Technologie: Quelles sont les meilleures échappatoires que vous avez rencontrées?

John Williams

John Williams, comfortable shoes make for a good understanding.

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The first loophole may no longer exist...

While living near Los Angeles in the 1990's, I experienced an eight year stretch of accumulating traffic violations, one after another...and then came a DUI...and then another plus a third. Let's just say I had beaucoup of experience dealing with the California court system.

The loophole I discovered had nothing to do with the outcome of my infractions, but in how (and, ultimately, combien) I had to pay in the 'penalty phase'.

I learned this early on. At the time I had just started working 3ed shift at the factory when I got my first DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol). It was a border-line case; as I was just barely over the limit of .08% BAC. I went to court to fight the charge but still ended up with, among other things, a rather (to me at the time) heavy fine that I owed to the court. The judge told me that I owed the court a total of (rounding everything off) $3,000 and asked me how I wanted to pay for that..."cash" or sign up for a "work program" to work it off?

My answer was that I wanted to sign up for the work program, but added, that I was not able to say for sure if I'd be able to complete the full hours necessary in the allotted time frame set by the court. I offered instead to pay in cash whatever balance was left after working off whatever fraction I could, and the court agreed.

Meanwhile, I'm working 7 days a week at a vrai travail... I never found time to spend the day cleaning graffiti or picking up trash after working graveyard shift at the factory. So, when I went to the work program at the end of (was it 90 days?) to pick up my paperwork to take to the court, the paperwork from the work program states the fine only in HOURS of work. I think it was like 300 hours ...(remember; I needed to work off a $3,000 fine)...I went before the judge to say I never got the chance to work and instead intend to pay the fine in full. I was directed to, for lack of a better term, 'the cashiers' of the court; where through thick bullet-proof glass with a tiny slot below, one pays their fine with a pound of flesh.

I give them the paperwork from the work program: Aucunes of 300 hours completed.

They entered; 300 hours...and said I owe $2,400....

That's right; the 'court' assumes an hours worth of work equates to $8, but the work program thinks picking up trash is worth a whole $10 an hour. loopholes go it was kind of neat, but bitter-sweet...I couldn't really claim to have ''saved $600'' was more like paying with 12.8 ounces of flesh instead of a full pound.

____________________________________________ encore mieux échappatoire I found soon afterwards was 'all these problems' of mine started disappearing once I quit drinking...but that's another story:)

Brandon Westf

Brandon Westf, a étudié à l'Ohio State University

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My loophole came when I was a 14 year old around 1999.

The previous year I started to learn programming by using Visual Basic 4. I learned the way many other kids did and it was through AOL by downloading source code experimenting with it and slowly learning how it all works. Then I would create applications that could interact with AOL itself (through windows API). Basically allowing myself to programmatically interact with it as a human could.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon a website that would give website owners 20$ for every referral that their website banner brought. These forms also were 15–20 questions long and took a bit of effort to fill out.

I presumed they tracked IP addresses to prevent fraud. Well fortunately my family was poor, so we didn’t have cable internet and we had dial up modem, so each time I connected to the internet my IP would change.

I decided I would create a website through anglefire .com and put their crappy banner on the website. Then click on that banner and fill out their form. I would just need to sign off and sign on again and repeat.

First I had to do proof of concept, I did it twice and waited to see if a check would arrive in the mail. 3 weeks later, $40 check. I’m in business.

I contemplate going through the above process again and it’s just too time consuming. It’s literally more than $40 an hour but it’s just so boring to do all those steps. I decide I can use my new programming know how and automate the entire process.

I create a program that opens the AOL program, locates the AOL login window, selects my screen name, enters my password, clicks login. It sits and waits on the dial up modem to fully connect. Once it identifies i’m connected to the internet, it then loaded my website through an internet explorer window that was embedded into my program.

