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Réponse d'origine: How can I improve my Fiverr gig?

It’s quite exciting for me having the honor to answer this question!

There are many ways from paid to free by which you can improve (rank) your Fiverr gigs and get yourself a multitude of sales far beyond you can imagine.

While some people believe in outside-Fiverr promotion, a lot of people don’t subscribe to the idea as they think you can get sufficient sales to your Fiverr gigs without really going outside it.

In all, some basic things are essential to breaking even in your gigs. Starting from the point of setting up your gig to the point of getting your first sales you must pay 100% attention to the following:

1.) Your Gig Title: This is the first thing you need to get right to optimize your gig for better sales and for ranking well on the Fiverr search algorithm. Try to aim for a title that’s highly eye-catching, not more than 60 characters, contains one of your primary keywords/tags (you write this in Capital letter for the purpose of emphasis). A good example is this gig Title: “I Will Write Professional Article In 24 Hours”.

2.) Gig Description: A good gig description should be able to answer the following questions:

a.) Who are you?

b.) What level of skills and experience you have in your line of service?

c.) Why the buyer should hire you?

d.) What the buyer should be expecting when he/she hires you?

3.) Gig Tags: This is another vital area of optimization that you must keep in mind when creating your gig. Gig tags are the keywords or phrases that the buyers or people searching for your gig on Fiverr type into the Fiverr search box. For example, a person looking for an article writer will enter words such as article writer, article writing, web writer, content writer, blog writer, etc. Try and include all relevant keywords in your tags so that when anyone tries to search for a service, you’re offering on the Fiverr search box yours will be among those first ones that will come up.

4.) Gig Image: This is what epitomizes your gig. You can get someone on Fiverr to do one for you for five bucks, or you can design it yourself using a site called Logiciel de conception graphique étonnamment simple. It’s very easy to use and follow. Start by choosing the Fiverr acceptable dimension which is 550 pixel by 370 widths, and the rest would be a smooth flow for you. Once you are done, you can download the image and upload to your Fiverr gig. Take a look at some nice-looking gig image someone created on Logiciel de conception graphique étonnamment simple ici seoarticleprof's public profile on Fiverr.

5.) Profile Photo: The simple trick here is to choose a professional photo of yours and upload to your Fiverr account. Don’t use the image of an animal or another person, doing that could be against the copyright law or show you as a frivolous person thereby leading to your account getting banned. There are free photos you can lay your hand on Google. Simply go to Google and type “free professional image” without the inverted comma. Once you enter the search term and you hit the enter button, you will see search results, click on “Images” to have only photos in your search results and after that, you can go further to filter your search by clicking on the menu “Settings.” From the drop-down sub-menu select “Advance Search,” change the File type to “JPG Files” and Usage to “Free to use, share or modify, even commercially.” Once you do this, you should be good to use any image you lay your hand on at the site without infringing on any copyright law. Another thing you might though want to consider is, you can’t use an image if someone on Fiverr has already used same. As soon as you do all the necessary editing work on the picture, save it and upload it to your account. If you need more inspiration as to how an eye-catching and professional profile image should look see one here seoarticleprof's public profile on Fiverr. That’s all for this part.

Now, I will go to the main talk on how exactly you can improve your gig.

Note: The following ranking tricks I’m about to share with you can only be implemented once you’re done with the above setting guidelines.

I'm going to be brief with you here as I have spent much time already on the pre-setting steps you are to take to get things up and running. You don’t need to pay a dime to implement any of the ranking formulas I will be sharing with you, but you might want to fast track things by hiring someone on Fiverr to do them for you or if you think you wouldn’t be able to do them yourself.

Formule 1: Maintaining your ratings and positive review level.

This is the first thing you need to do without wish all other efforts will undoubtedly end up in sheer futility. You must always ensure you keep having at least 4.5 or 5-Star review in your entire gig. In fact, I would advise you aim for the later (5-Star review). This is very crucial and will enhance your sale without even doing any serious promotion. The simple trick to getting a better buyer’s review is by over-delivering and ensuring quality service delivery. No other side to this, believe me.

