Turkey stopped using PayPal. I'm a freelance writer who works internationally. What would be my easier and most reliable alternative?

Payza (compte officiel de l'entreprise)

Payza (compte officiel de l'entreprise), travaille chez Payza

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Turkey stopped using PayPal. I'm a freelance writer who works internationally. What would be my easier and most reliable alternative?


Our payment gateway, Payza, would like to offer our assistance. We are an online payment platform similar to PayPal that operates in over 180 countries and we prioritize providing reliable payment services to freelancers. We currently have thousands of customers in Turkey (both Personal and Business Accounts).

We recently added new features specific to Turkey that are of interest to small businesses and make online shopping and money transfers in Turkey more practical than ever.

Receive international payments and deposit Lira into your bank account

Your transition from PayPal to Payza is easy and Payza provides all you need to get your business back in action. When you sign up for your free business account, you will instantly be able to accept online payments, including payments in Dollars, Euros and Turkish Lira; you will also be able to convert foreign currency to Turkish Lira in your Payza account. Once you verify your business (takes about 1–3 business days), you will access more benefits including online credit card payments and withdrawal of your funds to your Turkish bank account.

We have addressed this problem before in India

Freelancers in India faced similar challenges when PayPal stopped operations in the country in 2011; To meet the demand for a reliable payment gateway, we developed similar services for freelancers in India, which we describe here: Why did Payza enable Indians to convert foreign payments to Rupees and withdraw these funds to their local bank account?

Wishing you much fortune with your freelance business.

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Alex Wellman

Alex Wellman, Membre de l'équipe de résidence en ligne (2016-present)

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One way to access PayPal for business from Turkey and accept international payments is to apply for e-Residency in Estonia.

This programme allows you to setup an EU company and access business banking and other tools like PayPal through a secure digital identity. The process is outlined here on the e-Residency blog.

A growing number of freelancers in Turkey are finding this to be a good solution.

Igor Katušić

Igor Katušić, Fondateur d'OPERO, une des principales ressources gratuites pour la main-d'œuvre en ligne

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Vous allez avec Payoneer. It’s a simple signup process, where you end up with the account in US and receive standard issue prepaid MasterCard on your home address. When you qualify, and if you demand, you’ll get one for the US based companies and one for the EUR companies. These two accounts are used for automated payments transactions.

For instance, if you’re using Upwork or goLance, you just link your account details (found on your Compte Payoneer) and that’s it - automated transfer, without fees such as those on PayPal.

Payoneer soon became definitely the most optimal solution for freelancers because now, you can simply issue an invoice to your client or even link your Payoneer bank account to a dedicated invoicing (and bookkeeping) services.

Shabbir Bhimani

Shabbir Bhimani, Helping Developers Become Freelancers

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Thanks for A2A and I am not from turkey and so will not be able to provide input from turkey specific payment options but here are 9 Payment Options To Receive Payments for Freelancers. It is are from an Indian point of view but most of them are international payment options.

Ilya Kukharev

Ilya Kukharev, 5 years of freelance translations

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I also can recommend you to check the Payoneer card. This is usual debit card, you can use it for online payments or cash withdrawals. Feel free to register here (Payoneer Freelance Payment Solution) and get the first year of service almost for free. It’s much more convenient than PayPal.


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