Quelles sont les alternatives à PayPal? Comment ces options se comparent-elles?

MK Shaiq Uddin

MK Shaiq Uddin, Entrepreneur and Member of Payoneer Freelancers Forum

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1- Payoneer

If you're someone who just wants to shop online securely and receive payments from your freinds, family or US/European companies, then I'd recommend you to go for Payoneer. That's the best alternative so far!

With Payoneer, you'll get a US bank account as well as a European bank account (if you apply for EURO payment service). They'll basically ship you a free Prepaid Debit MasterCard that you can use anywhere in the world at ATMs, shops, restaurants, hotels, gas stations etc. You can also use your Payoneer MasterCard to shop online on websites like Amazon and Ebay. Plus, you can withdraw your funds directly to your local bank account in your country.

Payoneer is in the payments business for a long time now and these guys got a strong reputation worldwide. They are secure, respond to customer requests quickly and are super-fast. So I'd definitely put them on the top of the list.

2- 2Checkout

Alright, this is in't basically a payment processor like PayPal but a merchant service instead. It allows you to start accepting payments from customers on your online store, website, forum or blog. They are a PCI compliant service so you don't have to worry about your customer's data getting compromised (even if you're using 2CO's in-line checkout system).

With 2CO, you can accept credit/debit cards and PayPal on your website. Plus, you can individually send out invoice to your clients if you're a service-based business or a freelancer. The best part of 2CO is that it has an amazing customer support, it seamlessly integrates with a wide range of shopping carts and softwares, and they're a Payoneer partner.

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Yes, you can easily withdraw your 2Checkout earnings directly to your Payoneer account or local bank account via Payoneer. Super-easy!

3- Gumroad

One of the best digital product distribution systems out there. Unlike PayPal which allows merchants to sell both digital or physical products, Gumroad allows you to sell digital products only. If you're a writer, artist, instructor or even you just want to sell something online, this is the easiest option.

You don't necessarily need a website for that. They'll handle everything from tracking, distribution, emailing and everything else. I've been using Gumroad to sell my online courses and service packages for almost an year now, and they've been my favorite.

Recently, they made a few major changes to their payment policies. They allow funds withdrawal to bank accounts for US, UK, Canadian and Australian residents only. If you're someone outside that, you need to have a PayPal account to withdraw your earnings. If you're a Payoneer user and living or have any assets in any of these countries, you can simply use your Payoneer bank details to withdraw your Gumroad earnings.


Apart from that, you have services like Rayure (efficient but leaned towards developers), portefeuille Google (very similar to PayPal + Google's trust), Payza, Skrill, Dwolla, Braintree™ (acquired by PayPal), and Paymate.

Je souhaite que cela répond à votre question.

** Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I have personally used all of the products listed below and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

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Emanuel Pansa

Emanuel Pansa

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(Bonjour, je viens de BlueSnap)

BlueSnap is a global payments gateway that can that support payments in 180 countries using 110 payment types, 100 currencies and 29 languages. We are also a payment facilitator in the US, Canada, and Europe which means that we can provide you with a merchant account for processing. Our offering is superior to PayPal for a few reasons:

  1. Integration to our platform (via API or Hosted Checkout) enables global processing with multiple acquirers through a single connection. This is very unique and enables SaaS providers to quickly scale their business into new markets without worrying about global processing.
  2. Nous avons une primé subscription platform as a part of our payments solution. This saves SaaS companies a great deal of money as you don’t need to integrate to another provider for a subscription solution.
  3. Our acquiring footprint allows us to support SaaS providers regardless of their location (with the exception of countries on prohibited lists per our US and EU licensing)

Check us out - our solution provides a great global solution for both burgeoning SaaS companies like CloudShare and established global companies like AutoDesk.

Meilleure passerelle de paiement | Solutions de commerce électronique en ligne | BlueSnap

Et ce lien vous montrera comment nous nous comparons à PayPal: BlueSnap: l'alternative Smart PayPal


Kate Shevchenko

Kate Shevchenko, Responsable marketing en ligne chez PayPro Global Inc.

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If you are selling software, SaaS, subscription-based or digital products, try PayPro Global. It’s far more than payment processing for a reasonable pricing (starting 4.4% + 1$ per transaction). It’s a whole e-commerce solution for digital product distribution all over the world. The main difference is that our services include a variety of payment options: international - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, PayPal, WebMoney, Real-time Bank Transfer; localized - Alipay, Boleto Bancario, QIWI, Yandex.Money, etc.; traditional - Phone Order, Fax Order, Check / Cash, Wire Transfer
Other key features we offer are:
- caisse intégrée (entièrement localisée)
- multi-currency support
- paiements récurrents avec abonnements à renouvellement automatique / manuel
- tarification régionale et dynamique
- API de paiement
- IPN (Notification instantanée de paiement)
- 24 / 7 Gestion des fraudes et support client
et beaucoup plus…
Contactez-nous ou consultez notre site Web pour en savoir plus sur les avantages d’être un partenaire de PayPro Global.

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