Formule 2: Fast Turnaround Time.

Always keep to the deadline for delivering your work. Ensure timely and clear communication with your buyers. Ask for clarification where necessary before starting the work and be available for their request any day any time.

Formula 3: Facebook Account.

As soon as you publish your gig, create a Facebook account and start sharing information about your gigs with your Facebook friends. You can go as far as creating a group and start sharing helpful information with your group’s members, but you shouldn’t overdo this as they mustn’t feel they’re being sold. Let them know they can get affordable services from your Fiverr gig and insert a link to your gig. You can use Google URL Shortener for this. Go to Google and search for Google URL Shortener.

Formula 4: Forums

The use of Forums in promoting your Fiverr can’t be over-estimated. You should try this, and you will be surprised at the level of exposure you can get for your gig. There are many forums out there that you can join, just ensure you read their rules and know what is obtainable in them before you start posting. Another thing is you should not start promoting your gig right away, but you should first start to share helpful information through your comment on those forums. By doing this, you will be seen as an authority in your niche who they can willingly follow and who they can entrust with their hard-earned money. To get relevant forums to join, simply go to Google and type “your gig niche + forum” e.g. Article Writing Forum.

Formula 5: Blog:

This is one my favorite methods of promoting my Fiverr gig. All you need to do is to create a free blog using - Créez un blog unique et magnifique. C'est facile et gratuit.. It’s very easy to use, and you can also get people to do it for you on Fiverr if you find it difficult. Once the blog is ready, get some relevant articles around your gig and post on it for people to see your sample work portfolios. Upload as many as possible samples of your work to the blog and link it to your Fiverr account. This way, your buyers can easily get convinced about your skills and experience in what you claim you do on Fiverr once they land on your blog.

Formula 6: Favorite:

This is hidden secret of many top-rated Fiverr sellers, and as such you must not abuse it. By giving yourself favorite you can help increase your gig ranking fast on the Fiverr search engine. Go to a well-performing gig in your category, check the number of Favorites it has and give the same number of favorite to yourself (but you can't do this on a single day). The result for this though is not immediate but will manifest latest after 24 hours of implementing it. To locate the “Favorite” menu on your account, from the menu “Selling” click on Gigs and select “Preview” button from the drop down options that appear when you click on the down arrow at the very left end corner of the gig you want to rank.

Tips: To start giving yourself “Favorite”, keep refreshing the page and stop refresh immediately the “Favorite” tab changes to red then click on the Favorite tab and the number will start going up depending on the number of the favorite you need.

Formula 7: Tags:

Another great trick to improve your gig is by going through the top-rated gigs in your category or gigs which are in the same category as the one you want to rank on Fiverr and see what tags they’re using and just copy the same tags and title to replace yours. As for the title, you may need to modify your gig description to conform to the new gig title you’re copying from the top-rated gig.

I think with these formulas above you should be able to improve your Fiverr gig fast.

Hope I have answered your question?



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Réponse d'origine: How can I get more order in my Fiverr Gig?

Hey Fiverr people ,

I am using Fiverr for a Long time now and now My 30% Income is Coming from FIVERR ..

I have Some TIPS to get more Ordrers , so That You Guys can earn More money and Enjoy Your Online working !!

  1. Use Social Media Share :-1

More Clicks you get , Fiverr will Give You Good ranking . So The Best Way is to get More Ranking is to get More Clicks . to get more Clicks i Keep Sharing My Gigs On Social media.

I have joined many Facebook Groups and have a Strong Twitter Account . So this Way I am getting lots of Clicks and Fiverr is Increase my Impression and I am getting good number of Orders Daily .

  1. Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says :-

This is The Best way to get TIP ... I always Delivers Some Extras and Always Gets 5 Star rating and Some TIP too .. So thats the best Way !!

