What are some FreshBooks alternatives?



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I've been using Harvest and wanted to see what else was out there. Apptivo seemed very bloated and overkill for my needs. There are links to help all over the place. That's probably because it's hard to use. I couldn't find the areas I needed to work in. For me, it was confusing. It might need a UX overhaul. I'm going to try out some of the other options that offer a 30 day free trial and see if they are better.

(Seems quite future proof)

(They need more info about the product on the site. They should do a Curdbee-like demo)

(a fellow freelance friend uses it and I like their invoices. UI might be a bit old.)

(great demo! http://demo.curdbee.com/)

(wish they had better demos or more info about the product before having to sign up to demo it. Tradeshift had the same problem.)

(Out of date UI? but integration with PayPal)

(The most simple option ever? Nothing wrong with simple.)

(bloated and too complex for a freelancer?)



(Looks like it was designed by a developer.)

Welcome to BillQuick Online
(Needs a UX design team to do a redesign. Poor UIs are too expensive to use - causes confusion, tedious, cluttered, support needed, etc. If you design it to be easy, you've designed it to be cheaper. Time is money.)

(Cloud-based, iPhone/iPad apps, seems quite future proof. More small biz and less freelance orientated? This one seems like it's the best.)

Zoho Video:

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

Ryan Battles

Ryan Battles, Co-fondateur de Harpoon: Application de réussite financière pour les pigistes

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Hey there, Ryan from Harpon cliquez ici.

There are a lot of FreshBooks alternatives out there, the question is, what don't you currently like about FreshBooks that you'd like to see changed?

As a long-time FreshBooks user, I was loving the tool for the ability to track time, invoice clients, and receive payments online. However, I also had to maintain a spreadsheet of my finances to see how my business was progressing over time, and how well I was tracking towards my yearly goal as a freelancer.

I wanted more than invoicing, I wanted to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Do I need a kick in the pants or can I take a breather?
  • What is my income going to look like next month?
  • How many days of vacation can I take and still hit my yearly goal?
  • Which projects are the most profitable? Which clients?

We designed and built Harpoon to empower every freelancer to know exactly where they stand in their business at all times, easily determining when and where they need to schedule more projects, or where they can back off and relax a little. Harpoon helps freelancers ride out the ups and downs of variable income.

...and yes, we do invoicing, time tracking, online payments, etc. We just use that as the base for a tool that helps you hit your goals and progress towards success.

View key statistics on your company's health in the dashboard:

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

View upcoming payments and your progress towards financial goals with the schedule:

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

We also like to keep things simple with the app. We have one plan. Unlimited use with unlimited clients, projects, invoices, etc.

Hopefully you'll find this to be a worthwhile Freshbooks alternative!

Vigneshwaran P

Vigneshwaran P, MCA Master en applications informatiques, Université BS Abdur Rahman (2016)

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An efficient and easier alternative for Freshbooks is FastPayee.

FastPayee is free online invoicing software in the package to meet the billing, inventory and invoicing needs of your business. Its feature rich invoice software tool for the small & medium size business.

Create FREE Invoice for your customers. Online Invoice Software manages your business cash flow so you can stay focused on running your business.

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some of the benefits using of online invoice software can bring, the business model for delivering these services is called Software as a Service and there are a number of key characteristics that make software delivered in this manner different.

  • Create, edit & send invoices directly from your software
  • Create professional quotes
  • Rapports financiers
  • Multi-devise
  • FastPayee will make taxes easy
  • Get a complete overview of each client’s
  • et plus encore

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What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

Harold Smith

Harold Smith, Expert en marketing numérique

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For online invoicing & accounting for businesses, I’ve used Pabbly & Recurly. They both consists of multiple features & pricing plans which I’ve found interesting. They both are good alternatives of FreshBooks. So I’ll be discussing majorly Pabbly, Recurly & Chargify which are top competitors of FreshBooks.

  1. PABBLY VS FRESHBOOKS: Abonnements Pabbly is a smart billing & subscription management software with various innovative features. It has many competitive factors from FreshBooks such as the pricing plan of FreshBooks consists of both yearly & monthly plans.

