Alibaba supports a verification service which ensures sellers are legally registered companies. This is accomplished by Alibaba and/or by independent verification companies. Be sure to visit suppliers profile information to check verification status, e.g. A&V Check, Onsite Check, Assessed Supplier.

A&V Check

A&V Checked suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection. If supplier is A&V Checked, all legal business licenses and contact persons are verified.

Onsite Check

This is a verification process for China Gold Suppliers. The supplier’s company premises are checked by Alibaba.com’s staff to ensure that onsite operations exist in the location. Meanwhile, the suppliers’ legal status and other related information are confirmed by a third-party verification agency.

Assessed Supplier

There is independent and impartial third-party verification of your prospective suppliers. This means Alibaba commissions several agencies based on their international reputation and proven credibility to test the claims made by suppliers. Assessed Supplier includes Assessment Reports, Verified Videos and Verified Main Products.

Request Product Samples. If you have doubts about the quality of the product, it is best if you could contact the seller and ask if they can send you a product sample. It may cost you some money but it’s less risky than buying outright.

Be sure to communicate with the supplier, ask questions, check verified information. Being extra careful in sourcing your product may cost you time and money, but can turn risks to rewards.

Découvrez ce post, ALIBABA.COM - UN GUIDE D'ACHAT EN LIGNE pour plus d'informations sur les achats sur Alibaba.

Kai Huang

Kai Huang, PDG de China SourceLink (2016-present)

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Merci pour A2A.

Sourcing products from China is a key step for lots of people who want to importation de Chine to start their own business.

Alibaba is one of the online sourcing tools for looking Chinese suppliers. This is the ideal place for you to acquire general information about the suppliers from China in your industry. However due to the increasing scams and frauds there are debates recently on Alibaba est-il sûr et légitime?. This is because there are lots of traders and resellers now on Alibaba. Comment utiliser alibaba pour trouver des fournisseurs en Chine is the article that teaches you how to distinguish factories from traders.

Apart from using sourcing platform like Alibaba or Global Source, there are also alternatives to acheter directement de Chine. There options includes visiting trade shows and wholesale markets, or working with a China sourcing company.

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Trade shows like canton fair is worthy of visiting when you are going to China. It is one of the largest import/export convention that takes place in Guangzhou China twice a year. Marché de gros de Guangzhou is by far the largest and most comprehensive market and it’s recommended that when you are buying wholesale from China. There are also some niche wholesale markets dedicated for certain industry, such as Marché électronique de Shenzhen for consumer electronics, Marché du meuble de Foshan for construction materials and furniture.

Travailler avec Société d'approvisionnement en Chine is a good option especially you don’t have a supply chain management team in China. They can also help you to do quality control and product inspection which is essential to guarantee a consistent quality in your products.

J'espère que ceci est utile.




China sourcing company — China sourcelink

Mia Middleditch

Mia Middleditch, Our customers source from Alibaba

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There are a lot of things that you can do to minimise risk and find a high-quality supplier when buying from Alibaba.

First of all . . . the Don’ts.

  • Buying branded products. Do not buy branded products - first of all, they’re usually the sign of a scam as most factories that produce branded products aren’t allowed to sell them on. Secondly, branded products contain propriété intellectuelle - which means that they’re likely to get destroyed by customs.
  • Order without getting a sample first. Samples are an opportunity to test out your product’s quality before you buy. Be aware that some suppliers may create samples of a higher quality than the final product however - here’s how to be vigilant when checking product quality.
  • Paying funds into a personal bank account. We’ve written an entire post about the dangers of paying through Western Union, but if your supplier asks you to pay using a personal bank account . . . say no.
  • BUYING FAKE PRODUCTS!!!!! DVDs, software, video games, Blu-rays etc.

These are all big no-nos when you shop on Alibaba - and are the signs of a scam. Next, we can talk about what you can do to double check that you’re using reputable, high-quality suppliers.

