What is the best bitcoin betting service?

Philip Collins

Philip Collins, works at PokerStars

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There are loads of bitcoin (crypto) gambling guides online. I would recommend starting with review sites such as;

Lots of good BTC bonuses out there for new users too!

Md Jamsed

Md Jamsed, travaille chez Self-Employment

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Coin maker Bot provide the best bitcoin betting service. If you looking that than this site is best source for you. To get best service, this website is the great for you. in that time Coin maker Bot site is world top ranking for bitcoin betting service.

From the beginning Free Bitcoin Ethereum Cloud Mining provide the best quality service for bitcoin betting service. So if you looking that than i will highly recommend you Coin maker Bot.

To know more just visit here: paris Bitcoin

Julie Je

Julie Je

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Double Mieux que BET365.

Il est maintenant temps de fermer BET 365 et Open Profitable cotes élevées Easy Winning, site de paris sportifs.

World Wide Live Sports inplay marché élevé impair.

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150 $ Premier dépôt 100% bous.

Enregistré avec votre numéro de téléphone mobile

& Vérification instantanée.

Retrait RAPIDE dans les minutes 15 vers SKRILL & NETELLER.

Options de dépôt et de retrait:



Virement bancaire local.







Chat en ligne instantané avec le client, dans toutes les langues.

Cashout inplay.

World Wide Online Sports Live inplay Paris Cotes et marchés importants.

Under, Over Multiple high odds Des marchés gagnants faciles.

Vous pouvez retirer vers SKRILL ou NETELLER .. (avec retrait en minutes 15)

Vous pouvez retirer avec le même mode de paiement que vous avez utilisé pour le dépôt.

What is the best bitcoin betting service?

Guannan Liu

Guannan Liu

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use bitcoin for world cup bet World Cup Bet

What is the best bitcoin betting service?

What is the best bitcoin betting service?

ZA Corbett

ZA Corbett, Ingénieur logiciel et système

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BitBet les doigts dans le nez.

Anything else is a scam.

Siim Einfeldt

Siim Einfeldt

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You can check some great sites for bitcoin betting and thoughts on bitcoin betting on eifu.org. But if we don’t talk specifics but the main idea - everyone need to find their own best service because 1) not everyone like the same interface 2) people bet on different sports, and certain sports odds might be more available or with better odds than on other sites 3) not all bitcoin betting sites are accessible from all countries, so it depends on your location.

Which betting site have the best odds for English football?

Droits du peuple

Droits du peuple

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Double - Mieux que BET365.

See the Live Huge Difference between

Over - Under Multiple Sure Bet Markets. Easily you can Win

than BET 365 Horrible Markets.

Se Connecter https://tinyurl.com/1Xsportsbet-com

100% Bonus de dépôt jusqu'à 200 $.

Now time for Open Sure bet Profitable high odds Multiple Markets Easy Winning site.

Enregistré avec votre numéro de téléphone mobile et vérification instantanée.

World Wide Live Sports inplay high odds 1000 of markets.

Retrait RAPIDE dans les minutes 15 vers SKRILL & NETELLER.

Options de dépôt et de retrait.



Virement bancaire local.







Chat en ligne instantané avec le client, dans toutes les langues.

Cashout inplay.

Gagnez facilement de multiples marchés sous le total dans tous les sports. Football, cricket, tennis, badminton, volley-ball, handball, hockey, hockey sur glace, tennis de table, basket-ball, baseball, etc.

Vous pouvez vous retirer sur SKRILL, NETELLER, etc. (avec un retrait en minutes 15)

Vous pouvez retirer avec le même mode de paiement que vous avez utilisé pour le dépôt.

Android, Apple, Desktop, plates-formes mobiles disponibles.

(Téléchargez l'application depuis le bas du site)

David Amunga

David Amunga, I know a little about everything concerning soccer betting

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I believe the best sites are

Football stats and results - Provides probably one of the best in depth analysis of games..1st and 2nd half stats, BTTS stats, Goal Stats, Timing stats. Its across most of the leagues in Europe

Free Worldwide Football and Soccer Tips and Free Bet Offers - Also provides similar stats

Mathematical football predictions, Tips, Statistics, Previews. - Gives a decent analysis of the probabilites of wins, double chance, Over/Under goals

But I advise betting on the long term. Short term goals leading to long term profit

Luis McGonigal

Luis McGonigal

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All good punters need to have a solid grasp of odds when betting on football, or any other sport for that matter. And the more you know about odds, the more daring and elaborate you can be with your accumulators and or any type of bet.