When my website loads, my program identified the banner on my website and clicked on it. Once it clicked on it, it waited for their form to load and then it filled in all of the answers. To fill in the answers, I downloaded names lists, auto generated addresses, auto generated emails, etc..or created a list myself and had my program select from these lists.

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This took quite a bit of effort to setup, but I was addicted to programming and my lack of high school social life enhanced it even more.

Within a week I have my program able to successfully log me online, load my website, click their banner, fill out their form, submit it and then log offline.

As I plan forward I know my account is going to get canceled at some point, I just needed to figure out how long I could go unnoticed.

I add content to my website. Surely if people are visiting my website there needs to be a reason, this will help me look somewhat legitimate.

With my new program I can do the whole process in minutes but I can’t have bursts of submissions, I think it will be too obvious.

I set my program to run on a timer, It will submit 3 times on a semi -random interval within a 10 hour span. I turn my program on and leave for school. I get home and it’s a success. All 3 submitted and show in my referral account. I just made $60.

I like running it during the day but i also want to randomly at night to really diversify the times in which these submission are being made. Problem was my parents would almost always be awake later than me and I couldn’t have this run randomly if they were trying to use the computer. So I learned how I could detect a user, if the mouse moved, I could have my program abandon it’s task. It would hide it’s interface and close AOL completely, signing me offline. A few trial and errors and I was able to set it up without them ever noticing.

Being able to now submit truly at random intervals, I felt like I had it all figured out. I still didn’t want to submit in excess so I started having it randomly submit 2–3 times a week. (This was also wayyyy before captcha)

My next check arrived for $260. This was fantastic, I up my program slightly and stay on course.

My next check was for $600.

Soon after my account is canceled and I don’t get any other checks. ugh.

Shreyansh Singh

Shreyansh Singh, studied at Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Well I found a loophole in UBER and exhausted it for full 2 months.

I am a grad. (2015) from a tier 3 college in NCR. Our college was in Greater Noida which was good 50 km away from Noida . City buses are the only means of transport between the two cities. Needless to say, they are always overcrowded and very uncomfortable to travel. Greater Noida being a newbie university town is dead boring therefore we used to plan all our weekends and parties in Noida or Delhi and hence had to use those messy buses (which are very economical BTW ).

So one fine day someone told me about this cool App 'Uber', offering 600/- worth of free ride for first time users. Till then travelling in a cab was considered luxury and was kind of big deal for us. So we decided to explore this uncharted territory called 'Uber'. We installed the app, registered with mobile number and email id and done (5 stars to UX designer). I must say it was a very splendid experience, , we had the driver ferry us around for next 60-70 minutes and asked us to drop at the same location from where he had picked us up. We were little worried that we might have to pay if the bill crosses more than 600/- and yes the total amount was 623/-. But wait, the account showed -23/- and we were like GOTCHAA Uber. Thing is Uber as a product is designed to make the travelling cashless and it is a huge success in countries where Credit Card is a common mode of payment but in India "Cash" still rules.

So all we had to was for every time we had to book a cab, we just needed an unregistered number on Uber App. The number used to receive 4 digit OTP and once you enter the correct OTP , the app treated you as new customer and Voila 600/- worth of free ride for every time. As we all all know everyone is broke almost all the time in college, soon people in my college started to avoid giving me their numbers but instead used for themselves. I don't blame them though but it started getting tougher and tougher to arrange it. Yes people it was that bad, everyone was using it. It was then I discovered another major flaw, I big flaw I must say. You see, in the registration page we had to give one genuine mobile number and a email id where they used to send the same OTP for verification. So from now on you don't even need a new phone number, all you had to do was create an email account and type in some random numbers and pray to god that it was not registered on Uber already. I used to get same OTP on the email as well, so just type in and number is verified and again free ride worth of 600/-.

