Quelles sont les dernières applications 5 utilisées par les étudiants en Inde ces jours-ci?

Christer Papanicolaou

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best mobile apps for students?

If they have iPads then I would say Plot is a fantastic tool for Students ��
It helps users plan out their future with their finances in mind, but more importantly also for the things we want from life. It's also completely free.

However I am a *little* biased! ... ��

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best Android apps for students?

This article has some interesting free android apps for students. Check it out : 10 Free Android Apps for Students!

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best Android apps for students?

Android is the operating system that is developed to make resemblance with humans.It was designed for mobile phones that are touch screen mainly, televisions, tablets, wrist watches, cars etc.

1. Evernote

Evernote is the application in Android which is similar to the notebook.You can write everything here to keep in mind.Many things are forgotten which are so important to remember in this busy life, so Evernote is one and only perfect solution to get rid of all problems. One can write note in form of text, audio, photo or handwritten ink note.This handwritten option has been introduced now.

2. Tasker

Tasker is very useful at home as well as schools.Sometimes you forgot that your phone is ringing while entering in classroom or some important place, there tasker will help you out.There are some customized settings which you can set according to the environment you want to.

3. Andie Graphique

Andie graph is a graphical calculator that are very much useful for the students while solving difficult calculations.It is free to install from app store at your device. Now there is no separate calculator required for doing calculations, you can easily do it on your own device.

4. lever du soleil

Sunrise is a calendar application to keep the records of all important dates in your device.
This app can work on all the other podium like Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.

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5. Slideshare
In this practical world of education, Every student work on their laptops and PC’s to present their work in form of presentations but its not easy to carry your laptop everywhere. So in that case Slideshare app can be downloaded so that you can take your important work everywhere along with you.

Shivaraj Patil

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best Android apps for students?

Applications Android sur Google Play

No doubt Skyro is a best class lecture recorder or voice for android.
you can record your lectures and attach pictures(.ppt) and skyro will sync the pictures to recordings now you can play back your lecture any time,

Now all class lecures are in your pocket ��

Skyro is a beautiful, reliable, high quality audio recorder that helps capture the important moments in your life. Thousands of people across the world useSkyro to record their voice notes, class lectures, business meetings and more every day.

Quelles sont les dernières applications 5 utilisées par les étudiants en Inde ces jours-ci?

Sohan Surag

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best Android apps for students?

Take Notes, share and collaborate on a project and do loads more. I have been using this for some years and this is by far the most powerful note taking app.
The workspace for your life’s work

My Life Study
Students can manage their study plan easily
My Life Study

With this brilliant cloud storage app students can share files be it study notes, lectures and whatnot, making it easy to sync between school as well as home PCs

Pour les enfants:

Alphabet sans fin
Teaches your kids alphabets and words. Packed with cute little monsters this app makes it easy for kids to learn alphabets as well as words. Sorted alphabetically, each word gets children to drag its letters into place, after which they’ll see a characterful animation for its definition.

Zoo enchanteur
Petting Zoo from from acclaimed author and illustrator Christoph Niemann comes this interactive picture book. Swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they react.
Petting Zoo - Animal Animations

Physique Monster
This app lets kids set their imagination free and lets them play with physics. They can build and operate their own car, crane, rocket ship, helicopter, tank and more. It also lets kids choose materials including metal, wood, plastic, rubber and ice. Fixing the pieces together is made easy by welding them, drawing a rope/chain between them with finger. Once finished building, with its in-built physics engine, Monster Physics will render and let them operate the invention in real time.
Monster Physics™

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See. Touch. Learn.
A Picture Card Learning System replaces all your physical flash cards. Designed by professionals specifically for those with autism and other special needs. Winner of numerous awards.

Michael Y. Reese

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Réponse d'origine: What are the best mobile apps for students?

The truth of our modern times is that you likely won’t find a student who does not use advanced gadgets today. It is also true that students use different mobile applications not only for amusement, but for studying as well. Both Apple and Android provide lots of programs and apps for college students that can be very instructive and utile if you want to keep up with the times and boost your studying procedure. Every student likely knows plenty of applications that fit his or her needs most, but there are still some mobile “helpers” no student should live without. We are here to tell you about few of them.

1 Any.do

Millions of people use Any.Do to coordinate their tasks. This application is perfect for students who need to create a to-do list. It also sync all tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anyplace. Add new entries to the list with the help of touch-based user interface, or use your voice to create tasks.

2 Boîte aux lettres

Do you often have difficulties with your email? Is it frustrating to assure your inbox because it deficiencies features? Then it’s time to download boîte aux lettres to your mobile device and blank out about all these problems at once.

3. Dropbox

No college student will be 'fraid of missing his notes or coursework anymore! Thanks to Dropbox, you have a opportunity to upload different files (documents, photos, videos) in the cloud and get them online whensoever you need, even if you forget your phone at home. The only thing necessitated to access your files is an Internet connection.

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4 Scribd

Welcome to the world’s biggest library online! Scribd aids students find millions of different documents and books that are significant for your studies. All those data are partook by people from all over the world, and you can easy curate and coordinate them according to their topic.

5. iTunes U

If you’re a student who uses Apple devices, you will be felicitous to know that you have access to iTunes U, which gives you access to different educational courses from all leading universities for free! Did you dream of studying at MIT, Oxford, Yale, or Cambridge? This is your probability to do it from your own place: download this amazing app, and discover several subjects from the best colleges and universities in the world.

6. Dictionary.com

This is the complete application for words fanciers and everyone who has to read many books on different topics, where you might come throughout some tricky words. Dictionary.com does it easy to find the definition of every word you are not sure about. One small incentive for those students who like spying on their schoolmates: this application grants them see what words people around are them looking for.


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