Suits: Who makes the best affordable men's dress wear?

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Here's a rundown of the top three picks for affordable suits with a very good quality/price ratio:


Still a relevant entry-level offer

From 200 to 400 €


By Hugo Jacomet :

The suiting offered by English shirt makers, with TM Lewin being well in the lead, has always been a fantastic entry-level option in the world of classic men’s style, especially for the younger generations and for those on a tight budget.

The suit lines are indeed very affordable with prices frequently reduced to ~200€ during sales, which are almost permanent with new discount offers every week. TM Lewin’s suits are all made far from Jermyn Street (TM Lewin is owned by the Prominent Group, which operates major factories in Asia and India), and are almost all fused — though some models with floating chest pieces are available.

Nevertheless, with an average price of ~250€ for a full suit, TM Lewin remains–together with its main competitor Charles Tyrwhitt–an excellent first serious step in the world of classic men’s style.

The cuts are classic, the fabric selection and quality is decent at best, as are the few finishing touches. But at this price, you undeniably get what you have paid for.

++ : Decent suits for a low price, lots of variety in terms of cuts and fabrics, good customer service.

- – : You might want to visit one of the shops (in the UK) to try on a suit first hand and check your size, even though the online shop and return policies are very reliable.


Sartorial revolution

From 300 to 800 €


By Hugo Jacomet :

Though some may not want to admit it, Suitsupply is a smashing entrepreneurial success and one of the main driving forces behind today’s small sartorial revolution.

By making men’s style accessible to almost everyone with fair price offerings complete with the undeniable flair in their collections and their talent in creating striking ad campaigns, Suitsupply has become the benchmark brand in the crowded sector of affordable men’s style (with Milano’s Boggi not too far behind).

Suitsupply was created in 2001 in Amsterdam, by a young Fokke de Jong, who built his strategy on the simple and audacious gamble of installing his first stores in unusual places, including being situated on a highway and later being located a significant distance away from the main commercial arteries. The idea was to make Suitsupply a destination, instead of just another shop situated in a line-up of stores. This is a very atypical way of doing business that proved very successful as stores located on offbeat locations entail a much lower rent and cost of maintenance which allows the saved money to be channeled into creating a vertical approach to the production line (which allows for Suitsupply to be in full control of its products, from the purchase of raw materials all the way up to sales). This approach has allowed the young company to pressure the men’s style market to a breaking point by offering a vast choice of aggressively priced suits at a quality / price ratio unheard of at the time.

By following up with a few hard-hitting ad campaigns on the internet (accompanied with a series of photography which I personally like, such as the “Trust the Suit” or the “Start Smoking” campaigns), the Dutch brand would enjoy a dazzling momentum with the opening of no less than 50 stores, including 10 in the USA and a flagship store on Madison Avenue.

With a wide choice of suits sold at a very fair price including a good deal of attention put into the styling of collections that are cut from good quality fabrics, Suitsupply is an excellent first step (perhaps the best in its price range) into the world of personal elegance, no matter your age or your financial means.

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++ : Lots of style to chose from, good quality of construction for the price tag.

- – : The slightly (too) short trousers… a house “trademark” it would seem.

By Paul Fournier :

My first impression after spending 10 minutes in a Suitsupply store in Brussels was not very good. Disappointing even. I was simply unable to find a suit that would fit me.

The truth is, I rarely accept help from salesmen, probably because I have seen too many incompetent ones, obsessed with sales figures and without any sense of style. After looking in more detail, I finally found something: a model called HAVANA. No, I don’t smoke cigars, but this model seemed to be the only cut that fit me well.

It is characterized by natural shoulders, a two-button jacket and flat front trousers. I had at first spotted the SOHO cut, but since I skipped swimming classes when I was younger, it’s a deal-breaker with such a close cut. You need to learn how to navigate a Suitsupply store if only for the sheer quantity of cuts on display. Take your time and try on several models.

The company, founded in Amsterdam, has now expanded far and wide, and its business model is working very well. Suitsupply sources its fabrics in Italy and then sends the fabric stock to China, where the suits are constructed. They are then sold either in one of the 50+ physical stores of the brand or via the excellent online shop (which has the best return policy I’ve ever seen, since one can return the items for free with UPS picking the products up right at your door !). The fabrics offered range from basic to more fashionable. As such, it’s very likely that many a gent will find something that satisfies them.

Suitsupply is an ideal way to start a quality wardrobe. Don’t blame the brand for its daring advertisements but instead focus on the products. There is true potential here with an honorable quality of construct.


Perfect budget buy

From 300 to 850 €


By Adriano Dirnelli :

This RTW brand is very impressive due to the wide range and elegant styling of its collection, all positioned at very reasonable prices. If I were to recommend just one entry-level brand to penurious sartorialists around the globe, Boggi would be it. In this price range, its major competitor is Suitsupply, but Boggi has the advantage of being ‘Made in Italy.’ Almost everything in Boggi’s plethoric product range is something you would want to wear if you are a fan of current Italian style.

Part of Boggi’s secret is using many different suppliers — e.g. Lardini, Lubiam, Flannnel Bay, Isaia, Tagliatore and even Caruso — so there is always something for everyone’s taste in every collection. Some suits are inexpensive and fused, but others are more expensive and fully canvassed, using luxury fabrics like Loro Piana Tasmanian Super 150′s.

++ : Excellent value-for-money on a wide range of suits, shirts & accessories.

- – : Construction quality is not to the highest standard and alterations are not included in the price.

