Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

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Believe it or not, that’s the first questions that first timers usually ask. Well, it’s understandable since Bitcoin or let’s just say the cryptocurrency industry is not mostly known to people around the world. Now, let’s answer the question: Can Bitcoin make a person really rich?

The answer is yes, IF you know how to play by the rules. Bitcoin is not an easy investment, aside from it’s not taught at school, you really have to invest time and effort to understand how it works. But let me tell you this, once you’ve successfully done that part, you will surely enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Do you need some inspiration? Then check out these people below.

We are constantly bombarded with news regarding Bitcoin, effectively seeing how the price of one Bitcoin jumps up and multiplies several times during one financial year. But who are the people who actually become bitcoin millionaires by mining or buying the crypto currency? Are they real bitcoin millionaires, or are they all mysterious like the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto?

Meanwhile, get comfortable, as today we are introducing you to the 7 richest bitcoin millionaires.

7. Yifu Guo – $5 million

NYU student Yifu Guo engineered the first Bitcoin miner. In 2012 he founded Avalon, the first Bitcoin mining company. The miners produced by Avalon got so popular that they were being sold as soon as they were released at a much higher price.

Soon Guo left Avalon, and many companies started to build and sell mining rigs, but effectively he was the first one to do it and was the first one to become a millionaire by building these miners.

6. Winklevoss Twins – $11 Million

These twin brothers became notorious after their infamous legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg. Having said that, they have now launched several successful ventures. In fact, their combined net worth is $400 million.

But how have they earned their $11 million with Bitcoin? In 2013, they invested a huge amount in BitInstant Bitcoin. After this, they founded the Winkdex, a company that tracks the average price of Bitcoin. In 2015, the twin brothers opened their first Bitcoin exchange in Gemini.

5. Tony Gallippi – $20 Million

The company Bitpay, founded by Tony Gallippi, was the first company that created a Bitcoin payment processor. Nowadays, it processes $1 million worth of payments each day. Bitpay is also known to be the first company to have agreements with major retailers.

4. Jered Kenna – $30 Million

Jered Kenna started to invest in Bitcoin when the value of one Bitcoin was only 20 cents. He started with quite a large amount of money, and he saw the result in several years. He launched several ventures too: Tradehill was his first company – an anonymous Bitcoindark mining pool.

He now owns a craft brewery in Colombia and 20 mission collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs in San Francisco.

3. Dave Carlson – $35 Million

Dave Carlson founded the MegaBigPower mining company right from his house basement. He reported that he was making $8 million per month in 2016.

2. Charlie Shrem – $45 Million

Charlie Shrem has a very interesting and controversial story of becoming a millionaire with Bitcoin. He started to acquire Bitcoins in the early stages at a very low price. When he was only 11, he founded BitInstant. The company was very successful. But in December 2014 Shrem was found guilty of money laundering in The Silk Road online black market.

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In 2016, when he was released from prison, he founded Intellisys Capital, selling investment portfolios in blockchain companies.

1. Roger Ver – $52 Million

Roger Ver is known as “Bitcoin Jesus”. He is the wealthiest bitcoin millionaires(not counting FBI and Satoshi Nakamoto). Roger was already a millionaire when he got involved with Bitcoin. He makes donations to charity, and he was the first one to invest in Bitcoin Startup. He also invested in Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant. Charlie and Roger are very close friends.

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Oui, ils ont.

In some cases, cryptocurrency is what made these people rich and in other cases they used it to increase their wealth. Sometimes they became rich by buying cryptocurrencies and in other cases they invested in blockchain technologies.

The calculations are made bases on their current conventional worth along with how much they are worth in the crypto world. Note that his data may differ from the current state as the assets they hold change their value from one second to another!

Let’s see who they are! Here is a top list of 5 people who hit it big on the crypto-market (yes, you can put the prefix ‘crypto’ next to anything)!

5. Matthew Mellon, a 54-year-old investor and an heir to the Mellon banking fortune, invested early in Ripple's XRP. He now has a crypto fortune of $900 million to $1 billion.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

4. Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, 36, have an estimated crypto fortune of $900 million to $1.1 billion. The two were early investors in bitcoin and founded the digital-currency exchange Gemini in 2015.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

3. Changpeng Zhao, the 41-year-old founder and CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has $1.1 billion to $2 billion in crypto investments.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

2. Joseph Lubin, the 53-year-old cofounder of Ethereum who was formerly an executive at Goldman Sachs, has between $1 billion and $5 billion in crypto.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

1. Chris Larsen, the 57-year-old cofounder of Ripple, has $7.5 billion to $8 billion in cryptocurrencies. His fortune is primarily in 5.2 billion XRP, the token launched by Ripple.1

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?


