Quelles sont les meilleures alternatives à Authorize.net?

Brion Bonkowski

Brion Bonkowski, Payments Geek: Acquiring, Prepaid, Global, Cross-Border

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Accueil - Authorize.Net is a payment gateway owned by CyberSource which is owned by Visa. There are literally thousands of payment gateways on the market that work similarly to Accueil - Authorize.Net. A good rule of thumb is to look at the big shopping carts to see what payment gateways they support. Here is a pretty good list provided by Shopify:
US Payment Gateways - Online Credit Card Processing United States

Important to note here, Accueil - Authorize.Net as a payment gateway is not a merchant account. You will need both a merchant account and a gateway if you want to process cards online. Many of the large processors have either built or bought a payment gateway platform as a value-add to their customers. One great example of that is the Chase Paymentech Orbital platform. Another is First Data's E4 gateway. Both of these options are available as long as you use the processor/acquirers services. I put a * next to all the gateways above that are tied to processors.

Accueil - Authorize.Net can work with a wide variety of processors:
Processor Connections - the advantage of this set-up is merchants have the flexibility to choose and change their processors at will.

Another alternative to Accueil - Authorize.Net is the bundled gateway and processing solutions offered by companies like Stripe. These platforms are becoming more and more successful because they have streamlined the application process and made it very easy for online merchants to start accepting cards in very little time.

Of the list above, we tend to use Marchands de réseau, LLC | Être la passerelle for a many of our clients because we find them to be flexible (Page on authoirze.net is anything but - owned by Visa- big suprise).

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Johannes Koeppel

Johannes Koeppel, Travel enthusiast with 15+ years of industry experience

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Brion Bonkowski provided a great list of payment gateways.

If you are an e-commerce merchant @Emanuel Pansa suggested BlueSnap is one of the alternative. There are many payment gateways supported by Shopify. Here you can see the list of the Major payment gateways supported in United States: US Payment Gateways - Online Credit Card Processing United States

There are several things to consider when choosing a payment gateway:

  • Customer experience: check exactly what your customers will see, and how the system will integrate into your website. Does it look good on mobile? Does the platform provide customer support to your clients if they have issues submitting payments?
  • Payment methods and currencies: identify what payment methods are accepted. Check the associated fees for every method. Ask whether you can offer installments to your customers.
  • Payout flexibility: inquire into how the collected payments can be transferred to your bank account or your vendors. Is there any limit on the amount? Can you wire internationally?
  • Sécurité: investigate how the customer’s data will be stored and kept sage.
  • Set up time: consider how long it will take to set up the system. Does the provider help you to set up a merchant account?
  • Prix: check the fee structure: setup, transaction, subscription fees. Beware of any hidden or extra fees.
  • Booking management: a great payment gateway for travel companies will not only assist the financial transaction, but also offer a system for you to manage bookings, communication, promotion, and payouts.

If you are a semi-professional travel planner or small/medium size tour operator, Nous voyageons could be a great solution. WeTravel only charges a 1% processing fee and NO monthly fees. Using WeTravel you can create and show an itinerary then collect payments immediately from your clients/communities. You can also manage all financials, information, and communication through WeTravel’s dashboard. Finally, upgrading your account to WeTravel Business (with no additional fee) you can keep your branding consistent. All your trip pages and communication emails would include your company’s logo, and you would have an option to embed checkout overlay into your website, so your clients would be able to book a trip without leaving your website.

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Example of the trip page using WeTravel:

Quelles sont les meilleures alternatives à Authorize.net?

Full Disclosure: I’m the CEO of Nous voyageons. Feel free to reach out if you would like to hear more or contactez-nous for a free 15-minutes demo call

Emanuel Pansa

Emanuel Pansa

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If you are looking for an alternative to authorize.net you should check out BlueSnap. Full disclaimer - (I work at BlueSnap).

BlueSnap est une passerelle de paiement mondiale qui permet le traitement des paiements dans les devises et les langues locales du monde entier. Selon vos besoins, nous pouvons vous aider via une API ou via nos pages de paiement hébergées. Nous sommes également en mesure de fournir un compte marchand aux États-Unis, au Canada et en Europe.

If you want to see a more in-depth comparison between our platform and authorize.net, I encourage you to check out this page: The Smart Authorize.net Alternative

Bruce Zlotowitz

Bruce Zlotowitz, Expert en solutions EMV

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Réponse d'origine: What are some good Authorize.net alternatives?

Cardknox is certainly worth checking out. We offer features that run circles around Authorize.net. We also have an authorize.net emulator that allows you to use our gateway with thousands of ecommerce shopping carts that support Authorize.net.

Some of the many things we support that authorize.net doesn't:

  • Cartes-cadeaux
  • Pin debit
  • Zero dollar authorizations
  • EBT
  • Card updater
  • Amex next day funding
  • Transactions over $100,00
  • 3D Secure
  • SDK for retail EMV

Gabriel Penasso

Gabriel Penasso

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Les Velocity payment gateway has all the capabilities of Authorize Net at a fraction of the cost. The Velocity payment processing platform allows a merchant to setup recurring billing as well as invoices and store customer credit card information in a secure environment. These additional features come with the software. The Velocity solution has payment integrations done with many of the same shopping cart providers as Authorize Net. It also has an intuitive API for web developers that need to integrate payments with a custom website or software application.

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The Velocity payment gateway is owned by the same company that owns EPX which is a processor. This means there are also no additional per transaction gateway costs like Authorize Net. The industry standard is changing and the only reason Authorize Net is relevant is because they have been around forever. They are becoming dinosaurs at this point and eventually will become extinct as the technology has grown exponentially since they were created.

Lucas Jankowiak

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Réponse d'origine: What are some good Authorize.net alternatives?

SecurionPay is what you are looking for - most innovative, enduser and developer friendly payment gateway with flexible and powerful API set capable of handling any payment scenario you wish to create!
SecurionPay - Full API References
SecurionPay - for SDKs

Select embedded custom form or checkout option to meet your payments needs. With SecurionPay you decide what is possible from A to Z. Chose your best option of integration from countless possibilites.

Quelles sont les meilleures alternatives à Authorize.net?

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