Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?


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This is really a good question because there are thousands of bots available in slack directory for different-different functionalities and areas.

It's hard to choose which should we use. As I'm having much experience in this field, I can suggest to some of the interesting slack bots.

If you are looking bots for productivity, task management, project management & office management, you can use some of these Bots listed below:

1- BusyOn: Get updates about your team, and filter them to quickly check what they are busy-on.

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

BusyOn maximizes efficiency and provides transparency to the task performed. BusyOn is a work progress tracker for teams. When the team members post their updates to BusyOn, the Slack integration releases these updates to a dedicated channel. This helps the user to view the current occurrence, get motivated by the work done, avoid project repetition, and alarm offer help. BusyOn Fournit le /busyon command that allows the team members to post their updates to BusyOn using Slack team from anywhere.

Caractéristiques BusyOn:

  • Update of every second Integrate your Slack channel with BusyOn and get the real time updates of your team activities.
  • Check the activities, performed in a day Get the Progress Report or Activities on daily basis, as well as check the previous one by our amazing calender.
  • Work in Multiple Teams Receive updates from individual or multiple teams at an instance. Availability of switching from one team to another on a single click.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar You can Integrate BusyOn with your favorite Google Calendar in just a single click.
  • Get the Report of previous day in just a single Email Each day we send an email with what was done the previous day. By which you can track your team work easily.
  • Automatic Reminder to post activity With BusyOn, you will receive Automatic Reminder to post activity in your channel. You can also choose to opt out of it.
  • Advanced Dashboard to check team activity You will also get Advanced Dashboard to check team activity summary at single place.
  • Post to chat integration You can also post your activity in BusyOn panel and it will be sent to Slack channel instantly.

2- TaskOnBot: TaskOnBot is a Team task management & collaboration tool for Slack

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

TaskOnBot is a Project and Task Management Bot within Mou. No need to leave your conversation to manage your team work. Tasks can be created inside the Slack Channel when the conversation is going on. Once installed, you can create and assign the tasks to your team members using /assign commander.

Caractéristiques TaskOnBot:

  • Tasks can be created inside any Slack Channel when the conversation is going on. Simply Create Task Using /assign and assign them to any number of team members. For example /assign create the report of last month sale
  • Track ongoing tasks of Your Project in Realtime. Simply use /tasks Command and Get the List.
  • There are situations where you need to break a task into subtask. Now you can also add subtasks and checklist against any task from Slack.
  • Set Due Date & Time, comments and even attach files to tasks using TaskOnBot so you Never forget when details about your Task.
  • There are times when you need to assign tasks repetitively. To deal with this, now you can easily add recurring dates for Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks.
  • Whats more! You get Advanced Dashboard where you can check analytics about team tasks performed in your team. This will help Team Members to tap in the tasks which are assigned to them with ease and without any failure.
  • When a new Task is created, TaskOnBot Automatically Sends the Notification to all the team members involved in the task. Whats more, it sends daily reminder of pending tasks.
  • Simply export the Progress Report of your team by Member Name, Status & Priority. Also, you can download report and even send it as email.

3- HROnBot: HROnBot is a simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

HROnBot is a simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack. It is the easiest way to implement HR based operations within your team, all without leaving Mou. It re-defines the way you can manage HR Activities. Membres de l'équipe can apply for leave by typing command /leaves and can check their leave status by typing command /leavestatus and much more within Slack.

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Caractéristiques HROnBot:

  • HR manager can create questions within Slack and team members can search question simply by typing command /ask followed by their question. It is for the benefit of the members/employees who can get the follow-up feeds on the questions asked and answer given on the real time basis.
  • Team members can apply for leave by typing command /leaves and can check their leave status by typing command /leavestatus within Slack. HR manager can only fetch applied leaves of a specific as well as all team members. This will be a connecting bridge between the HR manager and the team members from where the latter can acknowledge the leave status and whether it has been approved or not.
  • HR manager can give review using command /givereview within Slack. As soon as HR manager gives review to a member, that member will be notified with the review status. This has been created for reviewing performance and workability of the members in the accordance with the work assigned to them.
  • HR manager can create survey templates or use predefined templates. All members can give the survey by typing command /survey within Slack. This will create a check and add an overview of the survey for which it has been asked by the HR manager. This will provide a transparent relation with the HR manager and among other members.
  • HROnBot sends the notification to related team member automatically on each activity. This will help members in the accordance with event or any other activity which will be taking place. Sending notification in real time by the HR manager will not only inform the members about the events/activity which is lined up but it will also help them to manage with the work during that period.

4- EventOnBot+: EventOnBot+ is a Complete and Easy Solution for business which caters with Events, Polls, Checklists and much more using Slack!

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

EventOnBot+ Redefining the way to create polls, events & todo-lists with in Slack.

Caractéristiques EventOnBot+:

  • EventOnBot+ allows author to create Polls within Slack and Team Members responds with a Single Click making it simpler to use.
  • If you want to go under-wrapped and content polls then go ahead and do it with this amazing bot!
  • You can Freely Comment for Private as well as Public Polls.
  • With a flick of your fingers, you can very well Create your Todo-list so that you Remember Everything.
  • Be it any Occasion like Anniversary, Birthday or any Other Event, Attendees will Receive Notification in no time.
  • Be it any Festivity of any Global Region and you can very well Create your Own Events accordingly.
  • Yes, Events are itself are fun so through EventOnBot+ Event Attendees will be able to set Personalized Settings for Events.
  • Whats more! Admin can Save time by Checking Summary of Events, Poll results and Todo-list via Single Advanced Dashboard.