So, just think how valuable is to gain a true understanding of the ways in which bookmakers calculate their odds!

Bookmakers’ odds and their true value

Quite simply, all bookmakers need to make a profit to stay in business. So rather than calculating odds with true probabilities, bookmakers adjust them slightly to ensure they bring in a profit.

Balancing the books

A bookie’s job is to balance the books and to make a small amount of profit consistently. For this reason, they don’t look to fleece their customers. Instead, they want to keep them coming back again and again and to reduce the chances of losing money themselves.

The best bookmakers know they can’t balance their books for every single football match. To them, it’s all about spreading risk to manage small changes in profit margins.

So the best odds for English football can’t be highlighted. Its common to find highest odds for event A in bookmaker N but then you can find better odds for Event B in bookmaker M.

Liam Clarke

Liam Clarke, Worked for leading sports betting website for 3+ years

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If you use the side 'oddshecker.com | Odds Checker' you can compare prices from all of the UK's leading bookies. If, for example, you want to see all the prices for Wayne Rooney to Score first then it will compare the prices across 10+ sites and highlight the best one. All of the bookies have easy-to-use apps and websites so just switch between the sites depending on who is offering the best price in your chosen market. Loyalty to one bookmakers doesn't make financial sense in the digital climate. No one site will always have the best price on everything.

Martin Hum

Martin Hum, worked at Barclays Global Investors

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If it's not betting on anything obscure and just betting on the day of the game try betdaq or smarkets. Betfair EXCHANGE (NOT sports book) also worth considering, but has higher commission.

Tbh all these places will give far better prices than the high Street bookies

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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There are lots of site which provides good odds in the English football. In my opinion you can check at Betting Predictions, Blogs & Tipsters . This site can help you to understand the betting concept easily. I also use this site for my betting purpose and the betting result is awesome. So if you want, check it.

What are the best live betting sites?

Nick Emery

Nick Emery, Online Betting Affiliate (2013-present)

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As said previously it’s all about location and who you are legally allowed to bet with.

bet365 are way out in front of the rest when it comes to live in-play betting and streaming sports.

Unibet are another good option if you want to check them out.

Most betting betting sites here in Australia offer live betting but due to strict laws in regards betting after an event has started it a nightmare as you have to ring up and place your bet.

The betting sites thought they had found a loophole in the law 18 months back a designed software that you could place your bet through your mobile with a single click but the authorities soon put a stop to that and now things are pretty much back to where they were 2 years ago so I personally do not bother.

For a list of the best bookmakers here in Australia you may want to check my article out Best Betting Sites, Australian Online Sports Betting

Richard Gerald

Richard Gerald, Développeur web

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Take your chance to win the world’s biggest lotto jackpots

At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of the biggest and best lotto draws the world has to offer.

We’ve got EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. From the States there’s the supersized MegaMillions and PowerBall draws. We’ve also got Irish Lotto, Polish Lotto, four lotteries from Australia and many more big draws from Europe and beyond.

We’ve also got a range of exciting casino games, instant win games and scratchcards, with top prizes of €1 million available!

Every day you can take the chance to become a millionaire!

At Lottoland you bet on the outcome of the official draw

We offer you the chance to bet on the outcome of the world’s biggest lotteries. Select the draw, choose your numbers and submit your line or lines.

Hit any of the prize tiers available on the official draw and you’ll win!

For all intents and purposes you will have the same experience as if you had played the official draw.

The difference is that we take your bet and we pay you if you win

How does the withdrawal to my bank account work?

To collect your winnings, you must specify the bank account you would like to be paid into, and the amount of your balance that you wish to withdraw. To ensure that only you get paid for your winnings, and to prevent money laundering, we require that the account to be paid into must be in the name of the player and be in their country of residence. The withdrawn funds will usually be deposited in your bank account within a few business days.

