Skrill est-il une alternative efficace à PayPal?

Mas Miwa

Mas Miwa, ancien ingénieur chez Hughes Space and Communications

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I have not used it, but by all accounts it is but an English version of PayPal. I think PayPal has a slight advantage in the sense there are more worldwide users of this platform than Skrill. These services really have a missing link that the Chinese have found that emcompases more than online banking and purchases. The simplicity of using QR codes for identification, transactions, processes, status, rentals, and almost anything you can think of with a credit card, an ID card, an authorization card, or membership card all tolled into one. No card reader, bar code reader, or password required. Vendors only need a unique QR code picture and the buyer only needs his/her cell phone. Whether it is buying a street food from a street vendor, from Walmart, renting a bike, taking the metro, hailing Uber, getting your medical records or tests, entering an industrial conference, buying tickets, ….almost anything that is involved in commerce can be done with a QR code. The Japanese invented this two dimensional bar code for tracking auto parts in a factory, but the Chinese have taken this to a new dimension. Stay tuned, we will need a quantum leap in our thinking of what commerce and transactions is all about.

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I’m Using Paypal Last 5 years and Its Great . I always received my Money on time. But This Year 2018 I see they are charging extra money when i withdraw my payments Through Freelancer sites they deduct extra fees. See image

Skrill est-il une alternative efficace à PayPal?

And I also compare there Dollar exchange rate is expensive if you compare With other sites.

Then I Join Payoneer , And I try their services and Most important thing happens when i withdraw my money second times on their workding days, they send it within 4 hours and Their Exchange Rate is also Good. You can search and read all the rules on their blog site.

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Yes it is, if you want to receive payments on your PayPal but mostly Skrill users are Forex Traders. There are very less merchant who deal in skrill and on other hand they are no longer dealing USD deposit and withdrawal.

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Alternative for what purpose? I’ve you’re talking about recieving money from overseas. It is absolutely horrible. I’ve found Skrill to be much worse than PayPal when receiving money from another country. Their fees are totally insane.

When you receive USD in your account, they convert it into your local currency, when you withdraw it to your bank, they convert it into EUR and then send it to your bank account. They charge transaction fees or currency conversion fees on every step. I lost a total 10% on every transaction.

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I’d say avoid Skrill, it is worse, not better than alternatives.

If you are looking for the best alternative to PayPal, I HIGHLY recommend you to try out Payoneer.

It is fast, efficient, and it is the cheapest one out there. I don’t think any other company can beat Payoneer in the payments services.

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I use Paypal. I just read that Skrill blocked Wiki Leaks accounts. I wouldn't use it just for that reason.just for that

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