Quels sont les meilleurs portefeuilles de crypto-monnaie?

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There are a few general approaches to storing your cryptocurrencies.

A lot of people, especially those who aren’t major investors, but are rather just exploring, keep their coins on the exchange where they bought it. This sure is convenient since then you can trade and store coins all in one place.

However, this is by far the least secure way. In the past few years, there was quite a few breaches and millions of assets were lost forever.

C'est pourquoi I would recommend using exchanges that don’t hold on to your coins longer than is needed for the exchange to happen (such as Swtichain) and then sending your coins to a more secure place.

That more secure place can be a portefeuille papier. This is potentially the safest bet since everything is stored fully offline. You can learn more about paper wallets ici .

There are also hardware wallets that are a pretty good options since, again, everything is stored offline and the risk of breaching is minimal. The most popular Version matérielle is Ledger Nano S that just added support for Ripple. You can buy it on their website for about $65. Another great hardware wallet is TREZOR.

Il ya aussi des desktop wallets, which are stored on your computer and still are technically offline even though there still could be some chance of encountering a malware that can compromise it. Another thing is that if you lose or somehow brick your machine, your coins are lost forever.

Look into your options wisely and best of luck!

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Réponse d'origine: What's the most comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet with which I can hold many different cryptocurrencies?

Original answer: “What's the most comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet with which I can hold many different cryptocurrencies?”

The wallets have pretty much complex method of storing the path to your own currency. It is not practically located at your wallet, but at the block where it has been mined in the first time. Taking that in perspective, there is no reason why there shouldn’t be comprehensive/multi-asset wallet that could safely store all of your belongings in the cryptocurrencies. It is important to choose wisely considering safety, security and the logistics behind online service that you use as your wallet.

Since the development of Bitcoin there has been more than seven hundreds of different altcoins which created the need of storing all of your assets at one place. Because of that, in order to ease the manipulation of their assets, without downloading every altcoin wallet on their computer, many people store them at the exchanges such as Poloniex or Bittrex. That is not safe in more than one way.

The rise of alternative cryptocurrencies led to the development of many multi-asset wallets that are pretty safe. Here are some of the best:

- Exode is the first cryptocurrency wallet that enable ShapeShift, feature that can help you convert your assets into another currency. It is well designed with valid technology behind it. This wallet gives you many advantages and it is simple for use. By reaching their websites you can download the app on your computer, tablet or phone quickly.

- Jaxx is another good choice. With this service, you can keep track on most of the popular cryptocurrencies online at this time. It is safe since all the keys generated are stored on your device without any transfer to servers online. Jaxx itself does not have access to your assets. Also, Jaxx operates transparent, you can access their code and inspect it freely.

- Ethereum Mist wallet is also a good choice if you are a fan of second largest crypto on the market. Ethereum is something worth considering, with the size of market cap second behind Bitcoin. It is easy to use and it has many features that can be very useful. It also enables you to manage your assets inside the Ethereum network that has many services that can come quite handy.

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Beside wallets mentioned above, there is another type of wallets, called “hard wallets”. Basically, you store all your information on a small hardware device identical to USB Flash drive. If it is something that suits your needs you can see how to configure one of the better ones on the link bellow.


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Best wallet for one might not be the best for the other.

It means choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet depends on a few factors ,here are the factors you can see before choosing wallet:

  • do you want a wallet for daily purchase like shopping ,paying bills,etc or you want to do a long term investing.
  • do you plan to do transactions on just one cryptocurrency or multiple currencies.
  • do you require access to your digital cryptocurrency wallet from anywhere or just from your workplace/home.

Now let me do a quick review on few of these wallets which i think are best in different categories , so you can decide which would be the perfect one for you.

1. fort

Trezor is one of the most reliable hardware cryptocurrency wallet . These are generally used when you want to invest a huge amount in Bitcoins and you cannot risk your bitcoins with online wallets. It never exposes your keys and cannot be affected by malware.

It looks like a small digital calculator which randomly generates 9 digits pin and a 24 word recovery key which proves to be helpful in case device is lost or destroyed stores your private keys offline which ensures the best security .


  • good security and privacy.
  • cold storage.
  • easy to use web interface.
  • inbuilt screen.
  • open source software.
  • beginner friendly.


  • cost $99.
  • must have device to send bitcoins.

Check out Trezor on official website: trezor.io

2. Coinbase

Presently , coinbase is the world’s most reputed cryptocurrency wallet serving 30+ countries. Well I recommend coinbase to newbies to get start with bitcoins or other cryptos because of its simplicity and smoothness. However ,for those who have already used a few wallets i wont suggest them to use coinbase because of its high fees per transaction.

If you want to avoid coinbase fees you can use GDAX which is a part of coinbase but the only problem with GDAX is its interface is a little difficult for a beginner that is why coinbase have high fees since they make it simple for beginners.

To start with GDAX you first need to sign up on coinbase with the link given below you will also get free $10 if you register from the link below. Then you can go to GDAX and start with it.

To get $10 free on coinbase sign up with this link : sign up on coinbase

Here are few pros and cons :


  • IAchat incessant d'une valeur maximale de XTCUMX de XTC par semaine pour les titulaires de cartes de crédit vérifiées.
  • Transferts instantanés entre utilisateurs Coinbase.
  • Well-designed and beginner friendly user experience.
  • Dépôts Bitcoin assurés.
  • A debit card linked to your Coinbase balance.
  • Services de portefeuille en ligne et mobiles, avec option de sécurité multi-signature pour empêcher les mouvements de fonds non autorisés.


  • transaction fees . (around 3.99% via debit/credit card payment in most of the countries)
  • closed and frozen accounts

3. Electrum

Electrum is the fastest growing lightweight and fast bitcoin wallet . It is a desktop wallet which is compatible to most of the older hardware .It possess the great features and expert functionalities . It can be easily installed on your PC or Mac .