Bonus: If you go check on http://www.thelotto.eu and pick any ticket and when it asks for promo code type in lottoland18 and you will get 50% off anything that is in your basket.

Steve Madgwick

Steve Madgwick, Social Media Manager at OLBG.com

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The answer may be dependent on exactly what sport you wish to bet on in play

Certainly one answer for football would not be the best for hose racing for instance, not, at least, in my opinion.

In fact, i would go as far as to say that whilst it is quite possible to win betting on the 1x2 market on football in play, you will rarely get any value in the prices available - For proof of this, have a market open at the point of kick off and watch the over-round increase incredibly right at the point the first whistle is blown

Anyway, back to the question, my best advice would be to take a look at real user reviews of bookmakers and see what users are saying about the in play experience - Who are the best Bookies in Ireland



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From my experience, bet365 is, no doubt, best betting site ever. They have fantastic live betting platform in which you are able to watch, after you make deposit, games in real time and place your bets. In my betting experience, and I am betting for more then 10 years and have accounts in almost every bookmaker for you have ever heard, bet365 is the best bookmaker you can find out there.

I love their fair odds which are, in most cases, the best or at the top comparing to other bookmakers. Also, I love their betting markets which offer ability to bet on so many different things, from basic bets (1X2, over/under) to special bets on number of cards in the football match for most of the main european competitions, number of corners.

Also, I love their option to bet on a tip to win either half, which make watching game less stressful and odds on this type of bets are, usually, really great. My favorite double is, in games where it’s expected that some teams will dominate, win + bet that that team will first come to 5 corners. It’s incredible how often this happen and that bet365 allow this type of bets on the same betslip because it’s pretty obvious that if one team will have domination most of the game, that that team should come first to 5 corners, as well as that that team should score at least once.

Find out more about best live betting sites on Svijet Kladjenja - sportsko klađenje, prognoze, tipovi, bonusi

James Slocum

James Slocum, Spécialiste en placement

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The best one for me are bet365 , betfair and 888 but what make them the best. I’ll try to explain this easy. There are several things you should look for picking the best one for you

It goes without saying that security should be the first concern that comes to mind in this case you should look for licensing by particular jurisdiction in your country.

After this player experience is crucial, so you should keep in mind that the two biggest factors for players to switch sites are poor customer service and site quality.

Another linchpin of the best betting sites is handling deposits and withdrawals in a fast and secure manner.

And lastly free bets and sign-up promotions remain the largest driver of acquisition ��

So now you can browse for these and find the best one for you. Here you are a hint from me Best Betting Sites for 2018

Nehaa Lie

Nehaa Lie

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Double Mieux que BET365.

Il est maintenant temps de fermer BET 365 et Open Profitable cotes élevées Easy Winning, site de paris sportifs.

World Wide Live Sports inplay marché des cotes élevées.

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100% Bonus de dépôt jusqu'à 200 $

Enregistré avec votre numéro de téléphone mobile

& Vérification instantanée.

Retrait RAPIDE dans les minutes 15 vers SKRILL & NETELLER.

Options de dépôt et de retrait:



Virement bancaire local.







Chat en ligne instantané avec le client, dans toutes les langues.

Cashout inplay.

Grands marchés du football, du cricket, du tennis, du badminton, du volleyball, du handball, du hockey, du hockey sur glace, du tennis de table, du basketball, du baseball, etc.

Cotes élevées, gain facile sous et sur plusieurs paris

marchés disponibles dans tous les sports.

Vous pouvez retirer vers SKRILL ou NETELLER .. (avec retrait en minutes 15)

Vous pouvez retirer avec le même mode de paiement que vous avez utilisé pour le dépôt.

Android, Apple, Desktop, plates-formes mobiles disponibles.

What are the best live betting sites?

Which is the best betting site for Indians?

Ariz Khan

Ariz Khan, studied at MBA from Toronto

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Bet365 and betway

Eh bien, techniquement, ce n'est pas de l'argent légal en Inde. Laissez-moi vous expliquer pourquoi et comment;

Je suis un Indien, je le fais. Et je le fais en toute sécurité.