  1. As them to Give Feedback :-

Once You Deliver The Order , you Should Always ask Your Client to Give a Review of The gig .

  1. Client Satisfaction is Most important thing :-

if Your Client is not happy with your gig , it means you are Not giving your 100% .

So Always Ask Your Client How You can Improve Your Gig .. So This way You can keep Improving Your Gig.

  1. Video :- Always add a Video to your Gig , As It Increase Your Sales by 220% .
  2. 100% Refund Policy :- if Your Client is Not happy , You Should Give him 100% Refund .

This way You will have Lots of Regular return Clients .

7 . keep in touch with Your Client :- You can Easily message Your clients through Fiverr ..
So I always Message Them once a Week to Check if They have any Available work for me .

and Trust me , most of Them time I Got orders from many Clients .

8.Response rate :- You Should Response Them within 24 Hours , as Maximum People will Get you maximum Order .

  1. Low cancellation rate will Get You maximum Orders.

10 . Creating the Correct gig is Most important . I have Created 15 Gigs and all are unique . So Fiverr is Giving me Great Impression and I am Earning like $1500 to $2000 a Month .. So Creating The Unique gig is The way to get More Orders

If You Maintain 5 Star Rating and You get Regular Orders fiverr can Mark your Gig as featured Gig , This will help The Buyer to Place Order More Frequent .

So Those are The TOP 10 TIPS to get more Orders Quickly .. You can ask Your Question By Commenting here !!

Admin Note: If comments made contain gig links, 'check my gig' requests or become filled with non-useful bumps the thread will be closed. Excessive bumps may be removed. Feel free to comment with thoughtful/useful remarks or other questions.

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Réponse d'origine: How can I get buyers on Fiverr?

I just presented this at a Fiverr community event in NY City, so I can answer this easily. Also, I have been a seller on Fiverr for over almost 7 years.

You can view my Fiverr profile to see how many buyers I have. Look at the number of reviews at hotwebideas's public profile on Fiverr

How to increase sales in Fiverr

Here are my strategies for getting buyers:

  1. Max out your available gigs. Depending on your seller level (1st, 2nd, TRS), you are allowed a certain number of gigs. Whatever service you can deliver, make a gig for it. Are you good at blogging? Make a gig for it. Can you get in front of a smartphone and record a video testimonial? Make a gig for it.
  2. Stay involved with Fiverr. The forum is a great way to get your name out there and make friends. Sometimes, friends from the forum will buy your gig and when other potential buyers see that you sell a lot, they will know you have a great gig to purchase.
  3. Upload a head shot for your profile photo. Buyers want to see a real person and not a company logo.
  4. Fill out all of your experience on the seller sidebar. You can add your college degrees for example. Some buyers like purchasing from sellers who have an education.
  5. Once you get a few sales, always always always over-deliver and provide great customer service so you get 5-star ratings and good reviews. Buyers look for that before they purchase.

J'espère que ça aide.

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Réponse d'origine: How can I can improve my Fiverr gigs?

Top 5 Killer Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales by 200% - 3rd Planet Techies

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Réponse d'origine: How do I get a lot of Fiverr sales?

You need to do 3 things.

  1. Create attractive and unique gig
  2. Promote it
  3. Provide a best service.

When you are creating a gig, find a niche that you are good at and create the gig about it. As an example if you are good about graphic designing, create 2 - 3 gigs regards logo design, cover page design, etc. This will lead more traffic than one graphic design gig providing both services.

Use social media to promote your gig. You can promote it on facebook,twitter, google plus etc. Further join discussion forums talking your area of expertise and answer questions from people. Then you can add your signature with the link to the gig on that answers. Do not provide spam answers and put it everywhere, it will recognise you as a marketer but not valuable member of the community.

From the first message you receive from the buyer, make them feel you are special. Reply fast, answer all questions from them, describe what you are going to give them, etc. Once you received the order, complete it as soon as you can. Try to delight the buyer and make sure 5 star feedback. If you are going to giving average work and beg for 5 star feedback, it will not work.