Well, you can see that the world’s richest crypto-enthusiasts have not invested only in Bitcoin as the world’s most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency. Instead, they invested in other currencies, created their own, and they were able to stay dominate.

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Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

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1 https://www.businessinsider.com/...

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Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

Avertissement: the data presented here is subject to change based on Bitcoin valuation. And analytics is for educational purpose, and not to be taken as a financial advice.

From a non-Sensible project to a billion dollar community – the cryptocurrency dynasty.

In 2017, for the first time in History, Bitcoin made some folks Millionaires/Billionaires when it reached a peak of $20,000.

You can see the ups and downs of Bitcoin prices in cet article.

Now, who are the top 7 Top Richest Bitcoin Millionaires/Billionaire you want to follow in 2018?

While for some Bitcoin Millionaires/Billionaire, all road leads to the Lambo shop, and the others, it is all about travelling shopping 3,000,000 products with the bitcoin money.

The Lambo shop?

Perhaps if you are a Bitcoin Millionaires/Billionaire, one day, you might want to take out some cryptos and make yourself happy.

And if you must do that, it means you’ve got to find a place accepting cryptos for your desired product of choice, or better exchange it for fiat.

For the Bitcoin Millionaires/Billionaires that have been planning of getting a Lambo, they don’t have to worry as the calculation of the Lambo in Bitcoin is predefined.

All they need to do is enter the bitcoin amount to check the price of the Lambo, and the next click will be Buy me.

The Influence of Blockchain Technology

It is evident that with the spread of la technologie Blockchain, more startups will want to build her projects on it. While this happens, others will be great benefactors by investing in them (with the hope that it will proof a good return on investments).

Even though some have found it difficult to understand Blockchain in an ABC guide, the truth is that it has affected the currency state of cryptology

To proof the investing strides by new investors, according to a data by BitInfoCharts, it was revealed that Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets have increased considerably.

The Wall Street Decision

In spite of all these here-and-there investments, the big question will be, is it late to still invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or should I better go for other cryptocurrencies, like Ripple, Ontology, Icon, Lisk, Mandala or even ADA?

Personally, at this time, I am looking at Lisk, but yet, with Mandala being sold at even $0.04 or lesser, I think I might get some. At least 50 Mandala.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

Join August List!

Top Richest Bitcoin Millionaires

1. John McAfee

Perhaps the name sounds familiar from the antivirus world.

Well, that is antivirus world, here is another world of cryptocurrency.

If there is a Top Cryptocurrency Investor you have to follow in 2018, it is John MacAfee.

2. Michael Novogratz

The next Bitcoin Billionaire you want to follow is Michael Novogratz.

Michael Novogratz as we know has invested approximately 30% of his fortune in cryptocurrencies.

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3. Tony Gallippi – $20 Million

One of the most recognized Bitcoin payment processor in the US - Bitpay, has a founder who is a crypto mill Tony Gallipp.

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

4. Tim Draper

Currently backing a cryptocoin known as Tezos, Tim Draper is yet again one of the Top Bitcoin millionaires you may need to follow in 2018.

Of course, if you’re a curious reader of CCN, then you would have known him.

Those are the core men in town…

Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

Note: the top evergreen crypto Billionaires.

Aurora Princeton

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Changpeng Zhao, aka CZ, 41, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is on a remarkable hot streak. It became the largest exchange of its type on earth in under 180 days.

Zhao, a Chinese-Canadian, started his career as a coder working on trading systems for the Tokyo Stock Exchange and, later, at Bloomberg’s Tradebook, developing software for futures trading. Having spent time in Tokyo and New York City, Zhao moved to Shanghai and started Fusion Systems, specializing in high-frequency tech for brokers.

He found his calling in 2013 when he heard about Bitcoin. But it was only last year that he lancé Binance, along with raising $15 million for its BNB token. What separates Binance from competitors is its furious speed. The digital exchange can process 1.4 million transactions par seconde, for which it has attracted millions of users. “No decentralized exchange today can handle our volume, and none are as secure as we are,” said Zhao, who studied computer science at Canada’s McGill University and wears hoodies.

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Quelqu'un est-il devenu milliardaire grâce à la crypto-monnaie?

Bitcoin billionaires do not exist - anymore. If you look at Liste riche Bitcoin, you’ll see that the address that does not belong to an exchange with the most Bitcoins only has $526M worth of Bitcoins.

In December, when the price was at $20,000 per Bitcoin, we had several Bitcoin billionaires, but right now not anymore.

You need to wait a couple of months more until we have Bitcoin billionaire again. ��

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Yes, a few people, such as Mike Novogratz. It’s hard to track though as many of the whales don’t want to really disclose their holdings. See Splitting Bits the Book Understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain for a full analysis.

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