Plus tôt entre 2005, bet365 avait accepté les cartes de crédit SBI, mais à présent, aucun site de paris étranger n'accepte de carte d'Inde et de divers autres pays où les paris ne sont pas autorisés / illégaux (cela serait considéré comme du blanchiment d'argent).

Toutes les cartes (Visa, RuPay, Amex, MC, Visa Electron, Discovery, etc.) ont des numéros de séquence, c.-à-d. à partir des chiffres, 4304 XXXX, 4708 XXXX, 4054 XXXX et ainsi de suite. Ici, les cartes sont vérifiées elles-mêmes en fonction de leurs numéros de séquence et identifiées quant à leur lieu d'appartenance, même à quelle banque est-elle associée et à la classe de la carte.

Par exemple, les cartes Visa avec la séquence 4101 XXXX sont des cartes de débit de classe NatWest Bank Platinum pour le Royaume-Uni, les cartes Visa avec la séquence 4207 XXXX sont une carte de crédit de classe Barclays Platinum pour le Royaume-Uni. De même, les cartes MasterCard avec la séquence 5497 XXXX sont des cartes de débit de classe Citi Bank Platinum pour l'Inde, tandis que les cartes Visa avec la séquence 4304 XXXX sont des cartes de crédit de classe Citi Bank Signature pour l'Inde.

Premièrement, pour les cartes MasterCard, les passerelles de paiement n'acceptent pas les transactions, mais acceptent les cartes pour le Royaume-Uni. Cela signifie que si vous possédez une carte MasterCard et souhaitez l'utiliser chez des marchands comme Neteller, elle DEVRAIT être enregistrée au Royaume-Uni. Tout en donnant les détails de la carte, le commerçant identifiera l'emplacement géographique de la carte et le comprendra dès la phase initiale, qu'il accepte ou non les paiements de cette carte.

Donc, ici Neteller ou tout autre marchand / passerelle de paiement étranger reconnaît la carte et traite la transaction en conséquence (c'est la première étape de la sécurité).

En Inde, récemment, en raison de nouvelles directives concernant la loi sur l'argent noir et l'argent et les transactions frauduleuses, les passerelles de paiement NE traitent PAS les paiements en provenance ou à destination de l'Inde, à moins que RBI ne soit informée de cette remise. En tant que tel, RBI donnera son accord pour que cette transaction se produise, qu'une seule fois et uniquement s'il s'agit d'une transaction VALIDE.

Neteller est un commerçant et Optimal Payments PLC est la passerelle de paiement pour Neteller qui vous prendra de l’argent et le remettra à Neteller. Par exemple, lorsque vous essayez de payer des marchands tels que Neteller, la carte que vous utilisez ou d'où vous venez n'a aucune importance, mais les passerelles de paiement comme Paysafe Group PLC NE traiteront PAS cette transaction pour Neteller par vous-même. Parce que les marchands et les passerelles de paiement travaillent séparément.

Lorsque les commerçants acceptent seulement les paiements pour leur service et facturent le montant correspondant à leurs passerelles de paiement, celles-ci ne traitent les transactions qu'après avoir respecté les règles et les politiques du système bancaire mondial (RBI, BOUS, etc.) et du système de réseau de paiement (VBV, 3D). sécurisé, etc.). Donc, Neteller peut prendre les détails de votre carte et même les enregistrer dans leurs archives, mais lorsque vous essayez de faire le paiement, la passerelle de paiement peut ne pas la traiter.

Et lorsque vous demandez pourquoi l'opération n'a pas été passée par le commerçant ou votre banque, aucune des deux ne vous donnera cette explication. Le marchand vous demandera de contacter votre banque, votre banque vous demandant de le contacter. Une fois que vous vous êtes renseigné auprès de la banque, celle-ci procède à une enquête plus approfondie sur la transaction afin de résoudre le problème et s’aperçoit que de telles transactions NE DEVRAIENT PAS être traitées, bloquant ainsi le chemin de transaction de manière permanente dans leurs systèmes ou vous demandant de vous abstenir de telles transactions. au fur et à mesure qu’ils apprennent que la quantité de liquide sort du pays (l’alerte est envoyée à RBI également). Il en va de même pour le retrait lorsque de l'argent liquide entre dans le pays.