You can check my gig using this link keashan : I will create Excel Tools and Excel Macro VBA for $5 on

And here is my blog how you can success in fiverr. Freelance Secrets

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Réponse d'origine: How can I improve my Fiverr gigs and get more orders?

This is a great question. At first you have to make a excellent gig and then you can follow this steps. Hope it will work for you.

  1. Use Social Media Share :-

More Clicks you get , Fiverr will Give You Good ranking . So The Best Way is to get More Ranking is to get More Clicks . to get more Clics i Keep Sharing My Gigs On Social media.

I have joined many Facebook Groups and have a Strong Twitter Account . So this Way I am getting lots of Clicks and Fiverr is Increase my Impression and I am getting good number of Orders Daily .

  1. Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says :-

This is The Best way to get TIP ... I always Delivers Some Extras and Always Gets 5 Star rating and Some TIP too .. So thats the best Way !!

  1. As them to Give Feedback :-

Once You Deliver The Order , you Should Always ask Your Client to Give a Review of The gig .

  1. Client Satisfaction is Most important thing :-

if Your Client is not happy with your gig , it means you are Not giving your 100% .

So Always Ask Your Client How You can Improve Your Gig .. So This way You can keep Improving Your Gig.

  1. Video :- Always add a Video to your Cabriolet , As It Increase Your Sales by 220% .
  2. 100% Refund Policy :- if Your Client is Not happy , You Should Give him 100% Refund .

This way You will have Lots of Regular return Clients .

To make a better concerts vous pouvez suivre plus encore conseils here. Thanks

What are the best sales tools for startups?

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Great question. Sales can be tricky for startups, as founders, how genius their idea might be, often lack the experience of a seasoned sales man. Luckily, there are some great tools out there that can help you in throughout various stages of the sales cycle.

The following is a list of carefully researched apps we either use ourselves or recommend. I’ll try to somewhat categorise the different tools according to the business process they help optimise.

Prospection et génération de leads

Navigateur de ventes LinkedIn

This is not likely to be the cheapest tool you’ll come across, but it’s just great for lead generation for the simple reason that it allows you to fish from the biggest pool of business professionals there is to be found. Sales Navigator features a wide range of useful filters that allow you to effectively search for potential clients. It gives you analytics, insights and recommendations so you can stay updated and focus on the right people.


We use Dux-Soup to automate lead generation from LSN. Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that acts like a teeny-tiny robot you can issue to visit the LinkedIn-profiles from a given list and save their data. Set the filters of LSN to target a certain persona and tell Dux-Soup to go and visit them all. All of these profiles will get notified that you visited them and you’ll have their names, industries, roles, company domains and more, extractable as a .CSV list you can use for several purposes.

To find out e-mail addresses based on company and domain (which you can thus easily get with LSN and Dux-Soup). Success rate of about 70%, which is a long way already.


If Hunter doesn’t cut it, try Elucify. It’s a completely free and crowdsourced database for business contact information. Just enter what company you want email addresses from and see what it has in store for you. It’s pretty amazing that it’s free, no catches.


Chrome-plugin that shows you linked accounts like LinkedIn, Google and Twitter for an e-mail address, straight in your Gmail inbox as a sidebar. You can use it to guess e-mail addresses you didn’t find with Hunter and/or elucify. Try typing combo’s like [email protected], [email protected] etc. and check if Rapportive can dig up accounts on those. We don’t use Rapportive because our CRM Salesflare can do this too and more from the Chrome-plugin which equally sits in a Gmail or Outlook inbox.

Datanyze /

Both are intelligent lead generation tools that can tell you the exact software stack a certain company is using. You can even find out exact dates of when a certain technology was dropped by the company you’re investigating. It can also help you to find email address and other contact information.



We use MailChimp for email campaigns. Obvious choice, it allows for effective email campaigns that won’t end up in your recipient’s spam box. Other than that: powerful analytics, email tracking, great resources on email templates and easy to integrate with our other tools.