    The monthly plan ranges from $15/month to $50/month & the yearly plan ranges from $13.50/month to $50/month whereas Pabbly has only one price plan which is of only $ 99 POUR LA VIE.
    By subscribing with this price, you can access all the features of it but in case of FreshBooks, features varies with price plans. It is a bit typical for plan management in FreshBooks whereas in Pabbly, because of its user friendly interface you can easily manage plans.

    For more information, you can see the following image of pricing of Pabbly & visit the mentioned blog too:

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

10 + Meilleur logiciel de gestion d'abonnement et de facturation récurrente

2. RECURLY VS FRESHBOOKS: Recurly is another good subscription management software that provides you with the details of key metrics of your business growth. Many of the business persons use it often.

In the first part, we have already discussed about the pricing of FreshBooks. So in Recurly, there are 3 pricing plans such as- Core, Professional & Enterprise.

The Core plan is of $99 per month plus 1.25% of revenue & 10 cents per transaction to the Recurly. The Professional plan is of $299 per month plus 1.25% of revenue & 10 cents per transaction to the Recurly. As the churn management in Recurly is more accurate, it beats FreshBooks.

3. CHARGIFY VS FRESHBOOKS: Chargify is also a recurring billing online software with simplified solutions. There is no doubt that it is a good software & popular too but it has a drawback. There are only two pricing plans of Chargify- Essential & Advanced.

The Essential plan is of $149/month with an additional charge of revenue generation i.e 1.2% of revenue. In Advanced plan, you would have to pay $299/month plus 1.2% of revenue to Chargify. So According to me, this software is costly than the plan of FreshBooks. Plus there are more third party integrations in Chargify as compared to FreshBooks, it is more profitable.

CONCLUSION: After comparing all of the software under various criteria, I would suggest you to go with Abonnements Pabbly as it can save you a lot of money plus you will be able to access all the features of it as FreshBooks, Recurly & Chargify doesn’t allow you to use all the features at the same price.

J'espère que ma réponse a aidé!

Ankita Singh

Ankita Singh, Senior Researcher at GetApp

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FreshBooks as an accounting tool is very simple to use, as you’d already know. Its robust features such as online invoicing, time tracking, team timesheets, expense tracking, accounting reports and taxes, automatic expense import and more make it a suitable tool to be used across businesses of all sizes.

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There are several alternatives to FreshBooks available nowadays with similar and advanced features. I am going to list some of them here:


Netsuite is a financial management system with a number of functionalities such as accounting, analytics, CRM, inventory management, order management, tax management, fixed assets management, cash management, audit trails, fraud prevention and more.

NetSuite integrates well with Concur, Expensify, DocuSign, Traitement des paiements ACH - Solution en ligne de paiement de factures commerciales, BambooHR, ProofHQ, Box, Bronto, Kronos Workforce Ready, Five9, Virtual Office, Ascentis, Microsoft Outlook, FieldAware, and Dell Boomi.

Pricing: On request

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

Zoho Livres

Zoho Books is another popular online accounting software that helps in automation of workflows and collaboration in your accounts. Zoho Books offers real time reporting, bank and credit card reconciliation, automatic bank feeds, automated banking, expense tracking, cash flow management and more. It lets you send recurring invoices, log hours and invoice projects, sends quotes and estimates, track reimbursable expenses and keep track of customer orders.

Zoho Books has an API available and it integrates with a number of apps including Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Reports and more.


Basic- $9/month

Standard- $19/month

Professional- $29/month

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?


Xero is an online accounting software that lets you coordinate and manage your financial processes. It offers bank reconciliation, invoicing, cash flow management, business performance analysis, and fixed assets management. It also allows inventory tracking and control, financial reporting, payroll management and more.

It integrates with Expensify, BigCommerce, Shopify, Checkfront, OnePageCRM, TSheets, Highrise CRM, Traitement des paiements ACH - Solution en ligne de paiement de factures commerciales, Receipt Bank, Dropbox, Nexonia Expenses and more through its API.