Pour une raison quelconque, ou si vous avez de la chance ce jour-là et que le paiement de votre carte soit traité, vous devez ensuite "Valider" votre carte.
Pour plus d'informations et pour parier en toute sécurité
[email protected]
Mon numéro WhatsApp + 18638447919
And guys we also sell bet365 full verified account #IPL time ⌚

Diya Patel

Diya Patel, Joueur professionnel dans les casinos en ligne (2015-present)

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Réponse d'origine: Which is the best online betting sites for Indians?

Among the plethora of Online Betting Sites to choose from, for me one of the best legal Online Betting Site is, Deltin Palace. It is a remote gambling brand, focused primarily on offering sports betting and services to Indian Markets. You can bet on a wide selection of sports, among the popular choices there are Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis. Along with this you can also bet on Horse racing and Cock Fighting.

Since March 2018, I have never turned back for other online betting site. Payment getaways and customer service has always been the best part of my Deltin Palace journey. It is obvious that deposits are usually faster than withdrawals in any online betting sites. But usually the problem is with withdraw. We face unnecessary problems in withdrawing our winnings in most of the sites, thus our withdrawal process is delayed. But with Deltin Palace I never had any complains about withdrawing my winnings. I can openly say that their withdrawal process is fast and hustle free which is the most important part for most of the people. Well at least it is for me.

Now coming back to the customer support, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always available and to solve your questions and resolve your issues. One of the main thing that I found unique about them is; they call back in Hindi. Also, for the ease of the customers they have the option of connecting through WhatsApp and Viber. Because of this facility don’t have to go to the website to contact them through live chat or call them. I must say the hospitality they provide is the best.

This Online Betting Website is Highly Recommended! You can give it a try. If you are a sports fan and want to bet on sports then Deltin Palace est pour toi.

Free registration here: Deltin Palace

Tiya Patel

Tiya Patel, Professional Gambler (2013-present)

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Réponse d'origine: Which is the best online betting sites for Indians?

Not all online sportsbooks are good and can be trusted. All the online betting sites are not necessarily good at every facet of sports betting, casino wagering, poker play and horse racing. There is multiple online betting site that are available but there are only few who especially focuses on Indian players.

Deltin Palace is one of the reputed and remote gambling brand, focused primarily on offering sports betting products and services. You can open an account and do the transaction in Indian currency (INR).

You can bet on wide selection of sports, among the popular choices are Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis. You can also bet on Horse Racing along with Cock Fighting. They offer the best service for members and this includes constant addition of new product.

Not to mention the customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, the customer service department are there to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible.

Try for yourself now and thank me later: Deltin Palace

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan, Indien fier | La politique | Voyageur | Le cricket | Jeux d'argent

Répondu il y a 80w

Réponse d'origine: Which is the best online betting sites for Indians?

I’m listing her some online betting sites for you:

In all of the above websites you’ll get a deposit bonus also on its minimum deposit.

I’ll recommend you to use Paris sportifs, cotes de football de Premier League et de Ligue des Champions, plus les prix du tennis ATP et WTA, Casino, Poker, Jeux, Vegas, Bingo it’s the best sports betting site i have gone through. You can place bet on a wide range of fancy market on this site.


Prashant, ancien stagiaire chez Bajaj Finserv (2018)

Répondu il y a 80w

Réponse d'origine: Which is the best online betting sites for Indians?

A few Betting sites which are good for indians:-

  • Bet365 :- If you are a sports fan and want to bet on sports then bet365 is for you. It provides betting on almost all the major sports. Bet365 also provides various bonuses up to £100. It also allows you to watch a match live if you have a certain amount in you account (around $10). If you want to bet on esports (cs go, DotA 2, LOL, Overwatch etc.) Then skip this and move to the next site.
  • Fanobet - eSports betting - CSGO, Dota2, LoL, Overwatch :- this is one of the best website for esports betting. Of course it also has sports betting but with a little options as compared to bet365. The best thing is that fanobet allows you to deposit or withdraw using bitcoins or cs go skins. (Use the link to create an account and get 1% return on every single bet).
  • Pinnacle sports:- One of the oldest betting sites. Pinnacle sports provide a great betting platform with different odds system.