We use MixMax for cold emailing because it sends emails directly from your Gmail, unlike MailChimp and alternatives. This makes it ideal for personal emailing, as they won’t end up in the ‘Promotions’ section of the recipient’s Gmail account. It also gives you a lot of possibilities in setting up email sequences; it allows you for example to break off a sequence when a recipient has responded to your first email. Other than that, it’s filled with cool features to spice up emails: slash commands, email templates, email and click tracking, embedded surveys/polls and an awesome meeting scheduler.

User engagement and tracking

Salesflare for email, click and website visit tracking

Our CRM fully integrates with your Gmail or Outlook and will notify you when someone opens your email, clicks a link in the email and visits your website.

You mentioned Intercom already for CS and you’re absolutely right about that. However, it can serve other purposes too. Talk to your website’s visitors in real-time. Great for tracking frequency of use and behaviour inside your app, other than the in-prompt personal messaging. Hands-on, low-threshold solution to get and stay on top of your users, whether they’re still in your sales funnel or already locked in.

Google Analytics

Default analytics tool. There are some alternatives around, but this is still solid as a rock and is easy to use with your Google apps and accounts.

Gestion de l'entonnoir CRM / vente


Our intelligent automated sales CRM. Salesflare is built to automate most of your sales funnel process. It automatically fills out your address book with data it pulls from sources like social media, email signatures and company databases . It tracks and log all interactions of leads towards you (phone, email, calendar), including emails and website tracking. All that is automated in a handy timeline so you have all the info you need at your fingertips, at all times. There’s more: from the data it gathers it will tell and remind you what to do about specific leads so you won’t have any leads falling through the cracks anymore. It’s not a robot yet, but it does do most of the working and thinking for you. There’s a desktop and a mobile app, but I mostly use it straight from my Gmail, where it gives me everything I need on a customer from an integrated sidebar.

Managing online payments and subscriptions


The friend that takes care of your online payments. No effort required from your side whatsoever, Stripe has you covered. Very easy to work with and useful with different subscription plans. Link it up with Slack to get it to tell you in real-time when your money is flowing in.

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Sales is often the most challenging part for start-ups as mostly the core team constitutes of people from a technological background.

Sales management is a business speciality that focuses on maximising the benefits that a company and its customers receive from its sales force. This task is regulated by a Sales Manager. A sales manager must train, motivate and recruit talent to the sales team in order to ensure the company’s goals are being met. A sales manager must also acquire new leads and analyse the performance of the current sales staff in order to make adjustments for the best possible performance.

What are the best sales tools for startups?

Sales Managers have abundant tasks and responsibilities that they often feel as though they are being pulled in a million different directions. Hence, to share this workload and to make the sales tasks easier and efficient, there are several sales tools available in the market to assist a sales manager. Such sales tools help sales managers to streamline the sales process, manage their teams, and set goals to motivate their teams to use their CRM and increase sales. Ironically, choosing from such a vast array of tools is a difficult task since it is going to affect the sales targets and the core functioning of the company. This is where the skills of a sales manager are put to the test. He chooses the best sales tool that enables his sales reps to work efficiently and aids in achieving lean management and increase profits.

Since we ourselves are a Commencez that sells a sales tool, having endured through it all to be one of the top prospect and lead-generation tools, we thought it’d be best to save you the time and hassle, by writing this article to kick-start your sales.

Here are the best and most commonly used sales tools for you to choose from:


SalesForce’s SalesCloud, proclaimed to be the world’s #1 CRM solution, provides you with the tools to help you sell smarter and faster. SalesCloud equips you with a power packed software that helps you close more deals, accelerate productivity, make insightful decisions and get more leads.

It helps you track customer information and analysis and also track your leads from click to close, while continually optimising your campaigns across every channel. It also provides real-time reports that are a view into your teams’ forecasts.

