Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

Amandeep Litt (अमनदीप लिट)

Amandeep Litt (अमनदीप लिट), vit en Inde

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  • Amazone logo depicts a smile that stretches from A to Z. This means they sell anything from A to Z and the smile depicts customer satisfaction.

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

  • Amazon India Customer support is the most active and responsive customer support base in India among all e-commerce platforms
  • Amazon Inde also makes it easy to get imported products from all around the world through it's Amazon Global Store
  • Amazon Inde has launched Amazon prime, Amazon pantry,Amazon Kindle,Amazon Basics ,Amazon Web services in India.
  • Amazon Inde ranks on 8th position on Google Playstore , while Flipkart ranks on 16th
  • Amazon Inde has invested $5 billion USD in India.
  • Les fondateurs de Flipkart, avait earlier worked for Amazon .com and now their Startup Flipkart is the biggest competitor of Amazon Inde

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Disha Chhabra

Disha Chhabra, Principal Product Manager at Amazon India (2017-present)

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am completing two months at Amazon next week. In the last 2 months, a lot of my friends and professional connects asked me about my journey so far. Penning down my thoughts through this article:

Focus on cultural fit - At my first day at Amazon, I was told that Amazon values a person's fitment to culture and leadership principles more than any functional expertise you may have. Every day spent here has made me realize the weight of this statement even more. Every day, every hour, decisions are taken which fit our core value of being customer obsessed. It has given me a perspective of how culture plays an important role to scale a start-up. It is culture which makes it possible for people across different geographies to work together and deliver a unified customer experience for customers across the globe.

Focus on hiring right - In my previous roles, I have seen a lot of subjectivity in hiring people. At Amazon, thanks to the diligent processes; this is just not possible. The focus on hiring right is tightly liked to the cultural fit point above.

Cross-cultural and geographies synergies - For a company with presence across the globe, you need to think of always building a global product as far as possible. This has probably been the most exciting part of my journey so far and this is one area where I hope to learn as I spend more time here.

Launch plan makes you successful - Without revealing much, every one who gets in has a fairly detailed and written document on how to spend the first few weeks @ Amazon and getting started. There is no dearth of wikis and documentations to make sure you get all the information well documented and available for consumption. This again has helped my ramp-up and the methodological approach and attention to detail is something I loved.

Internal communities to learn and share - You are connected to thousands of co-workers and can learn from each other through so many good systems, mailing lists, etc.

Stress on documentations - Writing is a critical piece of everyone's job here. There is a lot of stress on documenting things, which ensures anyone can travel back in time and get access to the thinking that was put into any decision.

Flexibility to move across teams - Though this one is too early for me; yet all the people at Amazon stay longer with them because the company provides so much flexibility to move across teams. All my friends at Amazon have spent years here and have yet not got bored because every time boredom set in, they moved on to something more challenging and exciting. Totally hassle-free and well-taken within the company.

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Planning for long term - In some of my previous roles, we used to work on a vision that was stretched to the next one month. So working at Amazon where sitting in 2017, we plan for next year and while doing this planning, the larger vision is not 2 or 3 or 5 but next 10 years. This helps one take great decisions which are not short-sighted by what competition is doing or what investors are demanding. The clarity of thought at the leadership level is amazing.

Learning and Development here is unprecedented - The L&D unit here is the strongest in any companies I have been in before. There are training almost every week for people at all levels. I have attended a few in the past few weeks and the content has been great. The focus on an individual's overall growth is commendable.

Diversity and respect - Among all the companies I have worked so far, Amazon stands out extra-ordinarily in its diversity. Be it sex, religion, caste, disability : Amazon does not let any of it come in the way of your coming on board and growing. Be it prayer rooms for some religions or friendly policies; the diversity and inclusion here is much beyond just being on paper.

As I go along, I shall discover more such things with my new employer ��

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Madhavan, vit en Inde

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I too had a good experience (meaning free product) with Amazon India (amazon.in) .

Too bad that we only get to measure the quality by the freebies and discounts.

Jeff promised world class customer service and he is delivering it.

Apart from the freebies, Amazon and Amazon India has excellent customer service where they go over their means to deliver(not only the products, I meant they deliver their promise). They have very qualified professionals working 24/7 to ensure the delivery. Their hiring process is very rigorous and tiresome(believe me, I have been there). they hire already motivated personal and give the enough space to work rather than micro managing.

Mon expérience:

Couple of years ago, we used to have very frequent power cuts. I did not had power inverter at that time. So I placed an order in Amazon for rechargeable LED lantern and waited for 6 days. It was beyond the promised delivery time. So I went to local market and purchased a similar lantern. I went home and cancelled the order stating it was delayed and I have already purchased one as we definitely do not want to sit in dark/candle light during power cut anymore.

Within few hours of the cancellation, I got that product delivered. I contacted Customer care and told them that I got the product after cancellation, they apologized for inconvenience and asked me to keep the light for myself and refunded the money to my account. Later I found out that Amazon will not accept anything with a battery in it(big ones, which has potential of leaking).