Alibaba’s Scam Protection

  1. Gold Suppliers Having a Gold Seller rating doesn’t actually ensure product quality, but it does typically eliminate scams of the “take your money and run” persuasion.
  2. On-site Verification Process To ensure that you’re dealing with a real factory, Alibaba has an on-site verification process. They will send agents to factory’s listed location to ensure that there is a physical site and will confirm the business’s legal presence.
  3. Supplier Assessment A supplier assessment is when a third party company will inspect the factory.
  4. assurance du commerce Trade Assurance is an essential for any cautious importer.
  5. Transaction History/Level Transaction history isn’t an indication of quality – but this is a useful metric as having a larger volume means that they’re a legitimate company with regular orders. It is worth noting, however, that only Trade Assurance orders are included, but most orders are placed outside that system.
  6. Certificat If you’re importing certain goods, you’ll need certification to get them into the UK. (A few examples of this being: electrical goods, organic food, toys…) More information about this here: What Documents Do I Need When Importing To The UK?
  7. Live Factory Video Live factory video is as close to visiting the company as you can get without actually being there. Many reputable companies will have live factory videos that allow you a look into their factory’s working conditions.Hopefully, this will give you a good starting point!
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If you want a more detailed guide on avoiding scams on Alibaba, feel free to read this: Is Alibaba A Scam?

Saxon Du

Saxon Du

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For the past four years I've been involved in sourcing, alibaba has always been one of the most efficient tools. However, how effective the website will be depends a lot on the project itself (OEM vs stock, type of products, etc.) too.
I have some general experience to share when sourcing from China with Alibaba:

1, Filter: If you know what you are looking for and the major manufacturing clusters, tick those regions to filter the results, this saves a lot of time going through irrelevant results.

2, Try Chinglish when you're stuck: Vary your search terms if you see a lot of irrelevant results. Unfortunately some companies don't know how to call their products correctly. But in general, those who do know have better products and are more professional.

3, Expertise: On the search result page, pay attention to the number of similar items that a supplier has and whether the product is marked as the "main product" from that supplier. We generally favor suppliers with an expertise in their field, rather than trading companies with totally unrelated products that are apparently not manufactured in the same facility. (However, if you're understaffed and needs to find a lot of items, trading companies will provide more flexibility and better merchandising. Likewise, check out their product categories.

4, The 'contacts' page: Check if the supplier has an official website other than the one on alibaba. The supplier's own website helps you verify the scale of the organization and see if the supplier has any common sense in marketing, which reflects their professionalism. (Alternatively, Google the company name)

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5, Real-time communication: If you are working form a time zone where your working hours are overlapping with China's, try to chat with the salespersons a bit. After you register as a buyer, this can be done by clicking on the blue icon next to the "contact supplier" button on various pages, where a new page will pop up showing a web-based dialogue window. (Alternative: make a call)

6, Be there: A visit to the factory is always advisable. If this cannot be arranged, ask for photos and videos of the factory as a reference. But we almost always visit our suppliers' facilities, sooner or later.

Merci et meilleures salutations,

Saxon Du
Sourcing Specialist

Mark Levit

Mark Levit, University professor/entrepreneur/Internet pioneer

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Having researched the topic extensively, I'd be hesitant to source via Alibaba without having travelled to China and visited the factory.

Another method is to engage the services of an overseas agent who understands your production requirements, is seated in China, and has manufactured within your category.

Even with an agent, if something goes wrong you'll need to hop a plane to fly over and negotiate or supervise the challenge.

James Ferguson-Supplibase

James Ferguson-Supplibase, 10 years as a Procurement professional & leader

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I would also strongly advise checking supplier references with sources from companies and/or countries you trust. Unfortunately it can be a dodgy world out there and so it's always best to do your due diligence before you slap cash down on the table.

Bon chance.

James Ferguson
Fondateur et chef de la direction
Supplibase - Connecting Enterprise

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