Email integrations, workflows, file sharing & synchronisation, all of this and more is what SalesCloud sales tool has to offer. To make it more facile, it also provides a mobile app to keep you informed on the move.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


The main function of the sales cycle is converting prospects to qualified leads and closed deals. SalesLoft is one of the simplest online solutions sales managers should provide for their teams to make it happen.

The key features of SalesLoft include social profile searches to find the best prospects, adding prospects to lists with a single click, targeting unique segments of your market quickly and easily. This sales tool also facilitates real-time email tracking, exchange of data between SalesForce and SalesLoft.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


This CloudApps’s software plugs directly into SalesForce and helps improve sales management by increasing organisational performance through sales team member motivation and behavioural change measurements.

SuMo is a sales management tool that employs game mechanics to motivate employees to use your CRM with fidelity and remain engaged and focused throughout the sales process.

SuMo monitors the health of your KPIs, delivers real-time intelligent coaching prompts that accelerate your entire team forwards, creates competitions and a perpetual levelling system to maintain high levels of employee engagement, and creates a baseline from which to accurately measure progress.

What are the best sales tools for startups?

4.InsideView Sales:

InsideView Sales is a sales tool that gathers real-time, social and business intelligence from over 40,000 sources and delivers it right to your sales rep’s desktops and mobile devices – online or inside your CRM.

Its benefits include procuring company and contact information from editorial sources like Reuters and NetProspex, and social media from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, & blogs, create targeted lists to reach the right prospects at the right time and also gain more leads, convert more prospects & win more business.

It is easy to use and contains all the information needed for marketing research, sales prospects, and intelligence needed for meetings with prospective clients. This sales tool works coherently with SalesForce and allows you to import data directly into SalesForce.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


Wrapfire is the easy-to-use content delivery tool that enables B2B sales people to wrap their choice of content in great looking, branded microsites — with immediate insights on prospect engagement. It helps by revealing the prospects most likely to buy – and when to reach them.

Real-time visitor notification, pre-built pages for specific selling situations, utilisation of the branded sales microsites for your existing selling materials, improvement of sales effectiveness by showing your team members where to spend their selling time, are some of the key features this sales tool.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


RingCentral is a cloud business solution provider that offers flexibility, scalability, and customization for the needs of any B2B organisation and also offers seamless integration with SalesForce that amalgamates cold calling with features of sales management. This complete cloud-based app helps you increase call efficiency, drive organisational collaboration and enhance customer interaction.

RingCentral can also be integrated with Bac, Desk.Com, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Oracle Sales Cloud, ServiceNow, et Zendesk.

This sales tool also offers features of making or receiving calls through RingCentral, directly from your account within SalesForce, increasing team call efficiency with click-to-dial within SalesForce and elimination of misdials, viewing of multiple call records in separate windows and collaboration within SalesForce using call records and RingCentral call management.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


SalesSeek is a sales tool that integrates sales and marketing into a single solution that provides pipeline management, email marketing, and automation, and web analytics with action-oriented visualisations and dashboards provide a clear view of team activities.

This sales tool showcases key features such as using of web analytics with real-time alerts to prompt action, social engagement tracking, automated lead nurturing with a trigger-based system, revenue forecasting based on multiple ‘what-if” scenarios and provides actionable insight and visibility into the pipeline.

SalesSeek also houses lead generation and tracking, email marketing and automation, integration with Xero, Sauge & Interphone, and deals & sales funnel management.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


Pipedrive is a sales tool for small to medium sized teams that gives you an easy-to-use and efficient sales pipeline management and allows you to focus on the most important deals. It organises your business leads in such a way that you will have a good overview of your sales and allows you to prioritise your deals.

Pipedrive is a simple yet very effective sales pipeline management tool and CRM that provides features such as contact management, sales forecasting, performance metrics, opportunity management, customer database and email integration & tracking.

This sales tool is great at forecasting agreements. Its integrations with other software such as Google Apps, MailChimp, and Zapier, allow for a seamless deal process.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


One of the hardest problems for any sales and marketing teams is to penetrate target accounts. LeadGnome helps you achieve this goal in an easy and automated way. It is cloud-based email mining software that is designed specifically for marketing and sales teams.