By Paul Fournier :

Boggi created a segment where there used to be little to none – in the quality mid-range offering (think neither Zara nor Brioni).

They are a good answer to the ever-recurring question that young graduates keep asking on forums around the web…where to find a decent suit below 400 euros for a first job, or even a job interview ?

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Boggi, thanks to tight cost control, huge orders and a willingly lower margin, is able to offer a good selection of fabrics from well-known providers such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, or Loro Piana in a variety of cuts which fits most men from size EU 44 to 58. The cuts are not what you would consider “fashionable”, albeit they tend to be slimmer than most of what is done today, but you will not find ridiculously slim lapels straight from the Slimane Era (designer of Dior Homme in the 2000s).

Those in the know might recognize some references to leading Italian houses such as larger lapels, as well as finer points like the use of Solaro fabric with red/green reflections on a beige cotton. The top line is manufactured at some very reputable workshops. Boggi offers a perfect opportunity to buy a fully canvassed suit for approximately 800 euros. Here is how you start a quality wardrobe without breaking your piggy bank !

Salesmen are usually much better than the standard ones you would run into at most of the other stores within the same price range; most clerks are even actually Italian. At Boggi, navy flannel jackets with a detachable light grey flannel zip collars hang next to navy, grey and beige suits in a variety of plain fabrics as well as striped, windowpane or even Prince of Wales fabrics–all at a reasonable price.

Greg Vilines

Greg Vilines, Founder of Fittery

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Just answered this in another thread, so apologize for dupes, but answers still apply:

  • Combatant Gentlemen is a great first stop. They have all the formal wear you'll need at reasonable prices, all online. Suits start around $200 and shirts are in the $40 - $50 range.
  • You can step up your game to a custom suit from Indochino. Custom tailoring you can get for $350 or more when they have a sale running.
  • UNIQLO has a great selection of dress shirts and accessories, and the shirts start at $29. Not great for suit options, though.

If you're looking for shirts and accessories, has a huge selection and we match you the options that fit you perfectly using tech (admittedly, as the founder, I'm biased.)

Norvin Mago

Norvin Mago, Worked around stylish suited men for years & developed a passion for mens wear

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When it comes to suit brands, I wouldn’t focus too much on the brand as much as I would with the s'adapter et le . of the suit (but if you really wanted a brand I would recommend Studio Italia1 which is extremely affordable for it’s quality).

Ceci est mon Studio Charcoal half canvassed suit that I purchased for only $350AUS

Suits: Who makes the best affordable men's dress wear?

If you’re not going to a personal tailor and grabbing a beSpoke suit, you’re getting a suit that is “made-to-measure" ou "off-the-rack”. This means that the suit measurements were made to suit the average person’s body and not to yours. Therefore, any suit that you purchase “off-the-rack” doivent be taken to your tailleur to make adjustments to the:

  • Jacket Sleeves
  • Longueur de la veste
  • Trouser hems
  • Tapered around the trouser’s leg and jacket’s waist(optional).

I would also like to add NE RECEVRA PAS to purchase a suit from a fast fashion brand like Topman, Zara or H&M because these suits are usually fully fused and made with poor quality and fabric.

You can do “3 Simple Checks”2 to see if what you’re holding is quality:

  1. Wool make (seen on label in right breast pocket of the suit jacket)
  2. Fused, canvassed or half canvassed (rubbing together points at certain points of the jacket to see if it’s fused or not. Namely the lapel and under the second jacket button)
  3. Lining fabric (seen in right breast pocket. Usually silk or polyester)
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I’m basically the same build as you but I am a little chunky around the midsection. I stand at 5′5″ and I can say that “Oxford” always have the best fitted chemises for me at an affordable price $40-$60AUS.

Here are 5 of my most used shirts for work:

Suits: Who makes the best affordable men's dress wear?

J'espère que cela t'aides

Notes de bas de page

1 Suits - Studio Italia

2 Four Simple Checks To See If That Blazer/Jacket Is Quality

Elmer Erana

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The word affordable might need some clarification. Interestingly, having a peruse through GQ style edition can get some leads. Also depending on where you are in the world, might help suggest which brands to check.

I started with Hugo Boss originally, as they tended to have a good lean fit. I've started trying other brands more lately, and found some decent items. Just look at the quality of the material, seams, and cut plus how well it fits you. Everyone is still on the lean slim suit look, so you'll have lots to check out.

Perhaps have a look at Zara and RW&Co, as options.

And remember, always tailor it for you. Off the rack rarely gets it exactly right.


Kevin, Founder and Head Tailor at

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I'm sure you know there aren't a lot of great options for you, but the best advice I have, and it applies pretty generally:

Find shirts that you like the fabric and style, which fit your shoulder, chest, and collar, then have the sides and sleeves brought in by a tailor. This allows you to spend less per shirt, and then spend the savings on tailoring.

The end product is a perfect fit at a fraction of the cost of custom tailored.

Shirt fittings, depending on a few factors range from $25 and up..

Philip Pravda

Philip Pravda, Mens clothier for 30 years.

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If you want something expensive and great quality, but affordable get to SUITCAFE Suit Capital Of The World Custom Made Simple™ before 2/29/16. They are running a Facebook promo that ends on Monday night and you can choose anything you want at 50% off. Prices start at $300 so that would bring the price down to $150 for their opening range CashLana™ fabric. They sell up to Super 150s and 160s amde to your measurements in 10 days.

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