Si j'utilise Uber à l'étranger, des frais de transaction à l'étranger me seront-ils facturés?

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Modifier: Yes, you have to pay that day’s currency exchange rate charges, that shall reflect in your statement as FCY charges. Uber payments will have registered offices in the respective countries and hence you will be paying to the country’s entity and hence the country bank rules and currency shall apply.

So, take the case of Thailand, I paid using my MasterCard for 44 THB, I was charged the equivalent currency in INR along with certain FCY charges.

For certain gateways like Stripe, that support multi-currency won’t charge the end customer for exchange rate. The merchant however is charged when the amount is converted from foreign currency to the base currency of the merchant account.

Example: Stripe can be used for payments in India as well if you have your business registered in let’s say US. So, if there is a payment of 100 INR, the Indian customer will be charged the same only. It will then be converted to USD and the merchant be charged for the gateway transaction Fee ( 2.9% + 30 cents for Stripe ) and if the payment currency is not the base one, the fee for currency conversion.

As mentioned in comments, a lot depends on the banks as well, certain banks won’t charge you any FCY charges, but just the base currency equivalent.

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Yes. I used my card in Milan and was charged a fee.

Si j'utilise Uber à l'étranger, des frais de transaction à l'étranger me seront-ils facturés?

Usually, the Uber address is for California.

Si j'utilise Uber à l'étranger, des frais de transaction à l'étranger me seront-ils facturés?

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As I understand from my friends, when they come to US, the card they have registered with uber in their home country doesn't work in U.S. and so am assuming vice-versa might hold true too though am not sure as I haven't used uber outside of US yet. But if you were able to use it outside of your home country, since uber will charge you in that country's local currency, your bank or credit card provider if has a foreign currency transaction fee on your card will charge you that fee and will convert the local currency into US$ and post the transaction on your card

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Probably, and the conversion rate will not be in your favor. Depends on your financial institution. They won’t totally screw you over, just enough to not get you to the file a complaint level. You will put up with it. Actually, good luck finding Uber abroad. Any foreign transaction is going to require currency exchange and someone always makes money at that,normally the banks who make the credit/debit cards or process the checks.

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That depends; would that card charge you if you shopped for clothes or food abroad? Your card has a foreign transaction fee policy, and its pretty binary. You either have a fee, or you don't. Figure that out using the terms of your credit card, and you'll have your answer

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If your Issuer charges you a specific fee for transactions made outside your country, the answer is Yes.!.

Paying for an Uber service is like any other purchase made with your card outside your country,

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