Personnellement, je préfère Fanobet - eSports betting - CSGO, Dota2, LoL, Overwatch

As it allows you to directly deposit money to bet using your visa/master card (credit/debit cards) as well as bitcoins and also many other payment methods. It also provides 25 Euro bonus. In the case of Pinnacle and bet365 you have to withdraw using neteller, skrill etc.

Rohit Sanam

Rohit Sanam

Répondu il y a 3w

Betting website betChips.in non seulement donne accès à la devise INR pour les paris, mais permet également au client d’utiliser Paytm pour les transactions monétaires. De plus, le traitement est effectué en heures 4-6 uniquement et la commission gagnante déduite ne représente que 2% de vos gains, ce qui est nettement inférieur aux autres. Non seulement cela, mais vous pouvez également transférer votre argent par virement bancaire.

Aussi, BetChips is powered by Betfair which shows the authenticity of the website because of which there are a lot of genuine customers using the website for earning money through betting. The odds are also integrated through Betfair which are quite more good compared to the odds of Bet365. BetChips also have live streaming of the sports events. The website trades with three sports namely, cricket, tennis and football and the users can also do the betting through the app called BetChips.

Is betting legal in India?

Siddhant Pengoriya

Siddhant Pengoriya, studied at Lotus Valley International School

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India Gambling Laws

Is betting legal in India?

While the debate about what gambling is legal and what isn’t continues among gambling experts, in India courts, and between States and the Central government, one things is for certain – Indians love to gamble. A recent news report sized the Indian gambling market at Rs. 3 lakh crore ($60 billion USD) annually.

Although a good percentage is wagered legally on horse racing and lottery, a large amount is wagered on cricket and other sports via illegal and “technically illegal” channels. In this article I’ll tackle the complex Indian gambling laws, including what forms of gambling are prohibited, which are explicitly allowed, and what grey areas still exist.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867

The primary legislative document that makes gambling in India a ‘grey’ legality is the Public gambling act. This is an old law created during British rule. While Pakistan has since abolished this rule, our own government has affirmed their commitment to keeping it on the books on many occasions. This 145 year old law makes operating a gambling house, assisting in the operation of a gambling house, visiting a gambling house (whether gambling or not), financing gambling and being in possession of gambling devices a crime. The penalty is a fine not exceeding 200 rupees or up to three months in prison. No person betting in India has ever been charged or sought after…

Skill Games Are Allowed

The Public Gambling Act explicitly states “nothing in this Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played”which means, in absence of other laws against them, wagering on games of skill is legal. While the Act itself doesn’t define gambling, in 1996 the Supreme Court of India defined games of mere skill as follows:

The competitions where success depends on substantial degree of skill are not “gambling” and despite there being an element of chance if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it would nevertheless be a game of “mere skill”

An early ruling came in 1957 where Horse Race Betting was determined a skill:

“The expression “gaming” in the two Acts has to be interpreted in the light of the law laid-down by this Court in the two1957 cases, wherein it has been authoritatively held that a competition which substantially depends on skill is not gambling. Gaming is the act or practice of gambling on a game of chance. It is staking on chance where chance is the controlling factor. “Gaming” in the two Acts would, therefore, mean wagering or betting on games of chance. It would not include games of skill like horse racing”.

In 1968 Rummy (also known as Paplu) was determined to be a skill game:

“Rummy, on the other hand, requires certain amount of skill because the fall of the cards has to be memorised and the building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards. We cannot, therefore, say that the game of Rummy is a game of entire chance. It is mainly and preponderantly a game of skill. The chance in Rummy is of the same character as the chance in a deal at a game of bridge.”

Grey Area: Poker is a major grey area in Indian law. It’s quite interesting that games such as Teen Patti (flush) and Texas Hold ’em are banned while Rummy is allowed. Perhaps even more interesting – course de chevaux (one of the easiest games to fix) is legal to wager on based it being a skill game, yet le cricket paris which requires the same sort of skill set is banned?!!