Starter: $20/month

Standard: $30/month

Premium: $40/month

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

If you want to compare these products even more in detail, I recommend you visit FreshBooks vs NetSuite vs Zoho Books vs Xero on GetApp. Here you will see how these solutions are different in terms of pricing, integrations, mobile integrations, and platforms supported.

You can also read up about 6 Awesome Accounting Apps for Android on GetApp, Accounting Software Pricing Explained: How to Save Money When Buying Apps on GetApp, Accounting Software for Freelancers: Features You’ll Love, Features to Skip on Capterra, Steps to Setting Up Your Small Business Payroll on Capterra for better understanding. Hopefully this information will help you make the right decision.

Caroline Gormley

Caroline Gormley, works at Software Advice

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Over 10 million people, many of them small business owners, use FreshBooks to track billable hours, capture expenses and enable online invoicing and payment. But just because it’s a popular option, doesn’t mean it’s the only option. This is a great question because it’s crucial to explore your options during software selection. Sometimes a lesser-known brand can be a better fit for your business objectives.

That’s why my company, Software Advice, recently built a list of the top 5 alternatives to FreshBooks. We looked at user reviews on our website as well as the platforms that are most often searched alongside FreshBooks. They include:

QuickBooks en ligne

Similar to FreshBooks in its offerings, the two differ when it comes to pricing. QuickBooks Online charges more for additional functionality, whereas FreshBooks is priced based on the number of billable clients. Depending on your business model, one may be more affordable than the other. For a more comprehensive comparison of the two, check out FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Online.

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?


In addition to billing and invoicing, Xero also helps small businesses with budgeting applications and payroll for up to 10 employees. One notable feature that’s missing is time tracking, which may be a deal-breaker for some. Just like QuickBooks Online, we compared the two head-to-head recently if you’re interested in a deeper dive: FreshBooks vs Xero.

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What are some FreshBooks alternatives?


Invoicing, billing, payments and payroll applications meet a personal finance management tool, making Wave a natural choice for small businesses and freelancers alike. Bonus: thanks to sponsors, invoicing, accounting and personal finance tools are all free!

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?


Looking for something a bit more robust? Intacct offers core accounting, time tracking, expense management and online billing functionality along with more sophisticated tools such as revenue management, project accounting and inventory management. This platform is praised for being highly customizable, but some reviewers point out that customization comes with a sometimes protracted and clunky setup process.

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?


Much like Intacct, BillQuick offers more advanced modules than some of the other alternatives on this list. In addition to time and expense tracking, billing and reporting, this solution also offers workflow automation and Outlook integration.

What are some FreshBooks alternatives?

Hope this helps!

Faraz Shafaghi

Faraz Shafaghi, works at FreshBooks

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Faraz from FreshBooks here. There are plenty of options out there, but it's important to spend time to peg down 5-10 requirements that you absolutely can't do without - then evaluate a few of those options against your requirements.

For instance do you need or would you like to:

  • Automatically send late payment notifications?
  • Get questions to your answers right away? How important is customer service to you?
  • Set up automatic late payment fees?
  • See when your invoices have been viewed by your clients?
  • Invoice the same client the same amount on a recurring basis - and if yes, would you like that process - from invoice generation to payment - automated?
  • Collect online payments, or give your clients the convenience of paying online?
  • Handle multiple currencies?
  • Keep track of inventory/product?
  • Perform advanced project management functions?
  • Allow contractors or staff to track time toward a certain project?
  • Handle payroll?
  • Track business expenses or integrate your account with your bank?
  • Access your account through an iPhone/iPad app, no matter where you are?

I can go on and on, but I think you've got the gist of it :=).

One other point I'll throw into the ring - consider ease of use and whether or not you'll actually enjoy using the software. Let's face it: accounting isn't the grooviest part of running your day-to-day business, so the least you can do is treat yourself to software that's easy-to-use, fun and intuitive.

Lastly, research/trial as many solutions as you can to get a feel for how they work and whether they're right for your business.

If at any point you need my help, I'd be happy to speak to you through email ([email protected]), twitter (@freshbooks or @farazfarazfaraz) or a phone call (1.866.303.6061 - ask for Faraz) :-).

Hope this helps and good luck on your quest!


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