But even this didn't last for very long, the company stopped registering more than 2 accounts from same cellphone. Meaning if you try to register with 3 different mobile numbers from the same device, your device will be blocked. But hello !!! this was 2014 ,everyone had a smartphone so from now on all you needed was a new android/i-phone device along with new mobile number and an email id. They were making us sweat more and more to grab the freebies.

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This time my super genius roommate came to rescue. He proposed a theory that if we could use wataspp using our PC/laptop (using bluestack etc) so we could even use Uber and yes it worked. Yes it was not as convenient as mobile phones but it worked. Every time when app rejected the third number, all you had to do was reinstall the bluestack again. Sometimes it worked, sometimes you had reinstall the entire OS. It was tedious in the end but it worked. After 2-3 months the company patched that bug too and the PC thing didn't work. Of course they patched the OTP bug too.

All this while we had one uber account which we had kept for emergency. Consider it as our savings account. Uber also had this amazing scheme of referals. Just type in the code of your friend and he also received Uber ride worth of 600/- after your first ride. We made it a point to use that particular account's referal for every ride we took. Some enthusiastic friend of mine shared the referal code on some coupon websites. So if someone google for coupon code of Uber, chances were he could have found our code and used it. We had around 25k-30k worth of Uber rides in that particular account. Enough to last another month!!!

Sumit Dusad

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This is something I came across recently.

E-commerce is rapidly growing in India and companies are wooing customers with several offers such as EMI options, cash on delivery, cashbacks and so on. While customers are certainly benefiting from these schemes, there are a few customers who are outsmarting these companies by finding loopholes in the system.

Quikr had been running a promotion under which it was offering free deliveries for items exchanged by users. The exchange offer covered free deliveries of big items such as desktop computers and beds. Quikr had tied up with Paytm to give cashback worth Rs 1,000 on Paytm to both the parties.

“…I had no bed to transport, so I hastily put up an ad for a clunky old Moto phone on Quikr. “Sparingly used Moto XXX phone for sale,” my ad ingenuously announced. I also demanded an ambitious asking price of Rs 14,000 for a phone that I’d bought for Rs 8,000. The Paytm cashback was valid for purchases above Rs 12,500 after all,” the user elaborated.

“My brother then logged into his account and quickly bought the phone. Quikr sent us both congratulatory messages, and we went to sleep happy.”

A Quikr executive reached out to him the next morning, suggesting he should add a photo of the phone, which would ensure more interest from prospective buyers. He told them that his ad had been ‘attractive enough’ to get a buyer shortly after putting up the post on the site.

Quikr picked and delivered the smartphone on the same day. The user notes he had take the precaution of posting different collection and dropping addresses. Next day he and his brother had received Rs 1,000 each as Paytm cashback.

The user notes this has been a fairly common practice by some people. He points out people had been using Quikr to transport bulky goods across cities and save money on traditional logistics services for transportation.

There was nothing illegal thing done but it was just stupidity of QuickR IT team because of which both teams had to bear loss. ��

Paul Kooistra

Paul Kooistra

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I went to highschool in the Netherlands (I am dutch). In our system, you had a few years where all classes where obligatory; everybody HAD to study Mathematics, French, Biology etc. for a few years.

After 3 years, you had to pick the classes you wanted to follow (presumably the ones you were good it, and whick would serve you for the career path you wanted to follow). Only then, you could drop the other classes (with the exception of some classes, eg English, which you had to take until examination). This created a problem. I'm a beta-guy; Mathematics and physics were EASY, but languages were HARD! And I had to follow English, French and German languqge claws s... English was still OK, I could not drop it later, French had at least some resemblance to Spanish (which I speak fluently), but German... Ah, a terrible language to learn. Complicated grammatical rules, and you have to do on-the-fly language processing (is the subject male or female? Is subject active or passive) to pick the correct form. I was terrible at it. I HATED German.