LeadGnome helps you to optimise campaigns, increase leads and penetrate target accounts and also delivers reply email tracking & monitoring, automation systems marketing and email mining features. It generates new account-specific leads and schedules a follow-up with target’s return from Out-of-office replies.

Increase sales and marketing alignment and productivity, mine new contacts within target accounts, enhance existing leads’ contact information with the title, role, phone number, assistant, etc., ensure contact information is accurate, match leads to accounts – critical for account based marketing strategies are some of the key benefits of this sales tool. This tool offers integration with SalesForce, HubSpot, and Constant Contact.

What are the best sales tools for startups?


Datanyze is a powerful sales intelligence and lead-generation sales tool that crawls more than 30 million websites on a daily basis to offer accurate and up-to-date information on which websites are using specific technology providers and provides an unlimited number of reports, lookups, and queries. The app’s discovery tool continuously evaluates millions of websites to find out which technologies are being used.

Datanyze sales tool offers you the facility to create custom alerts and also get notifications whenever a website starts or stops using a specific web technology. You can also use Datanyze to get answers to questions such as who dropped your competitor today, where your website visitors are going after they leave you, and which of your customers are currently using a technology you integrated with.

Datanyze has integrated with third party solutions like CrunchBase, Jigsaw, and LinkedIn to provide information about contacts and leads directly in the web app. You can easily set up the app’s la plate-forme de réussite client pour développer votre activité integration to stay updated with data.Digital Marketing Company In Surat India|Social Media Marketing Company In Surat India|SEO Company In Surat-iDIGITALS

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Mixmax sits in my email inbox all day every day.

Let’s say I’m writing canned messages to people. After enough people open and click through it, I can actually share the template and analytics with my team. From a sales perspective, if we can all see the same templates and we can all see what’s performing well, that’s going to move the needle.

I also like being able to see who’s opening emails, on what devices, how many times they’ve opened them, and which location they’re coming from. I like seeing all those metrics. In the Mixmax dashboard, you can set up email sequences as well.

For example, I have a sequence for a book. I can set up different sequences and send these to different people. All I have to do is upload a CSV list and use a tool like David to find emails.

Personalize Your Emails

In this particular case, I’m trying to get people to be included in my book. There’s a variable for the first name, so in the CSV I’ll put the first name.

Then I try to customize the first line of the email. The rest of it is a template, but if I can customize each first line, I’m going to have a higher response rate because it’s customized to that individual.

I can change the subject line as well and I can have different stages that map to different emails in the sequence. That way I’m not sending everything in a completely automated manner, because that just doesn’t perform as well. Something that is semi-personalized works much better.

I’d rather reach out to 100 people and get 20-30 responses than reach out to 1,000 people and only get five responses because it’s so generic.

What’s a Good Open Rate for Emails?

For this particular outreach email, the open rate was 50% and 6% actually clicked through. Ultimately, I got a 22% response rate.

Anytime you can get a response rate around 10-15% or higher, you’re in a good spot.

Your job is to elicit some kind of response. That’s what you’re really aiming for at the end of the day.

Mixmax also lets you keep track of all sorts of other things, like the emails that I have to send out later and the reminders about people I need to get back to. This tool is super helpful and makes my life a lot easier. If you buy subscriptions for your team, you can also see what they’re doing, how active they are, what their response rates look like, and what their templates look like.

I’ve used a lot of different sales tools over the years, but I think Mixmax is probably my favorite one because I have the ability to customize messages and see what my team is doing.

But there are a lot of different tools out there. I’ve talked to a lot of different people on my Growth Everywhere podcast who use other sales tools, but right now Mixmax is my favorite because it’s simple to use and a lot of the other ones are a bit too bulky for my taste.

Tom Gorski

Tom Gorski, CEO chez SaasGenius

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