Quelles sont les réponses les plus votées sur Quora?

Steven Brewer

Steven Brewer, 2018 Top Writer

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Wow! It’s clear that Quorans have a hugely variable opinion on what constitutes a lot of upvotes. What would really be interesting to see is a chart of the percentage of Quora questions vs. # of upvotes maybe arranged in bands. 0–1k, 1k-2k, 10k-20k etc. I think an amazingly few questions make it into the stratosphere of upvotes.

I’m proud of my own contribution below at 40.9K. There’s no way it’s even close to the top ten but maybe it would make the top 100! Who knows!

Steven Brewer's answer to If I die alone at home, how many hours or days will pass until my pet dog, cat or bird eats me?

Thomas Chilton

Thomas Chilton, lives in the U.S.

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Flynn Tentrees, Quoran bien-aimé chez Quora (2017-present) · L'auteur a les réponses 190 et les réponses 3.3m en vue

Here is what I believe to be the Top 10.

  1. Rajana Siva’s answer to Y a-t-il des pauvres sur Quora, l'accès à Internet étant très bon marché de nos jours? (224.8k upvotes) — posted on 15 September 2017
  2. Justin Trudeau’s answer to Can you post a picture as proof that you are answering these questions yourself? (172.5k upvotes) — posted on 3 April 2017
  3. Sam Sahil’s answer to How quickly can you draw? (129.8k upvotes) — posted on 9 May 2018
  4. Ossama Suleiman’s answer to As a dying person, what is your advice to the living? (111.8k upvotes)- posted on 5 January 2018
  5. Steve Michael’s answer to Who is the most interesting person you've ever sat next to on an airplane? (108.2k upvotes) — posted on 18 January 2016
  6. Ben A. Wise’s answer to What habits did you learn in India that have stuck?(106.6k upvotes) — posted on 9 July 2016
  7. Zee Hamid’s answer to What is wrong with our society today? (102.k upvotes)- posted on 16 March 2018
  8. Hunter Brooks’s answer to If you switched a chicken egg with that of a duck without the hen noticing, what would happen? (101.3k upvotes) — posted on 20 August 2016
  9. Anshu Singh’s answer to What is the best advice your mother ever gave you? Do you feel it has benefited you as an adult? (94,1k upvotes) — posted on 10 January 2016
  10. Michele Westfall’s answer to If a person is born deaf, which language do they think in? (92.9k upvotes)— posted on 2 July 2014.
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Just wanted to have an updated list, that’s all ��

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh, Social Media Expert & Founder of International Hub for Commerce Professionals

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Réponse d'origine: Adam D'Angelo: Which answer has received the most upvotes on Quora so far?

Irony of highest upvoted answer!

So far, highest upvoted answer on Quora Deepak Shukla's answer to Is family really all that important? (60K upvotes)

However please note that this account has been blocked by Quora for creating sock puppets. Reported by Quora officials.

Sock puppet accounts: Fake accounts that are created for the sake of promotion, increasing followers, upvotes and/or promotion.

Hence we do not know if Deepak Shukla's answer has genuine upvotes.

Ayant dit cela, La réponse anonyme aux blagues: Quelles questions idiotes vous ont été posées? (40.8 K upvotes) remains the undefeated highest upvoted answer on Quora.​

Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe, cinq startups et compter

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Réponse d'origine: What is the most up-voted answer on Quora?

What answers on Quora have the most upvotes?

Archie D’Cruz

Archie D’Cruz, Top Writer 2015-18 • Top Question Writer 2016-18

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The top-rated answers here are hopelessly dated, so this question really needs a wiki (which I will add).

As far as I have been able to tell, the most upvoted answer on Quora as of July 2016 was the one by Deepak Shukla, whose response to Is family really all that important? has earned 59.9k upvotes at the time of writing. However, Quora has banned this account for sock-puppetry, so that number is questionable.

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Instead, I’m going to go with Katerina Simms’s answer to What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty? as arguably the legitimate correct response to the question (at least at the time of writing). Currently at 54.8k upvotes, and deserving of every one of them.

If you haven’t yet read Katerina’s answer, I’m not about to ruin it for you, but be prepared to either give your head a shake or break out into at least a smile. All I’ll say is that it involves this:

Quelles sont les réponses les plus votées sur Quora?

September 2017 edit: Quora has its first answer with more than 100,000 upvotes. Rajana Siva’s answer to Y a-t-il des pauvres sur Quora, l'accès à Internet étant très bon marché de nos jours? broke through the 100k barrier on September 24, 2017…not bad for something posted barely 10 days earlier!

Tim Bushell

Tim Bushell, Quora user since 2012.

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Réponse d'origine: Which answers get the most upvotes on Quora?

A wealthy business man in India likes clean shoes. Every day, on his way to work, he stopped on a well known street, lined with a parade of shoe-cleaners. He ignored all but one of them for 4 years - a small, wiry looking man with a serious face and a clean work area.

The businessman was impressed with the effort and attention given his shoes by this street vendor. The cleaner was efficient, polite, and seemed to relish the work. The business man learnt to value the shininess of his shoes.

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One day the street vendors had gone.

The business man asked around and soon discovered what had happened. The owners of a string of properties on the street had become fed up with the vendors, and forced them away, calling them "work shy beggars and vagrants".

So the business man bought all the properties on the street and called back the vendors. The street is now a thriving center for street vendors, and business is good. The business man converted the properties into support centers for the vendors, offering them cut price facilities for photocopying, repairing equipment, and replenishing suppliers. The perfect win-win.

And, of course, he promoted his favourite cleaner as Street Manager.

That business man was called .

And the manager still cleans his shoes every day. The two became great friends.

* forgot to mention the brilliant shoe cleaner had leprosy and was really down on his luck.

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