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Originally answered in Varun Deo's answer to What useful and interesting bots are available in Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Slack etc?

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Most of the bots in the B2C sector are as anticipated: One for ordering a pizza, another for buying shoes and so on. However, there is a huge potential for bots in the B2B sector and I think this is where the story gets ‘interesting’.

Engazify Bot is one such interesting bot: It is active on Slack, and is very useful for teams looking to boost productivité.

Appreciation and recognition can play a vital role in shaping the team culture and improving productivity, but rarely do they come into picture. Engazify Bot captures your team wins for you, and displays it to the whole team for these appreciations to become the motivation for performing even better. For example, if Bryan says, “Hey Andrew, awesome work with the presentation. You showed great teamwork”, the bot jumps in and captures this appreciation and displays it to the team as “Andrew got ‘teamwork’ value from Bryan”.

As simple as it sounds, the bot works through normal conversations and picks up whenever a recognition is made, so that no extra efforts need to be put to appreciate someone. This elementary gesture has huge benefits and it not only motivates the recognized, but creates an effect of positivity so every person works harder and increases team morale as a whole. Engazify Bot also maintains a leaderboard of these values to gamify the experience.

One may sign up for Engazify bot ici .

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Some interesting Slack bots that I have used include


Giphy allows you to search and include funny animated GIFs in your conversations directly in Slack, making your work lives much more delightful.


It will pair up teammates randomly every 1 - 4 weeks (depending on your settings) and encourage them to have a chat or coffee together. A great way to foster closer relationships especially for larger teams or remote teams.

The below two bots could be my bias as I am a co-founder for both ��


Simply tell Smart Sam what blogs or topics you like to monitor and Smart Sam can analyze the share data and alert you in Slack when there are good performing articles detected. This way, you won’t miss any important news and can focus your time on content that matters.


With Kipwise, your team can collaborate on highlights & notes on articles shared in Slack easily. Sharing a link is not useful if you don’t add your own comments and discuss with your team. Kipwise is featured as one of the Brilliant Bots in the Slack App Directory.

Voici comment cela fonctionne:

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

J'espère que cela t'aides

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Les BotEngine platform comes with the Slack integration that allows creating a custom bot on Slack.

Quels sont les bots Slack les plus intéressants?

Such a bot can function as a virtual assistant for your team. It can help to manage tasks, set up meetings, provide guidelines for new staff as well as improve the general workflow in your company.

Additionally, the bot can work with your database and retrieve the needed numbers, based on the scenarios you’ve created.

The significant advantage of BotEngine is the fact that it lets you tailor a bot to your needs. The drag & drop interface allows you to move interactions in the stories with ease.

The BotEngine bot answer using rich messages (images, cards, buttons, reset context, webhooks or go to).

Moreover, you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to deal with building your bot. The platform is very is easy to use, plus, it provides clear tutorials that help to complete all the developments.

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However, if you encounter any problem, the brand has a vibrant Communauté Facebook where you can ask not only other users but also the creators for tips and help.

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Here is a list of interesting Slack bots, separated by category!


Apparaît dans — Video conferences in your browser
Asana — Communications and task management for teams
Génial — A bot that makes space for your team by offering Sidebars, Status, Do Not disturb, etc.
Birdly Business Cards — Turn your Business Cards into a Contact Spreadsheet
Birdly Expenses — A Slack Bot that does your Expense Reports
Fleur — Agile project management for modern teams
Blue Jeans — Video conferencing for desktop, mobile, and room systems
Convergely — A bot to schedule messages within Slack
DJ Chrono — A Slack bot for monitoring time spent on projects
Do — Run productive meetings
Flock — Keep your team up to date without another meeting
Geekbot — Asynchronous standup meetings inside Slack
Google Hangouts — Bring your conversations to life with free video calls
GoToMeeting Free — HD video conferencing for your team
Growbot — A feedback for teams bot on Slack
HeyScale — Recurring reminders for Slack
HeyUpdate — Your Updates in Slack
Howdy.ai — Better meetings in Slack
InVision + Slack — Automatic syncing of design projects on Slack
JIRA — Project and issue tracking software by Atlassian
Kyber — Turn Slack messages into actions
Meekan — Scheduling Robot Assistant
Nika bot — Team tracking for Slack
Pivotal Tracker — Collaborative, lightweight agile project management
PMBot — Run a standup and get status reports from your team
Prowd — A Slack Integration to recognize your team’s work
Chambre — Simple video calls in your browser
Screenhero — Screen sharing for collaboration in teams
Slack Digest — A curated daily digest for your Slack channels
Slacktodo — A Superbot for Slack to automate your tasks
Slashwiki — Slack-integrated wiki tool
Standup Bot — Automated Standups in Slack
StatusHero — Keep your team in Sync through check-ins
Talko — Team calls for mobile and web, with replay of key moments
Taskbot — Task Management Bot
Tatsu — A Standup bot for Slack
Trello — To-do lists and task management
Weldbot — Another scheduling robot assistant
WorkingOn — Minimalistic progress tracking for teams
Wunderlist for Slack — Slack to-do list integration
Zapier — Automate tasks between other online services
zoom — Online video conferencing platform

Pour les développeurs

Airbrake — Error monitoring and handling
AppSignal — Detailed metrics for Ruby on Rails apps
tige d'haricot — A complete workflow to write, review and deploy code
bitbucket — Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial
Limite — Real-time Server and App Monitoring for DevOps
Bugsnag — Real-time bug intelligence for web and mobile apps
Buildkite — Secure and flexible continuous integration

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