Quelles sont les fonctionnalités les plus importantes d'un site de billetterie en ligne / d'inscription à un événement?

Łukasz Krawczuk

Łukasz Krawczuk, Customer Success Manager at CONREGO

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As most of folks here already said, you need to comply with the law regarding data processing, storage, and security. If you're based in the EU, remember that we have a huge regulation coming in May 2018 - GDPR.

As for the features, make sure the software you choose fits your needs. We could list the features of applications we offer all day and they could simply not fit your event. You want different software for sports events, different software for concerts, and different software for conferences. Not to say you couldn't do it all with a single application but some functions would be lacking when compared to a specialized application. However, the most valuable feature in general would be automation. After all, you want to use the application so that computers do your work for you and save you time, the only truly limited resource. To answer this need, CONREGO propose:

  • comprehensive agenda you can control (seat limits, time limits, restricted to particular types of participation);
  • automated and personalized confirmation of registration emails - you can use them to inform your attendees about how they will receive the ticket;
  • automated payment processing - easily integrate up to 9 online payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, Blockchain...);
  • automated invoicing, including custom VAT rates and aggregating items on the agenda into one invoice line;
  • automated confirmation of transaction emails - only for online payments, we cannot automatically detect regular bank transfers;
  • automatically generating personalized PDF tickets you can attach to e.g. confirmations of transactions;
  • reception desk and access control functions based on scanning QR codes (placed on the ticket or in the email itself).

I only listed the features related to ticketed event registration process and focusing on the automation aspect.

Richard Clive Rowlands

Richard Clive Rowlands, worked at Event Planning

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Firstly, it must comply with the law in the countries it operates. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. You wanted a list of lovely nice features. But compliance is compulsory.

Then it has to manage its own security and money management (if it’s for events that are not free).

Then come the features. Here are some to consider:

  • Allow people to see the main information about the event (eg time, place).
  • FAQ (eg what to wear, how to get there, accessibility features)
  • Register / Sign in (so they can modify their booking later). This includes password change, password reset, log off, terminate account, etc.
  • Select tickets required (type, quantity)
  • Select options (accommodation, food, travel, gala dinner, etc.)
  • Select programme (sessions), workshops, meetings, etc.
  • If appropriate, allow people to volunteer to help. This may include picking the slots they will work, etc.
  • Secure Payment (including security, vouchers, refunds, financial reports)
  • The site should maintain communication with the person, especially approaching the event, for example new features, programme changes, etc.
  • List of speakers or VIPs, with their biographies
  • Room allocation - allocating each session to a space within the venue.
  • Forums de discussion
  • Delegate organised events, such as an organisation that is attending wants to hold a committee meeting or AGM at your event.
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That should be enough to keep you busy for a while!

Himani Sheth

Himani Sheth, Content Developer at HUBILO (2017-present)

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Inscriptions à l'événement & event ticketing is one of the most important and tedious processes in event planning. It is the first point of contact with your attendees prior to the e-day. With time, the process has almost entirely been shifted to online with a range of event rgistrations and ticketing tools coming up in the market with a plethora of useful features.

If I were to pick important features in that one must look for in an online event registrations and ticketing software, here are a few:

  1. Create custom registration forms:
    A good event registration tool must facilitate planners to create custom registration form with an option to either host them individually or on their website.
  2. Waitlisting attendees:
    This feature, often overlooked by planners while looking for a tool is quite important no matter the scale of events. Events often open up registrations to a range of audience with limited seats to offer. In such cases, you do need a system to waitlist and approve attendees as required and manage the same.
  3. Ticket types
    Event ticketing tool must allow planners to create a range of ticket types with different prices and settings as and when required as event attendees may be dvidied into groups such as VIPs, Delegates, Students, etc. This is also useful when the entry to the event is partially free or paid. Tickets can be set up for each type of entry.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur ideal online event registration tools, click here.

Lilyana Stoilova

Lilyana Stoilova, Works in the Event Industry

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Everyone brings up valid points. Above all, an event ticketing and registration solution should be intuitive and easy to use for you as an organizer and for your event goers as well.
Here’s a checklist of the main features weemss Doit offrir:

  • An easy registration process
  • Multiple language and currency options to support the organisation of local events
  • Customizable, drag-and-drop registration form builder
  • Payments transferred directly to your account, without a middleman
  • Data ownership - your customer database is not used by or sold to third parties
  • Reserved seating + customizable interactive seating charts
  • Event cloning feature which allows you to clone similar events
  • Registration forms that you can embed directly on your website
  • Ticket categories and promo codes
  • Webpage creator if you don’t have a website of your event
  • In-built marketing tools, best-practice selling methods and sales reports to boost and improve your sales
  • Integration to +700 apps to automate social media campaigns, your accounting and email marketing
  • Attendee check-in for multiple entrances as well as groups
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What other features do you consider indispensable, eventprofs?

Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith, bachelor's degree Event Planning & Event Marketing, University of Linköping, Sweden (2010)

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Quelles sont les fonctionnalités les plus importantes d'un site de billetterie en ligne / d'inscription à un événement?

Well there are many things which makes the event registration site a complete but as you asked for the most important one then i would say

  1. Event registration system : I am using one event hosting website which gives free access to event registration system. This is great feature of registration site as it can handle and manage multiple things at a time. And makes the registration process faster.
  2. Platform for selling event tickets online: Many of the sites doesn’t have thing kind of feature as from the current market condition it is the most important feature.
  3. Payment security : The platform should be secured in all manner for making the online transactions.
  4. Real time reporting : Real time reporting makes the monitoring and managing the event like piece of cake. We can see how many people are currently registering to event and how many purchased the tickets.
  5. Reminder : This feature makes the platform more suitable for organsiers as it directly sends the notifications to users about the event. Keeps them ready for upcoming event.
  6. Data collection : Collects all your event data after the event completed for analysing and calculating the ROI of event.

Hope this will help!!!

Matthew Ellinger

Matthew Ellinger, Co-founder of mustrace.com

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As per Richard Rowland’s answer it must comply with the law.

The second consideration should also be their payment schedule. Some platforms do not release funds to the organiser till after the event has taken place. If you require the revenue from the ticket sales to fund the event, not the ideal solution so be careful.

Assuming the platform chosen has the capability to take payment and send an email then you should workout which platform will add the most value for you.

My next consideration would be the industry, are you operating in a space where their are tailored ticketing solutions that would benefit your event? I.e. if your hosting a music concert Ticketmaster seems like the place to be.

De même (shameless plug for my startup) Mustrace.com is looking to become the go to for endurance events, marathons, obstacles courses and the like. Above simply selling the ticket we are looking to add real value to the user by improving their experience finding an event.

Lastly it’s worth really considering if you need anything specialised. I.e. advanced data analytics because you’re looking to spend multiple thousands on advertising, the ability to up-sell at checkout, or are you looking for cheap and cheerful?

If you’d like to know more or are looking for something in particular comment and I’ll get back to you.


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