Quels sont les meilleurs outils d'analyse liés à Bitcoin?

Mayur Sojitra

Mayur Sojitra, CEO and Founder at Murait Technologies (2017-present)

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I've some links to a few different tools related to Bitcoin and I think they will help you in someway.

you can visit the link and know about the tools yourself.

1. http://www.theweekinbitcoin.com - This website sends you newsletter every week with all the latest information related to bitcoin.

2. http://whatifbitcoin.com - It tells you how rich you could be if you had bought some amount of bitcoin on so and so date.

3. https://bitcoin.team - It helps you track the most active bitoin developer.

4. http://bitcointicker.co - It helps you with the latest bitcoin updates in real time.

Thank you, I hope i was able to add some good in the group.


Katherine Campbell

Katherine Campbell, former Consultant at Active Architecture

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Quels sont les meilleurs outils d'analyse liés à Bitcoin?

Here are four tools all the links I use on a regular basis which help me to stay up-to-date in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space and help me to make better trades; helping to increase my wealth.

1 - Cointelligence

It has several features:

a) General Overview of the Market

Here you can view several altcoins. To my knowledge, they have one of the largest database of all altcoins. You can sort the data by price, volume, algorithm, proof type, market cap and 24h change.

b) Coin Specific Data

You can view charts and market data on a specific cryptocurrency. Useful information includes latest trades from all exchanges, forums, orders on all exchanges, advanced charts and analysis.

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c) Coin Analysis

You can also read the latest news regarding the market as well as analysis made by chart analyst experts. The Bitcoin analysis has been particularly impressive www.cointelligence.com/content/analysis/bitcoin

2 - Coinbase

Probably the most popular and easy-to-use exchange in the space that allows you to buy/sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. This is my normal go to exchange if I need to bring fiat money into the market.

3 - Coindera

Coindera makes it easy to monitor Bitcoin and over one hundred cryptocurrencies. You can get real-time alerts sent via email, SMS, and push notifications to your Android or IOS devices and the user interface is responsive and attractive.

4 - Blockfolio

If you do wish to monitor your portfolio I recommend using Blockfolio. It's a mobile app available on Android and iOS that does not require an account. There is a lot of privacy speculation about portfolio management apps in general but this application seems to be on the up and up.

Here are the tools I use to help me trade better so I hope this helps you out.

Vlad Cealicu

Vlad Cealicu, CTO et co-fondateur de CryptoCompare.com impressionné par CryptoConnaie depuis 2013

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It depends on what sort of analytics you are refering to.

If you want to analyze the blockchain and the transactions you can use https://blockchain.info/

If you want to analyze the price movement, the volume over multiple exchanges, the trades or the social activity around Bitcoin you can use: https://www.cryptocompare.com/co...

Disclaimer: as my job title says, i'm the person that built cryptocompare.

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Paul Mitchel

Paul Mitchel, BS Economie et politique publique

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I use Trading View. It has incredible charting tools that are easy to use. Absolutely the best list of technical crowd sourced indicators and very user friendly interface. For Bitcoin it tracks several exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken. And the community of traders is phenomenal.

Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson, studied Domain Names & Google Public DNS

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Peut-être BTCTool.io cryptocurrency Tools Suite Can Help ! It Has Great Features For Bitcoin Miners And Newbie Bitcoiners

Some Information About BTCTool.io :

Block Eta Estimated time until the next block (in seconds)

Pubkey To Address Converts a public key to an Address

Address Balance Get the balance of an address

Address First Seen Timestamp of the block an address was first confirmed in.

Address Sent Get the total number of bitcoins send by an address

Address Received Get the total number of bitcoins received by an address.

Address To Hash Converts a bitcoin address to a hash 160

Average transaction number Average number of transactions per block

Average transaction size Average transaction size for the past 1000 blocks

Average transaction value Average transaction value for the past 1000 blocks

Nombre de blocs Current block height in the longest chain

Block Interval Average time between blocks in seconds

Block Probability Probability of finding a valid block each hash attempt

Récompense de bloc Current block reward in BTC

Hash To Address Converts a hash 160 to a bitcoin address And a Lot More ..

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Sumit Rudra

Sumit Rudra

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List of best Bitcoin-related analytics tools. Here you can get each necessary cryptocurrency tool.

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