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  • fast – It fetches the blockchain from the server so no delays
  • private – You dont have to rely on server for your money , your private keys are never shared with server.
  • safe – you can keep your private keys offline and keys never leave your computer so no way you can lose it. your wallet can be retrieved by secret phrase incase you lose it.


  • not beginner friendly.
  • unable to withdraw from particular websites when you use electrum desktop application.

4. Mycélium

The Mycelium Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store and trade your bitcoins .It is a semi open coin wallet ,its code is open to all but you cannot make changes and redistributed it . Mycelium is one of my favourite cryptocurrency wallet as it is vey easy to setup and its UI is very simple . It provides you with a 12 words phrase which you should have written somewhere in case you lose your device .


  • well reputed
  • offers various account types
  • vite
  • compatible with ledger and trezor wallets
  • open source


  • not beginners friendly
  • no desktop interface

I hope it helped you to decide the best wallet for you among different other cryptocurrency wallets.For more details please visit www.assetsreviews.com

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Ionut Serban

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Réponse d'origine: What is the most reliable cryptocurrency hardware wallet?

A portefeuille matériel is a special type of Bitcoin wallet which stores the user's private keys in a secure hardware device.

A hardware wallet stores the private keys in the microcontroller and doesn't allow then to be transferred in plain text. In consequence is imune to computer viruses and other vulnerabilities that allow the theft from software wallets or web wallets.

The reliability of the wallet is determined by the context is used and the implementation.

Since you haven't provided details on the context of reliability, here are some examples of hardware wallets:

This are I think the most well known hardware wallets.

Regarding the reliability, it depends on the way that are used, the context and the person who uses them. Some hardware wallets will be more or less reliable depending on your needs.

Concerning the reliability of the wallets security wise, let's don't forget that are used by humans.

Quels sont les meilleurs portefeuilles de crypto-monnaie?

Quels sont les meilleurs portefeuilles de crypto-monnaie?

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Check DexWallet for iOS.

C'est un nouveau et c'est déjà très cool.
Voici le lien https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...

C'est pourquoi c'est génial:

- Une expérience simple pour tous: chaque personne devrait pouvoir bénéficier de l'économie décentralisée, indépendamment de ses connaissances actuelles sur le sujet. Le portefeuille gèrera automatiquement des concepts complexes tels que la limite de consommation, le prix de l'essence et les clés privées pour rendre votre expérience aussi simple que possible.

- Beaucoup de jetons: avec DexWallet, les utilisateurs peuvent gérer plus de + jetons 2000 Ethereum. Envoyer et recevoir des fichiers n'a jamais été aussi facile.

- Service de noms Ethereum: grâce au service de noms Ethereum, tout le monde peut enregistrer une adresse lisible par une personne (par exemple, alessio.dexwallet.eth).

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- Sécurité: une sécurité à la pointe de la technologie est au cœur de la technologie sous-jacente de DexWallet. Nous avons développé un ensemble d'excellentes fonctionnalités pour vous faire dormir à fond.

- Restaurer depuis un autre portefeuille: Vous pouvez importer vos portefeuilles en un seul clic.

- Les enregistrements de transaction sont affichés sans quitter l'application de manière facile à lire. Vous serez immédiatement informé de l'état de vos transactions.

- Devise par défaut: vous pouvez maintenant choisir d'afficher les valeurs de vos jetons en ETH et en USD.

- La gestion des jetons fonctionne comme par magie: vos jetons apparaîtront à l'intérieur du portefeuille sans qu'il soit nécessaire de les importer manuellement. Vous pouvez également facilement rechercher ou ajouter des jetons personnalisés et consulter instantanément les dernières nouvelles sur les jetons de votre intérêt:
Liens du projet et livre blanc
Statistiques détaillées et tableau des prix
Nouvelles agrégées du blog officiel et des médias sociaux.

- Le design est dans notre ADN: nous avons pris les meilleurs développements ux du monde de la fintech et du blockchain et nous les appliquons à l’espace crypto pour créer un portefeuille véritablement accessible et agréable à utiliser.

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Réponse d'origine: What's the best CryptoCurrency wallet?

Quels sont les meilleurs portefeuilles de crypto-monnaie?

The best CryptoCurrency wallet is the Ledger Nano S.

Les Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin and Altcoin hardware wallet, based on robust safety features for storing digital assets. It connects to any computer via USD and embeds a garantir display to verify and confirm each transaction.

The best part about the Ledger Nano S is that your private keys are never held or known by Ledger or a third party. Instead, they are hard locked. With the Ledger Nano S, your wallet remains Décentralisé and you can truly become your own bank and free yourself from centralized financial institution. Here are some key features of the Ledger Nano S that make it so great:

  • Support for multiple CryptoCurrencies
  • Built in display
  • Très sécurisé
  • Support for applications
  • Fido certified U2F
  • Backup and restoration

If you are looking to hold a variety of coins in a wallet, a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S should suit your needs. The device is secure, easy to transport, and quite intuitif to use as a fellow CryptoCurrency investor and enthusiast.

Quels sont les meilleurs portefeuilles de crypto-monnaie?

Truly, it is quite important to have a CryptoCurrency wallet to protect your coins. If you leave your coins on an exchange, your coins might be volé, just like what happened with Mt Gox1. The last thing you want to wake up to is to have all your money stolen in seconds. Take the smart move and invest in your assets so you may protect them. Hopefully this answer has helped you find the la meilleure cure CryptoCurrency wallet!

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1 L'histoire intérieure du mont. Gox, le désastre de $ 460 Millions de Bitcoin

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