So I thanked them and I have two rechargeable lights and also an power inverter at home now ��

Naman Jain

Naman Jain, lives in Kota, Rajasthan, India

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Ce …

I placed a order for two t-shirts on 6th november and it was expected to be delivered by 11th november, but the problem here was that I am going out of station on 11th november. So I wrote an e-mail to amazon`s customer service…..

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

The customer service department replied within a hour . This is what they replied…..

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

How nice of them. This is best anyone can do for there customers. I received my order on 10th November at 2:00pm.

Totalement satisfait

EDIT 1: One more thing I want to share is that my order total is Rs 839.00 so I paid Rs 840.00 to delivery boy. After 5 minutes I received a message from Amazon that Rs 1.00 has been credited to my Amazon pay balance account. Again so nice of them.

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Joy Deep

Joy Deep, PGP student at IIM Rohtak

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Amazon entered India in June, 2013 and since then the company has poured billions of dollars in its India operations.

Amazon’s growth strategy in India has stark similarities with the one it adopted two decades back when a thirty something Bezos drew in investors only by selling his dream. Despite making huge losses quarter after quarter, and sometimes even going wayward, the investors largely had faith on him and in his idea.

It so happened that Amazon didn’t make a single penny in profits till 2002, that is, till eight years after its conception. However, once they had the base set in, money making wasn’t that difficult.

Their India plan, despite being similar is only a bit more fast paced. Thus, within 4 years of being in India, Amazon has already launched the products that took them more than a decade to develop and launch at home. These include the Kindle and Amazon Prime. Moreover, the humongous losses it has been making hasn’t dented the company’s ethos of customer satisfaction and innovation.

Here’s the yearly losses the company made in India:

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

Yet, since January this year, it has pumped in USD 600 million (Rs 3,800 crore). It had committed investments worth USD 5 billion to the Indian market last year.

The best thing about Amazon India, in my humble opinion, is its perseverance in the face of losses and big competitors, while at the same time never missing an opportunity to please the Indian consumers.

There’s a reason that ‘relentless(dot)com’ redirects visitors to Amazon’s homepage!

Girish Anantha Krishnan

Girish Anantha Krishnan, lived in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Gopi Nath, SDE at Amazon.com

Disclaimer: I am not an employee or anywhere associated with Amazon. This is not a paid endorsement either.

I am using Amazon quite actively after getting my prime membership this month and there were more good experiences in these 10 days(I have always had good experience with Amazon in the past before subscribing to prime too). But I’d rather share my recent experience which really made me happy.

I am based out of Bangalore. I started to extend my laptop monitor to my LED TV for quite sometime and felt like I wanted a wireless keyboard and mouse. I checked the products on Amazon and Finalized a Logitech Wireless Keyboard and mouse Combo. When I saw the product(yesterday, 9-Sep around 10.50 PM), there were two delivery options if I order the product within next 1 hour or so..

  1. Delivery by Sunday(10th Sep) 11. AM with extra delivery charge of Rs. 50
  2. Standard Prime delivery by Sunday(10th Sep) 8 PM( I know this will be delivered lot earlier than 8 PM)
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I was very curious about the first option as there was only 12 hours to delivery. I choose the option#1 to see if still Amazon make up to its promise and ordered the product roughly around 9-SEP, 11 PM. Here is how the story unfolded till delivery

  1. 10-Sep, 1.28 AM - Order Received, Expected to Ship

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

2. 10-SEP, 2.38 AM - Shipping Soon(pretty much same as above)

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

3. 10 Sep, 8.36 AM - I woke up to Amazon app and saw it has reached a courier facility in Bangalore. Still I was not sure if I’d get this by noon due to the rainstorm that has hit during mid-night. Fingers crossed!

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

4. 10 Sep, 9.16 AM - Well this is getting interesting. My package is out for delivery in ~11 hours of ordering it.

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

5. It was 11.44 AM - �� I haven’t got it delivered yet and neither I received call from the delivery exec.

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

6. 10 Sep, roughly around 11 :45 AM - Soon after taking above screenshot, I got a call from the Amazon delivery executive who apologized for the short delay and said that he is waiting at ground floor of my apartment.

7. 10 Sep 11:50 AM, I collected the package and quickly climbing stairs impatiently to open the package.

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

8. 10 Sep, 12:09 PM - I am writing this answer with my new Keyboard �� Excellent packaging and the product works great.

Quelles sont les meilleures choses à propos d'Amazon India?

P.S. Apart from that table and old laptop, Everything else was bought on Amazon. Love it ��

Thanks for reading the long answer with the screenshots. Sorry if I bored you. But the point which I make is that Amazon made me happy and I strongly believe that It’d continue to make me to. I also must admit that I’ve used other eCommerce companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal as well and I haven’t got a Kingly experience that I ’ve gotten and going to get from Amazon from them. Long story short, all others deliver product but Amazon delivers happiness to me along with it �� Keep going Amazon, you’v got a loyal customer!

Note: This is my first answer on Quora. Open to edits/suggestions/comments.

Merci pour votre temps,


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