In the last (third) year, I really tried my best, but however much I applied myself, nothing raised my grades. This created a problem. Here, we are graded in numbers;1 being the worst you can do, 10 a perfect score. A 6 is a passing degree. For Mathematics and Physics I would usually score a 9, with some 10's thrown in. But for German, whatever I tried, every test resulted in a 2, 3 or even a 1 score.

Now, the rules at my school for passing degree to the next year where the following (bear with me, it gets complicated here):

  1. Your average score across all classes needed to be a 6
  2. You could have some classes below the 6 ('negative scores') if you could compensate that with other classes ('positive scores').
  3. Your could have a maximum of -4 on your summed 'negative scores'.
  4. First the negative scores are summed. Only AFTER looking if the sum was not below -4, compensatory scores are taken into account
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I knew that if I applied myself to French, a 5 or 6 was the maximum achievable score. For German, it looked like a 1 or 2 was in the works; even a 3 looked unarchievable. Most other classes would be a positive score, with some strong 8-9 results thrown in.

This was not enough. A 1 is 5 points below six, leaving me with a -5 negative score already - which meant repeating the class. Even a 2 score would be bad, leaving me with no margen for other classes. What to do?

So, I studied the school rules for passing. It turned out there was another rule few people knew about:

5. the minimum grade a student could get on his final report was a 3 (presumably so parents would not freak out)

Hmm... a 3 for German sounded perfect for me! I would never achieve that by studying! And, that would mean a negative score of -3, leaving me with some margin for other classes. And on physics class alone, I would already get enough compensation points to pass - and THEN I could drop both the dreaded French and German.

In fact... If I would get a 3 anyway, however much I studied, why bother studying German at all? Or, for that matter, taking tests or paying attention in class?

So, I decided to just 'drop' German a year earlier. I stopped studying. Whenever I had a test ( almost every week) I wrote my name on a blank piece of paper, and submitted that. After a few weeks, the teacher asked me what I was doing - and I explained my reasoning to her. Then, see time me not to bother coming to class anymore - it seems it was demotivating to the other students seeing me in the back reading comics and listening to music...

On my final report, I had a 3 for Geman and a 5 for Drawing - 4 negative, more than compensated for by the other classes. Problem solved!

Ekta Agrawal

Ekta Agrawal, I understand how it works!!!

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Thanks for A2A. There are some loopholes which I have discovered in Online Shopping sites. For example, Amazon has a feature that if you add any product in the cart ( or save for later), you will get a notification like this in your cart whenever there is a change in price( up or down).

Technologie: Quelles sont les meilleures échappatoires que vous avez rencontrées?

So, whenever any site is going to have a Sale, they tend to have lot of Price changes for lot of Products a day before. Sometimes, the products become very very cheap due to pricing errors:

I discovered this when I bought below three tops for nominal prices from Amazon a night before their October Sale. The normal price for these three tops combines is Rs 2500. I guess, they put these prices as the Selling Price instead of discount.

Technologie: Quelles sont les meilleures échappatoires que vous avez rencontrées?

Technologie: Quelles sont les meilleures échappatoires que vous avez rencontrées?

There were around 90% discount on Women products for Brands like - Harpa, People, Jealous 21, Lee, Disney, Style Quotient, and many more.

At that time, I thought that they are willingly offering this much discount on the products, so as to kill the competition for Flipkart as the next day Flipkart was also having second Big Billion Sale.

That's why I didn't buy many products. And the discounts were there till next day 8 am. Later, I regretted my decision for not buying clothes for my entire life ��

P.S. - There is still a chance that they would have done that to get the crowd to their site.

Modifier 1 - loophole in Flipkart

Sometimes, Flipkart offers a small product for free on buying an expensive product. For example, suppose they are giving away an earphone free on buying a mobile. Order the mobile on COD and once the order is confirmed, cancel it. Sometimes, you will get the earphones for free if it gets shipped from another godown or if it's not tracked. One of my friends told me this when his another friend got an earphone for free.

But, it is easily traceable, and hence I would suggest all to not to go for it.

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