Source Credit for this section: Games 24×7

Lottery is Legal in Many India States

The Central Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 gave state governments the authority to hold lotteries, but stipulated this was restricted to a maximum of one draw per week. Today in most Indian states there are lottery terminals excessively available and some lotteries are drawn every 15 minutes. Also Sikkim licensed PlayWin Lotto is highly popular and Indians from any state can purchase tickets online, or via terminal. The reason the one draw per week is not followed is because most states believe fully, they already had the right to create their own laws for all forms of gambling, and didn’t need the Central Lotteries Act to do so. This is a right given to them by the Constitution of India. What is interesting is that Satta Matka gambling, which is a simple form of lottery is strictly forbidden.

States Have Authority to Make Gambling Laws

Drafted in 1949, the Constitution of India explicitly gives states the right to legislate and make policies related to “gambling and betting”. It is quite clear in the Seventh Schedule Entry 34 List II that states could legalize gamblingshould they choose to do so. To date most states have only made laws against gambling, while 13 states have legalized lottery, and 2 states (Goa and Sikkim) have legalized many other forms of gambling.

Legal Casino Gambling in Goa

Goa has made two amendments to the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act, 1976 to legalize certain forms of gambling. The relevant section from that act is listed below:

26[13A. Authorised Game.– (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the Government may authorised any game of electronic amusement/slot machines in Five Star Hotels 27{and such table games and gaming on board in vessels offshore as may be notified} subject to such conditions, including payment of such recurring and non-recurring fees, as may be prescribed.

26 Inserted by the Amendment Act 11 of 1992.
27 Inserted by the Amendment Act 13 of 1996.

As of October 2011 there are 7 land based casinos and several offshore casinos that operate legally in Goa.

Legal Gambling In Sikkim

Sikkim is a second Indian State that has legalized gambling. According this post at glaws.in:

1) The Sikkim Casino Games (Control and Tax Rules), 2002 gives the Sikkim Government the authority to grant licenses to individual and business interested in operating casinos.

2) The Sikkim Regulation of Gambling (Amendment) Act, 2005 gives the Sikkim Government the authority to authorise gambling on certain days and to make specific gambling houses legal at their own discretion by way of a license.

Sikkim also became the first Indian State to legalize internet gambling.

Sikkim Online Gaming Licenses

As this is a complex topic I wrote a separate article titled Sikkim Gambling Licenses that is worth reading. The short of it is that the state of Sikkim has begun taking applications to license online gambling where the servers are located within the state. This includes casino gambling, lottery and les paris sportifs. Many believe that once these licensed sports betting sites come online that players located in states where there are no gambling laws will be able to use them legally. This has caused popular online gambling sites such as William Hill and Betfair to eye India as the next major market to expand to. This however has a major challenge – foreign investments involving gambling are illegal under Indian law.

Online Gambling Sites Indians Use

Internet gambling is a truly global business. For example www.bet365.com is a United Kingdom based gambling company, but they have customers in over 200 countries for a combined 4 million registered accounts. Their betting site is available in dozens of languages and currencies (including Indian Rupee – INR). Although gambling at their website is technically illegal, to our knowledge no has ever been arrêté pour jeu en Inde quand leurs paris ont été placés en ligne, avec une société située à l'étranger. En ce qui concerne Bet365, les lois indiennes ne leur sont pas applicables car ils sont exploités sous une licence de jeu légale qu'ils détiennent au Royaume-Uni depuis 1974. En l'absence de serveur, de publicité ou quoi que ce soit d'autre en Inde, les autorités ne peuvent rien faire pour empêcher Bet365 de desservir les parieurs indiens. Cela permet aux Indiens d'utiliser facilement un portefeuille électronique et de parier sur des matches, y compris le cricket IPL, sur des sites tels que Bet365 et Canbet.

Central Government Actions Against Online Gambling

Although the Central Government has no jurisdiction over UK licensed bookmakers whom operate legally under European and International Law, they have taken some action to make using these sites more difficult. This comes in the form of two laws, neither of which has been highly effective.

Payment and Settlement Act, 2007

Madame President Patil signed the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 on 20th December 2007 and it went into effect on 12th August 2008. This act gives authority to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to regulate all forms of electronic payment. Section 4 is key which in part states:

Payment system not to operate without authorisation : (1) No person, other than the Reserve Bank, shall commence or operate a payment system except under and in accordance with an authorisation issued by the Reserve Bank under the provisions of this Act:

The act goes on to say any payment system or clearing house with less than 51% of the equity held by an Indian bank requires authorization to operate in India. Much the rest of this 14 page Act, gives RBI all sorts of authority over all aspects of payment processing in India, as well as the rights to enter and inspect with or without notice and access to all financial and customer data upon request.

