Quels types de caractères sont utilisés dans les logos des sites Web populaires?

David Cole

David Cole, Director of Design at Quora

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Thierry Blancpain, Type foundry co-founder http://grillitype.com and

Stephen Coles, Co-founder of Fonts In Use & Typographica.org. Author of “The Anatomy of Type”. · Author has 520 answers and 4.4m answer views

  • Twitter's logo is pictured in PICO.
  • Facebook uses a well-tampered Klavika.
  • PayPal checks out as Verdana Bold Italic.
  • Wikipedia makes extensive use of two faces: Linux Libertine and Jimmy Wales.
  • Craig's New mark is usually Times New Roman (technically 'serif' in the CSS).
  • Flickr is in Frutigr Blck.
  • Tumblr is down with Bookman Demi.
  • Google feels yucky set in Catull BQ.
  • Apple denies any bad reception of their use of Myriad.
  • Amazon uses a Prime cut of Officina.
  • The new MySpace logo is, not akzidenzally, Calibri (I think).
  • Yahoo! appears to be the hand of an amateur... and the same goes for their logo!
  • Quora's logo Suggests an Edit of a pre-existing typeface.
  • YouTube is broadly cast in Alternate Gothic No. 2.
  • Bing... I don't have a good joke here. It's just really miserable lettering.

Samra Guttman

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Following are some of the famous brands, their logos and their fonts

  1. Absolut Vodka’s logo - Futura
  2. Cork’s logo - Triplex
  3. Facebook's logo - Klavika
  4. Ferrari’s logo - Ferro Rosso
  5. Flickr’s logo - Frutiger
  6. Linkedin’s logo - Myriad Pro(bold)
  7. NewsGator’s logo - ITC Bauhaus
  8. PayPal’s logo - Verdana
  9. Shoutwire’s logo - Agency Bold
  10. Shutterfly’s logo - Frutiger
  11. Skype logo - Helvetica
  12. Technorati’s logo - Neo Sans Medium
  13. TMZ’s logo - Amelia
  14. Twitter's logo - Pico
  15. Vimeo’s logo - Black Rose
  16. YouTube’s logo - Alternate Gothic No. 2
  17. Zopa’s logo - Frankfurter medium
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Blake Emerson

Blake Emerson

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It is the end of year 2015 and most logos have not changed, but to give you more up to date answer, here are some facts:

  • Google has switched to Product Sans,
  • Facebook a personnalisé its classic Klavika based logo, which became famous for hard corners and very slight variations between thick and thin parts in letters. The new logo is supposed to be more friendly,
  • Famous site Fiverr uses font called Chunk Five,
  • Netflix has simplified its stylish looking logo based on Graphique Pro. New version of the logo features no "3D effect" which nicely resembled some of the 80's movie posters....

If you are interested in more examples, go to: 33 Fonts That Make Up The Most Popular Company Logos Today

Yuan Gao

Yuan Gao, Ingénieur

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I came across this site some time ago with a massive list of fonts used in logos, ranging from corporate giants like Canon, to the font face for movies like Batman: Famous Fonts | UrbanFonts.com

However, I still can't work out if these fonts came fist before the logo, or whether these fonts were inspired by the logos.

Quels types de caractères sont utilisés dans les logos des sites Web populaires?

Rıza Selçuk Saydam

Rıza Selçuk Saydam, Product Designer at Facebook

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Dribbble's logo is a hybrid of two typefaces mixed together: Handsome Pro Bold by Nick Shinn and League Nightfrom House Industries’ House-a-rama family.

La source: Tales from the Script

Sean Ardley

Sean Ardley, ten points in bold Helvetica

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Usually, the logo will have been significantly altered from the standard font. For a more generalized answer albeit with inconsistent results mostly due to those alterations, try these:
Stephen Coles' answer to How do I identify a font?

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Radu Zoran

Radu Zoran, I've played with type

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Stephen Coles, Co-founder of Fonts In Use & Typographica.org. Author of “The Anatomy of Type”. · Author has 51 answers and 104.1k answer views

last.fm: ITC Ronda
Vimeo: Black Rose
ebay: different weights of Univers
Tumblr: Bookman Demi
Technorati: Neo Sans
Photobucket: Digital Sans
BBC: Gill Sans
Huffington Post: Garamond
LinkedIn: Myriad Bold

For more go to http://buildinternet.com/2009/07... or http://fontfeed.com/archives/the...

Yotam Troim

Yotam Troim, I like it.

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The Twitter and facebook logos use custom type and so do many other popular sites. If you want to use a font you can go with the following (and naturally many others):

  • Helvetica
  • Gotham
  • Gotham rounded

It really depends on your design, product and what you're trying to achieve.

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