Quels sont les avantages d'abroger la neutralité du Net?

Ron Rule

Ron Rule, PDG @ Comme vu à la télévision

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  1. My ISP can re-activate bandwidth management features and won’t need to charge per kilobyte during peak hours anymore.
  2. ISP’s can now block networks where DoS attacks and hack attempts are originating from. NN made this illegal.
  3. Providers can now create “fast lanes” for specific services instead of having to sit back and watch a handful of bandwidth-hogging users suck up all available resources. NN made this illegal.
  4. Health and emergency services can have dedicated bandwidth, instead of having to have their requests be treated equally to gamers and people streaming porn. NN made this illegal.
  5. With the government out of the picture, companies will no longer be able to lobby for exemptions that would force providers to prioritize their traffic. NN opened this door.
  6. Classifying the Internet as a utility never really made sense anyway. It needs its own classification. NN didn’t address this.
  7. Everyone agrees that anti-competitive throttling shouldn’t be permitted. With NN out of the way, proper legislation can be drafted that addresses this while still allowing the benefits of bandwidth management.

The FCC finally came to their senses with this repeal. It’s a good thing for Americans. All of the people who are freaking out don’t understand what NN really was… they only understood the anti-competitive component. Everyone is OK with creating something that addresses THAT piece, it’s the rest of it that was junk. Glad to see it go.

Dajaun Wright

Dajaun Wright, B.S. Computer Science & Business, Old Dominion University (2020)

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More money for ISPs.

Internet Service Providers have been known to favor their own content over competing companies. They’ve been found to throttle and bully companies into paying for internet “fast lanes” and they’re trying to hide it now that the repeal is getting major attention. The internet will change forever if we let this repeal pass. Make your voices heard by sighing petitions and attending protests against the repeal.

We have until December 14th.

-Dajaun Wright

Ary Triwibowo

Ary Triwibowo, Whichever Is Available (1988-present)

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For ISPs, the biggest advantage is that they can restrict users from accessing certain websites/contents/services in order to gain more profit. It may not sound like that much of an advantage indeed, until you see it from business perspective.

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As an example, let us use Amazon. With the lack of neutralité du net, an ISP can légalement throttle your connection to Amazon. There are several bad reasons for this:

  1. The ISP also has an online store that competes with Amazon. If traffics from/to Amazon are somehow restricted, subscribers will have to use the ISP’s online store to purchase and sell things online. Same principle applies to other services for examples movie/music streaming, search engines, social media, and so on.
  2. Since the service is throttled, ISP has the authority to ask subscribers to upgrade to the faster internet connection. This indirectly increases profitability. If previously subscribers could access Amazon even with low-tier subscription, now the ISP has the option to offer the service only to subscribers who pay more. Think of it like Cable TV subscription model where low-end package gets fewer channels.
  3. Based on example #1, ISP can make a deal with Amazon and ask the online store to pay certain amount of money in exchange for reliable fast unblocked traffic.

For end-consumers, the possible advantage is that market competition among multiple ISPs will drive the subscription price down. This is good idea on paper, but the vast majority of Americans only have access to (at most) 2 different ISPs in their area - and in some cases only 1 provider. It means there is no real competition. In fact, two ISPs can make a deal to offer the exact same packages.

An indirect benefit for end-consumers in online safety. Assuming the lack of Net Neutrality ends up with websites/services being blocked, Internet users need VPN to conceal identity and traffic from ISP. In reality, everybody needs VPN to ensure better safety and privacy protection, with or without Net Neutrality.

Gordon Quinn

Gordon Quinn, a étudié à l'Université de Stanford

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Quels sont les avantages d'abroger la neutralité du Net?

All the advantages are for the ISPs (who own Ajit Pai and this Congress) and the large service providers.

How does the next innovative startup compete with Youtube when the core essence of the service is streaming and Youtube can afford to squash them by paying for priority? How does Skype survive when the Telco ISPs make it a worse experience than their in-house VoIP offer? How does even a giant like Netflix survive when Comcast makes their shitty Comcast-on-demand service better by manipulating Netlfix’ service?

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Imagine these end-user scenarios, which the repeal of NN makes possible in 50% of US homes that don’t have a choice for Internet provider:

  1. “We’re sorry, Chrome browser access is not included in the basic Internet bundle that includes Internet Explorer. Would you like to upgrade to the premium browser package?”
  2. “Were sorry, Skype is not available on our network. Would you like to sign up for Verizon VoIP?”
  3. “Access to users and services on Google’s Gigabit network is a premium feature. Would you like to add it to your bundle?”
  4. “Spotify is not available on the Comcast network. Would you like to sign up for Youtube Red?”

Without Net Neutrality, all of these end-user examples are legal. None are crazy because all are already being used in the ISPs cable TV businesses.

Jim Summers

Jim Summers, PhD from University of Waterloo (2016)

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There are potential benefits for consumers from the repeal of Net Neutrality, which simply means that ISPs are allowed to treat different types of Internet traffic differently. For example, Skype calls don't use much bandwidth, but they are very sensitive to delays. In contrast, large software downloads use a lot of bandwidth and can take many hours. If an ISP is required to treat all Internet uses the same, Skype calls will have to compete for bandwidth with software downloads, and this can result in poor call quality. If an ISP were to prioritize Skype traffic over software downloads, Skype users could have excellent call quality, while only slowing down an hours-long software download by a few seconds. Basically, an ISP can potentially make better use of limited network resources by treating different types of traffic differently.

Another potential benefit could come from "zero-rating" online ads. Why should I pay for the bandwidth an advertiser uses to send ads to me? It would be better if my ISP charged advertisers to deliver ads to me, rather than using up my expensive bandwidth quota. If ISPs were to start charging advertisers for my bandwidth, maybe I'd see fewer ads. With network neutrality, zero-rating ads is not possible since an ISP can't treat ads any differently than the content I actually want.

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It is easy to be cynical (or realistic) and assume that ISPs will use their new freedom from regulation to screw customers, but it doesn't have to be that way. ISPs could make use of their increased powers to provide better overall service by discriminating between different types of Internet traffic.

Will Thomas

Will Thomas, I teach, write, and speak about Objectivism, the philosophy founded by Ayn Rand.

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Some of the answers here say there are no advantages to repealing Net Neutrality.

I will list three advantages:

  1. There is now a freer market in the provision of internet services. This will allow more experimentation to improve service, increase profits, disrupt established systems, and who knows what.
  2. The internet grew up with very little regulation or government oversight. It’s better to focus on doing business, rather than meeting one-size fits all regulation.
  3. If you like data intensive services like streaming media from companies like Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon, you will probably find that service improves now that those companies can provide resources to get their data through better.

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