The most important factor here is RBI has the right to make policies almost on demand (in concordance with this Act) for all things involving payment processing. They have exercised this authority numerous times. This is what caused the PayPal in India fiasco, and also what caused Neteller to stop issuing Neteller plus cards, and EntroPay to stop issuing Plastic MasterCard branded debit cards. So in short, RBI has the full right to instruct banks to decline or refuse and payments or deposits involving any particular payment processor, e-wallet or clearing house. While they seem more concerned with going after businesses and freelancers who might be evading tax, should they in the future decide to go after gambling processors, the legal framework and authority for them to do so already exists. Again to be clear, at the current time this does not seem to be a priority for them.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

On 14 April 2011, the Gazette of India published the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011. This legal document is issued under authority granted in Information Technology Act, 2000. In short this act instructs Internet Service Providers and Website Hosts, to block access to certain types of websites and content. While the majority of this is for areas of National Security, things that would shine India in an improper light, things that are blasphemous, illegal, pornographic etc., Section 2 item B includes anything “relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling”.

The addition of gambling to the IT Act of 2000 is in conflict where much the rest of India is headed. Again, the Sikkim Government has legalized sports betting and casino gambling, Goa has legal casinos, and 13 states have legalized lottery. Even Mr. Haroon Lorgat, the CEO of the International Cricket Council (ICC), has urged Indian officials to make cricket betting sites legal, as he feels this is the best way to prevent corruption and match correction in the sport. So while the push for legal gambling in India is strong and has made some progress, the Central Government is still taking action in an attempt to make it more difficult.


At the current time – most gambling in India is illegal. However, legal gambling does exist for horse racing, lottery, and rummy (paplu). There is also a high number of betting sites legal in the UK which service Indians with only minor hassle. The law at this time seems more concerned with scaring Indians not to gamble, than it does much to prevent it. It seems highly likely fully legal gambling will come to India at some point – how far away that is, is anyone’s guess. In the meantime stay tuned to this page where we’ll publish Indian Gambling Law updates as we receive them.

Traduction: भारतीय द्युत कानून

Relatif: Laws in the UAE

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Online Gaming/Betting continues to be a grey area. There are interesting variations in the world of online gaming and gambling in India. Just take an example, wagering on horse racing is legal because it is a game of skill but wagering on the game of cricket is not and lottery, which is pure gambling, is regulated but legal whereas online Texas Hold’em Poker, which many argue is a game of skill, may or may not be legal in every state. Regardless we Indians are playing Online games in large numbers.

Les jeux en ligne régis par le régime de la législation de l'État, il n'y a pas d'uniformité dans la loi.

La loi en Inde stipule qu'un jeu est un jeu d'adresse, même avec l'élément de hasard s'il en dépend: Vous pouvez en outre le lire ici: JEUX EN LIGNE - “Gambling or Not” en Inde

  • Connaissances supérieures;
  • Entraînement;
  • Compétence analytique
  • Attention;
  • Expérience;
  • Adroitness du joueur;
  • L'élément de compétence prédomine sur l'élément de hasard
  • Paris / Gambling In India- sera légalisé?

Brajesh Hound

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The infamous liar PM modi is going to make it legal in India,given the condition you pay him tax(give him the brokerage) just like hafta wasooli by taporis,if you play betting in their area.

Law commission of India has suggested this,and the logic given by them is if we cant curb betting,make it legal.

Going by this logic,You can soon expect flesh trade,drug trade,organ smuggling and rape to be legal in India at the pretext of giving the share to modi govt.

Legalise Gambling, Betting On Sports, Says Law Commission: 10 Points

Amit Pandey

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Please refer: Amit Pandey's answer to Online Gambling: Is online betting legal in India?

Vinayak Prabhu

Vinayak Prabhu, studied at Manipal Institute Of Technology

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No, it isn't. Betting is a crime in India.